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Useful doubleslash commands

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1Useful doubleslash commands Empty Useful doubleslash commands on Tue Apr 16, 2013 8:30 am

To use any double-slash commands type them directly into a /say window. Note that the list below isn't exhaustive. There are lots more commands than these.

//add (playername) (Item ID number) (Quantity)
This adds the item specified by the item ID to the first available inventory slot in the inventory of the specified player. If you do not specify a player name, the item(s) will be added to your own inventory. You can use this command to get weapons and armor and other things to equip your character. The list of possible Item IDs is far too exhaustive to list here, but you can go to Aiondatabase.com or AionArmory.com to find out the Item ID of any item you want to add. I've provided some useful ones in the spoiler below:
Useful Items:
  • //add 169630002 9 (Greater Expand Cube Ticket: Adds an entire row of slots to your inventory. You can use up to nine of these, and they are permanent.
  • //add 188508001 (Ninja motion book. Allows you to use ninja-themed idle, jump, run, rest, etc. motions)
  • //add 188508002 (Levitation motion book. Allows you to hover slightly off the ground during your idle, jump, run, rest, etc. animations)
  • //add 169650000 (Plastic Surgery Ticket: Allows you to make use of the Plastic Surgery NPCs in Sanctum and Pandaemonium. Consumed after use.)
//addskill (skill ID) (skill level)
This adds a skill of the specified ID at the specified usage level to a player. Please note that skill levels start at 1 and do not rise above 9 normally, but the game will support skills at whatever level you choose to add them at, up to 57 (though this can break the game's internal logic, so be careful). It's a good idea to leave the skill level at 1 unless you know you want the skill at a particular level. You can find skill IDs for most skills at Aiondatabase.com. Here's a list of some useful //addskill commands:
Click to Show List:
  • //addskill 1 1 (Basic Sword Training: Allows you to use one-handed Swords)
  • //addskill 3 1 (Basic Mace Training: Allows you to use Maces)
  • //addskill 4 1 (Basic Clothing Proficiency: Allows you to wear non-armor Costume items)
  • //addskill 5 1 (Basic Leather Armor Proficiency: Allows you to wear Leather armor)
  • //addskill 6 1 (Basic Chain Armor Proficiency: Allows you to wear Chain armor)
  • //addskill 7 1 (Basic Shield Training: Allows you to use Shields)
  • //addskill 8 1 (Advanced Sword Training I: Improves the stat bonuses from equipping one-handed Swords)
  • //addskill 9 1 (Advanced Dagger Training I: Improves the stat bonuses from equipping Daggers)
  • //addskill 10 1 (Advanced Mace Training I: Improves the stat bonuses from equipping Maces)
  • //addskill 12 1 (Advanced Leather Armor Proficiency I: Improves the stat bonuses from Leather armor)
  • //addskill 13 1 (Advanced Chain Armor Proficiency I: Improves the stat bonuses from Chain armor)
  • //addskill 14 1 (Advanced Shield Training I: Improves the stat bonuses from equipping Shields)
  • //addskill 15 1 (Advanced Greatsword Training I: Allows you to use Greatswords, no basic version)
  • //addskill 16 1 (Advanced Polearm Training I: Allows you to use Polearms, no basic version)
  • //addskill 17 1 (Advanced Archery Training I: Allows you to use Bows, no basic version)
  • //addskill 18 1 (Advanced Plate Armor Proficiency I: Allows you to wear Plate armor, no basic version)
  • //addskill 19 1 (Advanced Dual Wielding I: Allows you to wield two one-handed Swords at a time. No basic version)
  • //addskill 30 1 (Basic Dagger Training: Allows you to use Daggers)
  • //addskill 53 1 (Advanced Staff Training I: Allows you to use Staves, no basic version)
  • //addskill 64 1 (Basic Spellbook Training: Allows you to use Spellbooks)
  • //addskill 67 1 (Basic Cloth Armor Proficiency: Allows you to wear Cloth armor)
  • //addskill 70 1 (Advanced Cloth Armor Proficiency I: Improves the stat bonuses from Cloth armor)
  • //addskill 71 1 (Advanced Spellbook Training I: Improves the stat bonuses from equipping Spellbooks)
  • //addskill 75 1 (Advanced Orb Training I: Allows you to use Orbs, no basic version)
//addtitle (character name) (title ID number)
Using this command adds a title to a character, allowing them to select and wear a title from then on. Once you have equipped a title, you cannot remove it; the remove title button does not work. You can, however, change titles freely Further, title values beyond 50 do not work, and Elyos and Asmodian characters do not share the same title list. I've compiled a list of titles for each race, as well as which IDs provide which titles, below:
Elyos Title List (Click to View):
1. Poeta's Protector
2. Verteron's Warrior
3. Bottled Lightning
4. Tree Hugger
5. Krall Hunter
6. Straw for Brains
7. Animal Lover
8. Krall Whisperer
9. Patient
10. Mabangtah's Envoy
11. Demolitions Expert
12. Eltnen's Hero
13. Klaw Hunter
14. Aerialist
15. Kobold Chef
16. Isson's Apologist
17. Eulogist
18. Bloodsworn
19. Veritas Agent
20. Savior of Eiron's Forest
21. Gestanerk's Avenger
22. Bounty Hunter
23. Arbolu's Anointed
24. Chief Investigator
25. Indratu Bane
26. Big Damn Hero
27. Not-Quite-Master of Disguise
28. Master Angler
29. Spymaster
30. Balaur Whisperer
31. Tough
32. Battle-Hardened
33. Invincible
34. Heroic
35. Dread Pirate
36. Top Expert
37. Miragent Holy Templar
38. Aetheric Master
39. Daeva of Mercy
40. Dragon Sword Master
41. Honorary Black Cloud
42. Krall Stalker
43. Battering Ram
44. Tenacious Pursuer
45. Gullible
46. Traitor's Bane
47. Drakanhammer
48. Knight Errant
49. Seraphic Vindicator
50. Dark Sovereign
Asmodian Title List (Click to View):
1. Raider Hero
2. Treasure Hunter
3. Mosbear Slayer
4. Mau Whisperer
5. Kind
6. Legendary Hunter
7. Protector of Altgard
8. Tayga Slayer
9. Curse Breaker
10. Protector of Morheim
11. Shugo Chef
12. Ginseng-Infused
13. Honorary Kidorun
14. Shedim Altruist
15. Mosbear Nemesis
16. Silver Mane Ally
17. Postal
18. Provocateur
19. Tenacious
20. The Cat's Meow
21. Unyielding Pioneer
22. Protector of Brusthorin
23. Easy Mark
24. Beluslan's Hero
25. Snowfield Predator
26. Besfer's Shield
27. Scourge of Mt. Musphel
28. Loremaster
29. Emissary
30. Balaur Whisperer
31. Tough
32. Battle-Hardened
33. Invincible
34. Heroic
35. Steel Rake Headhunter
36. Top Expert
37. Fenris's Fang
38. Aetheric Master
39. Azphel's Aegis
40. Master of Agrif's Rage
41. Wheeler-Dealer
42. Executor
43. Valiant
44. Silver Mane Champion
45. Born Merchant
46. Shadow Marked
47. Spiritspeaker
48. Pirate of the Carobian
49. Shedim Conquerer
50. Dark Vindicator
//appearance size ####
This is it, folks, this is what you're all here for. This command lets you change the targetted character's size. It works like a multiplier for natural height. //appearance size 2 will double your normal height, //appearance size .5 will halve it.
ETIQUETTE WARNING: Please do not use this command on others except with permission or as strictly necessary. Sizes above 60 are generally unnecessary; it's a really good idea not to go above that in a populated zone. Sizes above 100 are generally best used when you're alone in a zone. If you start growing to obscene sizes for no apparent in public RP hubs like Poeta or Sanctum, people may ask you to move. Don't try and go above 2000 as an absolute max - it puts a strain on the server.
Neat Trick:
Do you have a giant or giantess that pretty much constantly exists at a certain size? Use //appearance size to get yourself to the proper height, then //add 169650000, then //movetonpc 203880 (if Elyos, takes you to Sanctum) or //movetonpc 204278 (if Asmodian, takes you to Pandaemonium). Click the NPC, accept Plastic Surgery, make whatever changes to your appearance that you want, and then click "Change" at the bottom. Your current height will be locked as your default height from then on, and you will not have to use //appearance size every time you log into the game!
//change (ely, asmo, man, girl, chanter, cleric, sorce, sm, asn, ranger, gladi, templar)
This command allows you to change your race (ely, asmo), gender (man, girl), or class (chanter, cleric, sorce, sm, asn, ranger, gladi, templar). You can only enter one argument each time you use //change. Unlike //set class (see below), this command doesn't have any limitations. You can freely use it as much as you wish, as many times as you wish. Be aware - it is possible to use this command to change races and recieve quests and items that do not work with your race. These quests and items will be incompleteable and unusable if you should change back. (Credit to Dandanni for discovering this command)

//delskill (skill ID number)
This is simply //addskill (see above) in reverse. If you find yourself with a skill you no longer want, simply look up the ID here, target yourself, and use this command with the proper ID. The skill will be gone as though you'd never had it. Handy if you screw up, or just want to clean up unused skills out of your skill list.
BUG: Skills removed via //delskill will not disappear from your skill list until the next time you relog.

//dispel (all, Skill ID)
This simple command removes ongoing buff or debuff effects from your target. //dispel all will kill any buffs or debuffs on the target, while specifying a specific Skill ID instead will remove just the buff/debuff associated with that skill.

//dye ######
Changes the color of the currently-worn outfit of the player you target. Note that dyes are handled on a per-item basis and are permanent until changed. If you do not want to dye an item, remove it before using the //dye command. Note that the six-digit number required to use this command is actually the RGB Hex code for the color you want to produce. Not all armors can be dyed, and some respond differently to dyes than others. This site may prove useful in finding the proper hex code for the color you want.

//goto (Zone Name)
This command works similar to //moveto (see below) but allows you to use easily-typed friendly names instead of zone IDs and coordinates. Not all zones have a friendly name for use with this command, however. Below is a (partial?) list of acceptable names for use with this command:
Zone Names:


Fully refills the HP, MP, and DP of the targetted player. Will not work without a target. You may target yourself. Doesn't revive the dead.

This one toggles GM-invisibility. Use it once to toggle it on, again to toggle it off. GM-invisibility is absolutely fullproof. It can't be seen through or dispelled unless you're in a group with the invisible person. Your character will crouch down into a sneaking position and turn translucent while this effect is in place. Note that if you are in spawn protection (for instance, you just zoned in or used //appearance size), this command will not work properly. Move or jump to dispel the spawn protection and then use this command.
ETIQUETTE WARNING: Do not abuse invisibility to spy on RPs where you are not welcome - always ask people if you are welcome to watch or join in on RPs that aren't in public roleplaying zones. It's also a good idea to //invis before using the //moveto or //goto commands.

This command makes you wholly incapable of dying. It works like a toggle - use it once to turn it on, use it again to turn it off.

//kinah ##########
Gives you money equal to the number you specify. The maximum amount of Kinah you can add at one time is 2,147,483,647 - attempting to add more will return an error. You can still hold more - just use the command again to keep adding kinah.

//morph (NPC ID)
Transforms you into the NPC specified by the NPC ID. You can look up NPC IDs on Aiondatabase.com. Note that this is solely cosmetic - you retain your own name, stats and skills while transformed. To return to normal, type //morph cancel.
Special Morph Code:
There is one NPC ID for use with //morph that works different than any other, and that's //morph 240000. This morph does not transform you, but it makes it possible for you to 'fly' without animating your wings. You instead simply walk on air. This is good for tinies taking screenshots because you can mimic 'standing' on a giantess. Keep in mind that if you use //morph 240000, and another player uses any command that puts them in spawn protection (the 'flashing state' after you zone into an area), they will NOT be able to see you until you cancel and re-start the morph. *(Info credit to MrGuy)
//moveto (Zone ID) (X-Coordinate) (Y-Coordinate) (Z-Coordinate)
Allows you to directly move to a specified coordinate position within a specific zone. This thread has an extensive list of available Zone IDs and coordinates for use with this command.

//moveplayertoplayer (Character Name) (Character Name)
This command allows you to teleport a character from where they are at to the location of another player in game. You can use this to teleport players to your location (specify your own name as the second) or to someone else's. The first name you specify is the player that will be moved. The second is the name of the player who will be the destination. Do not use this command without the permission of both parties - this is considered harassment.

//movetome (Character Name)
This command moves the indicated player to your position, even across zones, in a fashion identical to //moveplayertoplayer. Again do not use this without the permission of the target - that's considered harassment. (Info credit to Nuitari)

//movetoplayer (Character Name)
Moves you to the current location of the specified player, even across zones.
ETIQUETTE WARNING: You should not use this command to spy on other peoples' RPs, or to involve yourself in private RPs where you're not welcome - it's rude and is a form of harassment. It is considered polite to use //invis (see above), prior to using this command.

//neutral (players/npcs/all/cancel)
Makes you neutral to players (//neutral players), npcs (//neutral npcs), or both players and npcs (//neutral all), which prevents you from being attacked by aggressive npcs and from being PvP-attacked by other players. It does not however, allow you to speak to NPCs of the opposite faction, or use their services. Use //neutral cancel to return to normal faction-aggression rules.
BUG: Using //neutral players or //neutral all may interfere with your ability to use skills on yourself.

//powerup ###
Multiplies your current stats by the number you specify. For example, //powerup 10 will make you ten times stronger than normal, statistically. It lasts until your stats are changed in some fashion, like recieving a buff or debuff, or dying, or until you use //powerup 0, whichever comes first.
BUG: Excessive use of this command can break your HP and MP values, causing you to enter a state where you are listed as having zero HP and yet are still alive. EDIT: You can fix this by using //powerup 0. (add'tl info credit to Psiwri)

This command instantly refreshes all of your skills, immediately, making them ready-to-use. Must be used on a player target, will return an error if nobody is selected.

//say (text)
Makes the target /say the text you input. You can use this command to make NPCs talk. Handy if you need an NPC to say something. By targetting yourself, this command can be used to bypass a mute or jail. (Info credit to Rodrigo)
ETIQUETTE WARNING: Please don't use this on other players; that is harassment.

//set class (0-11)
This command changes your class. However, unlike //change, it has limitations. //set class can only be used to go from a base class (warrior, scout, mage, priest), to an advanced class (gladiator, templar, assassin, ranger, sorcerer, spiritmaster, cleric, chanter.) You can cross class lines (such as going from mage to templar), but once you've reached an advanced class, this command will never work again. You cannot go back to a base class once you are in an advanced class, and you cannot cross from one base class to another.
Class Values:
0 - Warrior
1 - Gladiator
2 - Templar

3 - Scout
4 - Assassin
5 - Ranger

6 - Mage
7 - Sorcerer
8 - Spiritmaster

9 - Priest
10 - Cleric
11 - Chanter
//set level (1-60)
Sets the targetted player's level to the indicated value, adjusting their stats and HP/MP values accordingly. Can be used repeatedly to change your level to whatever you wish. Note that some items and equipment have level restrictions to use - if you do not meet these restrictions, you cannot use the item or equipment.

//speed (0-999)
This changes your movement speed. It's a percentile multiplier. //speed 100 will set you to normal speed, //speed 50 will halve your speed, //speed 200 makes you twice as fast. //speed 0 will cancel all speed changes and set you back to normal. Keep in mind, there are no confirmation messages with this command, and if your base speed changes for any reason (such as flying or switching between walking and running), the effects of the command are lost.

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2Useful doubleslash commands Empty Re: Useful doubleslash commands on Tue Apr 16, 2013 1:22 pm

//powerup 0 will reset your stats to normal as well.

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