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Silver of the Mau

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1Silver of the Mau Empty Silver of the Mau on Mon Apr 22, 2013 3:14 pm


Basic Info:
Size: 1.78m
Race: Elyos (/Mau)
Age: 18
Full Name: Styggs Schneider alias 'Silver'
Peronality: Unpredictable
Family: Nothing is known about his parents, but he apparantly has a brother.
Hometown: Unknown


Ignite- Silver's blades 'mark' the target, the simple enchantment on it leaves a mark behind - His brother's Sword and only that can trigger said mark with a second attack on the exact same spot - thus causing it to eventually burn itself slightly into an enemies skin before dismissing it - Not very strong but perhaps effective enough as a decoy to make a quick exit, The 'mark' only stacks up to three times and his brother -has- to trigger them in his next turn or they vanish.

Mau Form- Silver was cursed by a Mau Shaman when he was sixteen years old, the curse long having turned into  blessing for he is able to trigger the Transformation at will - Mid combat it will require a full turn of charging prior to it's activation, being hit or distracted will ruin the 'cast'. In his Mau form Silver gains speed, but only that - His hitrate increasing aswell.

(All for now.. This character is supposed to 'grow' with experience earned, this skillset making him rather vulnerable and weak though, but I'm interested in getting back to my roots and try my luck again - Vlad will be playing his IC brother.)

Silver mist.. Silver steel, death is brought to the Mau

Night time, the moon was full tonight and the dimm light descending from it shined through the branches, Silver in his Mau form was waiting in a bush.. His sharpened animalistic senses heightened, his ears twitched. They have been warned the day before, a robed man had come and told that that the 'Hunters' would approach.. The Mau Elder refused to evacuate - standing proud and tall to all who opposed us. Silver just shook his head as this little scene re-passed in his mind, however his faith in his own strenght not being broken either he sharpened his blades it would not take long for them to reach his position - Carefully he glanced about at the Mau's that hid near him, one of them nodding back after having met his glare. They were ready.. Blind and foolish - But nothing would be able to prepare them for the following..

The ground was shaking.. Boom.. Boom.. Silver arched a brow in disblieve what kind of machinery could they have brought along.. Was it something they were prepared for? His thoughts were torn into two - he could tell the others to retreat.. But another part of him wanted to stay, curious as to what would come. A grave mistake, as he soon would realize. The booming sounds have gotten much closer rapidly. Quickly and alerted he turned his head only to look into an explosion of sorts, nothing lethal a flashbomb or something.. Disorientated the other Mau  fell from the branches and hardly landed onto the ground - The fall from these heights even left the beasts stunned and grunting in pain on the ground, Silver barley had managed to let his body fall back.. resting against the tree, after rubbing his eyes he looked down to the others who unfortunately were not as lucky as him.. And this was when he noticed that the booming sound was not some kind of war machine.. But a gigantic woman, a thick layer of solid Silver covering her entire body.. Silently Silver lowered himself down onto a thick branch, her head was only a few meter beneath him and he inhaled with caution, this walking behemoth wielded a titanic Sword apparantly made of the same material.. It did not take her long to accurately either slam her massive boot down upon the helpless and stunned Mau's or to just smear them into paste with the heavy blade.

Their screams were short and yet echoed through the woods.. His ears twitched again and picked up the faint screams from the other borders of the Mau territory.. The Hunter had come and they were engaging them with a weapon the ancient tribe did not expect.. Giantesses. Silver was too afraid to move, having lived among the Mau for a while and just seeing his friends.. Hayin, Tomodor.. Gassar.. All strong and proud Mau warriors being killed with such ease. Tightly pressed against the branch he waited for the Hunter squad to walk on, and given how quickly they proceeded with their destruction and murder they soon were out of sight, Silver considered sending an Owl.. A magic Arrow.. something to the Elder.. but as he looked into the same direction he saw the heart of their woods... The great tree was burning, like a beacon in the dark shine of the moon.. The Sky was cloudy and to make it even worse it started to rain. There was nothing young Silver could do to save them.. Probably none were left all that could be done was to turn back - Run. And that he did.. Vanishing in the bushes he dashed off, looking for the only person he actually wanted to see right now ... His brother.

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