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Carter's Backstory

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1Carter's Backstory Empty Carter's Backstory on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:13 am

Carter is a life-time resident of Atreia. He is from the area of Verteron now known as the "Contaminated Swamp". He lived a calm life there, never venturing far from the swamp. The swamp, known as "Tender Swamp" to the locals, used to be a sustainable environment. Beautiful flowers grew in the swamp's banks at that time. The locals would pluck the flowers, and sell them at markets all around Atreia. That is, until an acid rain fell. The rain killed the flowers, and turned the swamp a dim, purple hue. The flowers that once surrounded the swamp no longer grew. Carter stayed around as long as possible, with hopes that the effects of the storm would wear off, and one day the now "Contaminated Swamp" would be fertile again. Carter left his former home and now resides in the area near Akarios Village. He sometimes ventures back to the swamp, but only for nostalgic purposes.

Carter's personality is bitter at first, until he gets to know someone. Once friends, Carter will instill all his trust in an individual. He is excellent at following directions; and when given a task will put his entire being into accomplishing it. Carter, despite having a hard shell towards strangers, does not like disputes and confrontations, and will avoid them at almost all costs. He can usually be found near Akarios Village, sometimes studying the foliage of the area. He does not have any specific attachment to the area, and will gladly travel or consider moving altogether.

(This is a work in progress. I'm seeing how things work out before possibly adding/changing.)

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