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The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar)

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1The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) Empty The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) on Fri May 03, 2013 1:38 pm

Basic Info:

Size: Average
Race: Quarter God/ Half-breed Lyrian
Age: 18
Full Name: Darin Kajar
Peronality: Direct/Loyal/Rebel-ish
Family: Father - Jake, Mother - Quixie, Siblings - Asha, Kira
Hometown: None.


Passive: Enhanced Durability/Strenght: Darin inherited the genes of both, his father and his mother. Quixie being the Goddess of Battle and Jake who had himself trained his body to an extraordinary extend you could say this almost came to him natural. His grandfather and grandmother - who both essentially raised him and his sisters however had him train from the early motning to dawn, thus further on aiding his physical potential, his Strenght being not equal to Asha's but pretty close to his fathers.

Magic: Fire Element: His father being known to use Ice in combat, it turned to be the opposite in his son's case. However to draw use of this type of magic he requires a Sword or any other weapon - Unable to truly materialize it without something to focus on, this extends from simply igniting his blade to set it aflame to causing bursts of fire to be sent flying through the air, his 'Mana' is however connected to his endurance and drastic moves, eventually wild swinging will quickly tire him out.

'Chaos' Form:: Just like his sisters he inherits a part of 'Chaos' which was passed down on him genetically by his father, though since he unites both significant abilities of his parents. (While Asha is entirely physical, Kira Magical) Naturally posessing both however also came with a disadvantage. He can't use his Chaos-Transformation at will, nor is he able to control it - Like a raging beast he will blindly attack all who happen to be around him, friend or foe they will all be the same - Targets, to delimb, tear apart - Kill. Additionally it will have a timer based on Turns, which will be decided by a dice roll.


Darin Kajar, was mostly raised by his grandfather Falin. Father of Quixie, husband of the might Goddess Freiya. And even though he constantly ranted about Darin's fathers stupidity he seemed to like the son of said idiot much more then the husband of his daughter. Jake always had journeyed far and wide - faced enemies all over the Abyss, Elysea - Asmodea. Only the word of his deeds travelled to the decently impressive manor they resided in. Despite his grandfather's ranting Darin never thought any less of his father, and after all he visited them now-and-then. They weren't allowed out often when they were younger, he and his siblings. Perhaps they wanted to protect them from something or someone. But he never really questioned it, being kept occupied by constant training with his grandfather when it came to work with incoming Magic attacks, like projectiles or simliar.. And his grandmother who taught him how to act in an encounter with an massive and probably superior oponennt.

Darin was a young man meanwhile, his body seeming rather athletic and well-trained. His hair was orange, a mixture of his mother's firery red and his father's former blonde. His eyes were light green - his curious glance almost always expressed the sheer curiousity within him. Ever since he first was given a toy-sword by Falin he pretended to be a Hero, slaying villians and Dragons.. Speaking of which he found out as a teenager that his very own Mother anihilated most of them by herself she simply commented on it, saying she was hungry. Darin having constantly poked her about the topic asking if anything was left of them he soon was directed to the basement, where the remaining bones of the furious beasts were stored, or atleast a few. Dragon bones naturally were of a high value.. A slight grin spread over the young Kajar's face as he eagerly picked up a rather large one out of the pile and walked off.

A dragon bone, he once heard his sister talking about them in the library as she probably read out loud from some book.. Kira had spent a lot of time there.. And Darin never cared much for theoretical bullshit but he actually was glad to have withnessed this. Excellent sturdyness... Are used as a fluxcatalysator for Magic.. In the rare times he had seen his father fight he always saw how his blade was surrounded by a faint illuminatic glow.. Could this be Magic.. and would he be able to use it too? Glancing down upon the bone as he had snug through a hidden door in the basement to leave the manor unseen. Heading towards the closest teleporter he quickly set the coordinates - Heiron being his destination. The local Balaur blacksmith who lived hidden in the vast mountain rages was said to be one of the best, here again his curious nature had aided him as Falin mentioned him to Freiya while they had dinner together.

Approaching the cave from with a thick, dusty cloud of smoke emitted he entered without hesitation, hot gusts of wind came from the inside and blew around his hair. Shielding his eyes with his left while carrying the bone in the right..Soon he spotted the large, black scaled creature that brought it's hammer down on the steel ahead with a terrifying force. The almost deafening sound of clanging metal echoed throughout the cave and probably was what he already noted from afar. Little did he know that this would end up being his first -real- fight, the Balaur naturally didn't know of his connection to the Goddess, or the old man and upon noticing the young man he dashed forth and attacked him with either his massive fist or the hammer. It was a pretty dodgy battle and Darin had nothing to draw use of.. Expect for the bone, repelling the hammer with said he narrowed his eyes and pulled it back to attack the creature instead. Hours seemed to have passed until a little fact brought the advantage to the young Kajar. The bone seemed to glow.. brighter and brighter until flames bursted around it, already drawing closer for another strike - His rage filled scream echoed about. When the Balaur only frowned and lowered his weapon in disbelieve, thus resulting in Darin canceling his attack.

They talked, talked for what seemed to be about as long as the prior battle - the slightly snake-ish accent of the Balaur making it a little difficult for Darin to understand him, but they apparantly got along! Sat there talking about relatives like Falin and even Jake himself, the Balaur even offer him a rather unique tasting beer and they soon got to the point. Being able to predict what Darin would ask of him he took up the bone and told the boy to return in seven days - Then the weapon he desired would be ready to be used.. Against the upcoming darkness.

On his way back Darin wondered why these creepy Master-complexed beings always had to speak in riddles and mysteries instead of simply talking about the problems they tried to hide.. But he could have cared less.. The week passed quickly and he naturally spend it with training, even asking Kira to help him focus this newfound magic within himself, as the couch was set aflame and Falin almost raged however they had to take it outside. The Balaur being rather proud of his work as he presented the bone blade to Darin he swung it around testingly, only to drop it into his awaiting hands. On his way back home and the sun set behind him he still looked down at the greatsword in his hands. The faint red glow seemed even more fascinating in the sunset.. 'A weapon is a tool of justice.. Use it to protect what you care for.' His father often said things like that.. Not to give in to emotion.. Not to kill despite the fact that one was able to - and odd as it was he had to think about it for a while.. Just earlier today he had seen him, wandering through Paendemonium, patting his head silently.. Not yet aware of the fact that this was the last time he'd see his father.. Alive.

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2The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) Empty Re: The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) on Mon Sep 16, 2013 2:45 am

Revealing the truth

The decisive battle with Quixi had passed, after hours of fighting - an endless extrade of attacks, goo being thrown and the beach of Cantas Coast being turned into a devastated battlefield. Everything was so fast paced, one wrong move would have meant Darin's end, doomed him to share his father fate, but he was successful and managed to freeze her solidly, even if it was probably just temporarly, making good use of this time he asked his sister for assistance, together they managed to shrink her down, remove her divine armor, and force her into shackles - tossing Quixi into a prison which was literally made to hold her within all three siblings were delighted over this slight success. All types of interrogation were shrugged off by her, refusing to reveal any Kind of vital Information.

And after a few months, the manor they resided in seemed dead, almost empty. As Darin returned from hunting one night.. He found the prison to be unlocked, the shackles that were attatched to Quixi's suit were clearly cut through.. And the doors did not seem to be showing any marks of a forced entry.. Darin sighed, all of his effort for nothing, nothing at all.. And that's when he made a decision, one that would probably Change his entire live.. He walked up into his room and packed his stuff, the latest aetheric Invention 'Cubes' which were small as the Name indicates cube-shaped objects which could magically store even the greatest objects, naturally it had it's limitations, but the space was more than enough for the Young warrior. He looked around for his blade.. His father's Sword but he couldn't find it, almost panicing and after hours of searching he sat down upon his bed, sighing slightly as a nice, refreshening gust of wind entered through the window. The stars in the sky were especially beautiful today, and Asmodea in the distance of course. Laying back he closed his eyes, soon drifting off into sleep.

The next morning, after showering and eating the leftovers of his hunting trip on the Prior day he put on his armor, gathered his Equipment and naturally stored the Cubes in his pocket. Walking through the unnaturally narrowed and empty, ever so silent halls of the manor he missed the casual sounds that usually could be heard around here in the morning, Asha wasn't screaming at anyone for a Change, nor a surprised scream from Kira which on occassion dropped one of her chemicals. His mother wasn't impatiently stomping around, and neither was Freyja.. No grumbeling from Falin to be heard, about how the times back than were better. And most importantly, he did not hear the Sound of someone sharpening a Sword, or something metallic. His father used to do that every morning at precisely eight o'clock. The Little things he missed were quite likely not as minor as he expected, biting his lower lip - pushing away the thoughts of lonelyness he walked on, only to be torn from his thoughts as a clearly visible trail of White mist formed ahead, emitting coldness. This Feeling, was all too familiar and so without hesitation he followed said trail, out of the manor, over the land - and into the Woods nearby. And there it rested, stuck firmly in the ground.. The Sword he thought he had lost on the Prior day.. His father's blade, the trails of mist surrunded it like Souls would a malfested object, approaching the weapon without fear Darin reached out to grab onto the hilt. That's when he noticed a voice, on occassion he imagined the blade to talk to him with his father's voice, when it took over his Body, told him how to dodge.. How to move, how to fight.But this time it was different, it sounded torn and unnatural..

"The host has returned.. Together, we shall eliminate the Goddess of Pain.."

This new voice sent a chill down his spine, but something within himself responded to the blade, to the Chaos that lies within, for a reflection of said could be found.. within his very own Body. He pulled the legendary weapon from the ground and Held it up slightly to examine it in the dimm morning light, a slight, if not faint purple Aura surrounded it and he himself cleared his throat, Prior to responding to the Spirit, or deity..? Eventually demon that was hidden in These finely forged layers of steel.

"I hear your call.. But I can not follow it.. I don't think that this is right."

The blade trembled in his Hand as if it wanted to add more depths to the upcoming lines, the purple Aura dismissed itself and the mist nearby had vanished.

"The greatest force in nature, the strongest of the divine. I can lead you to success, together we can defeat her - once and for all.. For the sake of many.."

Darin however, just shook his head and lowered the blade again, vertically turning it to rest the flat side on his other Hand which he had brought up, a Piece of Cloth among with it..

"This is what you told my father, didn't you? .. And where did that lead to..? He's dead, dead like so many others that thought opposing Quixi was a bright idea.. I acknowledge your call, but I can't follow it any longer, I have my own life to worry about.. And throwing it away is not an Option."

The blade went silent as he wrapped it up in said Piece of Cloth, concealing it like himself with a Hood deeply pulled into his face, new clothes.. Surpressing his powers. The towns would not be safe for Long, neither the villages Darin became nothing but a myth, a hooded traveller, with a wrapped blade. Over the widest mountains, through the vastest jungle.. No matter how great a valley he'd walk right through.. Avoiding civilization and the wrath of the Goddess, which had ruined his Family. Of course he was worried about his sisters.. And thoe who had fallen victim to her meanwhile.. But he was unlike his father afraid.. He doesn't have the guts to smile into the very face of death itself. He wondered weither he would be proud that he decided to save himself.. Or be ashamed.. Not even the time could answer this, for the dead.. would not ever return.

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3The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) Empty Re: The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) on Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:02 pm


"Uh.. How much time has passed, since I left our house and started - you know.. Walking around.. Dad do I really have to do this?"

Jake stretched slightly and looked over his son's shoulder down at the blank sheet of paper he was facing.

"Of course, reflecting on past Encounters, past fights will help you grow.. Reflect upon it within your mind and determine mistakes you've made, it's important so get started.."

Darin just frowned heavily, he'd prefer running around outside and do whatever, maybe pick up some Girls at the Tavern in Sanctum, he had this dreamy look upon his face when..


Jake's fist hit the back of his head to make him snap outta it.

"Ow, ow.. Alright, alright! I'll write down this stuff no Need to hit me, maaaan.."

And so .. he did.


Champion of Justice's .. Darin's Journal: First entry .. maybe last.

Ever since I left the safety of our home, I've encountered many threats well.. for normal People not me, just to make sure noone gets this wrong later if it's published in the Library of Sanctum among other heroic tales! A-anyways, as I left Kromede's and wandered through the endless wastleland of Heiron I've met a Succubus called 'Bo' her full and real Name as turned out later is Isabeu or something among those lines, she's such a nice Person.. really. Grew back my arm as if it was nothing, all for a small Price: letting her feed on me which probably was a mistake and despite it being a rather.. unique Encounter it was something I didn't want to endure again part of our deal was to always allow her to feed on me.. I didn't think much so I just said yes - Whoever takes my word serious has to face the consequences, of the realization thaaaat.. They shouldn't have done that. Anyways, pressing on..

Next up Akarios Village, Poeta. Apparently the place the cool Kids on the block chill at, or just massive roadblocks that are careless pricks! I just started a harmless conversation with some child that Imagines to be a reaaaal doctor.. (As it turned out later she was one, seriously!) aaand there was that woman with the striking resemblance to a set of other few.. (They all so look the same!) aaaand she had a tail and it was all full of shuppets, quite interesting yet.. I prefer my women without tails, in General.. So that creature was mocking me and of course I didn't want to take that I faced her with the blade and the blade alone, she wanted me to prove my Swordmanship, silly creature! But then we fought and she was pretty good at dodging and using all of this flippin' ice as a defensive kit, sliding back and forth and I couldn't even get one hit in. Of course I was used simliar from the rare times I got to Train with father.. Brr.. I really hate ice. Must be why my element of choice.. Or rather the one I -can- use involves firey flames, simliar to an all consuming Hellfire! ... But I didn't draw use of that and so one Thing lead to another and the Dragon-Ice-Witch thingy landed a few lucky blows, then that.. Little midget one of those dwarfs.. No, not dwarven er.. Spirits! Yes, those guys he was showing up and Shooting arrows everywhere it was like he had gone mad. So I tackled down the Dragon Lady and shielded her from the arrows, wasn't too great for me but hey.. I had to. Why? No apparent reason! So as that creature was laughing and talking I laid on the ground, Dragon Lady just ran off! But luckily one of the real dwarfs Dramor or something saved my Bacon and dragged me in one of his kin's tunnels. The next days my arm was cured, and brought back to normal by None other than the famous Genius, that should be praised even on other continents: Doctor Zodick. (Now you're calling her a doctor! Derp.)

And then I just relaxed, some other minor fights came up but I made it through those, thus making them not worth mentioning! Me winning, being victorious? Come on, that's nothing new. However one of These days I was pretty battered, didn't recover in a while and my Body looked just straight-out wrecked. Eramaan another Spirit was in Akarios again too and then something I didn't expect cought me off guard.. That Bo Person appeared in town and I don't remember what it was but I had to fight her, Thing is the pain that surged through my Body was preventing me from said.. And so that Little Eramaan fellow injected me with a sharp edged vine and I felt like on the worst trip caused by Sanctum-Leaf ever.. But the pain was gone and I could fight for a couple of minutes my Body just obeyed to what I wanted it to do it was priceless! But... Far from being enough before I got to cut Bo open the time was up and I fell limp onto the ground. Eramaan then mentioned that it could take up to an entire day to get over the paralyses and of course.. Bo drew use of my unfortunate state..

Hours of torture followed, she stripped completly naked! (Thumbs up, Player!) Got me tied to that bed.. Aaaand.. Loomed over me, sadly.. this is where the fun part ended, for she started to suck my Soul out, unable to move I could only watch the Horror taking place, with each time she kissed me, she sucked more of my Soul.. And started to grow, bigger and bigger up to a Point on which I was burried under her boobs! (Pinned by boobs, you're a warrior? Pssh..) While that might Sound awesome right away.. it wasn't she kept the sucking up and grew.. more and more until my Body was just absurdly flattened under her superior weight, my bones gave in .. my organs combined with my Skin all was compressed into a gooey mass which probably looked pretty disgusting! I was already seeing the light, my ancestors smiled down upon me.. But there was something else next to me, a creature that just gave off a red glow.. It looked at me as if it wanted to rip my head straight off.. But before I was given the time to admire it further I coughed and chocked for my life was returned to my Body, Bo brought me back.. And that other 'thing' as she called it.. Was that what I had seen? Apparently something I've said made her let me live.. or be kept alive. I spoke of love, even though I resisted Bo for the most and as Long as I could.. But my Feelings for her, a being that brought so much pain over me.. Why do I feel this way.. Why..

Anyways! (You use that word too often, fool!) She fell asleep at some Point and that was that, the next day or one of the following - whichever! I met a Goddess, a true roadblock such mass of filler was unseen before! Her polearm was the size of the flippin' village. Someone was acting like a Little lapdog around her, but that didn't scare me off. She knew my Name apparently and my parents and so I stated that I want to face her, with all I've got! But it wasn't me speaking, still way too terrified from being smished to paste by Bo's tits I had my share of fighting for a while.. But there was this other Thing in me that spoke, it's Aura emitted a fiery Passion for combat, bloodshed and stuff like that. It was like I haven't been in contro of myself.. But I was glad this allowed me to carry on, disabled my inner fears.. my doubts I just wanted to run away from Ariel.. (Name of said Goddess..)

My Body adapted to this other me, and my hair and eye Color seemed to Change temporarly.. The pure essence of divinity coming from mother the changes made me resemble her more.. Fiery red hair and blood red eyes. The energy my Body was giving off.. Was just like what I've felt earlier. Time and place were quickly made out and so we met.. To clash out in the icy plains of Belusian. The fight was so longlasting, and raged on for hours. No side was apparently backing down, though I can tell she underestimated me. But why was I so reckless? I took entire barrages of attacks, even as she summoned heavenly Forces to aid her, I just pushed through the massed to get a hit in, destroying my enemy became my one and only purpose.. I didn't care weither it was friend or foe.. This new energy within me scared me slightly, I wanted to control it.. but was I strong enough? Up to this day I haven't managed to Change anything about it but as father says.. Experience Comes with time.

The following days or weeks boredom took over and I'm sitting at home ACTUALLY writing something cause I was forced to.. What else... er... I think about buying an awkward jumpsuit, a cape and helmet that conceals my identity! .. I mean, er covers my eyes cause the sun is so bright These days... Er.. yea. Now I've got this bag of Kinah here.. And there's the Templar
s graduation Party going on.. Lots of chicks that haven't seen a REAL blade in Ages! So fare-...


The last few words seem.. not to be completed, seems like he left in a hurry...

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4The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) Empty Re: The path of vengeance.. (Darin Kajar) on Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:41 am

Dead End

Time sure flies by.. After I left my families mansion at first still driven by my own urges I got drunk, into fights and there didn't seem to be any impending change to my bratty attitude, at that point in time there was no reason to change I thought if I just continued onwards as I always did uncaring, oblivious to any sense of duty or discipline that one day a purpose would reveal itself to me but I was indeed just foolish. From one hangover I literally woke on the other end of the world a frozen wasteland with no recollection of how I even got there to begin with I've crossed paths with a Frost Giant and befriended her; not for long though but brief as this encounter was it got me thinking about a lot of things infact skipping ahead to my return to the side of Atreia I actually knew my around I ran into an old man I've met prior he had strong facial features a curved nose and seemed knowledgable, as it turned out he was! He also was the first to take note of any kind of potential within me. In his company was yet another large man his immense stature reminding me of uncle Vlad to be honest but this was the only thing they had in common honestly.. I've met him before though he looked different locked in a duel with another brute looking man duking it out on a road in a desolate wasteland.. Yishay.

They offered to train me but I just waved off at first, looking back though? This was probably, no likely what kicked off the beginning of a change within me I decided to live a more 'normal' life and even though I was sort of forced into an honest occupation I helped out a nice yet -- at the same time insanely creepy lady in Oriel which ran a Potion shop there her name was Jean. Her unpredictable nature however was what kept me in check, from continuing with my usual childish shenannigans.. And eventually I made a decision, I wanted to stop just living from one day into the other I wanted to achieve something.. I wanted to be -someone-. So I sought out Kyro and Yishay and requested them to excuse my prior behavior and that I wanted to accept their offer.

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..It was hard, challenging but it taught me not only to to grow in strenght but to also get over my old habits my sense of humor was still something to behold, mind you but.. I was more level headed, focused and above all things humble. Was it a selfish act..? Undeniably so, I've left my family behind, ignored the fact that some organisation had kidnapped my mother, hell I didn't even congratulate my klutz of a sister to being proposed by Daente, you know the guy that ran this flying Airship tavern. A part of me thought all of this was necessary to be of use, and even though I inwardedly acknowledged to myself how careless this was I didn't regret it afterwards.

And as usual my path lead me back to an all too familiar place, Akarios.. The village where the old gang consisting of uncle Hsk, Vlad, my parents and so many others where we laughed and cried. Probably just nostalgia which had us all flock back to it.. I've ran into a woman who's presence felt oddly familiar almost like my own and yet in discord a mixture of what couldn't be with a name that shouldn't be mentioned -- Hence I won't here even though it's just a metaphorical reflection of my thoughts, not to be read by anyone ever.. Silly isn't it?
After she had taken off I decided to stick around the village, talked to Toleo who still relentlessly protected the people around here atleast as far as wolfs and other creatures were concerned. That annoying old Shugo that kept on trying to sell the same wares he already had sitting there ages ago, a miracle how he kep thanging in business.. I've rented a tent and remained here for a few days, every morning I went for a jog through the forrest nearby, every afternoon I threw in a bit of relaxation at the cliona lake a balance between pushing yourself and exercising was necessary after all. And somedays? I just sat near the tree in the center of the village and meditated.. Today? Was one of those.

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(I know the leaf might not be authentic here but it's the only pic I grabbed... xD)

I expected it to follow the pattern I almost grew used to since my return but no.. I've sensed a presence so dense that it almost made my heart skip a beat, so unique that it only matched someone's I've once felt before and yet it was so different.. My eyes shot open as I saw this woman, followed by a trace of shadows approach me directly she looked around for a bit to check out the other people gathered in the village but she focused only on me. Words were spoken, she accused me of being 'the one -she- protects' and things got heated pretty quickly from there she swung her scythe at me horizontally whilst spikes born from darkness shot out around her. The individual so distinctivly familiar to myself I met a couple of days ago was here again aswell -- albeit she had taken on a way more.. How to put it 'holy' appearance I didn't really have time to question it, but she approached this incarnation of death and told her that there was no need for violence before she.. Well commenced with the previously mentioned attack.

I've barely had enough time to back away from the spikes when the axe came swinging at me from the side, allowing my body to drop backwards I brought forth my left hand and shot a burst of flames at her, conjured quickly and whilst not necessarily the most damaging move in my repertoire I honestly just went for a knockback here to get some room to breath, but as it turned out but a moment later that was wishful thinking. She leaped right through the flames and brought her tremendous scythe down upon me overhead, pulling my swordspear over my shoulder and bringing in my second hand for support I intended to block the assault but her weapon never connected.. Vlad who was leaning onto the tree nearby moved in to kick me out of harms way off into the church.

.. I wondered why he didn't step in earlier but it all made sense now, I once overheard him speaking of the pendant he wore recently, odd as it was for he was not ever a man known for flashing accessoires of any kind. But he did say that it was what kept him in this world after he was ended by a Goddess of Death. .. Along with what this creature said earlier.. It only made sense. She flicked Vlad into a mountain nearby and leaped over the church, assuming I'd fly out on the other side. Meanwhile there was a bunch of commotion outside, she was likely attacking the <Radiant being> with the dark spears she showed earlier to keep them at bay. But I never flew into her awaiting trap as expected using a quick controlled burst of fire I knocked myself out of the momentum created through Vlad's kick and returned to the ground, something she likely also wasn't aware of? My ability to keep track of her obviously divine presence and so I resorted to more drastic measurements.

Slamming my hands into the ground I exerted heat unto the rocks below the church to effectively melt them together with the additional stability? I pulled up the whole holy sanctuary overhead and flipped it over hoping to bury her under it. ... But this didn't quite work out as expected, she momentarily vanished from my senses as if she had turned into thin air.. And without any further warning she was upon me -- As earlier I tried to draw my weapon a new but in the attempt it was knocked out of my hands and I found myself thrown to the ground. But fate would have it that I was saved by someone else again.. the <Radiant being> rushed in to grab Triniel from behind, actually forcing her to avert her attention and turn around this being the opening I hoped for all along.. Channeling fire into only my fist I pulled it back and leaped forwards, sending it into the center of her back which had her almost tumble forwards in pain. But this was likely what broke the camels back for Triniel would get serious now.

Exploding in growth, as her expanding frame ultimativly ruined what remained of the church she pulled up her scythe and brought it down upon me, at this size it was more of a crushing then cutting force and I pulled up my arms to defend myself.. And as it impacted, bits of darkness spread about like a swarm of insects piercing my body and flesh alike a stinging pain running through my body, numbing my senses as the scythe connected and pushed me into the ground I managed to delay it but for a split second when the realization struck me.. I couldn't run away from this, I couldn't dodge this.. I wouldn't survive this anymore.

My mind was taken back to my fight with Ariel where I had drawn forth a power within me that exceeded anything I've felt before and here it was this.. this.. spark that flared up and before I knew it my energy levels were set to purest leakage my dirty orange hair took on an admirable crimson color reminicent of my mothers the energy leaking from my body visible with the bare eye in form of reddened energy waves and with this ace unleashed I managed to push the scythe to the side, leaped up and ran up along the hilt..

... Only to have it vanish beneath my feet I looked around and spotted Triniel near the center of the village and got a good look at the surrounding area, there was a man sitting near the telporter unbeknowest to him but the sense of energy around him implied he was a mage of sorts, potentially. Vlad seemed to have turned into a puppet as he attacked the <Radiant being> who wasn't doing so well on the ground coughing and hacking but.. She wouldn't stay down but instead undergo a metamorphosis on a whole other level that seemed to shift this holyness to her into.. I don't know it was only brief and I had my mind on other things but If I had to explain it it.. kinda felt chaotic? This is when I also spotted Zodick about she seemed quite out of breath too.. Infact I think she was around this whole time! Guess I've had my mind on other things and was too distracted to notice but knowing there was a reliable medic around was quite something.

Triniel however had shrunk down to just about one and a half times my size, she genuinely wanted to face him in battle? Almost well.. Face to face?

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I smirked this was what he hoped for and without paying it any mind he rushed in spun around himself and delivered a flaming kick to her side, having overlooked the dark spears that were put up circulatively around them and Triniel wanted to take this kick.. She grabbed onto my leg and swung it around, my ribcage getting penetrated by the spikes all good and well.. I.. could still fight on!

.. But no this wasn't the end of it Triniel wrapped her arms around me, locking me in place and then literally threw us both into her own spikes, deeply my organs were pierced for good this time around, the magnificent power that surged around mefaded in a heartbeat my general appearance reverting as.. I dropped down limply, Faint voices around me..

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Everything grew cold, reflections of my upbringing childhood, adulthood my whole life flashing before my eyes only to peak in unending darkness void of feelings void of pain - just the cold grasp of death.

(I might've messed up perspectives a bit here and there, didn't spellcheck either but hey you should be used to this by now.. Ha-Ha-Ha. Razz)

"Chasing the past like a fleeting memory.."

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