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Rogan...somewhere between a backstory and blog :)

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These days, it's tough to live in America. The economy keeps getting worse. I can hardly afford to keep food in my pantry. A cool $1,000,000. That's what I was offered to take part in an experiment. It must have been my lucky day, enough wealth to last the rest of my life...or so I thought.

My name is Rogan, and this is my story.

They only told me two things before I left the Earth that I know. "Learn and survive with whatever you encounter," and "Any pain you endure will merely be in your imagination."

Now, I'm no Rhodes Scholar, but why would they use the word 'Survive' if I wouldn't be feeling any pain? Either way, a million dollars is a million dollars, I suppose. I lie down in humble anticipation of the care-free life I'll have once this experiment is concluded...

...I wake up. I am on top of a giant boulder of some sort. I look around and notice that this place isn't so different, but it must be way older than Earth because the trees are way taller. I stumble around this boulder and peer over the edge to the bare ground that must be thirty feet or so below me. Can't make that jump. I turn around, and as I approach the other end of the boulder, realize that there is what looks like a blade of grass touching the edge. Okay, things are getting awful strange now. Sure enough, as I touch it...it's pretty much grass just like we have on Earth. It's just really, really big. Or wait...

Suddenly, a Giantess walks by. Miles away from my perspective but I have never encountered something so large in my life! Now I know for certain that things are very much different in this new land. The grass is green, the sky is blue. The giantesses have two hands and two feet. It would seem the only major difference is that I'm the size of...well...a bug. I'm sure there are other differences but this is the only one I can focus on at the moment. I cower away behind some bushes and begin to process the racing thoughts in my mind.

I mean, I do have a GTS fetish; but how would they know that? This feels like too major of a dose of reality to be an experiment. Now I'm really worried. If I die here, nobody will know. The company doing the experiment would actually probably prefer it that way, they get the information they want, whatever that may be; and they get to keep the million dollars. Or maybe, I've been set up knowing that I wouldn't ever make it back to Earth.

I try to sleep. Back on Earth, I had a horrible time trying to get to sleep at night. This new, unchartered territory only worsened this problem. I was finally able to worry myself to sleep after many hours.

The next few days, I gain sustenance by eating berries off of the bushes that have become my new home. This seems to be some sort of small village that I am near. The giantesses seem to come and go. There are other smaller things, but I can't quite make them out from this distance. I know what I have to do. I have to interact with these giantesses. Surely I wasn't sent here just to live in fear behind a bush.

As I write this journal, I do not know what adventures or interactions lie ahead of me, and while I am scared for my life; I am excited to learn what's next.

My short term goals:
1) Befriend one of these giantesses and hopefully, in turn, find a more suitable and safe place to sleep at night.
2) Speak with a few other people my size, and learn how they got here and if they are part of the same experiment.
3) Figure out, hopefully without doing anything too crazy, whether I can be injured here or not.

Obviously, the long term goal is to figure out why I'm here and what exactly they want me to learn. I am scared of all these giantesses, but as each day goes by I begin to trust them more.

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