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The New World -Follow Natsuru Here-

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1 The New World -Follow Natsuru Here- on Sun May 05, 2013 10:56 am

Waking up in this new world, Natsuru finds himself in the midst of a dark world. Creatures that resemble women in dark robes, ready to eat his flesh surrounds him, and he would have died before even waking, if it wasn't for fate bringing him help in the form of an adventurer, one called Darin.

He told me everything i needed to know about this new world, and something about a common threat, one more dangerous than the mindless creatures that roamed the barren land.

Is he talking about the giantess? The people Harakiri told me about before i passed out, the thing this bracelet turns me into...?

Deciding to move to a safer location, i followed Darin. He took me to a hillside, one far too tall and steep to climb on foot. He told me to climb it, i thought he was mad! I tried, and as expected, i sided back down and landed with my face in the dirt.
He didn't seemed phased, and out of nowhere, these giant, angelic wings appeared from behind him, and he picked me up and flew both of us over the hill.
This was crazy! First i wake up in what looks like a graveyard, and now i'm hitching a ride off an angel!

He drops me down on the top, and what i saw could not be described by words..

I saw a beautiful oasis, with plants, greenery, waterfalls and a lake. I felt at peace. The atmosphere was so relaxing, i felt like all my problems, my worries, everything has melted away as i sniffed the clean air, and heart the pure water drifting through the rocks and the grass. I was at one, at peace, i could only sit there by the pond, peacefully relaxing....
Then it happened.

My bracelet! Why does this have to happen, why now!
I fell to the ground, clenching my wrist with my other hand, begging this not to happen, but it did.
It seemed that Darin had fallen asleep by a nearby tree, and didn't get to witness this transformation, that saved me the embarrassment there, but i still had to live with this problem.

Worst of all, i don't know how, or when i will change back!

I'm....such a girl!

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