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Daente Vanhaella

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The Jack of All Trades.

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1The Jack of All Trades. Empty The Jack of All Trades. on Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:52 am

Age: 21

Race: Asmodian


Before 18

His father was a Templar working for the Pandaemonium Guard and his mother was just an Asmodian scholar. While a child his father trained him in the ways of the Templar. His mother taught him common knowledge of math, Language, biology and magic. She couldn't teach him too much unfortunately. One day his parents took him to a cottage outside of Pandaemonium and a fire took place. His parents died in the fire. Orphaned at age 14, Daente grew up in the forests of Atreia surviving solely of hunting and survival experience. He lived in the forests by himself for about 6 months. Until one day while he was migrating he found a village. It was an odd village to him mainly because it was a village for giants but at the time he didn't have much knowledge of them even existing in the area. He heard about them in stories and folklore in Pandamonium where he grew up but he never really believed them until he saw them for himself. He thought that he could use is size to his advantage as he snuck into the village every night to look for any food that he could eat. It was way easier for him then hunting. He kept this up for another year.

He was 16, and he was getting accustomed to living among the giants. Even though they were most likely not aware of his presence. Until one night, He was doing is usual scavenging of food and such. While he was gathering the food in a pack he made out of twigs he heard footsteps walking towards him. Him being on the counter and all made him completely exposed as the giantess quickly grabbed a cup and trapped him with it. He passed out from the shock of the experience. A couple hours later he woke up with the glass still around him. He tried to break out but to no avail. The a woman with a clipboard entered the room and walked toward him in the glass. She then looked down to him and smiled, "Hello there, Little one. Sorry to scare you like that but you need to answer some questions." Daente quickly nodded as she was ready to write down information. She asked him basic questions first like his name and age. She then asked him why he was there and why he was stealing food from the village. He then explained his situation, The woman then nodded and looked at him and released him. She decided that she would allow the Tiny to live in the village.
He would have to do work though. So that's where he lived for the remainder of his time in the village. He did a lot of work such as cleaning places where the giants couldn't get to like tight corners and he got really good at sending messages to different villagers too. That job was the most dangerous and exhausting of all of them. he always had to run, climb, and jump constantly to get to high places to convey messages and if that isn't enough sometimes they never noticed him and that made things more dangerous. Trying to get attention from a giant while they are working is difficult work.

18 and after

He made quite a bit of friends in the village but at 18 he thanked them for taking him in and he went off into the world to explore and experience life. He traveled to many places and picked up many interesting skills such as cooking, building, mechanics, and business management. He also made it his task to try new things also, over the course of 4 years he learnt many martial arts. If it was one thing Daente could do it was pick things up really quickly, then there would be two he could do. He continued to pick up trade skills such as bar tending, black smithing, and ship navigating. He was also was a masseuse for quite awhile. He figured that woman would like a man who is good with his fingers.

Present Day

(Can be omitted depending on who is involved)

He currently own the Steel Rake along side Jake Kajar. Daente mainly bartends and restocks the ship. He likes to call himself the captain of the ship due to the fact that he lives on board and sleeps in the captains quarters.

He was gone for awhile, doing some more adventuring. Trying to learn new things in different areas of Atreia. He really missed everyone and wants to see them all again! He should be back soon after this back story is posted.


He developed an interesting attitude over the 4 years he traveled around Atreia. He tends to be confident, sometimes too much so but he is willing to help anyone who wants it. He doesn't want his talents to go to waste. He is very gullible also. The one thing his mother never taught him, COMMON SENSE!
He is a fun loving character and is usually always in a happy mood. He doesn't like it much if people are upset around him and he tries to cheer them up. He is also a pacifist but he likes fighting when it happens, He doesn't know why that is but what can he do?

Fighting Abilities
Martial Arts Prodigy

With his extensive knowledge of martial arts he learned throughout his years of adventuring Daente has obtained unique skills and attributes pertaining to these combat abilities.

-Incredible Acrobatic Ability: Daente's training in dodging, evading, and jumping have turned him into a acrobatic expert. He can jump quite high off the ground, Run up walls, Climb buildings, and Jump from high places with minimal damage.

-Enhanced dodging ability: Daente is able to dodge attacks in very awkward positions if he is ever found to be attacked while attacking. Ex. While performing a aerial attack someone shoots a fireball at Daente. He is able to dodge in mid air and other similar positions.

-Enhanced Reaction timing: Daente is also able to anticipate attacks coming outside of battle. Preemptive attacking Daente is a difficult feat due to this ability of his. He can see first attacks coming and react to them appropriately.

-Adrenaline boost: Daente is able to tap into his adrenaline. The effect this has is that he is able to see attacks coming in battle at a much slower pace. There is a battle peak for this ability though. After the peak this ability cannot be used until Daente is rested.

-Endorphin tapping: Daente is able to tap into his endorphins making his body able to resist pain more. He can take more hits and damage by tapping into his endorphins. This only takes away pain from hits not actual damage meaning that he is less impervious to flinching and pain but the damage is still present.

-Pressure point proficiency: In his studies he learnt in pressure point striking is also a dangerous ability he posses. Depending on what pressure points Daente hits accurately he can effect a persons motion. Though this does not work on armored opponents.

-Chakra: Daente can tap into his chakra to perform elemental abilities and attacks. Using Chakra attacks are effective against all opponents. Effects change depending on the element of chakra being used. Chakra is often used in Jitsu techniques. The catch is that Daente must keep his Chakra in line. Losing too much chi can have dire effects. Fire, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Water are the 5 main types of elemental chakra.

-Parry/Energy manipulation: Daente is able to use an opponents force against them to throw them off balance. Depending on the power and speed of the attack. Daente can use the force generated by the person who is attacking. This is a common defense Daente could use against an opponent.

-Willpower: Though intense training he can push himself even farther then possible. In moments where he is moments from losing consciousness or his life he will gain a boost of power. This power could be used to do as much damage as possible to the opponent or defend himself from final finishing blows. Used in Life/Death situations.

(Thank you for reading Daente's back story!)

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