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Annie, Queen of the Giants

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1Annie, Queen of the Giants Empty Annie, Queen of the Giants on Mon Apr 29, 2013 1:52 pm


Annie the omnipotent creator goddess from her plane of reality. In addition to the endless power she wields in her home, she also rules over the Giants, a race of massive yet friendly and mostly harmless women. She commands respect, but doesn't expect it. Her creations are her best friends, not her servants, and she wants a similar relationship to all that she meets.

Now, she's come to this plane of existence, secretly following her subject, Millie. Here, away from her home, her powers are greatly reduced, but still immense. However, she is very much aware that she is no longer the most powerful being.

Her goal is the same as her subject's: Make friends and perhaps new giants!

-Deity: As a goddess, she can alter her size as she pleases, and conjure small items or new clothing whenever she desires.

-Divine Aura: Due to her divinity, she always radiates power. To another giantess, this could serve as an endless battery of extra power.

-Harmless: Like her Giants, she is immune to harm, and unable to harm others, unless she truly needs to hurt someone.

-Memory control: Can change other willing people's memories temporarily, allowing her to act out different scenarios


-Incredibly tomboyish. Known to say "Gwahahaha"

-Very friendly, cares for both other giantesses and tiny folk. Very slow to anger.

-Playful, and enjoys scaring those smaller than her.

-Since she's outside her normal plane of existence, she doesn't mind helping any other giantesses or goddesses gain more power, or helping a tiny folk woman become a giantess or goddess.

-Likes growing. Herself and others.

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