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A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory)

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1A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) Empty A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) on Sat Feb 23, 2013 3:36 am

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Basic Info:

Size: Tall (By Human Standards atleast..)
Race: Lyrian
Age: ... Old
Full Name: Jake Kajar
Personality: Honest
Alignment: Lawful / Good
Family: Father - Dead, Mother - Dead, Siblings - Unknown / Wife - Quixie Kajar (Missing), Children - Asha, Kira, Darin
Hometown: Lyria (Located in his old Dimension/Not Atreia.)
Other: Scar in the center of his chest, left arm wrapped in bandages at all times


Lyrian Fitness  - Stemming from a race that was -meant- for war his physical abilities excell that of any ordinary human or Daeva, may it in pure strenght, stamina or even movements. Without going into too much detail I'll put it this way you'd likely not want to 'tank' one of his attacks.

Swordsmanship - When he came to Atreia he already brought a good chunk of experience along, refined and developed through many hard-fought battles in this realm his skill increased even further. Even if he lacks some of his former Oomph in age - he makes up for it with finesse and tactic. His weapon of choice is a two handed greatsword, although he was also seen with one handed weaponary before.

Major Magical Manipulation -  (Changed / See Arcane Mastery in Chapter: 1 Resurrection below)

Instant Soul Fusion - This is more likely a last-resort type of skill, Jake instantly fuses his Soul with Chaos's, the amount of turns it holds up is decided by a dice roll. (Min 1, Max 10) If the turns are used up Jake -will- die due to loss of energy. If he chooses to cancel said mode before it gets so far he will turn into a solid crystalized Statue which will most likely make him a easy target, a one-hit-kill. (Lost / See Chapter 1: Resurrection)

Passive: Lyrian Decline - The Lyrian race's genes adapted to their lifestyle consisting of only battle and slaughtering others of their own kin, leading to them maturing much more quickly then other humanoids however, their lifespan is reduced by their breathtaking powers, from a certain age upwards they lose strength at a rapid pace. Till that point in time they look relativly young but then decline accordingly.


Pre-Atreia Saga

Jake originally used to be a Soldier, which soon advanced in Ranks and actually managed to become a General, his race is known for combat and his training began when he was able to walk. His father Jack always complimented his progress and was a local Hero in their hometown Lyria a veteran of War that had accomplished much in his lifetime and was one of the oldest men till the day he .. died. The loss of lifes daily were immense all over the world different clans were fighting each other.. War has been around since the seven Gods had created our world.. Our kind doomed to be stuck in eternal conflict an unbroken vicious circle.

Many years had passed, young Jake had grown to be a fine man. He was known for his spiky long hair, and clear azure-blue eyes - His precision with the blade and his skill both were undeniable he had fought in many wars.. more then he actually was able to remember his Squad took out more enemies then the others, they conquered, killed.. It was common around here the red moon's light shined down upon them as their blades and armors were soon covered in blood - to be victorious. One night however Lyria was attacked and Jake was called back - What he did not know was that it all was just set up.. A trap to let him be taken out by his own men.. The Manor in which he and his father resided was used as a base by the attacking forces.. But within the enemies guided his steps it was dark.. no light, he could barley make out the shadowy forms of people nearby and attacked everything he could.. a step, another one someone was approaching and blindly he thrusted his Sword forwards, warm blood shot forth and flew over his hand.. Soon other soldiers of his Clan came rushing into the manor while the attacking forces were long gone they accomplished what they wanted.. as the others approached with the torches Jake had to realize what he had done just now... his Sword had impaled none other but his own Father, tears rushed down his chin as the old man simply raised his hand and tried to reach for his son's cheek.. "Why..." was his last word before he collapsed on the ground.. Lifelessly. Jake shouted at the men who approached.. to them it seemed like he murdered his own father.. thus making him a traitor they expected him to work for another clan.. General Arcturus ordered everyone in the room to attack Jake, ignoring his pleads to believe him.. He was a 'traitor' to them which brought shame over his entire family.. Murdering a hero, his own Father.

Jake left fought his way through the opposing forces, jumped on a horse and rode off into the valley.. Nothing more bound him to this place he had to leave.. go elsewhere. And so he spent the following months hiding, in woods... caves.. He lived like a dog barley had food and never was able to rest the greatest force in the country.. no the world was pursuing him.. It kept on being like this for a seven months, until one day.. he met some sort of cultist, magic was unknown in his land - The Knights made sure to burn any traces of such which remained by the seven Gods, whoever obtained artifacts from these times was ordered to give them to said Knights, a group which made sure to destroy what remained.. so the 'Terrible Power' which almost destroyed their world back then would never be unleashed again.. This cultist however and his group has studied a specific artifact for ages... They talked, this guy was probably more then just a 'bit' drunk.. Speaking bout a portal which would lead to a 'New' world.. The summoning was tonight, Jake even managed to get to know that it was taking place in a cave nearby.. ordering another drink for this freaking drunktard before he left.. He hid behind a rock waiting for the cultists to gather, they wrote some weird symbols on the ground and gathered around the artifact they most likely had discovered.. Mumbling in a language which was unknown to him.. Soon a bright light emitted from the center.. a rift opened up.. And they were smiling at this success.. Jake decided to take this chance.. no longer wanting to be made responsible for what he did not do, leaped forwards and dived through said Portal head-first...

Atreia Saga

Jake woke up near a weird rock-formation in Poeta.. The sun was shining down on him and he just laid there, wearing the half-way turn robe he hid under to not be recognized by most of the Guards.. he looked up into the sky but.. There was no red moon, nowhere to be seen.. Could it be..? Was this truly another world...? Many questions raced through his head as he picked himself off the ground, following a path through the woods.. everything looked so different the plants the animals.. Even some walking creatures with clubs..  After having followed said path he got to know a man, wearing glasses - He was called Zeolin, they soon became friends...

A wee-bit of time had passed and Jake got some clothes for himself, still hanging around with Zeolin sometimes he soon got to meet Miyako and her grumpy father also her mother.. He mostly sat at the Tavern in Sanctum, drinking.. Miyako and her mother had a weird ability to dran life-force of those they kissed.. Quite weird or so he thought, he got closer to Miyako and eventually even got into a relationship with her.. They travelled through Atreia - Time passed.

After many, adventures and journeys along-side with Miyako Jake got himself to ask her to marry him, she declined at first but as more time passed she finally agreed her father and mother were happy complimenting her on her fine choice. Everything seemed to go well they even had a daughter together - her name was Shiori.

A few days before the wedding something terrible occured.. Miyako has suicided taken her own life, Jake and Zeolin found her dangling from the chandelier.. Zeolin was shocked, it was probably the first time he saw a corpse, Jake cried himself and soon the family and friends like Rodrigou and Fene gathered for the funeral she was burried near Iggnison .. the place were their first journey round Atreia began back then.. Before she died Miyako had placed an Ice enchantment on Jake's blade.. intending to aid him in battle through that.

Shiori had grown up quickly, much quicker then one might have expected drawing use of Miyako's old 'Eliasa Crystal' I suppoed that cursed whitch even got Jake's daughter to age quicker.. They spent much time together she often asked about her mother but Jake did not want to talk about it.. Once again they slowly recovered from the recent events, returning to their daily deeds - even drinking on Jake's side.

The ice enchantment on his Sword turned out to be tainted by the Dragon which granted Miyako her powers.. An evil Spirit was hidden within which sometimes took over Jake's mind to control him.. his actions and eventually even forced him to pick fights he normally wouldn't.. Shiori however managed to seperate said Spriit from his blade, purifying it..

Shiori soon went around spreading a rumor about her grandfather and Fenesciaal, Fene herself being short-tempered as it came to this rumor bout a wedding between them and to add that she was -very- powerful aswell, she could no longer surpress her anger picked up Jake's daughter and crushed her in her hand.. Thus angered him greatly, motivating him to challenge the god-like being, the fight was seperated into two parts.. In the fist Jake, a boxer called Ippo and the lord of the shadows, Ianaris were fighting Fene. Ianaris seemed like a common old man, but he had impressed Jake greatly in the past.. at Sanctum Plaza he was defeated by this bearded man in less then three minutes, his power was outstanding during this time. And even in said Match Ianaris had proven his worth his Shadow manipulation and runic magic preventing the other two, weaker participants from falling victim to the devastating Spells casted by Fene, without him they would have been slaughtered back then.. the first fight ended with the gound breaking apart and lava flowing forth, Fene retreated and so did the other combatants.

The first part of the fight having gone well Ianaris and Jake soon teamed up again to face Fenesciaal at the capital of Light - Sanctum was their battleground and Jake was still enraged by the death of his daughter.. The fight lasted for hours, Sanctum was soon half-way in ruins.. Many were abandoning the City, the guards which tried to aid them in combat were easily taken care of.. The epic battle between them soon finished as Jake prayed for the Evil Spirit which was released from his Sword to return.. it was however affected by his positive emotions.. His pure heart and changed.. revealing itself to truly be the deity of Justice - 'Chaos', he leaped off the ground and pierced through Fene's chest-plate with his Sword, even her heart with a spinning, move an dhis blade forwards he drilled his way through her body.. Fene collapsed the day was saved.. Vengence for his fallen daughter..

Even after Ianaris revived his daughter it did not take long until she was in trouble again, taken over by a Demon.. As this problem was solved she lost sanity and drew use of her advanced teleportation to open up a portal to another rift in time in space, jumping in she was lost forever.. Jake was saddened by this event.

Soon Jake visited his dead wife Miyako in Hell.. Guided by the witch Eliasa he progressed through the styx, till he reached the very gates to the afterlife.. After a brief conversation with her in which he told her bout the recent events he turned around to leave.. But 'Hell' turned out to be much more.. picky about who gets to leave then who gets to just randomly walk in.. The time flowing much quicker here, or so it seemed due to the constant drainage of life-force.. It took Jake five whole years to get out of there.. to return to the surface in Atreia plainly a day had passed, also as he was attacked by multiple creatures down there he lost focus shortly.. one got him and this explains the scar over his eye...

Even more time passed.. full of fight, drama and more fights against any sorts of malfested demonic beings even on the surface it was quite annoying.. Jake however also met a tricky, small dwarf which refered to him as 'Master Jake' the little guy was called Hsk and back then he truly did not expect this shrimp.. to soon be one that'll fight by his side and even become his best friend.. However during this time he was only a servant to a Giantess called .. Emi-something.

Soon two new 'Goddesses' appeared in Atreia.. Rose the Goddess of Forrests, and Quixie the Goddess of Battle.. The first day Jake saw her he fell for her but he did not admit it right away, he decided to let some time pass and eventually asked her out on a date.. Much time had passed since Miyako died and he thought it would be nice for a change to get out again.. Their first date was... quite random, she challenged him to a Match and the fought all night long.. at the end she was on the ground but sweeped his legs away to make sure he landed ontop of her.. She said 'Don't you wanna finish..?' as their faces were pretty damn close to each other.. Jake leaned in and kissed her, she kissed him aswell.

At this time the dwarven boy he met back then.. Hsk, well he wasn't really a dwarf that's what he said but he surely was small! Had grown to be a formidable warrior, even a Templar himself! Impressed by his progress Jake soon asked him to join him in combat - And over the time they had grown to be a awesome team that mostly was victorious countless times they fought alongside each other.. The warrior from another world and the Miragent Holy Templar the word about their victories soon spread in Atreia.

As the Spirit left Jake's Sword back then due to Shiori it took on traits of his conciousness and even used some people as a Vessel for a while.. it soon gave up on those though and with the darkness taken from the depths of Jake's heart another being was created: Azure, a masked creature with grey-ish Skin.. He and Jake were both two sides of the same being.. They met each other in combat countless times sometimes Jake was victorious sometimes Azure.. they were pretty much evenly matched and even in future they fought often..

Quixie had split into two beings.. one being her good side the other being her evil side.. pretty simliar to what happened to Jake, however her dark side was not as reasonable and calm as Azure.. she wanted destruction, pain.. Power. And she got all of that enslaving many of the best warriors in Atreia with collars of dark magic which made them bend to her will... We were her slaves for a long time.. But at a brief moment in which her control weakened I vanished back to a Seal at which I and Azure fought.. It was opened up due to our fight light and darknes clashing and said Goddess sent me back to my own world.. In which I met my old Squad.. proved that I was innocent reclaimed my old armor and my father's sword... Only to return to Atreia.

Dark Quixi soon was defeated and I and the normal Quixie married.. Life was wonderful and we had three healthy quarter God children, it was wonderful indeed.. But I did not visit them often enough so Quixie's father and mother planned something to get me out to look for them.. I had to take on a powerful Giantess called Katalina.. And even Freyja Quixie's own mother.. Hsk helped me but we were both easily defeated.. Worst day of my damn life!

-Present time-

"You wanna challenge me, huh..? Bring it." - That's Jake most common line.. he is currently waiting for Freyja to get ready.. to face her in combat.

(Many typo's I'm well aware of that.. but the small edit screen and letters give me a headache each time I even wanna attempt to fix it, this was written in a hurry yet is understandable in my opinion so enjoy - or hate. Up to you. ^-^)

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2A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) Empty Re: A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) on Tue Apr 30, 2013 4:31 pm

Death of a Hero..

"The end of his journey has been foretold.."

The dawn of a day like any other - Jake slowy sat up, strecthing a little as he yawned heartingly. The bed naturally was way too big for him.. His house being enchanted to magically adept itself to the largest person that approached it - Thus being his beloved wife Quixie. He glanced to his left, from the spot on her shoulder he couldn't really make out the entire face of hers. The middle-aged man smiled and summoned his wings, descending towards the ground on which he had left his clothes, quite common ones for a change.. A simple shirt, pants and sandales. Equipped with such he stepped out the opened window making it quite easy to exit without blowing the gigantic door into bits.. Little did he know that this was his last morning in this stage of existance.

"A man who had vigilantly watched over a world.. That was not his home."

Stepping through the still almost empty streets of Pandaemonium, now carrying a medium-sized bag on his back. Covered in a thin layer of cloth also his Sword.. The blade glew slightly purple even through said in the morning sun.. His steps echoed over the empty plaza as he walked on, a shadow from around the next corner caught his attention as he progressed, his keen senses foretelling the presence of the young man who was stepping forth as Jake himself had drawn closer. Bright green eyes and orange, spiky hair - A gust of wind blowing through it from behind caused it to wave slightly with the motion. Jake did not talk, simply rose his left arm and patted the boy's head. It was none other than his son Daryn. His face expressing just how curious he was.. his mind and entire being carving to learn of combat - To follow in his fathers footsteps. Bruises all over his body, his eyelids seemed more then heavy.. Probably has been training all night. But today his father would not teach him anything - Shaking his head he gently pushed his own flesh and blood aside - Passing by to progress through the Teleporter.

"Who had overcome many trials.. One deadlier then the other."

A beach was his destination, re-adjusting his gloves for he had taken on the robe he wore during his first great fight in Atreia.. A fight in which he opposed a Goddess and walked off the field victoriously. His eyelids closing for a moment as flashbacks, memories of the past rushed through his mind.. He saw the faces of Ianaris.. Ippo.. Without them the task would have been impossible. But he had grown, he was stronger now.. Clenching his left hand he formed a tight fist. Opening his eyes again he looked skywards, the sun was almost at the center of the horizon.. The morning hours would soon have passed. But he still had something to finish.. Reaching for the hilt of his blade he easily swung the weapon.. Which had brought death and devastation upon so many over his shoulder and walked off through the shallow water..

"Protected his friends.. With his very own life."

A rock formation in the distance - the observatory nearby. He knew that he had reached his destination, a place to prove himself.. A place to finish the last remaining thing that plagued this land.. A root of darkness which dampened the beacon of this world which was none other then the light itself. He reached down, picked up the shell of a Sea turtle and threw it at the stone-made structure which seemed to resemble a gate. A dull noise echoed over the coast upon impact - a gust of wind passed by.. Messing up his hair from behind, some sea gulls were frightened by the noise he had caused and kicked themself off the ground their wings getting into motion as they rose into the air - flying off as quick as they could. Someone had appeared infront of the gate.. The last person Jake would ever see.

"Surpassed his limitations.. and always remembered the responsibility that had come with it."

Words were spoken, words which were without meaning.. The two Aura's gathered at the coast clashed.. A fight.. a fight which would decide over one's fate.. Only one of them would walk off this scene alife, there was too much hatred.. Too much provokation. In the past both have grown to hate one other.. Swords clashed and a single sign of weakness had turned the tide - They were no longer equal, one had the advantage. Looking down on his chest Jake found himself to be impaled by both of her blades.. His vision grew blurry, warm blood shot forth and he watched it being pumped out of his body. Critical damage taken, but as a Warrior he would not forefit but.. Try to take her with him.

"Who's bravery.. Has always been equal to his foolishness.."

His Sword long had left his hands.. Sticking into the solid stone gate behind his enemy. A snapping motion with his left hand and it spun around, the violet Aura growing more intense around the blade as it dashed towards 'her'.. Impaling her torso, but as he could have foretold it was useless.. She couldn't be harmed by it.. Dispite the fact that he had tried so many times he couldn't ever admit it.. Admit his power being of no use, desperatly he reached out for the tip which had pierced through her with both of his hands.. His eyes glowing brightly as he unleashed the magic sealed within the Sword.. Ice spread from the center of it over her body.. threatening to encase her.

"A man.. that truly loved his family.."

The loss of blood was too intense - Too much for him to handle, he had trained.. Trained to oppose someone even stronger then her but he had lost.. This was the end. The ice which seemed to have spread at an alarting rate slowed down, he weakened.. His legs shivered as he could no longer hold himself upon it. She meanwhile had set her arms aflame, melting away the ice.. All of his work turning out to have been in vain. His last struggle involved pushing her away - The blade pinning her to the wall nearby as Jake sank down on his knees then dropped onto his stomach.. He could hear her breath, struggle against the ice and the Sword which held her.. Then a shattering noise.. Then just silence. Did she die in the end.. Has he been victorious? Or did she retreat already..? He had to see something, rolling over onto his back, the ground beneath him being more then slippery due to the red blood covering a majority of the stone floor plate he laid on.. His eyes widened.. The last thought that ran through his mind.. Was him wondering what would happen with his family. His daughter that had been corrupted, his Son which was left without a Mentor.. His second daughter which always was overshadowed by the first.. And his beloved wife.. Her smile being the last image he pictured.. And one covered his own face.. His own Sword, a weapon which has been forged by him.. grown with him and had slain countless fake Goddesses and Titanesses.. It was ironic that a weapon dedicated to nothing but justice itself put an end to it's Master's life. His skin easily gave in the sharp edged blade.. The most vital organ in his body - The heart was the next to be destroyed, with ease it was severed into two by the massive weapon. This was the end.. of his journey.

*The Goddess smiled and closed the book she held in her hands.. Her melodic voice could be heard once again.*

"A man who had lead his Allies to victory.. A good story indeed."

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(Feedback to this post appreciated. Razz)

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3A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) Empty Re: A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) on Tue Jan 07, 2014 1:11 pm

Chapter 1: Resurrection

*The Goddess smiled and closed the book she held in her hands.. Her melodic voice could be heard once again*

"A man who had lead his Allies to victory.. A good story indeed."

*The Scene around the divine being reading from a book bound in red-scaled leather becomes clear as the Point of view changes. Many believers had gathered in the Temple to listen to this tale, to the Goddesses writings, of what she saw in another world one that is absolutly nothing like their own. A sharp looking Young woman with firey red hair spoke up then.*

"This.. Is this really the end, I mean it sounds like he still had so much left to solve.. to do."

*The Goddesses lips curled into a smile, delight filling her facial Expression as she indeed was proud to have created the Young subject that had just asked her this question, for it indeed was true..*

"The end, my child..? No, perhaps this is just a new beginning.."

Back in Atreia.. A couple of days ago..

Jake felt a strange pressure on his ears and he felt light.. As if he was Floating but yet completly different, it was a Feeling he had completly forgotten during the time he spent dead, he was Swimming or rather diving - under the Waters surface, looking up he saw a bright light shimmering through and he had the sudden urge to Approach it to swim towards it.

That was when he realized that he didn't even have to swim, he could stand the small Pond he apparently was in wasn't deep at all - and so he pushed himself off the ground over the surface and stood up, rising to his full height drawing a deep breath as fresh Oxygen filled his lungs which screamed out for said, shaking his head to dry it off slightly and get his hair back into shape he glanced down over his Body, clad in a robe.. Examining his fingers he also noticed

. The wind, the cold of the water he could feel it for the first time since he died.. He could actually feel again, the realization despite the many hints before struck him like a Train. Looking up his gaze met with another, a White haired man which he met between the world, as he still was just a Ghost a Spirit.. without density in existance. This man had promised him to repay the favor of guiding him here but before Jake could speak up the man infront of him vanished, dismissing his Body into lights which travelled skywards, silently his eyes tracked These orbs as they ascended..


He whispered silently, never having forgotten his Name.. His idle Moment of staring however was soon disturbed as he saw an all too familiar figure, the Young man he had found and restored the Steel Rake with stood at the edge of the small Pond, or spring.. Lake? Whatever it was and called out for him, this was truly Happening.. He has been given a second Chance in live, a retry..

After having approached him he noticed another figure nearby emitting an energy he knew all too well, Lucifer.. With no doubt this had to be one of his relatives, or so he assumed within the short conversation on the way to Daente's house his guess was confirmed and he was more than glad that Daente kept some of his old posessions which he left on the rake and brought them down here, opening the chest upstairs he recovered his red, Lyrian combat robe. His Trademark Outfit in the past, putting it on he examined himself in the mirror, but something was different.. Reaching for the tips of hair he pulled them up, noticing that he went back to being blonde. No second heartbeat or presence withing his own conciousness, no voice that lured him into danger with it's bewitchening ways.

He couldn't even sense the torn part of his Spirit within his blade anymore, he was certain the Connection between them was severed.. But he wasn't worried, he had to live with that fact in Valhalla, a place under the watch of Quixie's mother herself Freyja and her assistant, or was it daughter..? He couldn't remember but the other one was called Katalina, he smiled at the not-so-distant Memory repassed within his mind. He had learned much and adapted his fighting style accordingly.

Ability changes:

(Evolved) Major Magical Manipulation > Arcane Mastery: Jake no longer requires an object to Focus and materialize his spells with.

(Lost) Instant Soul Fusion: With his Chaos gene gone inactive due to bond between them being severed he can no longer draw use of it.
+ (Hidden Ability)Chaos Form : As said in the previous line Jake additionally lost his ability to transform into the deity known as 'Chaos'

(Evolved) Toothpick'o War > Close-Quarters-Combat:  Training with warriors of ancient times, most even being stronger and far more powerful than him he drew use of the time spent there and took on some of their abilities, allowing him to inflict damage based on hand-to-Hand combat combined with devastating Magic. It's a rather unique style but you will see..

Known Skills/Techniques changed: Won't be going into description here, those who saw him fight in the past will know what changed if he ever is dragged into combat again.


Glancing into the mirror one last time, their faces still apparent and even though it saddned him to leave them again, he had no other choice. Hell, he even grew to like Frejya herself a Little, he shuddered at the admittance and turned around heading downstairs.. Still so much to do, Quixi had to be stopped, he definitly SHOULD spend some time with his children, atleast once in a while.

And his wife apparently had gond missing which saddned him more than anything else, he was living again he hoped to apologize to her for his own stupidity.. But she was gone, gone cause he was too weak too mind abscent and far too reckless, his left gloved Hand formed a tight fist as he dismissed those thoughts putting on a faked smile he entered the room with Daente and Mira (The Name of Lucifer's daughter) again and listened to what he had to say. A new threat that Feeds of off violence logically Daente didn't bring him back to try to bash her head in, but to talk. Talk to the Elysean People to make them realize the error of their ways and that overcoming this crisis would require joined effort of all. Countless times Hsk and himself had saved Sanctum, and the People reffered to them as Heroes for their deeds.

The speech did not even require Organisation at the sight of an apparently dead Legend the People gathered quicker than Kerub's around a rotting corpse and with the Steel Rake, or rather Daente on board providing wine and Food for the masses it only added to further turn them to their favor, Jake's words were heard and the effects were shown, kindness and respect for one other - even though it likely wasn't the honest intion of most spread and with Daente himself talking to the Asmodean People on the upper half, they seemed to atleast have themself bought a Little time.

Jake even managed to convince Quixi herself to lay low which was an impressive success, he even toasted on that at the Tavern in Sanctum that evening. The word about this new threat's Name soon spread, 'Malkuth' , and up to this very Moment he did not allow anything else to distract him. Not the admittingly smart but indeed suspicious Doctor Zodick, the holographic flickering of Daente's Body.. Or the massive gathering of apparently humanoid Dragon-Kin near Akarios, all of that would have to wait.. Wait until the matter at Hand was solved. He supported his head as he glanced down upon his half-filled glass sighing deeply.

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4A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) Empty Re: A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) on Tue Mar 04, 2014 1:24 am

Chapter 2: Lost Love

It's been a couple of month since Jake was brought back from the dead, to draw breath once more - the only purpose for this was his speech to the People of Elysea. Time passed so quickly.. and live seemed to be as usual his children were fine, Hsk was still jumping but where.. just where was his wife? He had travelled through the depths of Heiron, passed through the Abyss, sought in the deepest falls of Gelkmaros but nothing seemed to work, nothing seemed to make him Progress. Atreia has changed ever since he came back, his Point of view was different, his thoughts changed, affected.. Without Chaos guiding him he felt empty on the inside, like a part of him was missing.. But this is what it was life before he came to Atreia in the past, before his Chaos Gene had awakened, on his journeys through the land he fought many creatures. The Balaur being as agressive as usual, the Dragons gathering over at Tiamaranta. His blade was guided by instinct, no longer by a second voice ordering him around, telling him what strategy to expect, in a way he missed it..

No matter where he wasn't making any Progress, has she gone to look for him? The darkness was so apparent in this world like it has never been before, and the fact that he was seperated from what he cared for most wasn't all too soothening. A couple of days later at Akarios Village, Poeta - he heard from Hsk that rumor has been going around that she went looking for him, or something like that.. After chatting with the locals some more he learned that going back to Quixi would be the best bet.. Traces would have lead her there, maybe even the blood that was spread infront of the entrance to her Domain. The fight.. The fight in which he had lost his life, to his by far greatest enemy.. He looked about, over the cliffs of Heiron there was no other choice but to confront her again. But did he learn from his last mistake..? Could he actually repel her, gather the Information he Needs and make it back out alive? For the first time in his life he had doubt, doubt in his own abilities, his skill and strenght. Even with Chaos activly helping him he was slain, now a rematch would be in her favor since his second conciousness long has faded.

A Goddess, what was the worth of one.. Hsk and him had met many in the past, apparently there was a season for Goddesses appearing. Back than we joked about having one for every bit of needless shit. Goddess of trees.. rocks.. And whichever else they came up with. So far he was sure that no Goddess truly deserved her title and plainly went on about Feeling important, making themself seem better than the rest. Of course he always had accepted Quixie as the Goddess of Battle. Quixi however had exceeded his expectations, she has grown so much stronger over the past few years, and her Progress was far quicker than his own. Under certain circumstances Quixi had been locked away in a place in which time flows differently, thus had given her centuaries of perparation for her vengence.. Hope, was fading with the wind.. Only a fool would grasp his cold Hands around this fading glimpse of hope.. But he would, for it was his only choice to reattain what he had lost, his wife.. One of the few things he still cared about but how would he Approach it..? Go alone and die alone again.. ? Or gather Forces, seek the help of People who's life he had saved a few times in the past, the same People that wouldn't revive him anyways. A quite depressening subject at Hand, his mind still wandering. His decision to go was set in Stone, the way to actually -do- it still provisional.

How did Chaos always call her.. Goddess of Pain, how many have been impaled, tortured.. Even back than for a certain time Hsk, Kallindor, Jake and another Person were enslaved by Quixi, forced to do her bidding as their minds were at her control. He wondered why she didn't finish them off when she could it would have made it much easier, then again that was before she was locked away, went even more insane and started snapping her jaw at People. Mistakes were made, wrath was ignited but there was nothing they could do to well.. undo it. Jake examined the Palm of his left Hand, opening and closing it. Fighting without a blade initially was bringing it's up and down-sides. With Chaos gone he could bear being seperated from his old weapon, which in earlier stages had forced him into a crystalic stasis, in combat a free kill.. He could feel the presences of his children spread over the surface, each accompanied by their own Chaos.. Resting within them to look for a Chance, to burst out and Show the world what it's capable off. Only Asha would at the present time posess two additional Spirits aside from her own with her.. The Chaos was that had grown within her Body, and Jake's old one that came along with the blade he had given to her. He was quite tempted to take Asha along, but he didn't want her to be hurt. His own daughter falling on the battlefield next to him.. He would never be able to forgive himself for that.

So.. it was set, all he needed were allies. The Goal wouldn't be to ultimately defeat Quixi, but to delay her Long enough to 'extract' the Information he needed, how to go on about this plan.. ? The time would tell, for it wasn't all too simple. Jake stepped down the side of the mountain, the cold wind tonight along with the full moon being exposed, the sky without a cloud. Was this a good sign for the future..? He just shook his head and walked on, the bright light of a teleporter nearby was the last Thing one of the local Brax saw before darkness took over the Scene.. Once more.

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Chapter 3: Comeback

A few months have passed since he faught Freyja, there also was a Little brawl with Quixi which's outcome isn't known to public yet. Apparently Jake dissappeared for quite some time, his wife gone missing, loss at Freyja's Hand yet again. Last he was seen wearing a suit and an eyepatch Boarding an Airship at Sanctum. Ever since then? There were no rumors of the former Hero, his son was said to be taken by someone known as 'Bo' and hasn't emerged again yet either. There were a bunch of strange appearances around Poeta involving two red-haired men, Jake's daughter Kira too.. Odd things Happening in the world but was all of this connected? Time would definitly tell.

But where he has he been during this time? Why did he choose to forsake Elysea.. and his wife who had gone missing?

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The look on his face appeared to be frowny, as he walked through the trusted Woods of Poeta, odd how no matter which turn things took.. No matter how Close their world, their Atreia was brought to the brink of destruction.. He always could have faith in ending up here again. He knew every cobbled path, every old farmer that followed his daily buisness around here. One might say that he knew it better then his actual home! A trusted yet annoying Feeling, droplets of rain descending from the skies as Jake simply grabbed unto one of These oversized leaves that were ragdolled around by the wind, his attire seemed to have changed aswell.. An odd occassion indeed.

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His eyes narrowed as he set sight on Akarios.. This was always the best place to catch up on the recent Events, Happenings.. Or how often Vlad has been drunk in the meantime! Things one could trust on, have faith in like that. Strapped to his back was yet again a blade, it's illuminatic glow often had lightened his path in the past weeks.. Where has he been? That'd probably be going through the heads of those that actually cared, confidently he tossed the silly leaf aside and moved Forwards.. The village being his first Destination.

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The eyepatch was also gone, thus meaning that he -somehow- managed to heal his eye which was injured when he clashed with the former, original Goddess of Battle. Though to the keen, Observant eye.. And those that actually were able to sense, it seemed like he was radiating -FAR- less energy then he used to. Meanwhile he passed over the small Bridge which literally just contained of a few wooden Planks, poorly tied together.. The wooden fence of Akarios becoming more clear and defined as he drew closer.

... He's back.

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Chapter 4: Of Lyrian Tales..

Narrowing his eyes Jake leaned back, sitting on one of the public benches in Sanctum. His thoughts were with his wife wherever she was troubled by the fact that she went missing in the first place and like so many things that have happened it was his own fault. If he wouldn't have gone dying on Quixi all of this probably wouldn't have happened. Reflecting on the past he came to realize how often the error of his ways have gotten everyone in trouble, especially Hsk who always used to fight by his side.. So many wars they had started, admittingly if he'd have chilled on provoking certain people there probably wouldn't ever have been a reason to face them in Battle. A majority of fights in the glorious good old days. He shook his head, strands of his once blonde hair hanging down to partially cover his eyes which still didn't lose their azure-blue hue. But not only here in Atreia, it reached way back to Lyria in his own world.. His former home.

And so he sunk into a flashback, two years before he accidently murdered his father and was taken to Atreia, still in command of the Lyrian forces, but Jake wasn't alone when it came to a leading role a squad lead by a friend of his - Vidar. They often were out on the same field, scene, area backing one other up. A particular case being the one he wanted to recall, reflect on with this. The seventh month of the nine hundred thirty-first cycle since the Gods had abandoned their world.. Ruins were scattered all over their world, hiding remains of the golden age in which the divine had descended down from the heavens to live with the Lyrian people. Not much is known about it, but it's assumed that the Gods and Goddesses saw the true nature of their race, that they were born for nothing but war and havoc and thus.. Abandonded them yet again. From these times many magical objects remained, some with such horrible power that they were to be destroyed the 'Elders' devoted their lfies to that sole purpose. Studying Magic and how to effectivly break it apart so nothing remained, while the majority of the Lyrian forces were out to hunt down such old Temples to rid them of what laid inside there were other who sought to use them for their own advantage. The temptation of power, was natural one of their races bane. Strength symbolized a Lyrian's worth and what would grant one more honor then ever without having to train? Right, a cursed/magical artifact.

Jake climbed of off his horse as they arrived, we see a much younger, spiky haired version of the soon-to-be husband of the Goddess of Battle. But he didn't know that back then - and so did Vidar, he was a little taller then Jake, had grey hair and yellow colored eyes traits of his heritage passed down through blood. The Anou-ha, shadow blades as they called them had their kingdom beneath the surface and usually lived in darkness, Lyrians no less then those on the surface they had developed a certain attatchment to the crystals underground and apparently fed on the radiation they emitted. Speed, agility in general and poisonous blades were their trademark signs. But Vidar with different, he had abandoned his people at young age to get up here and join the Lyrian Army, to be part of something that matters instead of fighting for one of the various tribes that refused to aid a greater cause. In addition he too used a greatsword, no poison ever touched his blade however - he believed in pride, honor just like Jake. Or atleast he did up to this day. A firm nod of confirmation from one to the other as they proceeded onwards, both squads containing of fifteen soldiers each followed them inside, the Temple was built on a mountainside and thus probably was even bigger on the inside, recent earthquakes had just bared it recently. So they lit their torches, the sound of clanging metal foretold their arrivial - thirty geared soldiers couldn't really be sneaky but then again noone assumed that there was a need to be.

Vidar was walking by Jake's side, his right hand on the hilt of his blade - which was pretty large, usually not to be wielded with one hand only but after all there had to be a reason he commanded a whole squad of Warriors. Other then the resonating sounds of their footsteps, the clanging of their gear and the occassional shaking of the structure itself there was nothing to be heard.. But then he eventually picked it up a voice so close that it felt like it came from someone or something nearby.

"You don't need them. . ."

Vidar was surprised and turned his head over to Jake, but he was just yawning quite loud at that there was no possibility of him being the source of that sinister voice.. The blonde however noticed this and turned over to him aswell, his brows arched in a surprised manner at the sight of his old friend going paler then pale.

"What's wrong, have you seen a ghost or somethin'? Haha.."

The spike haired Lyrian laughed almost carelessly, wasn't he phased by venturing into a structure created by the former Gods and Goddesses of their world, wouldn't he proceed with care? He already answered this question for himself Jake is, was and always has been reckless he just shook his head and proceeded onwards. The Soldiers behind them were looking about, holding their shields up high a Lyrian wasn't allowed, not permitted to fear anything cowards had no rights, even in court all that mattered was Power after all. The path ahead lead down, then left, left again and further down they descended into the depths and everything went by without further incidents up to this point.

"Come to me.. Divinity.. We shall be one."

He reached for his head and wiped some strands of his grey hair out of his face, his pupils flickered wavering and wary of what he just heard was he going insane? And then - without a warning, with his next step forwards the ground on his side gave in and he fell down into the darkness further and further, Jake leaned over the hole that had made it's appearance and held his torch down as far as his arms length could reach, screaming for his friend, ally.. But no answer came, nor did the sound of impact below echo back upwards. Jake whom barely held himself on the edge with his entire torso down in the hole pulled himself back out, after sighing rather deeply he cleared his throat and spoke up.

"Vidar is missing in action.. We'll proceed to the lower levels and-.."

*He blinked in surprise, the torches most of the soldiers held were estinguished and laid on the ground, a few shields here and there - even a blade but other then that.. Nothing was to be seen two squads just vanished - perhaps they suffered a simliar fate to Vidar? But why was he left out, why wasn't he taken by the darkness..? So many questions, but the blonde certainly wasn't one to sit tight and worry or overthink things, no he was known for actions and thus he grabbed onto his blade and eagerly swung it over his shoulder - holding a torch in his right, free hand as he ran down the floor. It shifted and changed from the dark, neverending maze they were struggling to get through to an amazing, even lighted construct with purple crystals glowing dangerously.

Up ahead he saw two figures on the ground as he drew closer he soon identified them as soldiers from Vidar's squad his eyes widened a little as he examined them, black markings surrounded their eyes and their hair had turned grey.. They weren't Anou-ha before, confused Jake scratched the back of his head when one of them suddenly opened his eyes and tackled him, they were glowing in an intimidating yellow as he brought forth his blade and tried to force it down upon Jake's throat, he however as soon as he had gotten over the surprise was trying his best to push him back. What was giving him this insane strength.. The power to rival even him? It was beyond him but eventually he managed to free his other hand from under the foe's knee - a swift move to grab onto the hilt of his Sword and an even quicker thrust forwards warm blood shot over his torso and face as the glow from the Soldier's eyes faded, he seemed to realize where he was.. who he was his dying words were to be remembered.

"Save.. The.. Commander."

Jake gave a nod, sorrow washing over him like a wave a tidal one at that. He didn't like killing back in the day, saw it as a need and definitly there was no other option at times, but it wasn't something he enjoyed this was murder out of a reflex perhaps he could have been cured.. perhaps he could have done something differently. Laying the now dead man down by his side he closed his still open eyes and picked himself of off the ground, sighing in relief he decided that noone would be helped at all if he was to waste too much time here and thus the path ahead was waiting, he followed the crystals whenever there was a need to turn, and soon.. He found himself infront of a large metallic door, which he promptly gave a kick - expecting it to fly open. But it didn't buldge runic symbols were carved into the frame as they started to glow in the same purple tone as the crystals, spun in addition and slowly but surely the door opened up.. And he stepped into the large room beyond.

His eyes wandered from corner to corner, he was once more shocked there were the remaining twent-eight men encased in crystal on the walls of the room, all looked like they had been frozen stiff.. In the middle was a small podest with something sticking inside and Vidar was standing infront of the object - Jake drew closer.

Vidar glanced over his shoulder as his old comerad was only about ten meters away from his current location, he shot him a toothy almost insane grin surrounded by a dark aura that laid over his frame like a mist. His lips parted as he spoke with a voice - that certainly wasn't his own.

"To bring justice to this world, we need strength. And to serve for a far greater purpose all of them will be sacrificed to grant me the power I need to end the struggle.. But before we get to that you.. Jake.. Descendant of the Kajar clan who drove us Anou-ha underground during the first centuary. You.. will be my first sacrifice."

He kept on grinning and his right hand reached down, grabbing onto the hilt of the object ahead, apparently it turned out to be a Sword, his eyes traced down the hilt, over the red, helix-formed double blades attatched which ran together again at the tip form a truly amazing weapon - Atleast judging by the looks. As it soon would turn out to be.. also in effectiveness. Vidar pulled it out and the crystals around them, containing the soldiers, on the ground and up on the celling took on a crimson red aswell and pulsated with each passing second, emitting differently bright glows with each 'pulse'. And then..? Vidar just vanished, in the blink of an eye.

Jake looked around, irritated if not completly confused his sword held in both of his hands for a change as he paid attention to his surroundings the flickering and constantly changing spectrum of light was deluding his senses and then.. He was struck from behind, the cut running from his left shoulder blade down into the center of his torso, his armor was penetrated as if it was made of paper, the cut mark glew in the same red as the crystals as his blood rushed forth.

"General of Lyria.. Descendant of the purest clan in Lyrian history and that's supposed to be all you've got..? Pathetic, you too will be brought to justice - today.."

He cackled like a maniac yet again and brought his sword up high - Jake however was more then infuriated by these comments it wasn't his old friend anymore, he had changed.. The sword probably was the root of the evil within him. He had to break it if he wanted to succeed in saving him.. Or so he thought, hoped that it'd work out. So he snapped out of his pain and spun around, preforming a spinning slash which Vidar didn't expect but blocked excellently, it was like he knew.. where Jake was gonna strike, once he was done spinning he unleashed a furious combination of slashes, horizontal, vertical - a cleave overhead. But Vidar just kept on blocking, he staggered however and was forced back towards the center of the room a last strike and he was knocked back, sliding over the crystalic surface that covered the ground and soon coming to a hold.

That's when the true fight began both rushed forwards and slashed at one other, with speed that'd be difficult to follow on the untrained eye, parry - slash - hit. With each passing second another slash had made it past Jake's defense and struck him directly for Vidar seemed to be using the openings provided when he dodged or blocked an incoming assault to retaliate and it was hell'a successful. Jake held his blade low and panted, Vidar was still standing straight and smiled.

"You can't win, just surrender to the good within yourself.. Peace is born through the struggle created in total Chaos and I will achive it. You will not stand in my way mort-.."

The spiky haired personification of recklessness didn't want to take it anymore and thus charged at Vidar yet again, rising his blade up high only to slam it down upon his - but he didn't stop he kept on swinging so forcefully that the crystal beneath his targets feet started to crack.. With each mighty swing further cracks appeared in the apparently so flawless sword of Vidar.

"You won't.."

Slam! His blade struck the other again.

"Claim my life.."

Ker-Slam! The second impact in a row was much more forceful, cracks in the crystal and Vidar's sword became more apparent.

"For this sick game of yours!"

And the last slash did the trick, the red helix-sword crumbled and lastly shattered a temporary bright, blue glow fading from Jake's eyes. Vidar reached for his head and grabbed onto it, screaming - the crystals that encased the soldiers opened up and they didn't need more then a nod towards the exit coming from Jake to understand what they were meant to do, though Vidar's soldiers were gazing back they too escaped the scene. The shadow that posessed his friend and a crimson mist from the broken Sword both laid in the air Vidar had regained his senses and was down on his knees, examining his hands.

"Jake.. What have I done.. How can I-..."

"Watch out!"

It escaped the Kajar's lips as he reached out with one hand, the crystal attatched to the roof had come lose and crashed.. down right upon his comerad, his body went splat in an instand a gorey scene was provided as guts and bones.. Blood no matter what was just splattered all over the place. The ground rumbled in addition and Jake wasn't granted time to properly bis him farewell he had to leave, get out of here at once.. And he wouldn't waste time, he had to carry on his dreams, his burdens.. Even remembering how they swore an oath to one other as they were children. Taking a turn Jake started to run - the black and red mist mixed up and followed him not paying attention to the remains all too much and being more then occupied through not being burried alive in here he didn't notice how it sank into his body and fused with it..

Every remaining survivors had made it back to the surface and then the temple collapsed even sunk back into the ground.. Claimed by the earth that had kept it secure for so long. There was a funeral for the three people that died, Vidar's wife was crying, Jake's father was holding a speech - still alive in these days but Jake..? He stood there on the sidelines with a straightened spine and a coldhearted gaze towards the crowd ahead which suffered the loss of a Hero.


Back in the now and then Jake opened his eyes and gave his head a little shake.. Things he wanted to forget once returned now that his mind has been free'd from the contamination of Chaos. Wiping his eyes he stood back up and rose to his full height, walking off towards the central plaza..

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Chapter 5: New Hope

Quite some time has passed since I last documented my journey, much has happened that's certain - but let's dive into the most recent happenings around the Atreia I once knew so well...

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I've met up with old friends, shortly after my return.. I've gotten to know what happened while I was absent, for example Daente and Asha coming together him proposing to her apparently. This was one of the more delightful things I've heard about given that he was among those that helped me achieve a second chance in life, a person I worked with for years on the Steel Rake which we fixed and rebuilt together.. I wish both of them the best this world has to offer, and a future less grim then what I've had to go through in the past..

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

But that wasn't all, it appeared that Freyja had given the Vampire the task to find her daughter, my wife - the Goddess of Battle herself who had gone missing around the time my life was extinguished at the hands of her darker half; reflecting on it today I long came to the conclusion that my selfish desires.. My thirst for combat had made me break a promise I once gave to my beloved; and even though it dawned to me just recently Freyja must've seen it from this perspective all along, as I visited her to talk she braced her weapons ready to attempt to cut me down where I stood but I managed to convince her not to and we set down for a chat that revealed things I did not know, I could not know before..

And even though she still more then likely hates me for my past deeds, my animosity towards her has faded. She always acted in the best interest of her children, of her family and peeking into her realm while I was dead .. I suppose it all simply adds up to me no longer aggrivating her with comments or the likes - I consider this a chance to redeem myself.. Through the aid of Daente and others that chose to side with me during these times, It's assuring to know that my friends are with me in this.

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But there's more to that, both Diar and Dramor seemed to have returned to Atreia. The Dwarf whom I hold in equal regards to a brother hasn't changed one bit and I truthfully did not expect him to! We've only had a couple brief conversations but there was no need between much babbling between comrades in arms, he almost picked a fight with my hot headed daughter at the Rake but luckily I was able to defuse this situation without anyone ending up too severly injured.

(Even though Dramor was tossed into a summoned Stone Wall! - Ouch)

(Extra Pic Dramor: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

Diar has progressed in her magical training and advanced in ranks, when she was quite skilled in her past her newfound abilities are pretty astonishing, for an Asmodian at that she told me what she was doing in these past years and ended up picking on Vlad a little whom took it waaaay too seriously for some time but as it stands? I think they're cool with each other for now.

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The days passed, and I often found myself restless at night.. Unable to sleep as memories of the past kept on haunting me, most prominently the moment of my death.. And eventually I've found myself visiting Quixi who was now bound by Lana's blood I didn't question the details all too much for the efficency of this was proven when Hsk and I visited her, being locked away again didn't really change her - she was still as evil as ever and went as far as to comment on my failure when it comes to preventing Quixie from whatever fate she might suffer now, taking on her appearance as she made faces of agony, crying out to me..

I just couldn't take it anymore and thus knowing that we couldn't really expect any help or anything useful from her to begin with we left again - bearing the knowledge in mind that she was out of the picture for now.. That's not all too shabby considering that it'll ease the burden on our shoulders tremendously..

Some time after this event Vlad actually ended up contacting me, saying that I should pay a visit to the Tavern in Sanctum and meet up with him there; I found him in the streets shouting and looking around as I calmly approached. Apparently he had broken into some girls house drunkenly - smashed her door and furniture into bits and wanted to make up for it through 'networking' as it turned out she was right there with him and introduced herself as Delia. Words were exchanged and her interest in acquiring greater strenght to mayhaps even join a greater cause -..

One thing lead to another and before I knew it I found myself testing her mettle in combat and I have to say for a Daeva she wasn't doing half bad, her agility and lightning imbued attacks were fast - after immobilizing her with a full nelson the test concluded; her potential was acceptable and thus Vlad and I decided to take her under our respective wings metaphorically speaking to train her in the art of combat. I found myself leaving just a little while later, even just using a chunk of my power had me drained. Recovering my body through the aid of Elokim was a nice way of cheating death, but I've outlived my prime feats as I once committed were distant dreams, and even now I found myself saving what remained of it for the most decisive moment...

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The times we've all spent together, drinking - goofing off and celebrating our victories seem like a past so distant we've always stood side by side through the worst and came out ontop.. Even now with the odds against us, facing an enemy that seemed far superior to those that came before them.. I cling to the faint ray of hope for that thought has always been reinforced by Quixie in the past.. Just hang in there we will save you, all of us - together..

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Chapter 6: Of memories and broken promises

Sitting in Sanctum's tavern way past midnight my eyes felt heavy, but where else would I go? It wasn't just my family being dissappointed of me but I also couldn't bear the weight of my deeds myself either.. I glanced down into a mug filled with water on the counter and tried to remember to call back to how everything began and how it went from there..

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The village of Akarios, many years ago.. Sitting on a wooden stool I was sharpening my blade this was a year or two after I arrived in Atreia and gained a reputation as man who handles the impossible a warrior that stood up for those that could not. And even though I seemed more carefree then now-a-days it was this fateful day actually that decided the rest of my life, the ground shook gently approaching footsteps.. When I looked up from my weapon I saw two new Giantesses standing in Akarios, one with green hair and the other.. Red haired and among all I've seen an unmatched beauty. But that wasn't when I first talked to her actually, they introduced thermselves as Rose the Goddess of Woodwork and the likes.. And Quixie; the Goddess of Battle.

I didn't speak up initially, looking back at it today I think her presence alone was enough to leave me speechless a feeling I didn't even know up until that point in time.. Much time passed and I watched her roam the land with a group of people that gathered in a place called 'Sanctuary' Hsk was among them too albeit before we became brothers in arms, you could say this was another time and age entirely. Daente and I had fixed up an old airship and decided to use it as a flying Tavern the 'Steel Rake' was officially born and it didn't take long for visitors to find their way here.. Among them she was there too, Quixie.. That was when we started greeting each other, me tending to the bar it was all too natural and she just ordered whiskey every time she visited. Other then that our interactions were scarce, but that would change soon..

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She often told tales of her deeds, and even some stories of battle - I found myself drawn to her but up till this point.. I didn't admit it, just when much later something happened that would force our paths to cross, Sera - coincidently the person that almost drowned me was the link between me and Quixie, when those two fought and Quixie lost she had a collar-like object attatched to herself which was foreboding much greater issues in more ways then one but during the first few days she seemed to be just fine, worried about Sera coming to assault her again and that's where I stepped in asuring her of my aid should she require it. Many others offered her the same, and all in all it seemed like she appreciated the gesture.. I always thought the way she acted first, innocent - teasingly and yet as if she always knew what she wanted.. As if she didn't really socialize much in the village she hailed from, in the mountains concealed from most.. Grenbran was it's name as I figured out years after...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

But the collar changed her, she dropped all of her former traits at times and seemed as if she was posessed by a darker force, going as far as to attempt to kill Hsk who had defend himself, after knocking Quixie out she seemed to regain her senses but it definitly was no premanent solution to all of this..

Just the next day I went off to meet Sera on my own, finding her together with Ares and Tapphie in Akarios which - yes even back then served as a hub area for the most. Hsk had joined me and it would be one of the first few times we actually rose to take a stand together, we talked to Sera about the collar and demanded her to remove it so that we all would get our old friend back the way she was.. But Sera just smirked, staring at me.. Requesting the reason for my actions.. If I'd have fallen for her and that being the truth behind the curtain - truth to be told this was the first time I ever admitted it, I flat out told her that those are indeed my feelings and she was right. Albeit she believed the nature of my words it didn't change her mind on the collar and thus.. One thing lead to another and we engaged in battle.

Sera's superheated Plasma abilities were one of a kind and it took a lot out of us to set us up properly to gain vision and a straight line to even target the wretched collar the controlled our friend.. Not to mention that Quixie herself drew use of her shield for additional protection, Tapphie throwing her blood based magic projectiles everywhere, it was tough and pushed us to our limitations but neither Hsk nor I intended to give up here.. Eventually Sera and Tapphie however retreated, leaving us to face Quixie on our own..

Following her down the path, exiting Akarios we found ourselves at the lake - where Quixie awaited us even.. Going as far as to attempting to devour Kallindor - we interfered and naturally she responded with drawing her sword and shield, just then we'd all get to know that her title wasn't just for show.. Vlad the recently un-frozen fossil came running up into the scene too and we had another ally to back us up. What followed were combined efforts from all of us to attempt to purge her from the darkness that had befallen her..

Everything happened so fast, I utlized the extend of my powers to try to ward off the evil energy but I couldn't do it.. Vlad had attacked her head on in order to damage one of her wings but ultimativly ended up being thrown into the water which Quixie heated up earlier.. His skin got cooked pretty well but he was hanging in there, Kallindor had fired arrows and Hsk stood by my side assaulting her with vicious slashes at the same time..

But sheer violence wouldn't get us any further we wanted to set her free and so I knelt on a little island inmidst of the lake folding my hands as I started to pray, channeling holy energies which floated around Quixie like little flames that danced in the wind, requesting the others to join me in this. We united our faith and force and ultimativly even though we didn't manage to fully eradicate the darkness within her she fell over, unconciously.. Or so it seemed! As they groups attention shifted she dissappeared..

Only to leave an image of herself behind see-through and all, passing on that she wouldn't stop until she found her sister Rose and made her pay for deeds Sera made her believe...

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Eventually one thing lead to the other and Quixie found Rose, defeated her even.. Just after we talked to her trying to get her to wake up once again..

Jake: Yes, You... -You- have to wake up. See what you did to your own sister..
Quixie: No... i..
Jake: She is alive... She is breathing..
Quixie: But I attacked her Jake... I....
Jake: Quixie... You have not been yourself.. That wasn't you!
Quixie looks at Jake and cries pitifully.

(Logs +1)

After these Events Quixie seemed to have temporarly seized control of her body again returning to her old self for the time being. Things went back to normal for the most, we met up on the Rake - drank and laughed together.. I talked to both Ian and Hsk about my feelings towards her and even though I can't confirm it I think they told her, for someday she approached me Fenesciaal had just returned from the dead, stronger then ever apparently with the ability to manipulate time on a whim, Ianaris was already weakened by our last fight and admitted that he wouldn't last through another, I wanted to face her alone but of all people Quixie stopped me from going alone, we talked about everything at stake and she convinced me of joining forces with everyone on this .. Including her. When I stated with how the darkness surrounds me - is drawn to me over and over again to challenge me. Her response..? Was one I never forgot.

"You think i want peace?, that would make for one boring life jake. "

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Quixie once suggested that we should have a training match after thing settled down again respectivly. It took some time but eventually one day she stepped into the Steel Rake when I was taking a break from the crowd for a change, we spoke briefly and I inquired about the sparring match.. Well, she agreed and as we stepped through the teleporter we surfaced again in the Basfelt Hunting Grounds.. The wind was blowing strongly, the tips of the trees dancing and as wide as my eyes could glance there was grass.. A perfect spot, I could feel my heart beat faster already as we stood just a few feet apart from one other.

She spoke with conviction in her voice, strong and clearly audible.

"Well, shall we begin?"

I tapped the gem attatched to my wrist and switched into my bladed battle armor, one I crafted myself and only used during that time as it'd turn out later it was definitly of use. With her shield and blade in hand she lunged at me, quick and precisely her movements foreshadowing experience, and it was right then when.. I truly felt alife I wasn't fighting out of anger or hatred.. This was one of the rare occassions where it was to test the others mettle, to learn about her through Battle. And admittingly.. It was fun.

Once she had closed in the distance, her swordarm pulled up high above her head as she brought it crashing down hard, I turned my blade side-ways and braced myself to block it, the clanging sound of metal clashing resonated through the valley as my whole body trembled, feeling the force behind her attacks; and I was excited by this.. Pushing against her weapon with my own she quickly adapted and found a new opening to strike, moving her Shield between my Greatsword and herself she drew use of the now un-occupied Sword and swung it at my left side. I removed one hand from the hilt of my blade and moved the bladed gauntlet to my exposed side effectivly locking her blade as it crashed into it; my whole arm felt almost numb but I had to pull through with this, pushing against her weapon with nothing but my own physical power her blade slipping past would likely cost me dearly but for the moment we seemed to have forced a draw.

"In my hometown they always used to say the best way to get to know someone is with a fight."

She applied more force to her blade, pushing my arm back a little as she responded.

"You can learn so much from a fight, it is just as informative as asking someone questions... besides this is more fun that just asking each other questions."

She eventually overpowered me pushing my gauntlet back further with each passing second I had to make a choice in order to turn the tide yet again, moving my gauntlet back just a little I re-adjusted the angle and forced it back in, the blades attatched sliding up her blade along with my limb as sparks spread during the process pulling through I grabbed onto her hand with my own to hold it in place.

With her weapon immobilized I pulled my greatsword back from her shield, wielding it single-handedly I swung it over my shjoulder drawing use of the additional momentum to bring it down upon her - like a hammer on a nail. But Quixie wasn't naive as the pressure applying from the other side of the shield lessoned she predicted this and lunged backwards, however recieving a little cur on her shoulder. She complimented his strategy - and how he seemed to make wielding a weapon of this size seem easy, however after Quixie distanced herself Jake applied the second hand to the hilt again, assuming his initial stance.

She had decided to swap things up too, literally speaking switching hands now wielding her sword in the left she came at him again stepping forwards, a strong stomp of his left foot as he swung the Zweihaender around himself to once again go at it with more momentum put into his slash - Our swords clashed again, the grass around us being pushed back by the sheer pressure exerted but Jake didn't want to waste as much strength as earlier and chose not to push against as hard, a weakness Quixie identified as with a mighty push his guard was broken, pulling her right back she slammed her shield into my face, my helmet knocked of off my head, dropping somewhere off in the distance.

Wiping some blood of off his lip he tapped the gem on his wrist again, his armor reverting to the red outfit he wore when fighting Fene herself, and even though he didn't admit it when questioned, the lesser weight and greater mobility and freedom was quite crucial to face her. And so the match continued..

Both swung their swords, another clash and neither yet again eased off on the pressure, Jake having learned from his mistake prior he kept it up - Quixie's stance was solid her shield was protecting the other side of her body, leaving not much room for one's imagination to strike at - but Jake had an idea, reaching down beneath her shield he grabbed onto her lower leg, forcing it up and holding onto it tightly, with the Battle Goddess locked in this position he used one of his own legs to sweep her remaining one away to cause her to fall, her descent seems to pass in slow-motion as she dropped her shield and reached out for Jake, effectivly pulling him to the ground ontop of herself his own blade leaving his hands in the process. So there they were in the grass, gazing into each others eyes..

"Well... now your close enough are you going to finish?"

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Leaning in he planted his lips upon hers, kissing after their battle my heart was still beating faster then on any other battlefield I've ever walked on, everything seemed perfect complete.. Down to the littlest detail.


His memories seemed to skip a lot of things in a fast-forward like motion another point in time mattered now as he saw himself and Quixie sitting on a bridge talking about eventualities regarding death..

"Please don't toy with fate my love, most of the times its never good..."

"I'll always come back to you - no matter what.. I promise. I won't die."


Snapping back into reality Jake opened his eyes wide panting, everything felt so real.. Ever since his revival he had not felt like a living person anymore, for something was missing his heart and his soul - the reason he lived for, the mother of his wonderful children. Placing a lone Kinah piece for the water on the counter he pulled up the hood of his cloak and stepped out into the streets again. He knew she was around, she felt so close and yet so far away.. Just like the Lyrian Blood Moon back in his own world, gazing up into the night sky after yet another battle was concluded and enough blood was shed...

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Chapter 7: Old habbits...

Just today I've heard about a little incident at Sanctum's market, the stalls set up all around the plaza to be more specific, usually I don't bother with these things.. But rumors had it that a small woman was arguing with a local potion merchant. It took me a while but eventually I came to the conclusion that ... Well, this matched intel I had - Lanathel, the woman Daente turned into a Vampire mentioned that she shrunk a woman involved with the 'Growth Potions' out on the market about now apparently a new kind of drug that can be associated with Quixie's kidnappers so without wasting too much time I stepped into the Teleporter a blinding flash of light later I found myself in the Elysean capital and headed towards my destination.

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Upon arrival I could see it for myself, and after literally the first minute it became apparent that this Woman? ... Was a totally spoiled brat slamming money down unto the counter to get the Potion Lady to sell her what she didn't even seem to have, I inched closer and leaned unto the wall next to the stall, listening in to their conversation which in turn revealed that they only recieve a delivery with those -once- a month and they're apparently usually sold out at a quickening pace. Who'd have expected that the demand for such things was so overwhwelming? After throwing even more money about the little statured woman gave up and wandered off, I drew use of the crowd to mask my presence and followed at a safe distance noticing how she reached into her pocket to take a sip from a vial.

I reacted quickly if it was the potion I sought I'd need to preserve as much of it as possible in order for Kira to analyze it's contents so I extended my hand forwards, in an attempt to use my magic to freeze it solidly - or so I thought. As it turned out the substance seemed to be completly resistant to cold and she took a gulp increasing in size just a little. The next hour or so I spent following her around as she seemed to simply shop around, one scene in a clothing store however stuck out yet again, after trying something on she seemed to have grown a little more.. Blaming the salesman for getting her size wrong and recieving a hefty discount on the selected articles. After stepping out of the store she continued onwards, reaching a less populated area ... This is when I saw my chance to attempt to talk to her.

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Having replicated an isignia as the Miragent Holy Templar used to identify themselves on official affairs (Forgive me Hsk..) I approached, flashing this status symbol as I pretended to want to talk to her about getting assaulted by a white haired woman; lots of words about upholding peace and law and her response was as bratty as her money-tossing earlier indicated.

"What's between us doesn't concern you."

And then she simply tried to walk around me! As she did I tried to play the Hero card and told her -who- I was, it didn't impress her either as she kept on distancing herself, either my repuration suffered over the course of years, or people never really got the memo that I'm alive again, whatever the case I had to resort to something pretty scummy (For my standards) to lure her in again. Rattling with some vials containing healing potions and antidotes in my pocket I pretended to be sent here to hand them over to her, by her apparently noble/wealthy father.

"A goody good like you wouldn't have any!"

Seeing how my plan was threatened I brought forth the insignia again and flicked it of off the ledge to the side, into the abyss below going on about all of this was merely part of the plan to not raise suspicion and all, that apparently got her attention and with her following in the wake of my steps I walked down the path next to the Airship dock that lead to the Tavern on the outter island. Setting my wrapped up vials down infront of the wall.

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"Well, give them to me!"

She demanded and I rolled my shoulders shrugging, pretending that my job here was done and walked up the path we came down earlier, as she approached my bait and knelt down to pick it up I spun around leaped forwards and delivered a classic chop to her neck, sending her into the world of dreams almost instantly. Even though this act was probably something long overdue, that her father missed out on many occassions in the past I felt a little bad. But if it was for the sake of my beloved I'd even walk over corpses.. - Luckily that wasn't necessary here! Propping her body up against the wall I searched her bag to retrieve two empty vials, one she used at the plaza.. And the other likely in that one shop. Some droplets of the drug remained within it wasn't much to work with but it's all I could get out of this. Setting her bag back down by her side I stepped up the path, naturally having retrieved my own bait as to not leave any clues of my involvement behind..

I'll definitly have to report this back to the others..

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Chapter 8: New Traces..

The last hints regarding the organization that kept Quixie imprisoned were vague, but it was all we have a fashion designer called Evelyn going around drawing use of the new adaptation of the common folk all over Elysea and Asmodea, a new potion a wonder drug that allowed pretty much everyone to enjoy life from a larger perspective or rather women did, it had an entirely different effect on male bodies. However with larger sizes came the need for adaptation, given the drugs expenses only those of wealth could afford it and as usual how it goes in this or any other world the poor were left in the dust.. Evelyn provided clothes for those individuals designing and crafting them to enrichen herself or so it seems from my own perspective.. After having tracked her down in a shop in Pandaemonium I've ran into her again by my own later..

But convincing her to let anything slip past her lips was almost impossible her sheer stubbornness reminded me of one of my daughters, oh so vaguely familiar atleast in that regard after trying to confront her she turned to run for it and after an admittingly painfully dragged pursue I managed to block off her path, held a blade to her throat and even under those circumstances.. She didn't speak, maybe she was seeing through my bluff of not actually intending to put an end to her miserable existence or.. Those she worked for ignited a fear greater then death within her heart just then I could only guess what it was, cursing under my breath I lowered my weapon to let her slip past a mistake, one like so many I've made before. But sometimes fate forces one door shut and opened another Evelyn seemed to be holding a fashion show in Sanctum and Daente knew about it even before I did together drawing use of his influences with some merchants we managed to get on the list to make it past dressed in fancy attires fitting for such event.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The people gathered consisted of the expected audience rich snobs that had nothing better to do but to gawk at models passing the catwalk in the back an almost impossibly large tent was set up, the exaggerations with these noble folks apparently knew no limits.. Daente immediatly walked through the crowd to approach the edge of the stage directly that's when she appeared again Evelyn. Walking out and holding a little speech as she scanned the audience, I just turned about to grab a glass of champagne from a servant's tablet in time and pretended to converse with a random woman nearby. Simple and greedy she might've been but far from stupid she must've known that neither of us would give up so easily but it wasn't just then that she spotted us. I headed over to Daente whom I lost sight of for a moment and we talked briefly, he applied a smear of blood to my collar - telling me that we could use it to communicate and then headed off to gather some intel likely I stood in the front and watched the show which progressed as planned.

I tried to look around, see if I could spot anyone suspicious or get to know anything new from the gathered people or guards but my actions bore little to no success, and yet I wanted to prepare for eventualities taking a seat at one of the tables adorned with foods of all kinds in a buffet esque manner I leaned below and pretended to die my shoe, placing my flat palm on the ground and channeling arcane energy through it every spilled by of champagne every source of wetness was afflicted and even though nothing changed at first the stage was set for something else. And just when I got back up Daente contacted me over the blood mark not expecting that I accidently hit my head on the lower side of the table, of course I cursed... He informed me that something was up with the larger-then-life tent but that it'd be a surprise and he was alright. Evelyn appeared on stage again and announced a huge surprise, that's when the tent behind her started to shift, and infact... It was a person leaning over at this point I was expecting anything, but not my daughter being the titanic entity in question it was infact Asha waving down at the crowd.. I couldn't help but to wonder if she participated in this cause she enjoyed it or just to back up our plan? But I didn't particulary have the time to dwell about it everyone's attention was taken and this was my chance to act at long last..

Bringing up my hand and clenching it into a fist I aimed to manipulate the body temperature of the guards that stood in my path, hoping to immobilize them - but.. Sometimes I do forget about my dwindling strenght in age my plan did not succeed they made me out to be the source of naught but a cold breeze and Evelyn spotted me too, the guards were alerted and I turned about aiming right for the price - the fashionista herself. She threw her dress at me under which she wore a more comfortable leather attire to make her escape, cleaving through the dress with my summoned blade I pursued her. What happened next made me remember albeit only for a brief moment how convenient it is to have allies.. Daente descended from the sky, likely having stood somewhere on Asha all this time and landed near Evelyn throwing her around to the ground. Who knew.. Maybe someday I could cooperate with him as I once did with Hsk, but yet again this wasn't the time or place to waste time with old memories..

More so since Evelyn had brought up her gun and aimed at Daente, I stepped in trying to cut it but my sight wasn't what it once was either.. I only scratched the barrel but it seemed sufficient to make her miss her target, Daente conjured some blood mist which concealed the vision between me and Evelyn for she was aiming the gun at me next and the shot missed thanks to him, but persistent as she was she attempted to run for it again and I swung my blade around myself, no restraint, no pulled punches persay I intended to sever her left leg entirely but then the unexpected happened.. Daente threw himself between my blade and the enemy being injured himself, but saving Evelyn's leg in the process although she also suffered from a deep cut the blood oozing out, she fell to the ground unable to run anymore.

It seemed like Daente wasn't agreeing with my methods, and truth to be told the old me..? Never would have resorted to anything like this, not risking to injure those barely afflicted the innocent but I was no longer looking at the world through rose colored glasses I've fought for Atreia, it's people all these snobs gathered here that don't even remember my face or name.. Even those fools that kidnapped Quixie all were permitted to live and cherish their lifes full of excess and needless exaggerations only cause of what I and a bunch of others did in the past.. Existence itself was thankless, people worried and cheered for their saviors in times of need that's true but give it a couple of years, without the need of any of them to return and the crowd will show it's true faces.. Things and facts I could have lived with, but they've taken what meant the most to me.. And I suppose that turned my heart colder in response.

I placed my blade against Evelyn's throat as both of us questioned her things weren't progressing all too well so Daente and I did the typical Good-Templar-Bad-Templar thing in which I played the latter role, playing along and all he tried to get her trust and pushed me back with his blood manipulation safe to say that didn't go as planned Evelyn was still cynical and the guards used the chance to swoop in and surround all of us, blades pointing at me from all sides and things looked rather grim.. Or they would have if there wasn't another ally on our side, Asha let her gigantic fist crash down and pretty much obliterated the guards on the spot, leaving just enough room between her fingers to not have me affected by the impact next up she swooped Evelyn up and headed off, after Daente searched through her stuff that remained backstage I whistled to call in my Stormdrake which carried both of us aloft to our new destination: Daente's house in Gelkmaros where Asha had taken our prisoner to.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Once there Asha had dropped her down we landed aswell and commenced the former questioning on Daente's home turf much better conditions but she was impossible to crack still, we got nothing out of her no matter what we tried, no matter the things we offered and it was just plainly infuriating. Of course I lost my patience at that point, I was a warrior no politican or the likes and I acted accordingly, pulling off her makeshift bandage which she wrapped around the wound I inflicted earlier, I went into Daente's house knowing that he as a famous cook should atleast have salt around and returned, pushing it into the cut wound with two fingers to losen her tongue, but no.. Even that proved pointless.

I scratched the back of my head, was all of this just another waste of time. Would we yet again be doomed to not inch closer to the organization we were after..? After years would all I accomplished even with the best of help just lead me to another roadblock to turn about and try again..? Evelyn seemed kheen on leaving and given how she wasn't letting out anything useful I decided to do the same we both headed off in the same direction for now when an explosion in the distance illuminated the nightsky, the radius immense the shockwaves travelling all the way to Gelkmaros when Evelyn started to stutter in fear and backed off to Daente again.. I turned about aproaching the duo myself as she spoke of a man called 'Barak' apparently one of Freyja's former boy-toys and that he was likely coming right at them.. Daente brought Evelyn inside, intending to hide and conceal her, asking me to delay whatever was coming.

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I stood my ground, abou to head towards the explosion when something impacted just ahead of me leaving a small crater in the ground, a man that looked like he was more dressed for carnival or the recent halloween season then actual combat, clad in a foreign looking armor and of course I aimed to fullfill my part in this, stopping him was a necessity and so I spoke:

"Convenient landing spot, for this is just where the road ends."

The man replied almost immediatly.

"Move, or your wife will have to mourn your death a second time."

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When I earlier maybe had some sort of self restraint left within me it was all gone now that he has spoken those words, not only did they imply that he knew who he was but also about his wife and where to find them this would be decisive, important but most importantly it needed to start with something he knew how to do better then sneaking around and spying atleast - battle. Snapping he pulled his left fist back and sent a strong right hook towards the masked man's face who -... Just caught his fist, pressing down on it with enough pressure to almost even have the bones snap, I couldn't pull free so I brought in my second hand channeling a compressed orb of icy winds to knock him back - which worked! But he still held onto my hand, pulled me along, then down and kicked me off against the house where my body left an indent in the wall, cracks formed around the point of impact blood dripping from my lips.

He seemed impossibly strong, but that didn't make me reconsider it didn't ignite fear within me if only it further nourished my will to see this battle through to the end, Daente had stepped into the ring aswell now and kept the male who actually turned out to be Barak himself busy, busy enough for me to prepare my next move which for starters consisted of tossing yet another orb into the sky which imploded, the temperature around them decreased snowflakes fell, vision was partially impaired and directly after that I pulled my sword back focusing my arcane energy within the blade last this particular move proved quite successful against Lady Triniel herself.. And we'd see how this guy would take it, but Daente was knocked into the ground after attempting to.. Tickle his enemy? But that wasn't all too it, Daente's house itself seemed to be a weapon as the foundation, bricks and planks pulled themself lose and rained down upon Barak who was approaching and I couldn't waste this opportunity, moving forwards I preformed a frontflip to build momentum, then swung the blade around myself to add further to it but -... No matter how hard I tried my weapon couldn't get close to him, it was like an unseen force protected him..

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

That's when Daente moved up behind him after having downed a vial of Asha's blood which temporarily provided him with a buff, attempting to grab him to expose him to another direct attack but yet again my blade couldn't hit it's mark but just barely scratched over his armor, freezing a small area upon it as he threw Daente back, for the third attack before the energy in the blade dissipated I moved back a little and attempted to bring it forwards in a thrusting motion, but yet again my attack proved inefficient I was knocked back, as the blade was deflected it left my hands and I hit the ground hard. Barak assumed his target Evelyn had died with the destruction of the house and left.

... To succeed against him we needed to get past whatever it was that protected him, luckily I knew just who to ask.

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Chapter 9: A step forward and yet.. Standing still

Thanks to Kira we managed to track two more members of Aequelitas in the meantime. Azrael and Isobella. The male she located via message orbs he sent us as mockery, backtracking them -.. Don't ask me how exactly that worked for I wouldn't be able to provide an answer but it did. Together with a friend of my son, Vlad, Daente and Kira we headed through the recently opened portal only to end up in some sort of dungeon a fight ensued and whilst we didn't.. yet again manage to deliver the finishing blow we injured his arm severly. His abilities were troublesome, and unique I've never faced foes like them before.. Or maybe I'm just getting old? I don't know at this point honestly. However our teamwork as a whole improved decently we'll just have to somehow beat tactics into Vlad's stubborn head and we should be good to face future opposition even better then this time around.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The acquintance of my son was called Yishay a great man that managed to hold his own on the frontline decently.. After the match was settled and Azrael escaped he asked to hold my sword, I saw no reason to reject this request and.. Simply put he cut his own head off and his body dissolved into ashes on the ground. I am no stranger to death or people dying around me but this..? This was quite something was it suicide? Or did he.. Have a plan, a backup? I still remain somewhat unsure about it, but after fetching my weapon from his ashes we descended some stairs deeper inside.. Where Asha awaited us unconcious. I left her in Daente's care, and turned around to leave not showing it to the others but.. I was more then relieved to atleast know one of my not-so-little-girls safe.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Some time passed, and we traced some other trails.. Intel provided by both Kira and Hsk lead us to the concert hall in Sanctum, the target in question: Isobella. We.. had her with us before, or maybe it was a doubleganger? I actually don't know what quite happened or was the case in that scenario but.. Here we were facing her yet again. This time our team consisted of Daente, Hsk, Vlad and me. Daente had no problem infilitrating the festival plaza on his own, he excelled at masking his presence after all. For the remaining of us it was a wee tad more difficult.. So I asked Hsk to get me a templar uniform, and dressed as a member of this holiest of guards I accompanied him to the entrance gates... Oh and Vlad showed up too wearing a.. I don't know what it was but atleast it was white! He -tried- to pose as a Templar too I guess. The security denied us access their level of influence must be insane to so boldly turn down an official investigation of the Templar but here they were.. doing just that. Hsk managed to slip in but I didn't want to blow his cover so I went around the outter wall to smuggle myself in - successfully if I might add.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Positioning myself on the outter wall next to the stage I remained unspotted.. So far so well I thought but of course.. Vlad messed up and of course that drew attention to Hsk too and they both found themself surrounded by guards and security being forced to initiate combat. Even I couldn't make out where Daente was, as Isobella let out a shriek that shattered glass in the area. Iceborn mirrors I prepared earlier broke ruining my plans partially.. Or did it? I pulled my arm back and prepared my blade to throw it at our price, the tall masked singer that had her focus on the 'intruders' aka the other members of our squad. Things looked well.. too well. Throwing my blade like a spear, aiming for her upper torso I took note of a reflective light in the distance, I couldn't see much more beyond the lights of the stage and the darkness beyond, could only assume that Daente must've used some of the shards left of my mirrors to blind Isobella.. Everything looked like it'd guarantee a hit but.. My weapon changed it's course of flight in an almost magical manner, now flying towards Vlad. This forced me to relocate and stop it in it's track before it was too late.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

The rest of the fight was a back and forth we utilized new strategies, techniques but it all was in vein.. In the end? Isobella managed to escape and we were left injured, deafened and yet again without any new lead, clue.. The satisfaction of any bit of progress denied once more. The others left, most civilians had escaped by now so there was no loss in a bit of a good deed here.. I picked up the injured guards and people Isobella used to shield herself, packed them on a carriage and dropped them off in the hospital nearby.

How many more people would have to suffer throughout this journey revolving around gods, darkness and this overtaking cult of absolute psychos.. I didn't know, I could only assume. Of course I wasn't selfish enough to assume that it'd only affect my family and me.. The rich grew more powerful with each passing day, the poor were pushed further into the dirt. If Aequelitas really tried to create a world with equals.. Why don't they see that they just add another layer to everything? It wasn't equalizing, no it just made even more people suffer, feel inadequate be oppressed. Thinking about it all I just closed my eyes as a blue light engulfed me, teleporting me out of Sanctum.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

..Before I forget Vlad also screwed up big time. In an attempt to do.. Yet again I describe myself as clueless here but I honestly don't know what he was thinking. To.. Prove something? He went off on his own to visit Quixi in her prison, little side note her Quixi is one half of my wife, split off from the whole think like there's a 'good' one and an 'evil' one and.. Yea she's pretty darn evil though one would argue about the role distribution if they ever crossed Quixie's path in the morning she was always so.. grumpy. But I digress this menace Daente had put so much effort into keeping imprisoned was unleashed to the world once again. As if the cultists weren't enough of a problem we now also had to deal with the greatest threat we had known prior to them. And I just hope they don't team up for that'd make this tedious task.. almost impossible.

Why almost you may ask yourself? Well simple I didn't ever give up and I won't start now. After Kira told me what Vlad did, there wasn't much time wasted.. heading off to a teleporter nearby I made my appearance in Poeta where Vlad already waited and rose his hand to greet me. What he didn't know..? Was that I -knew-. Pulling my left arm back I slammed it into his face full force, sending him to the ground. But it wasn't done there, kneeling down over him I coated my fist in a layer of ice and added a second punch. We are friends I do like to think so but sometimes he's.. Just so not acting his age. I can't tell if I was more dissappointed or angry.

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In expectation of Quixi coming after us Hsk and I utilized the resources we had to set up camp in an abandoned fortress in Lakrum it took a lot to get everything we needed out here but it was far off enough from any civilization to draw the attention to us should anything happen. Asha and Kira actually helped me with the positioning of the Aethercannons and batteries, just as the aetheric receivers a good chunk of these technical things were kindly provided by Daente, we couldn't have afforded half of it with how cheap Templar authorities were these days.. Not that I would complain my contribution was more of a morale thing for the soldiers positioned here. After Aequelitas slipping through our hands again and again I could've used some good news for a change, unfortunately that wouldn't come..

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Poeta again.. I swear we hang out here too often but today it might've just been a sign of fate that I was doing just that. There was a shift in the air, a tension that lingered and slowly manifested itself. I've felt this before and as my eyes still shifted around to spot it's source there were bright rays of light born from them something materialized itself.. And the coin dropped it was none other then Ariel the lady of light. With steady steps she approached and started going on about how difficult it must be to mourn the loss of ones own child and that I had her condolences. Frankly I had no clue (yet again...) what she meant, what happened what even was going on when she forced Vlad to tell me instead. About an event that occured weeks ago already involving my son Darin who just returned from a year long journey and.. Apparently met his master in Triniel, whom sent him to an early grave.

This all sounded just too unreal, my son.. Who just up and left home without saying a word now wasn't just travelling around somewhere he was just dead.. But I knew Ariel well enough to tell that she wouldn't joke about such matters thus I inquired if he atleast died with honour, did well.. And she indeed said he did. A part of me was proud, proud that he had made the leap from being a loud mouthed brat to a level headed warrior but another? Was just so incredibly saddened.. I thanked Ariel for letting me know and walked through Akarios village. Passing my the church I shot a glance inside spotting a new tombstone..

"Here lies Darin Kajar; XX.XX.XXXX - XX.XX.XXXX"

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What kind of hero was I? I who couldn't even protect his wife, who.. couldn't even take care of this worlds problems anymore. Every fight leaves me winded more then prior the exhaustion is overbearing and yet.. the sheer strain isn't what tears me apart it's the constant repetition of failures. There were times in my life where I just up and went to accomplish what I wanted, chin held high - the hilt of my blade grasped tightly in my hand but now.. Aequelitas probably laughed at our efforts, constantly evading their ends as if they just toy with us to begin with. My daughter too was in their clutches, and now my son had died without me even knowing.. I wasn't there to help him. Who would depend on someone like me anymore.

Ending up back in the fort, I sat down.. Good news were rare and yet I still hoped for some. Opening up the tome Kira gave me, whereas I couldn't even chuckle at the miniature version of her smiling up at me as I flipped through the pages when.. There actually was a new update; a conversation Falin managed to note down between various members of the Organization. With each line I read the book slipped further from my fingers until it eventually dropped down into my lap, leaning my head back I just closed my eyes.

... They've deleted her memories of me. All our times together, saving her was still unquestionable but.. She wouldn't even recognize me anymore. Was it for the best for her to have a new chance at things without being wed to such a failure? Probably... Closing my eyes I remained here for a while.

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"Chasing the past like a fleeting memory.."

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12A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) Empty Re: A meaningless tale.. (Jake's Backstory) on Sun Mar 10, 2019 4:27 pm

Side Story: Past, Present and Future Collide

Foreword: Well this is going to be all about revealing some blank pages in the story so far and explaining some background. Really only for people that kept up with my blogs over the years. But yea, be warned.

The fall of Redemption

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Just what happens to an army if their leader falls? That alone is a question that'll take a while to answer, but this story tells a tale of an army that devoted itself to the betterment of an entire world and what befall them, how fate ultimatively chose to reward them for their services, for this purpose we are going back in time.. At the peak of their might, roughly a decade ago...

The military force known as 'Redemption' had earned a name for themselves as a respected organization that even was officially aided by the order of the miragent holy Templar who's headquarters were located in Sanctum - the holy capital of Elysea. One of the reasons for this coorperation or likely even a decisive factor was that the second in command in their lines actually was a Templar, and not just any but one who was well known for his deeds regarding the safety of Atreia as a whole he wasn't big in stature, but made up for it with his unbreakable will and strenght.. It was none other then Hsk. The tales of the two leaders of Redemption were already akin to legends, stories that were told to young Atreians, Elyseans and Asmodians alike.. Defeating a raging Goddess that towered over Sanctum, fending off a fully automated warmachine - created to bring nothing but destruction. Demons capable of calling down meteors from the skies. But even stories meet their end, in this part of history the soldiers stationed in Tiamaranta had just heard of the passing of their leader the week before. Hsk had returned to Sanctum for the time being to discuss the new state of things with ther council of light.

Among the countless numbers of soldiers gathered here we focus on a particular group consisting of four - three of them clad in light armor, concealed in robes the fourth sporting a thick plate armor. Each of them with their own reason and drive to join the forces, with their own ties to their former commander.

Arlene - Once a well known thief, plaguing the lands with her group.. They weren't particularly big in numbers but they didn't need to be, agile and quick - hard to be spotted they specialized in ifilitrating fortresses and towns, strongholds of each faction to pick off artifacts, sacred treasures anything that'd bring profit literally. One day on the streets of Pandaemonium she tried to pickpocket a blonde man, dressed in a red robe wearing armor beneath - strapped to his back was a greatsword and she intended to pull it off as she did so many times before, reaching for a little leather bag that hung of off the side of his belt she already had it in hand and retracted it when he grabbed a hold of hers. His perceptive abilities were unusual. Upon looking up she gazed into his azure-blue eyes. As clichee as it sounds, this lead to a conversations on the busy streets, a bench on the side of the road that made her reconsider.. More so when it dawned to her that the man who fell a God wasn't a legend but actually someone that existed in flesh and blood.  To Arlene as a person she's relatively small, with an athletic and slim build, priorizing agility in battle above else - no known magical powress at her disposal but she certainly was experienced in moving around the battlefield, dodging - remaining unseen and delivering devastating blows to her foes.

Frederik - The man that on first glance appears to be made of steel, his face not visible at all. Frederik was born into a noble family, but cast aside as his father during his Frederik's teenage years had married a new, his stepmother was never fond of her new 'son' due to him being a constant reminder of whom the Lord loved before her, having wrapped Fred's father around her finger over a span of serveral years she had convinced him to kick him out, strip him of his titles and rights and have him wander the streets, from nobility to nothing but a homeless. But even as a young adult Frederik had shown one thing, and that was his will to endure whatever life would throw at him, he wouldn't succumb - he'd be the wall that rises from the dust against fate itself. And as destiny would have it he ended up utilizing that thick skull of his in arenas all over the country, honing his skills and strenghtening himself as a Gladiator until he was about thirty years old. Even back then he concealed his face.. And as he stepped unto the sands as he did so often before he didn't yet know that his life would be given a purpose fitting to his liking. He wasn't particularly fast, but he swung his greatsword with accuracy and strenght behind each swing - it didn't seem like he intended to hit his enemy but rather an imaginative foe that was standing -behind- his enemy. After delivering a strong punch to the jaw of the last remaining oponent he stabbed his blade into the sands and threw up his arms, slamming one of his fists into his chest as he screamed victoriously. But what was that...? Someone leaped down from the viewer seats and headed towards him, red robes - clear eyes. Their gazes locked, fixated upon one other. He spoke, asking Frederik to join his cause to ridden the world of the infection that came upon it, to ensure that future generations could grow up without fear of might linger past the endless Abyss, or the fires of hell. The outcast noble agreed, but under one condition -- he wanted a fistfight with whom he had long identified as the Godslayer. And so the other male too put down on his sword and rolled up his sleeves, they engaged in combat and well--.. Given how Frederik has joined Redemption on the same day, the rest is history.

Ethos - The most mysterious amoung the quartet, when he isn't on duty he's usually seen around libraries, studying and always with his trademark glasses on. His inherent abilities remain a mystery to most.. But going by past data he and Redemptions commander have known each other long before this military force even existed, they also treat each other with a decent amount of respect and at times even joke about trivial things, indicating that they must've been friends.

Haiyden - A thin built, always a book in hands he was a well known scholar, studying magic and it's utilization without the use of Aether as a catalyst. He was rather talented and opened a lot of new paths for the Templar with his research, which of course also applied to the use of aether at times, to go without something required excessive knowledge about it so thus even without wanting to achieve new possibilities and outlooks on the matter of aether itself it inenevetibly lead to that particular result most of the time. Instead of throwing spells around he utilized them as traps or baits to effectively decimate enemy numbers, usually whilst having Frederik nearby to clear out anything that draws to close to him for he's physically frail. Haiyden actually joined Redemption on his own accord, some say he was intrigued by the Commanders own applications of Ice magic, wanting to study them. At the barraks or the pub they often chatted about conversative usage and of course how their leader managed to even draw upon magic without aether.. Mayhaps he thought himself a step closer to his breakthrough like this.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Summing up our odd squad here they were wandering the great plaza of Tiamaranta, idly chatting..

"I don't want to believe it, I can't believe it.."

Frederik stated, clearly upset or frustrated, followed by Arlene who walked to his right with her hands behind her head.

"Yea, yea you've been going on about this all week.. Listen I don't think the commander of all people would just die somewhere out in the wild. And as much as I don't want to believe it myself even Hsk confirmed this. We'll have to carry on without him."

Haiyden was walking behind the group in particular. Nosedeep in a book he carried around with him, the cover reading 'The discovery of Aether' still listening to the chatter around him as he dodged an incoming soldier of another squadron without even looking up from his lecture.

"Facts speak for themselves. I'll certainly miss exchanging data with him..."

Ethos had his hands slipped into his pockets, gazing off to the side. Just like the rest of them he had not only lost a leader but also a close friend he had known for years. Shaking his head he too added to the conversation.

"That's one way to come across as cold, Haiyden. If I didn't know any better I'd even say you cared little, but the again I'm well aware that you're simply lacking when it comes to expressing your thoughts like a proper human being.. Right now we should go on as we did before we heard of this, the world still needs us.. possibly more then ever before with this change of parameters."

The others nodded at Ethos's words and continued on their way to the large hall located on the other end of the plaza where generally food was given out, and the board for active missions and jobs was located. A rather classic system but it had proven effective so far. Upon entering the team quickly took a seat at their usual table and had foods and drinks coming. Everything seemed to indeed proceed as usual that was until.. Frederik gazed down upon his cold mug of ale, the substance being shaken lightly.. Then the impulses that ripples through it's surface slowly grew in strenght.. And then the entire hall shook to it's foundations, infact all of Tiamaranta seemed to as all the soldiers located here were equally surprised, rising from their seats when a well known 'Ding' sound resonated through the area, it was a speaker device used for long-distance communications established through an Arcanist on the recieving and on the sending end respectivly.

"Soldiers of Tiamaranta, this is Hsk speaking.. I'd go into detail but we don't have time for this anymore, I just discovered that the Abyss is expanding, rapidly -- more quickly then it ever did before. Our researchers have never seen anything like this before, but I digress fact of the matter is that at this rate it'll reach Tiamaranta in.. I can't tell if it'll be an hour or just minutes, so evacute as quickly as you can, this is not something we can fend off so make way for the portals -now-!"

...Hysteria broke out. People, ranging from common soldiers to verterans got of off their seats and stormed out of the hall, making a run for the portal room located at the northern end of the fortress within one of the towers, Arlene and the others squeezed through the mass of people out of the halls and actually located themselves to the right of the entrance, letting people pass and looking at the scene provided to them, the sky was darkened towards the western part of the fortress, near the cliffside there already was it.. Akin to a black whirling vortex that already forced the walls to crumble, bricks were ripped off and sucked into the unending darkness. The soldiers that still were on the walls had no chance, their weight meaningless as they were sucked in at an alarming pace.

"T-this is insane..! Now of all times, out of nowhere we-.. We got to head over there and help as many as we can..!"

Arlene stated, clearly irritated by the happenings her voice still steady but even she couldn't hide it giving away traces of anxiety.

".. You're right! Our brothers and sisters need us right now...! Wait... Where's Ethos?"

Frederik threw in, looking around there was no trace of their friend in close proximity almost as if he dissappeared where as he was behind them just a minute ago.

"He's likely doing the same thing.. We need to hurry, the longer we stand here and chat the less likely it'll be for us to get out of here in one piece, make haste!"

Haiyden stated, storing his book in the bag he carried around his staff already in hand as the trio nodded, they were pushing past the people in the opposite direction heading to the western end which was at an alarming, quickening pace devoured by the vortex. Towers toppled over, some people were stuck under debris. Those who they passed Frederik freed through pushing it aside, other fleeing soldiers helped those injured as they pressed on, now at the edge of the Abyss that still expanded before their eyes, the floor was breaking away most of the western side was already gone and the force was drawing them in too.

"There's another group stuck behind the gate ahead..! We have to try to get them out of there."

Haiyden said, winded from all the running.

"I can't break it.. We need to find a way to unlock it but the mechanism seems damaged... Darn it!"

Frederik cursed under his breath as.. Arlene had already leaped up on a collapsed building ahead, using it as a vantage point to ascend higher unto the remaining inner walls, once ontop she had a hard time holding onto something to not get pulled in but eventually made it to the other side entering the gate just behind the bars she threw little explosives at the wooden beams that held the bars in place.

"I'll go on ahead, push down the bars now and follow up you two!"

And with that Arlene pushed onwards to the people trapped and clinging onto whatever there was to not fall to their certain deaths, as they saw her approaching they tried to work their way towards her but one of them eventually lost his grip and was quickly taken aloft.. Or so it seemed. Arlene leaped forwards, grabbing onto his arm and spinning him around herself to toss him back towards the ground where another soldier managed to grab him. Frederik had caught up and slammed his blade into the ground to anchor himself, reaching out with one hand.

"Arlene...! Your grappling hook!"

He yelled out, his friend tried to draw use of it, tossing the rope with a little metal claw attatched but the sucking force was too strong it strayed from it's intended path and narrowly missed Frederiks hand...! Haiyden and Fred could only watch as she was pulled towards the darkness, vanishing within..

"No... No! This can't be happening!"

Fred cursed, audibly, sheer desperation heard in his voice as he watched one of his closest friends be taken by this force of nature.. Closing the hand on his still outstretched arm into a tight fist.

"... Fred! If we stay we'll end up just like her.. We have to make it back to the portal... COME ON!"

The former noble trembled, but eventually obliged and stepped back. Making a run for it as he grabbed the smaller mage and threw him over his shoulder, the weight of his plated armor made him more resistant to being picked off and along with the remaining survivors they headed back towards the gate and in due time as the fortress behind them broke apart further made it in time, the arcanist holding up the portal gestured for them to pass through and followed up.. The aether destabilizing and the gateway closing for good.

Back to the current time...

Frederik swirled the content of his glass around, sitting on a table in the barraks of their new Fort in Lakrum, turning over to face Jake who was right by his side.

"..And that's how we lost her, lost so many more.. I've also never seen Ethos again after this day. Along with the other survivors we were kept in Sanctum for a while.. But strange things occured in the coming days, more and more of us vanished. Some were found with their throats sliced in the streets and we grew more vary, how could they capital.. The seat of power for the Templar not grant us safety anymore..? Haiyden had some theories but we got confirmation on them as one night, Hsk and Jerandil herself entered.. The latter going on about how Sanctum isn't the same anymore, that they couldn't possibly protect us from the threat that lingered among us, the Govenor was a part of it. And thus they got us an arcanist teleporting us out to the Balaurian plains where we set up camp, hunting for food and just trying to survive. Years went by, our army had turned into a society. We moved around a lot to avoid pursuers and it wasn't until recently that we heard that.. Well you apparently returned to the living and called upon Redemption once more. Despite all that happened we immediately set out to this new location and that's the gist of it.. Commander just what happened when you vanished. Clearly you seem to be alive.."

Frederik emptied his glass and snapped the visor of his helmet back down. Folding his arms as he leaned back a little. Jake on the other hand nodded, he didn't know his troops have had it this bad in the past decade. And here he actually had the audacity to ask them to fight for him once more, with something.. that eventually was far worse then the prior disaster approaching their walls as they spoke. He owed Frederik an explaination and so he nodded.

"With Tiamaranta being finalized I took off on a Quest of my own, to the lair of the accursed 'Evil' half of you-know-who. Leaving my old house in Pandaemonium I wandered the streets, this was also the last time I've.. Ever seen my son alive. So long ago now but I digress, I've headed out to her lair and she was actually there we fought, hours stretched into days - the sun set and rose a new. I was losing stamina, she wasn't.. I was suffering injuries, she wasn't. But I didn't retreat I wanted to prove myself, feed this insatiable hunger for fighting I've had.. But I wasn't myself, Frederik. I've not been for almost as long as I've been in Atreia. The Wargods whisper, the power of Chaos it wasn't just a superficial boost to my abilities it fed on me - was powered through me and in exchange it became a part of my concience, my being. Whenever I fought I could hear it's voice in my head, from where an attack approached-- precognition. Where to dodge, but above all other things it told me to never back down, never retreat to long for the next victory. All of this lead to my demise, I've fallen to Quixi, impaled by my own blade. So it wasn't a rumor I've actually died that day."

Jake still cupped his own glass with both hands, looking down upon the bourbon colored liquid ever since he ordered it he had not taken a single sip, his facial expression seemed bothered, touched - the stiffened same one he wore back in the golden age had all but vanished, before Frederik sat no longer a legend, a hero but a simple man who shared the problems of common people. The former noble nodded in response and spoke up again.

"Hsk has been telling us about that after Tiamaranta had fallen. How your battle lead to your own demise, how your wife was taken and how her dissappearance might be connected to the strange forces that have taken over our beautiful capital. But that doesn't quite explain how I'm talking to you right now, Commander."

Frederik inquired, often during this exchange he had looked over at his leader, the subtle changes ranging to the deeper ones, but this honestly intrigued him.. Was it actually within the realm of possibility to defy death? Jake finally looked up from his drink and turned over to directly look at Fred.

"It goes back a long way to a visitor we've had in Atreia long ago, even before I've passed away, his name as ironic as it might sound was 'Lucifer', Lucifer Synd. An old friend of mine if you will, from a world that was yet again so much different then this one here. We've often talked, about our origins and at times he mentioned a God of creation that went by the name Elokim. After I've died I was permitted entry to the sacred halls of Valhalla, met spirits of past entities that radiated honor and power. People that had earned their place among the strongest, the most courageous and the unfaltering. Years passed and I've come to terms with staying there, it wasn't too bad honestly.. But one day I didn't find myself in Valhalla anymore, I walked through an endless hallway of light.. And I remembered where I've first seen it, when I passed away and my spirit was yet to be claimed by Freiya I've met this man who asked me in which direction he should head, I replied saying that I passed away just now.. So probably where I came from, pointing behind myself. And there he was again, this time here to guide me. Lucifer, Daente and some other people I knew had prepared a ritual to call my soul back to a new incarnation of my body, I felt pressure- I couldn't breath, I was underwater and realized I could stand, stepping out of a pond reborn into Atreia.. It took me a while to get used to living again, and it's a process that's still ongoing."

Frederik nodded, folding his arms as he listened to his Commanders tale. He didn't seem to show signs of disbelieve, less so cause they wouldn't be visible beneath that thick helmet of his but he regardless seemed to genuinly believe the others words.. He was about to carry on, likely to ask something else but the Commander continued.

"...Anyhow, it's late we should get some rest in while we can. Who knows when the fort will be attacked, or how far off the enemy still is. I'll need you in the coming days Frederik and I'm glad you've re-joined the forces. Thank you."

He shot his comrade a nod and stood up heading out of the hall to returnt o his own room, where he removed his coat, set down his blade on the side of his bed and laid down, looking up at the ceiling with his hands behind his head. His right arm was covered in numerous scars, some stemming from cuts others from bites - the left didn't look human anymore, after being severed by Triniel his daughter had regrown it using lizard DNA, covered in scales - adorned with claws but all that remained concealed under a thick layer of bandages. His body showed some more recent wounds from burns, through his fights with the members of Aequelitas he hadn't really had his injuries tended to at all. The most prominent mark on him was the wide scar in the center of his chest where Quixi had impaled him with his own sword, a reminder that carried over past the resurrection process. Returning from the dead wasn't an easy thing to cope, often did he have nightmares of the time of his passing and it kept him awake now too, after laying there restless for atleast another hour his eyes finally fell shut.

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Looking around he found himself in the middle of nowhere, dying trees surrounded him, the sky was gray and cloudy and up ahead on a little hill appeared to be someone that was waiting for him. A woman with blue skin and long, curly hair.. Was this a dream? He moved forwards, approaching her curiously but before he could utter a single word she beat him to it.

"You are indeed dreaming Jake, in a way atleast. This is the Sanctuary that makes up your soul, the core of your being if you will presenting the state it's in. I've waited to contact you like this, but now actually seems to be a fitting time to enlighten you on matters that you've so far neglected."

Jake particularly wasn't known to remember his dreams of all things, less so experience one that felt so absurdly real after having drawn closer the woman actually resembled someone.. He knew, someone he met in a simliar place a rather long time ago, just a few months after he even arrived in Atreia himself. Whilst her words sparked his interest undoubtedly he simply had to inquire, which he did.

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"We've met before, in a place like this. Many, many years ago.. You're--.."

She however cut him off, shaking her head.

"There's no need to state my name. But I did hold a respective amount of power in this realm for a long, long time. Right here we've met indeed in the waking world where I questioned your beliefs, asked which path you intend to take. Your presence in Atreia was never weaved into the strings of fate, you are a foreign object in the code that makes up this world, everything you did. Everything you've changed, even your offsprings they are all factors that couldn't be predicted by higher forces nor anticipated. But allow me to proceed our time might be cut short here."

She gestured towards her right where a sword stuck out from the soil, it was one Jake was all too familiar with, the hilt decorated with golden ornaments, the blade forged from a bright steel. The very weapon he wielded in the past, promptly a figure appeared behind it drawing it from it's resting place and swinging it over his shoulder- A man dressed in reddened robes, light armor beneath. Clear blue eyes and a gaze that radiated determination. A reflection of his younger self?

"When you look at this image, who do you see?"

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She inquired and gestured over to it, the answer indeed seemed simple and so without hesitating much he responded, frowning ever so slightly.

"Why.. I'm looking at myself there, judging by age and equipment I'd say it was around the time I fought Fenesciaal in Sanctum."

And that's when the blue haired woman shook her head, taking a seat on a tree stump behind her.

"And that's where you're wrong. This once was you, but today you couldn't be any different. When you put an end to Fenesciaals life even if it was just temporarly, your body was strong enough to face the physical backlash that comes with daring to lay hands on divinity, but your spirit took the actual damage here. It became brittle, unstable and in the moment you delievered the decisive blow a fraction of it broke off and floated off into a distant corner of Atreia."

She brought up her hand and preformed a weird gesture, next to the reflection of myself a shadow formed, too dark to make out it's shape or figure it just lingered there, but could definitely be felt a pair of red glowing eyes starred back at Jake.

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"It has become it's own entity at first bodyless but it overcame this obstacle through forging their very own from naught but shadows. The new state of your soul also made the Spirit of War that migrated to your blade no longer feed of off your life force - but your soul instead. Like this entity Chaos and the fractions he split into that made their way into your very children all hold a piece of your being. The next split occured when you met a woman called Harbinger in battle. Stripping you of your natural alignment and relocating what you were you've lived your life briefly as an alter ego if you will, one that engaged in battle with Freiya and wandered the desolate wastelands of Brusthonin. Even though this change was reverted the splitform of your being this created didn't just re-merge with the whole but all along remained it's own thing in the depths of your mind. Waiting, anticipating the moment to regain it's own will and this chance arose when unbeknowest to you a with in a far off stronghold experimented with your DNA. Intending to create something entirely different and yet the result was yet another entity, given it's own body to wander these lands.."

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She gestured behind herself where far off in the distance a man stood dressed in black, too far infact to be seen properly as he gazed back at them only to step around the tree he stood infront of and vanishing from sight. Around this time the reflection resembling Jake in his prime put the sword he held back down to the soil and let go of it, a purple hue shrouded it as something was drawn forth from within. A strong physiqued, heavily armored, majestic wings and those relentlessly glowing eyes, folding it's arms the being slightly tilted it's head speaking.

"Ever since we crossed paths back in your world, we've worked together. We were unstoppable. Don't you miss it, the precognition, the guidance.. Your body and my will were meant to be a union. And look at you now, crumbling - withering away without having accomplished our goal..! You've made the wrong decision."

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Jake shook his head, walking up to the newly materialized figure and looking up at him surely all of this was hard to digest but he felt like he should use the opportunity to talk to one of his oldest allies.

"We weren't. This lust to face stronger and stronger foes within me you ignited, just brought me into the mess I'm in today. I disregarded my family, was selfish and reckless and for what? All just to satiate this urge to prove myself. You've helped me more then once and some situations I wouldn't have lived through without your aid. But from now on, I need to follow my own guidance, follow my own instincts. And see this through as I am now."

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The opposing figure nodded and vanished again, only the blade in the ground remained. Then Jake turned over to the woman again and took a seat next to her on that previously mentioned tree stump.

"A wise call. However back to the reason of me telling you all of this. It is not only your body that fades due to your accilerated decline, but your shattered spirit is only connected to it through your will alone at this point in time. This spiritual change does not only render you more vulnerable to the arcane arts but also you should at all costs avoid getting in contact with anything that could potentially weaken this connection further. I've asked you once which path you would take, and you've picked not one but many. Downsides are apparent as indicated but you there might be advantages to all of this."

She smiled faintly and leaned back a little though never averting her gaze from the warrior whom sat by her side. Jake nodded understandingly and rested his hands upon his knees.

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"I've missed you, it feels like meeting you in this places counterpart in the real world lifetimes have passed. But I have to know if there's any chance that you'll-.."

She interrupted him once again.

"It's time to wake up."

The shadowy figure near them faded away, seemingly into the ground. The reflection of his former self shoot him a thumb up motion and too faded away.. The whole world disorted around them, spinning.. Blurring. Jake opened his eyes, the sun was slowly rising outside as rays shone in through a window, he sat up straightly and reached for his head. Remembering these events clearly.. Putting his gear back on he reached for his sword and headed out, he had his morning routines after all. And who knew for how much longer he could actually afford to sleep properly without being on guard.

Time would tell...

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"Chasing the past like a fleeting memory.."

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Side Story: Legacy

(Another chapter to reveal some lore. This time about Jake and his origins. Another entry for diehard fans.)

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A warriors path, transcending fate, forged by their own actions and determination rather then higher forces. Today we're going further back in time, and another dimension entirely. The homeworld of the Lyrian race, Carcârem. The Lyrians were the most noteable inhabitants of this Planet, most of it's surface was harsh terrain consisting of mountains and deserts, sources of water were scarce and the most notable ones claimed by either of the seven large clans that waged this seemingly endless war against each other. In a desert located in the southern hemisphere of the planet a young boy swung a sword twice his size already, covered in dirt and dust from head to toe, clearly exhausted and yet he continued. Unter the instruction and guidance of an older man which looked somewhat simliar-- It was none other then his father.

"Jake, you need to always put everything you have into each of your swings, try not to slice your enemy but imagine your actual target is located behind them. Each strike must hit home, you do not have the luxury of hesitation or insecurity. It won't be long till you march with us and you will be ready."

His father spoke in a harsh, direct tone which wasn't uncommon for their kind, Lyrians grew faster then humans for comparison after birth they just needed a couple of years to grow, another few to fully mature if one had to pinpoint it their growth was about four to five times quicker then a humans. Thus their childhood was kept short, and they were as per tradition prepared to do combat. After executing movements his father demanded for another hour, a run around the oasis nearby and an endless amount of push-ups later our young hero was far past winded, close to just dropping over but it was necessary to strenghten him for the war.

"Alright son, that's enough for now we'll take a break come over."

He held up a bottle of water and tossed it to Jake who was approaching him, he caught it and took a seat by his fathers side, gazing across the endless sands all whilst the red moon was visible in the sky at all times - dunking the area, no the entire planet in a dim, equally colored light. The boy quickly popped off the lid and gulped down water excessively, he wasn't given any as the training still commenced, sighing in relief he averted his gaze and looked up at his father by his side, he was smiling and eventually turned his head too just in that moment.

"Tell me, what do you know about the time before the clans existed?"

His father inquired in a slightly curious tone, after all he wanted to know just what kind of chatter Jake overheard when training with the other kids or walking around their fortress. The boy frowned in response, he liked knowing the answers to his fathers questions, for a and he quoted the respective other in his mind 'a good warrior is always well informed' but in this case? There wasn't much to go on about.. And so he responded honestly.

"Not much, father.. Like sometimes Vidar goes on about these stories of magic that could heal any injury or cause fire to appear in ones hands.. Says he heard about it when his father was talking to his mother when they thought he was asleep, mother once mentioned it too when she was still-.."

He cut off there, not turning his head to evade his fathers gaze. But instead continued to look up at him, his mother - his fathers wife had passed away when two opposing clans launched an attack on the fortress two short months ago. The elder male just shook his head and smiled nevertheless.

"Don't be ashamed to talk about it. Your mother died like a true Lyrian, you should've seen how many she took out that day. Like a beast she came over them... But I digress.. Magic, everything you speak of once existed in our world. But it's forbidden now, we've burned every note of it we came across, laid waste to archives.. And it's one rule most clans abide to, that magic is and always will be prohibited."

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Jake frowned a bit heavier, this had sparked his curiousity. Never had he imagined that Vidar was actually speaking the truth for once, with as much as he babbled day-in-day-out but this seemed to actually have some merrit to it, and his father clearly had the answers..

"What happened with the magic, what was there before the clans were founded?"

Jake's father reached for his own bottle and opened it up, a strong alcoholic scent as he took not one but three gulps prior to lowering it again. He hesitated, but only briefly.. Following with a nod of his head.

"The >Truth< has always been passed down within our clan, so I suppose instead of having you go through all these scrolls under the fortress it's easier to just tell you outright. After all if anyone should be informed about this.. It should be you, Jake. We named you after the founder of the Kajar clan thus you have to live up to a strong legacy. But let me get to the point, remember the Tal'vor hailing from the mountains, the rocky creatures that come by now and then to trade ore for lifestock or simliar things? Think back to their last two visits, they had a kid with them-- the first time around you played together, the second however.."

The boy thought back to the happenings between training and wandering about.. During the first visit of the Tal'vor he recalled he and this other child were roughly the same height, given that the 'rock-people' also had somewhat humanoid bodily proportions but the second time around.. Jake had grown much larger then him and rather trained with the others then to slack off any further.

"..They.. Don't grow up as quickly as we do? Is that what I was supposed to notice?"

His father nodded again, taking another quick sip from his bottle, followed by a hearty chuckle as he raised his right hand to ruffle up his sons blonde mane, shaking dust and sand lose as it rained down upon his clothes.

"Correct. Both the Tal'Vador as the sea inhabitating Tsaral both have a vaguely different lifespan, they grow more slowly and live longer that's for certain but compared to our physical abilities they are outclassed - the clans agreed to leave them out of our war as neutral parties simply because it wouldn't be 'honorable' to slaughter them. And there's a reason for this difference, in the age of magic each and every Lyrian wasn't his or her own master.. But before I go into detail, the giant statues down the river, what's most notable about them?"

Tal'Vador and Tsarael References:

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He sneaked in another question but this one was even easier then the prior, said statues represented two of their anchestors, covered in armor holding giant weapons infront of themselves but the most apparent feature.. It had to be...

"The heavy chains around their necks, these weirdly shaped ones."

"Right again. These chains, or collars were made specifically to bend our people to anothers will. Thousands of years ago we weren't free, we were all from birth to death brainwashed by what some refered to as a 'Deity' she was the source of all magic that aided wounds, summoned storms, scorched the lands and broke our wills. She was our creator, to her we were an experiment - inclining quickly, unfathomable strenght - our people were sent out through what's decrypted as 'Gates' to fight wars in outlandish places for this entity. And if not for a unique, all changing event we might even still be brainwashed - forced to do anothers bidding.."

Young Jake swung the blade he still held in hand over his shoulder and stood back up deciding to get some practice swings in as his father commenced the tale.

"W-wow.. To think that we ever were not free is kind of weird. But what was it that happened, what freed us from this influence?"

The old man grinned, and brought up his left hand, index finger extended and pointed at Jake himself.

"It was our anchestor, the founder of the Kajar Clan. The one you, my great-great grandfather and others in our line have been named after - Jake Kajar. For you see.. Even something as mighty as our old Overlord had a favorite creature in it's lines, it's like keeping a bunch of chickens - one you'll always favor above the rest. And to her this crown jewel of her collection was Jake, a fierce warrior that lived through battle after battle no matter where he was sent, wielding a greatsword, light armor - no shield.. But this connection was what he exploited to free an entire race. For you see, this entity we served wasn't alone.. Atleast not entirely, she had a curious daughter -- too curious as it later turned out. She wanted to speak to the most favored 'pet' of her mother and as she wasn't paying attention she often snuck into where we were kept, too talented when it came to magic she deactivated the concealing collar and just talked to this other Jake. The feeling of posessing a free will overwhelmed him he didn't know what to say, what to do.. But with her guidance he opened up more and more, told her tales of what he was forced to do beyond the 'Gates' what he had seen and done. Their connection grew as time passed and so one day when the Deity called in her creatures, her army born and bred for the sheer purpose of dying for her..  Something happened."

Jake still swung his sword about, sweat dripping down his forehead he tried to imagine this whole scenario to himself, everything about this seemed so otherworldly, unreal.. In todays time and age, with magic of this kind or powers that transcended anything physical being thought of as impossible.. He kept up his routine but even his father noticed how his concentration wavered a little, the boy was curious about the story after all.

(The 'daughter')
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"The daughter disagreed with how our kind was kept. Like tools.. And that day she kept the collar that constricted our anchestor off unbeknowest to her mother. So as her army lined up in formation infront of this weird looking vessel she descended from the skies in, with Jake standing infront of the troops functioning as some sort of commander to the forces she always had him walk up in the same fashion to examine him before they took off, step for step he walked up the ramp to the entrance of the vessel just that this time he was freed of all shackles freed of all restrictions.. Before she could even react he had his blade drawn and pierced her body, the collars of all remaining Lyrians gave off a light as they too.. tasted freedom, a shockwave eminated from place the deity was impaled at.. Knocking everyone on their backs, resulting in a purple orb that grew in mass and consumed the vessel, Jake, the deity and her daughter and they vanished to never be seen again. With their freedom regained Lyrians that withnessed the whole exchange between Jake and the 'daughter' told the tale, told the others how everything pieced together.. If he dissappeared you might wonder how you and I can be direct followers in line? The answer is simple, we were kept like cattle and bred like such, there was never love or affection before people were assigned and forced to mate, and even our anchestor as 'her' most priced posession was entangled into this process, she might've hoped that some of his traits were passed on to the next generation.. But the loss of this higher influence didn't only bring positives - we were born to fight, bathed in blood beyond the gates, disputes arose.. Some wanted to investigate the remaining structures to make the power of magic their own, others disagreed.. Others again wanted to achieve entirely different things and so our race split into the clans we know today, us the Kajars who follow the example of our savior. The Kadgar from beyond the river, the Erluin from the west, the Tandra-in from east..  The three biggest of the seven clans. Their leaders also agreed on the pact to erradicate all traces of 'Magic' that remained in our world, considering the risk of falling victim to it once again as too high. .. But I've babbled for too long now, son. Let's head back to the fortress and pick up your sister at Kreinos and Hilde's place and get some dinner going."

His father stood up and stretched his limbs, putting the lid back on the bottle he hald and lowering it back to the little bag it was meant for on his belt, Jake seized his swinging like a mad-lad and followed after his father. Sure it was just a brief summary of what actually must've happened, dissorted and incomplete through years upon years of retelling, or writing it down a new as the old scrolls withered away but in it's core? He believed it, back in these days atleast..

Carcârem, a world- inhabited by the Lyrian race, a world akin to a prison they were born into. A world that even years later had never dropped it's lust for war and bloodshed. The red moon towers above it all, like it's own overseeing force. How might such a chaotic planet fare in the current time?

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... We may get to know someday.

(Significantly less effort went into this opposed to the last post and I might've just rushed it out too quickly. Might re-write this whenever I have enough free time available.)

"Chasing the past like a fleeting memory.."

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Chapter 10: Hymn of Misery

One week before the battle of Lakrum...

Lost in the deepest corner of the abyss.. Beyond the reach of light, a figure stumbles over the surface of one of the barren hovering islands consisting only of rocks and at times vicious creatures that are also lost adrift waiting for them to align in order to pass on. Covered in dirt, clothes torn and yet alive she sits down on the ground and exhaled slowly. Years, it's been years since she wandered this place infected by the energies that inhabited it.. living on as the dream of escape seems ever so distant. It felt as if it was a lifetime ago when she was sucked in the unending depth. Only once was there a sliver of hope.. Soldiers crossing the rift with an airship - judging by gear and banners they were from Sanctum.. But as she drew closer, they narrowed their eyes the sigil of Redemption still visible on her torn cloak and just like that these supposed allies attacked, causing her to fall. A descent.. Further lost..

She started to talk to herself after the first few years.. Again and again. Until she eventually developed a second personality, whilst trying to remain confident this other her kept on going on about how they'll never leave.. How even if others found them they'd just attack them again. But what of the others.. Have they forgotten about them..? Would Frederik and Haiyden ever come.. Would they ever..
She pulled her knees closer to herself and remained seated on the ground her sight focused on the nothingness ahead, not even bothered as a clear 'thud' was heard, the floating island she was on bumped into another, supposedly much bigger one. Beings approached, the barely audible sound of claws.. much more silent then the former impact.. Scavangers, born in the darkness out to hunt whatever crossed the packs path, she had killed many of them in their time here too many to count.. But their numbers never actually lessened it was as if they were spawning straight from the void that was.. here. She considered, considered to reach for one of her daggers and defend herself but what for? To endure this living nightmare another couple of days, unable to starve.. unable to die of thirst. Wouldn't it be better if she just let them tear her apart?.. After all this time it'd be akin to salvation... Yes, embrace the end her other persona egged her on. And thus she simply closed her eyes, hearing them circle around her prepared to just let it happen.

(Perspective Shift)

Another 'thud' something just landed nearby.. Startling the beasts.. A drop of temperature, the sound of a blade cutting through ice. Shattering.. All too familiar, could it be? She opened her eyes, widely looking up at the new scene presenting itself. A man clad in black, wielding a greatsword single handedly the creatures frozen to the bone and shattered. Swinging his blade over his shoulder he turned about, white hair - purple eyes gazing down upon me. I was certain it was-.. The Commander. Just that he looked less worn out, his facial features seemed younger in general.. But could this change be connected to how this place changed her.. Maybe he wasn't dead but stuck here himself? ... The other me chimed in telling me to not be foolish that it'd be a ploy, a trick to drop my guard so that he could finish me off. But he just saved us.. I retorted after a bit of back and forth with my other persona I noticed that he held out his hand, offering it to me..

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"A rather bad place to rest, you look like you've been here way too long.. Come I'll get you out of here."

He even sounded like the Commander! Reluctantly I surpassed other 'Me's' objection and reached for his hand, I inquired about a lot the moment we began our journey over the larger island that had crashed into the smaller one.. This man he claims he doesn't know who he is, that he's pursuing something he 'feels'.. I asked if he had any means of transportation to traverse the Abyss, or if he could sprout wings like the Daeva of old.. He just shook his head and told me to hold on tight, picked me up and leaped of off the platfrom.. I screamed, even though I was done with life mere minutes ago after this turnaround and the first person to talk to in ages I thought things would change.. And they would for we never hit another island beneath we were sliding on ice that materialized midair and it stretched on the further we went.. After we've actually gotten out of the Abyss itself.. It was so nice to see grass again, the clouds.. the air was so different and yet my body ached.. Have I gotten too used to this other atmosphere?! Regardless I was overjoyed and after we've passed through an ancient looking gate there was something akin to a fortress in the distance. And there stood.. Blonde hair, piercing blue eyes.. That almost crystalic weapon.. Two Commanders. They walked up and just starred into each others eyes. I was only able to pick up bits of their conversation..

"In that dream under the tree... Finally found you..."

"... Seen you too."

"... Live your own life... Memories... Forget..."


"Take... out of here.." Then the original pointed over at me.

"Will do..."

They both drew closer within hearing range and Jake looked right at me.

"I'm glad that you're still alive Arlene.. More then glad, the Abyss sure did a number on you.. And I know you likely don't want to hear this right now but. I need you and him to leave, you deserved better after all of this to.. Be dragged right back into the chaos."

I wanted to protest but the doubleganger held me back and shook his head. I wanted to fight, deep down I wanted to see the others again, but a part of me also hesitated what I've endured in solitude.. What I've missed out on. I was occupied by my own thoughts as Jake offered his hand to the nameless version of himself.

"You've earned yourself a body, you're not me - you're free to do and make of your life whatever you please. ..And I don't want to drag you into my problems. But if.."

He leaned in closer to Unknowns ear and spoke the remained in a silent tone.

The doubleganger took his hand and shook it firmly, then threw me whom was still busy arguing with my split personality over his shoulder and we headed off, the fort growing smaller in the distance as the Commander waved at us...

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War with Aequelitas

Jake was walking over the outter wall, their scouts have spotted the enemy and Kira had updated their magic books also reffered to as R.E.P.O.R.T. with a picture of one of the enemies warmachines.. Lakrum was built over an incredible source of not aether but natural Mana, that in combination with the indeed aetheric weaponary and batteries to run them with they set up and thousands of soldiers stationed in the fort they were prepared as they could be, on his tour through the fort though he saw some soldiers leaning unto their spears or the walls, coughing and hacking at first he thought some might have caught the flu but the numbers grew concerning very quickly. Soon he reached one of the bridges that connected the outter to the inner ring where Kira and Daente already stood ready, Asha also made an appearance.

"Some soldiers already died to this sickness, many others are not in the condition to fight and it also seems to incubate and affect weaker individuals much quicker."

Kira had started a brief explaination, but Jake didn't want to sacrifice his men, his people so Daente and him set out to find traces of their enemy in the area nearby, with him hoping to put an end to the person responsible to this in order to preserve as many lives as possible. However as they pursued the source of corruption they were met with a grim surprise.. It was spread by soldiers walking back to the fort, scouts were infected outside and carried the disease afflicted back to their headquarters and by the looks of it, the plantlife dying from all possible directions there was no other way, Daente adressed things as they had to be done they had no other choice but to eliminate their former allies and headed off to covere the opposite side of the fort. Jake instructed Kira to evacuate the stronger soldiers and those that by chance haven't been infected yet, teleporting them to safety.

Even though it was a necessary deed that didn't mean that Jake had an easy time commiting to it.. These people have endured a lot after the fate of Tiamranta after the split - after being hunted by authorities for Aequelitas had taken over local armies and governments or atleast manipulated them excelently. All of these men survived to long only to be struck down by their own Commander. Sweeping the legs of the last 'Zombie' away he drove his sword through his chest, causing it to freeze up and implode leaving nothing behind. Daente and Jake eventually returned to Kira and Asha, with the soldiers gone there was no one left to operate the costly machinery they had set up here.. Their defenses rendered useless they could only watch over the horizon as a laser charged up in the distance coming right at them with enough destructive power behind it to blow the fort away entirely. But that never happened, Kira conjured a barrier to deflect the first shot that and the mass teleportation earlier however had expired her mana reserves, leaving her winded and exhausted on the ground.

Jake complimented her deed, but there was no time for that as the second shot already charged up, this time Asha leaped of off the walls grew in size and summoned a monstrus shield to simply block it where she stood, having her sights set on the enemy she started to dash off towards the source and Daente hopped on her shoulder accompanying her into the battle. Jake didn't want nor intend to leave Kira behind with the enemy upon them and his instincts were proven right as behind her something manifested itself, a red haired woman clad in robes adorned with crow feathers, wearing an omnious mask.. There was no doubt about it, this must be this Lynessa Daente mentioned, and the person that forced him to massacre his own men just earlier today. He drew his sword and stepped infront of his daughter ready to fight..

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After initial bits of speech they went at it, Jake charged at Lynessa swinging his blade wildly, spinning around to adjust his momentum as she dodged the initial swipe - only to have her dodge again there was something unnatural about her movements almost as if she could predict where his attacks would land if she wasn't pre-occupied atleast.. She reached down with one of her hands, aiming to simply touch Jake which was successful but the Lyrian had left himself open to take off her arm in the process.. What he didn't account for was the effect this persons mere touch would have upon his body, a searing pain spread through his right arm forcing him to lose his grip on his weapon. The blade he called his own had always been a real back breaker in terms of weight but now deep into decline he couldn't reliably wield it in one hand anymore, his attacks grew sloppy and Lynessa had a far easier time evading him with her precognition then she did previously. Even though she had lost her lower arm in the process the wound wasn't bleeding.. Infact it looked like it just dropped off through the cut there was no visible wound either.. Could this woman even bleed?!

Meanwhile the pain in Jake's arm spread through the remainder of it, reaching up to his shoulder when it hit him.. Diseases were her trade what if this was simliar? It had to be, without hesitating even any second longer he brought his blade up and severed his own arm to prevent it from spreading into vital organs, freezing the wound to not bleed out - for opposed to her he did infact ooze red life juice after this little stunt. Lynessa expanded the focus of her attacks, targetting both Jake and Kira with thrown vials, Jake dropped his sword and slammed his remaining hand into the ground summoning an ice wall infront of them to prevent the injured Kira from taking a hit and of course himself the vials content burned through his eyes like a fire would, likely acid or maybe even something worse...

"She shouldn't.. be able to exist those two kinds of magic.. Can't.. work together.."

Kira uttered as Lynessa tried to heal her severed arm with her remaining one, both participants were one limb short, but that didn't particularly make any of this easier until what Kira just mentioned started to sink into Jake's head.. With the hand that she formerly touched him with she brought decay, with the other she's healing herself so if he could do what he did.. Back then when.. That should work. He nodded to himself and left his blade by Kira's side, channeling mana into the weapon it erected a temporary shield that surrounded his daughter, once done he gazed over the edge of the bridge, the mana gathering beneath the fortress.. It'd definitely have drawbacks to attempt to control such a mass at once. But right now they didn't really have another choice...! Manipulating the mana pool he infused it with his very own as the rocks that inhabited it light up in a brilliant white color. Afterwards he simply stepped towards Lynessa. Inching closer and closer.

"Father watch out if you get any closer you -will- die!"

And he could feel it, this ominous Aura she shielded herself with, a feeling.. an immesurable dread that spread through his mind and body alike, a pain that slowly but surely made the surface of his skin itch, then hurt.. If he took any longer he probably would've melted away on the spot or worse, this was her defensive mechanism but if it was in any way, shape or form linked to -that- magic school she used for this.. Then this'd be the end.

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Bringing his remaining hand up he rose it skywards, the floorplates on the bridge they stood upon, directly above the reservoire shook violently..

All while he tried to talk Lynessa out of her madness, she apparently joined Aequelitas after losing her faith, after someone she held dear died to a sickness of sorts.. Her hatred, her perverted lust for murder it all stemmed from the feeling of loss, of a broken heart.. In a way Jake pitied her, for he very well could have taken a simliar path if he was weak willed.. But as soon as he realized that all of his reasoning was pointless he promised that he'd come back to help her find her loved one again.. Once all of this was over. ... Only to bring the previously risen arm down.

The mana reacted violently, a trick he used to attempt to purify Quixie before she was split into two.. An act of purification that even temporarily managed to lock away Triniels abilities.. But with this much additional mana to pour into? The radius spread around the whole fort, and a bit of the grassland surrounding it. The strain on Jake's body was immense but he pulled through everything was illuminated in a bright light as the darkness was banished.. One half of Lynessa's body started to deteroiate almost as if it was vanishing aswell.. Jake took this chance and leaped forth, conjuring a blade of ice in his hand as he plunged it deeply into her body, causing her to freeze in place turning her into an icy ornament.. The battle was finished, he headed back over to Kira and removed the barrier, picking up his sword again to use it as a crutch to lean onto.

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...His daughter was visibly surprised if not baffled that Jake managed to catch onto her hint in the heat of the battle. But this calm moment too was short lived, energy gathered in the distance, unlike the laser before it seemed to be charged inwardedly, like something was about to implode with way more force then earlier.. Jake instinctively reached out for Kira's hand but.. She was already gone, moments later high above them beyond the clouds a blinding light detonated, the shockwave washed over the lands, bending trees and tearing the banners from the posts nearby. Jake just starred up there in utter disbelieve his face stiff almost as if it too was frozen...

... Often did he find himself dreaming, amidst the nightmares of what he had gone through, the screams and deaths of men, women and children he withnessed during the fall of Sanctum.. The everhaunting return of Quixi stabbing him through the chest with his own blade again.. But amidst this chaos there was this one dream that stood out and only returned ever so rarely. He was walking up the hill to their mansion, the one where his wife, kids and he used to live years ago... His hands gliding over the tall grass letting it run between his fingers as the sun was slowly setting in the background, pushing open the gate he entered the property.. Asha and Darin were arguing about something, hot headed as they were.. Kira sat on a little swing under a tree, gently moving back and forth with her legs as she flipped the page of her book to read on. And there infront of the staircase that lead up into the manner stood Quixie, smiling at him from a far..

He drew closer, remembering the dream all too well but then it just shattered, into a million pieces, the only way they'll ever reunite again.. Would be in the otherworld, Valhalla, the Styx.. Any realm beyond if they ended up in the same and their spirits lasted. ... Only in death this would ever become reality, a father should never outlive his children. What would he even tell Quixie if they got her back, memories included...? That he failed to protect their son, and just stood by and watched awkwardly as their daughter sacrificed herself.. When he should've..

...Still not screaming, no tears rolling down his cheeks. Either something in his mind snapped just now or the realization struck him deeper then anything else before, harder then any hit - harder then any weight that came crashing down upon him. And his mind was racing, the subject being the perception of him being a hero.. When in the past he always fought to satiate his own sick urges.. Save people? Humanity..? Ward off the end? No. He was born and bred to be a beast, to fight and fight and do nothing but to fight. These past years had changed who he was, causing him to adapt and see beyond what nature had cut out for him. But in this instance, exhausted - wounded. One armed he only had one thought on his mind..


How do you kill what you don't know the location of? He didn't need to, he was aware that one of them was keeping a rather tight grip on the affairs in Sanctum. Aequelitas feared the gods and what they brought upon the people.. Or so they claimed.. But they haven't even seen a fraction of what true cruelity was like.

... Leaving before Daente and Asha returned he headed off for the capital.

"Chasing the past like a fleeting memory.."

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