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Millie, Your Giant Friend.

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1Millie, Your Giant Friend. Empty Millie, Your Giant Friend. on Thu Apr 25, 2013 9:52 pm

I'm making a post! I hope this helps everyone get to know me and my backstory! And um... I know it doesn't read that well but I'm kinda putting all this down on paper for the first time. Thanks for reading!


In another plane of existence, disconnected by all ways except deity-level teleportation magic from this one, there resides a goddess of great power, who created the many multiverses and universes and worlds that make up that plane.

Her name is Annie, Queen of the Giants. She created the entire universe and rules with a gentle hand... or more often, foot.

In this plane, Women are the superior gender, in a very real way. Power, intellect, and often Size are all given more freely to the women than the men. However, despite this, most societies are very fair, and demonstrate true equality. A person is a person, no matter the size or gender, and is treated as such.

It is this plane of existence that fostered the Giants, a race of beings of great power and size, all of whom are women, who possess certain character traits. The giants are harmless, in a very literal way. They are unable to come to harm, and they are unable to harm others. Rampages are fun games, rather than deadly disasters in the world that they live. Their sizes ranged from merely a thousand feet tall to a thousand miles.

Millie, Herself

Millie was born to a poor couple in a small village, too small for any giants to really find any fun there, and so they remained untouched by the massive beings that roamed the land. Giants were considered a myth, and giant sightings were considered mirages. Millie grew up thinking that this was true.

Then, one day, she was playing with her best friend, Sarah. The night before, the ground had shook terribly, and in the morning, huge footprints were all around the village. Millie and Sarah were playing in one of the footprints, when they found a small cake, lying by the side of the print. Sarah ate it, eagerly, and at once began to grow! She grew and grew, until Millie's best friend had grown into a terrifying 500 foot giant!

Millie did not run, or become afraid, as she trusted her friend greatly. And so, after moving a distance away from the village, the two of them played for weeks, discovering the harmless nature of Sarah's new size, they played very dangerous games, which turned out to cause no problems.

The fun was brought to an end when Millie vanished one day. She had been kidnapped by Annie, the Queen of the Giants herself! It turned out the cake her friend had eaten was Giant's Food, which increased the size of a person, as well as making them harmless. A delicious feast came after the explanation, and soon, the new. gigantic giant was ready for her first mission!

After bringing some food to her best friend, who grew to the same size as Millie, the two of them began their goddess-given assignment: To go out, making friends, and other giants, if possible. As such, she always carries around a few pieces of food.

And now, after many many missions, Millie has come here, to an entirely different plane of existence, in her first solo mission! Fight, Millie! Make friends!


-Shrinking: Can shrink down from her normal, tremendously huge size to a more manageable size in order to make friend-making easier.

-Harmlessness: Whether it's directly or indirectly, she is unable to harm another living being. At the same time, she is unable to come to harm.

-Divine Power: Though not a deity by any stretch, being a giant created by Annie gives her a faint aura of divinity, which may fool some, and grant power to others.


-Kind, friendly, and mischievous. Since she's unable to hurt anyone, she doesn't mind pretending to be a villainess every once in a while.

-She enjoys making other women increase in power as well. This is a natural instinct of giants, though she'd prefer to use the food to make the woman harmless, as well.

-She's very dominant, but gives no punishment for disobeying her. (For instance: "GIVE ME YOUR GOLD" "No." "Okay then...")

-She is an incredibly loyal friend, and cares greatly for any friend she makes, giant or tiny. Similarly, she treats both giants and tinys the same.

-She is 100% asexual, like all other giants from her world. Sexual thoughts never even enter her mind, and she is very uncomfortable when others talk about it.

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