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Fang Dao - aka Templar

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1Fang Dao - aka Templar Empty Fang Dao - aka Templar on Sun Apr 28, 2013 4:51 am

Basic Info:

Size: Average
Race: Daeva (Part Balaur)
Age: 19
Full Name: Fang Dao (Templar! xD)
Peronality: Clumsy, Gulliable, Foolish
Alignment: Lawful / Good
Family: Gurvan Dao (Father), Velle Dao (Mother), Hsk (Master)
Hometown: Heiron, a small hut hidden among the vast ruins.


Speed - Fang's greatest advantage in combat if probably his nearly unreal speed, wielding two blades at once he's a pretty decent warrior if it comes to close combat. Naturally he mostly takes aim for vital spots to cause the greatest possible damage.

Forbidden Techniques - His father being the creator of said he can draw use of of these dark arts, or should be able to - in most cases he however even fails at casting due to lack of concentration combined with his own clumsiness or forgetting a part of the formular. The 'Forbidden' Techniques were outlawed by the Council of Light twenty years ago due to being a great threat to everyone around one... But when your life is in danger, you'll probably end up using what you got.

Light Magic - As one of the Templar's in the Council of Light he naturally was taught magic, mostly for defensive purposes among such are a spell that can materialize a minor barrior, along with healing magic that mid-combat is useless for the preparation time would leave him open.. And out of combat it's not the best either, it's meant to cure slight injuries nothing life theatening. Lastly he can summon a wave of Light around him which pushes anything near him back.. If it's not like incredible heavy or huge.. Or both. (Giantesses are Immune from size 8+)

Balaur's Wrath - On occassions, when anger and sadness both fuel his power. If dramatic events take place like a Comrad or someone he really cares for dies.. His stamina loss is anullated and his speed increases further, his movements however become much less accurate and he tends to miss more often - A angered beast tends to not really give a damn about aim.

Clumsiness - Fang is the most clumsy person you'll ever come across, give him the simplest task and watch him mess it up, this is his greatest disadvantage for it even occurs in combat. Other then that he is pretty gulliable and easily convinced, a good guy but pretty much a fool.


Twenty years ago the great Balaur Lord Gurvan Dao was exilled among his kind for falling in love with a plain Deava, a woman which was not even of their kind. Being forced to give up his position in the army he retreated obtaining a small house hidden deeply somewhere inbetween the ruins in Heiron, time would pass quickly his wife being pregnant she soon gave birth to a child, a young boy.

Fang's childhood was filled with much kindness, his father despite his more then weird looks never scared him and they often spent time together even doing common things like fishing in a lake nearby, other then that he also trained him in the art of combat.. shared even his most precious and hidden techniques with him, it was a tough time but also motivated him to fend for their land... Fight for Atreia.

Already back then he was pretty clumsy and thus mostly deciding the sparring matches between him and his father, at the age of 14 he left his home and went to Sanctum in order to join the council of Light, become a Templar a holy warrior.. Those that uphold law. It was pretty tough for him to keep up with the others, not due to the lack of skill in combat but when it came to theoretical tests he mostly failed, his clumisness even causing him trouble here so he often found himself scrubbing the floor in the Sanctum hall.

Four years passed and Fang was sent out with three others to journey to a Cave in the west.. The initiation was part of becoming a Templar and while they worked in a team to face the vicious beast inside.. It's eyes glowing red, the fur seemed filthy and covered in blood.. Alltogether it seemed to resemble a pretty large wolf twelve feet tall, or somewhere near that. The fight didn't take as long as expected one of his comerads giving instructions to the others - All sticking to the plan and in the end they were victorious, cutting off the creatures head to bring it back to the General.

After he had become a full Templar he fought against even more creatures out in the Warzones, his inability to however hold the formation and guard the next in line with his shield if needed made things much more difficult the leading General calling him over. And probably he just wanted his clumsy ass to be gone - told him to grab a second Sword instead of a shield and fight outside of the formation up in the front. To his surprise however Fang survived and managed to return to his assigned 'Master'.

All the letter said back then was.. 'Dear, Mr. Dao - you were assigned to join one of our best men. The region under his protection is none other then Poeta. You may or may not encounter things you've not had to deal with before, so prepare yourself.' He frowned slightly and soon left for the Teleporter, the other Templars were laughing as he passed by shouting stuff like. "You poor bastard!" "Was nice knowing you!" "By Aion, they really hate your guts pal." He only frowned quite irritated by such behaviour as he passed through the Teleporter.. Only to bump into something.. Huge and solid on the other side, clumsy as he was he almost instantly fell back on his rear and looked up to see just what it was... A gigantic.. boot? Was that what the letter warned him from. He sweatdropped giving this huge object an odd glare as on the other side a small midget-like being waved him over.. Being none other then Hsk, who noticed his hesitation combined with a slight feeling of fear.. But he encouraged him saying something among the lines .. "You'll get used to it."

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2Fang Dao - aka Templar Empty Re: Fang Dao - aka Templar on Sun Apr 28, 2013 10:50 pm

Kali loves Fang

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3Fang Dao - aka Templar Empty Re: Fang Dao - aka Templar on Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:54 am

Chapter 1: Take me where the blood runs colder...

Much time has passed, still among the Templar I roam through Atreia either on Patrol or pursuing criminals it's a tough life and combined with my kind of luck? Every day is a fight, in one way or another.. Over the years not much ever interrupted this routine it almost seemed like peace had at last found it's way. But what happened these past days made me drop that assumption as quickly as it arose.. Over a dozen of people found death and torn apart in our holy Capital - Sanctum.

The first bunch was discovered in the upper district of the city, in one of the more populated bars.. Arriving at the scene I found Sean, a local city guard and a young girl - not older then maybe seventeen but I've met her in Poeta before apparently she's part Dragon or something? Who would've known! I thought those died out years back but I digress.. A pentagram decorated the scene and the withness reported that someone vanished within a picture..? I couldn't make much sense of all of that so I called in Master Hsk to review the happenings accordingly.. But I guess in hindsight he was about as clueless as I was and that shocked expression on his face? It had me alarmed myself..

Just a couple of days later the second act of mass murder commenced near the bridges that connect the upper and lower district, Sean was around too - and so was that Dragon girl again.. I believe Tiamat was her name. It is kind of odd that I keep running into those faces when trouble arises but I didn't think much of it at this point in time, proceeding to where the scent of blood lead us there was a shadowy beast resembling a wolf feasting on a corpse as it spotted me - it turned about and charged at me, drawing my blades I leaped forwards but... Unfortunately ended up slipping on a puddle of blood, blocking the incoming beast's jaws with my left gauntlet - to my surprise it's fangs however seemed to phase right through my armor and dug into my flesh worse then the pain was probably the surprise that came with it! I was about to reach for one of my blades that dropped near me when -.. 'BOOM!' the overweight city guard had pulled forth a gigantic gun that apparently shot light based projectiles?! ... I didn't even know we had such weaponary but the beast got blasted off into a corner a second shot from the strange weapon signed it's faith as it poofed in the shadowy essence it was made of.

After questioning Tiamat and thanking Sean for his help I headed off to report to the headquarters. I already had a message sent after out leader on Hsk's demand, as things looked..? We definitly needed her if not Ariel herself. Though the latter might be a slight exaggeration..

I thought the worst was over and after meeting a Titaness called Alectrona in Oriel earlier today - that emitted a light akin to my own and seemed rather friendly in general! I then headed over to Akarios, Poeta on my Patrol.. Vlad an F Rank threat known for not paying his taxes or bills or anything really was present just as Jake, when we took note of ominous howling neary.. I charged down the path pursuing it's source and Vlad followed me! Maybe he wasn't such a bad guy after all! Jake remained stationary I suppose to protect the village if anything were to make it's way in..

But so we hit a little house owned formally by a farmer and his wife both now dead on the ground and again.. I spotted Tiamat holding a little ragdoll-... Oh wait it was actually a blonde woman! Surrounded by a whole pack of these Shadow Wolves! Blades drawn I charged in, tripping over a rope on the bridge that connected the mainland to the little chunk of island but I caught myself in a row. The beasts instantly charged at me, drawn in by the light my blade emitted but Vlad charged in from behind knocked some out of the way and got both of us to join up with Tia and her friend.

A fight ensued where as I-... Didn't get to contribute as much as I'd have hoped, given the overall situation I channeled light around us and temporarly buffed my companions weapons with it, after all these things didn't seem to like that too much.. They came at me but Tia stepped over me swatting them away with her sword like flies and so I was spared from more bite marks though just the memory of it made my hand itch.. Actually it seemed a little itchy for real.

We made it through and defended ourselves against the mysterious beings seeing how the situation was under control I used a rift stone to open a portal to Sanctum, in order to report the deaths of these farmers and of course to send someone to clean up.

After all of this waking this morning had me dead beat, I imagine hearing voices ringing through my head but can't really make anything out I blame it on the recent stress and strap on my armor to yet again head out on Patrol.. We need to put an end to this.

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