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Who is Natsuru?

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1Who is Natsuru? Empty Who is Natsuru? on Thu May 02, 2013 8:55 pm

At seventeen years old, Natsuru was just an average student, attending the Seitetsu Gakuin High School. He lived alone, his parents having jobs in other countries. One day, he woke up to find a young girl in his bathroom, thinking her so beautiful that she would have been the kind of person to appear in a men's magazine. To his horror, he discovered that the girl was in fact a reflection of himself in the mirror. He also found that he was wearing a blue metal bracelet that he could not remove. Although his body underwent a full transformation, his voice sounded as it normally did.

A voice told him that he had 'been chosen'. Natsuru found the voice to belong to a stuffed animal, Harakiri. This stuffed animal was not its true form, but a possession to speak with him. The toy was send from a group of people called the "Ultimates", a type of people that live in another world that chooses girls to fight to the death, that was why Natsuru has woken up, to find himself, as a female. This new form of his would grant him new powers, mainly heightened emotions and the ability to grow, but he must learn to control this power.
Natsuru refused to believe something so crazy could have happened to him, and threw Harakiri around the room. Later, though, he resigned himself to listen to it to try and figure out what was going on.
Through Harakiri, Natsuru learned of the existence of Giantesses, a type of person that was destined to grow to amazing sizes and proportions . They are an all female group, and Natsuru being chosen to be one was the one exception, his bracelet is what changes his gender.

Harakiri revealed that the metal bracelet on Natsuru's arm was called a Contract Bracelet. When asked why he was chosen as a Giantess, especially since he was a boy, Harakiri simply replied that he had an 'optimum talent'. Enraged, Natsuru started to once again throws him around, that was when Harakiri turned into a giant explosion, that knocked Natsuru onto the ground, the final words that Natsuru hears are "You are ready for the Giantess world"

He wakes up again to find himself in a new world. Still in his school uniform, he looks around the land, trying to find Harakiri, or to find his way home again. He has no idea where he is, or what these Giantesses are like. He is curious, yet frightened by them, Harakiri said they were made to fight, are they all like this? His fear for his life being the front of his mind, where as his young, teenage hormones are racing at the thought of a 500ft tall beauty.
One thing he needs to learn, is what makes him change, what triggers his seemingly random transformation?

Natsuru is independant, having lived alone for a good part of his student life, and is comfortable when doing things his way. However, when placed in an unexpected situation, he often responds with nervousness or even anger at times. Natsuru is not afraid to fight for what he believes in, and there is very little that can change his mind.
Natsuru will not take charge in a situation he is not interested in, and if he cannot avoid it, will often allow others to make decisions for him and he will simply go with the flow.
As he has never had a girlfriend, Natsuru often does not know how to react around them. The clearest indicator is the regular occurance of nosebleeds whenever he sees a beautiful woman; even himself as a woman.

His friends will often show annoyance at his complete failure to understand the emotions of other people. He is not as perceptive as other people, and will often be left wondering on why people are arguing or why they are annoyed with him.

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