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Aeraekar's backstory

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1Aeraekar's backstory Empty Aeraekar's backstory on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:53 pm

Name: Aeraekar
Race: Augmented human
Alignment: (Split) Neutral good and chaotic neutral
Appearance: Fairly tall, white hair with red eyes
Fighting: Mostly swords with some magic to back it up, though if she chose to, she could go full magic or full swords.
Magic: Earthshaping: She can change the form of the ground and things connected to it (Not people)

Telekinesis: Self explanatory

Size changing: She can do this for both herself and others at will.

Mind warp: Only in her chaotic personality will she even realize she has this magic available to her. With this, she can effectively force (some) average and weak minds to do her bidding. She can also cause pain to those without a good amount of resistance to mental magics.

Sensory awareness: This means that she can sense forms of life within 20 meters of her, unless they have some way of cloaking themselves from being detected.


Aeraekar was born on a world that originally was peaceful. An alien race came onto her world to help preserve the peace and harmony and even came bearing gifts for them, advancing them hundreds of years. Still, they favored the weapons they've had for years, namely swords, bows, and the like.

Aeraekar was orphaned fairly young, her parents just gave her up. They turned her in to the alien race that was currently helping their world. They offered to make her stronger, able to defend herself to the best of her abilities. Being only two at the time, she accepted.

The process of enhancing her abilities was simple. They increased her speed and power through a process of bio-genetically engineering her. They even found a way to give her golden wings. They then created her sword, which would grow with her throughout the years. They took a pint of blood from her and mixed it with a rare metal. When mixed together, these items would create a 'living metal' that would grow and age with the person whose blood it was infused with.

She would spend the next two years training underneath these aliens. But it wouldn't take that long until a shift in rule occurred.

There was a human race that came to her world with technology centuries ahead of theirs. They wiped out the aliens in the infamous 'Seven day war'. She barely remembers it as she was cowering in her quarters over half the time.

When the new ruling race came in to her quarters, they already knew all about her, as her alien overseers had cracked under torture and interrogation at what they were planning with her. With a sick plan, they began to implement her into their personal guard, fragmenting and putting artificial thoughts into her mind over the other, real memories.

From then on, she led a life of a slave, for the most part. She was a well-treated slave... Except when she was working, which was almost all the time. If she failed in her duties, even the slightest flaw of showing up a second late, she would be punished by shock torture. This would create her irrational phobia for thunderstorms and lightning-based attacks.

As time went on, Aeraekar made quite a few friends, though most of them were within the guard troop she was in. All of them were similar to her, powerful, wings, good in fights... But none of them were really as powerful. She had heavier augments than the rest of them did, as she was the first one to be worked on. The others just had knock-offs of these augments.

Aeraekar had seen many atrocities committed by these so-called 'gods' of her world by the time she was 20. She had seen people be sacrificed, (some of which were her own friends) killed, tortured, (sometimes she had to do the torturing) and slaughtered by these gods. If she hadn't had her friends to help her out, she would have gone mad.

Within the past few months, things have spiraled downhill for Aeraekar. She lost her friends by betrayal, became public enemy number one to the gods and the people of her world, and was teleported to a new world during the night after crying herself to sleep, which is where her story on Atreia picks up...

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2Aeraekar's backstory Empty Re: Aeraekar's backstory on Fri Apr 19, 2013 6:53 pm

So that does it for her backstory thus far! ^^ Since this is my first one, I'd love to have some feedback on it so that I can improve in the future! ^^

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3Aeraekar's backstory Empty Re: Aeraekar's backstory on Fri Apr 19, 2013 7:02 pm

Hmm. I would include a chapter describing her Atreian life thus far, since she has no character blog in which people can catch up with current events. A series of quick facts at a glance at the top, what she is, what she's capable of, her possessions and physical traits, might be a good idea too.

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4Aeraekar's backstory Empty Re: Aeraekar's backstory on Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:06 pm

Did it! ^^ How does it look now? Oh and she's going to eventually have a blog... As soon as someone convinces her to start a diary of some sort ^^;

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5Aeraekar's backstory Empty Re: Aeraekar's backstory on Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:50 pm

There we go.

Hmm, maybe Fujiko might consider suggesting a diary, as a way of helping her keep her thoughts straight.

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