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Alexis's Ongoing Adventures

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1 Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:51 pm

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Hey there, sweethearts. Nothing fancy, but I've decided to keep a log of my adventures from here on out. Sure, I may be retired from being a gladiator (it's awfully hard to make a compelling match for a girl that's over a hundred feet tall), but I'm certainly not remaining idle! I figure, if I can't be a gladiator, maybe I can find some interesting challenges as an adventurer, instead!

For those who don't know me, I used to be known as Kiss-of-Death, one of the most famous Gladiators to ever come out of the Triniel arena. After an unexpected challenge from a giantess that I won, but was left fatally poisoned by, I Ascended... in more ways than one. Left cured of the poison with all of my old abilities enhanced, a pair of rather-sexy wings, and about 95 feet more height than I had previously, I found myself unable to continue competing as a Gladiator. So, forced to retire, I took up the adventuring life, and these... are my stories.

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2 Re: Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:38 pm

Today has proven to be a rather interesting day, overall. I've helped a pair of constructs better themselves, taught humility to a haughty would-be Queen, and earned the willing service of a Forest Sprite.

This morning began in Ishalgen, on the shores of lake Tunapre. As a little girl, I often rested on the lakeshore, enjoying the beautiful atmosphere of the enormous tree in the middle of the lake, which seems to perpetually shed softly-glowing blossoms. I was greeted, in a way, by Leare, a strange girl who apparently was the artificial creation of a spellcaster by the name of Siphelyn.

As Leare and I talked, I discovered that their form of construct was unique here in Atreia - only two existed, and the other, oddly enough, was Siphelyn herself! I found myself intensely curious - I'd fought golems and elementals before, but never had I had the chance to challenge such humanoid constructs. I asked Leare if she would mind a simple challenge, and she accepted... quite readily, in fact!

The challenge was simple. No doubt you can see the tiara atop my head, right? The challenge was for Leare to knock that off, and then get it away from me before I could retrieve it. Little Leare quickly took to the skies, circling me. Using a dagger attached to a wire, she snared my right hand, then used the momentum of me trying to dislodge her to launch herself up above my head. That clever move put her in range to hit my tiara with both of her wire-daggers, but in doing so, I caught her in one of my hands.

As I held her, I attempted to use my sword to cut the wires, but no sooner than I tried, Leare pulled with all her might, actually tearing one of her arms out of the socket. The effort was enough - my tiara was loosened so much that I couldn't keep it on my head, and with one hand full of Leare and the other full of my sword's grip, I couldn't pick it up, and it fell to my feet.

Unfortunately, Leare, with her arm torn off by her efforts, could not continue and surrendered. I felt really terrible that she was hurt while playing around with me, and so I offered to try and patch her up - then felt silly realizing that I couldn't properly perform medicine on an artificial being. Leare reassured me that her master, Siphelyn, could reattach the arm safely, and that she was in no pain. I offered to let her have a reward, despite the fact that she technically lost, but she refused, saying the experience was reward enough for her. I let the matter drop, and with a kiss, bid Leare farewell.

As it so happened, however, Siphelyn came by no sooner than Leare had left! Siphelyn and I talked at length about the nature of both her and Leare's construction. Apparently, they were made from a versatile material called 'plastic' that could be put to a number of uses. It was the first I'd ever heard of it. However, Siphelyn was disappointed that, although Leare had been specifically designed with interacting with girls my size, she still managed to damage herself when playing with me. I suggested that Siph use better materials... and given that I knew a thing or three about metalworking, I suggested drenium.

Drenium, on its own, is a versatile, lightweight, moderately aether-attunable metal. With the right flux, though, not only could drenium be made to accept Aether more readily, but it also absorbs or intensifies forces that flow through it, depending on which flux is used. This makes drenium immensely valuable for making weapons and armor, and I suggested that Siphelyn reforge Leare's skeletal structure out of fluxed drenium, in order to make her sturdier.

Then Siphelyn brought up the question of connective material - for this, I suggested Balaur leather, but sadly couldn't provide much useful information on how to prepare it. Leatherworking was never my forte - I've always been more of a plate girl myself. Still, Siphelyn seemed rather grateful for the suggestion.

Then Siphelyn mentioned something strange - apparently, she and Leare are both powered by subtle aether streams, that function as a sort of 'supply line' for them - without them, the consequences would be quite dire. I know next to nothing about aether streams, and even more curiously, had no idea why Siphelyn would tell me about something that could so easily kill both her and Leare if it were misused. Still, I don't intend to tell anyone else about this.

((OOC: And since character blogs are not in-character knowledge for you readers, I haven't yet!))

At any rate, Siphelyn and I parted ways amicably after that. I do hope she has no problems reattching Leare's arm, and I'm looking forward to playing with Leare again... when the little lovely doesn't break so easy!

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3 Re: Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Sun Apr 14, 2013 9:40 pm

Later in the day, I journeyed to Poeta in Elysae. Akarios village in Poeta has slowly started to grow on me, as it reminds me of my old hometown of Adelle village in Ishalgen... before it was destroyed. Upon arriving, I encountered a haughty, if rather shrimpy giantess named Xanna, and three other interesting people - a dwarf, whose name escapes me at the moment; a... seemingly Elyos gentleman by the name of Rorik with a bit of a violent streak; and Sarha - a wonderful little lady in a very heavy suit of armor. A suit with many hidden tricks.

I'd arrived just in time to hear Xanna threaten to "crush a bug" - the phrase was directed at Rorik. Not one to let other giantesses abuse tinies, no matter how small those giantesses might be, I decided to confront Xanna. I politely suggested that, since she was outside the jurisdiction of her "queendom" that she learn to be a bit more polite to the natives, and be a bit more thick-skinned. She proved rather defiant, and continued threatening people, so... eventually I decided I'd had enough!

Pinning Xanna under my foot, I was initially just going to hold her down for a bit until she cooled off. When she didn't, I figured she was due for a dressing-down. Playing with her like she was a toy (well, she WAS toy-sized compared to me!), I made her do the Cancan, and a few more humiliating dances, showing her off for the tinies she'd previously been trying to abuse. As I was doing so, the dwarf seemed to become thoroughly enamored with me.

Eventually, I decided to let Xanna improve herself. Pinning her under my palm, I demanded ten push-ups from her. A mere ten! But wouldn't you know it, that noodle-armed little noble couldn't even give me ten. She was too exhausted to move, so I decided to help her cool off. Carrying her out of Akarios, I tossed her into the lake, with a warning that I'd better never see her abusing or threatening tinies ever again.

Coming back to the village, I had to deal with a fawning dwarf. Unfortunately for me, he decided to strip nude in the middle of the street in order to impress me. I dug him a hole deep enough to bury him up to his neck in, and then stuffed him into it. I think he took it as a gesture of endearment. I'll probably have to deal with more advances from him in the future. *sigh*

It was about that time that, mercifully enough, Sarha came running into the village, reporting that there were Balaur down by the lake! Anything to get away from the over-amorous dwarf, I decided to follow her, and sure enough, a Balaur scout group, consisisting of two Awakened Krotans, some Legate lieutenants, and a couple Slayers, were snooping around the island in the center of the lake. Drawing my sword, I waded out to do battle with them, and was joined by Sarha and eventually Rorik and the dwarf as well - once the latter had extracted himself from his hole and gotten his clothes back on!

The battle was fierce, and I personally slew one of the Krotan, several Legates, and a horde of lesser Slayers. Sarha slew the other Krotan, and between the four of us, we exterminated the Balaur! Still, that wasn't an invasion force. It was only scouts - if that had been an invasion force, there would be a Dredgion in the sky shelling Akarios. They must've been looking for something, to be so far from the abyss. But what?

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4 Re: Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:03 pm

((OOC: This event in Alexis's history has been retconned. It has been annulled and is to be treated as though it never happened. Alexis was never in Akarios the day this situation would've occurred. I have left the post preserved for reference's sake; you may need to highlight it to read it.

The reason? Apparently, holding onto Eramaan's runestone would eventually lead to an encounter with Deltorr's goddess-character, Aiti, who I am in no way comfortable with Alexis encountering. I have opted to retcon the event so that Deltorr's story can proceed without my further involvement.))

Now, in the past, I've had terrible experiences with sprites. Particularly a mountain sprite named Vuori, who is an incorrigible lech and a chauvinist to boot; and a forest sprite named Eramaan, who is a thief and an irritating jerk.

However... I may have misjudged Eramaan.

It all started when a fellow giantess named Ceylndra appeared in Akarios. She immediately saw Eramaan and just scooped him up - she's apparently quite the handsy girl when it comes to tinies, but she was exceptionally gentle with him. Personally, I found her enormously cute, and so I wrapped an arm about he shoulder and cuddled her, teasing Eramaan a bit as they talked.

As Eramaan was cuddled though, he showed a side of himself that I'd never seen before. A sweet, affectionate side, soft and loving. I found myself quite impressed, and even feeling a bit bad for how I'd treated him in the past. I joined Ceylndra in cuddling on him, wanting to make up for the mistreatment I'd given him before. Admittedly he kinda deserved it for kidnapping children and nearly fatally poisoning Hsk, but... ah, I just couldn't hold it against him when he was being that cute.

Eramaan then mentioned something interesting - apparently, he's subject to corruption if the shrine and rune-stone that sustains him is tainted in some way, and that he can be enslaved if his runestone is taken. However, for a sprite, enslavement can have its perks - being enslaved to a kind master allows them a degree of freedom, if their master allows it.

I made Eramaan an offer. If he gave up his runestone to me, and promised not to cause too much trouble, I would gladly be his Mistress, and allow him his freedom. I would keep his runestone safe, and he would be free from the risk of being controlled by evil masters. To see the little sprite's eyes light up with joy was just so incredibly heartwarming.

He accepted my offer, and submitted his runestone to me. Even now, I carry it close to my heart, where no one may steal it without going through me first.

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5 Re: Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Tue Apr 16, 2013 9:41 pm

Today, I found myself adventuring in Morheim, and while sadly that didn't pan out very well, I found something else that most certainly did.

As I was about to leave Morheim and make my way towards the Elyos town of Akarios, I found something spectacular - some hot springs! It had been ages since I'd enjoyed a good, warm soak in one. Unfortunately, it was chock full of Lepharist revolutionaries, most of them in various states of injury. It would seem that the beatings I'd given them in Ishalgen and Altgard in the past hadn't quite healed, or they'd managed to make enemies of someone else far more powerful than they can handle.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Since they were already hurting, and most seemed abjectly terrified of me as I approached, I decided to ignore them, and enjoy a soak in the springs anyway. Ah, was it ever wonderful! I could see why the Lepharists had come here to recuperate. It got even better when I heard the din of combat in the distance, and realized that those idiot revolutionaries had picked a fight with someone else... who was summarily kicking their sorry asses.

It didn't take long to see who the cause was. A little warrior, in full plate armor, wielding a sword that shined white. I would've pegged him for an Elyos, but I later learned from speaking to him that he was from off-world, one of the many extra-atreian people that have shown up of recent. I invited him to soak with me for a bit in the springs - silly little man didn't even remove his armor!

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Y'know what else I hadn't had in a long time? A good sparring match. Seeing that this warrior, whose name I learned was Cimbri Alian, had handled the Lepharists in his way without hardly a scratch, I decided I'd challenge him to a friendly sparring match. In order to be fair, I didn't take him on at my usual size - I came down to about thirty feet in height, since he said he could handle "hundreds of average warriors at once."

He wasn't joking. Even with my size advantage and my molten greatsword, he put up a solid fight, countering my reach advantage by hurling bolts of energy at me from his blade. Even when I'd pinned him under my sword with an overhand blow, he managed to block the attack and slip between my legs, tripping me! Unfortunately for him, he made the mistake of trying to pounce me when I was down. I batted him into, and through, a tree. We decided to call the sparring match there.

After I made sure the little guy was alright, I took him back to the hot spring to rest a bit with me, and we exchanged a little conversation. He'd mentioned he'd fought the physical embodiment of the wind before, incarnated in the form of a young woman by the name of Skye. Skye was a name I'd heard before - apparently, she'd been enslaved by a woman named Fae. While I can't say for sure it's the same Fae, chances are good this Fae met her end under my boot a couple days ago, when Eramaan had destroyed the church in Akarios and attempted to kidnap the village's children. She'd made the mistake of intervening on Eramaan's behalf and attacking me, and in a fit of rage, I'd crushed her. So, who knows, maybe I freed a wind-spirit from enslavement.

Taking Cimbri with me to Poeta, I parted ways with him in Akarios village. He's a sweet little guy, and I do hope I see him again.

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6 Re: Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Wed Apr 17, 2013 12:26 pm

*Sigh* Some days, you meet fascinating people that you just wanna love to death. Other days, you just meet horrid people you want to kill to death. And then there's days like today, where you meet haughty, stuck-up people with no right to be, and then... well you just want to humiliate them to death.

Today, I was exploring the Tiamaranta, and came across an idyllic little grove called Edendell. There, I met a lady, although I'm loathe to use the term, by the name of Georgie. Or rather Georgina somethinghaughtyorother, I can't be bothered to remember. Now, Georgie... well, she's a straight up bigot. An Elyos noble with her nose stuck so far up in the air it's a wonder it's still attached to the rest of her face.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Now, at first, I was rather impresed by little grove. It was beautiful. But not three sentences into talking with Georgina, my mood was pretty much spoiled. If there's one thing I can't stand, it's a lack of common courtesy, and to be referred to as a something instead of someone is about as rude as you can get. But oh, Georgie didn't stop there. She stated that, among other things, I was dirty, uncultured, and incapable of appreciating beauty. She then said that I should leave, and be careful as there are 'wild beasts about'.

I told her that I agreed on that last part - there are wild beasts about, and apparently, I'd just met one. To be precise, a Lake Brax that thinks she's an Elyos. Given how turned-up her nose was, I compared it to a Brax's, and decided to take the comparison to its logical conclusion. I started actually calling her a Brax, treating her like she was a noisy little animal. After all, she accused me of being less than human, may as well return the favor, eh?

Once I'd learned her name, I decided to go full-tilt with the whole thing. After all, if she has a name then she can't be a wild Brax, right? She must be someone's lost little pet! So, I figured I'd better 'adopt' her before she hurts herself out in the wilderness. Picking her up, I cooed and coddled her, treating her feeble attempts to insult or make demands of me as I would a Brax oinking and squealing. I decided that she needed a bath, first and foremost.

Dunking Georgie in the nearby lake, I held her under a bit longer than necessary, and when she came up snarling at me, I simply dunked her again. With her thoroughly soaked, I followed it up with an equally-thorough rubdown. Y'know, if she didn't have the personality of an agitated shrew, she might actually be pretty. Oddly enough, if I didn't know any better, I'd be tempted to say she enjoyed it.

Once she was sufficiently "clean," I told Georgie that it was time for her to eat. Since she was 'a Brax transformed into an Elyos' she might not know how to do so - but no worries, because mommy Alexis would help! Dangling little Georgie by her ankles, I rubbed her face-first into a muddy patch of dirt, like a Brax rooting around for tubers and mushrooms. Once she was a proper mess, I realized that I'd really spent too much time. Having to leave, I stood up, bid my "pet" farewell, and continued on my journey.

Hopefully, this teaches her a lesson about denigrating others based on race.

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7 Re: Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Fri Apr 19, 2013 8:48 pm

Back before I started writing this blog, I'd met a lovely young lady named Morgan. Intensely shy and rather... unusual both in her fashion sense and odd idioms, and the fact that she claims she's not an Elyos even though she clearly is one, I found her inordinately cute. As she was the only person in all Pernon who was brave enough to talk to me, I gave her a little challenge to test her bravery - though I didn't let her know that was what I was really testing.

I disguised the challenge as a series of tests of her physical abilities, with the warning that one slip-up on my part could wind up crushing her to death. She bravely accepted, and moreover, even though I offered a reward, she didn't even want one! That alone would've passed the test, but to keep the deception complete, I ran her through the physical tests anyway. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that while she's just as strong as I expected (weedy!), she proved to be quite a bit more agile and creative when it comes to dodging the grasp of a giantess. She promptly fell asleep on me, after asking me about my own personal story, claiming that's what she wanted for a reward. I reached into a window of her home in Pernon, and laid her upon her bed.

I'd honestly never expected to meet Morgan again, unless I went to visit her, which I'd been strongly considering lately. However, as luck would have it, we wound up crossing paths today, in Pandaemonium. Little Morgan, apparently a baker by trade, was making deliveries to the shops in town. I was in the Renovations and Restorations, as usual, working on a fine new bow for myself - lately I've been suffering in fights for a lack of a ranged option, and a good bow with the right poison on the arrows can work wonders for eliminating the range disadvantage... though I'm not the greatest shot. Eh, oh well, practice makes perfect!

As I exited the R&R shop, I grew up to my usual size, and lo and behold who should I see when I look down at my feet, but little Morgan again! I was so overjoyed to see her, that I offered to help her with her deliveries on the spot. I figured I could walk the length and breadth of Pandaemonium faster than she could hope to run it, and judging from how frantic she was, she could use all the help she could get in order to make her deliveries on-time.

So, with her permission, I scooped her up, and we made the rounds of the shops in town. I think I scared her a bit when I jumped the various archways that separated Pandaemonium Plaza from from the Crandale district, but I think she took my agile building-climbing antics in pretty good stride. The first place we stopped was the Apellbine tavern, where little Morgan had her first taste of Ringa juice - a local specialty. I'm pretty good friends with the bartender, Jeckrow, and one of his better customers, so I let Morgan put the drink on my tab. I'll pay it next time I decide to go drinking at the Apellbine.

Ringa juice tends to make people a bit jittery, and Morgan sure seemed prone to that already. I wasn't too surprised when she started rambling on to me about stuff I didn't quite get, but I tried to be a pretty good sport about it. We got talking about my fashion sense when it came to clothing and armor. Yeah, what I wear tends to be a bit risque, but I'm an ex-gladiator, and I guess I'll always be a showy girl at heart. I just love to make boys feel all funny when I pass by.

Prosperity Road in the northern half of the city held the last four shops of our trip. As I held Morgan in my hand, I realized that...well, a lot of smaller people I find cute, but Morgan was... special. She was unique, unlike anyone else I'd ever met. Drop-dead adorably awkward, but also very sensitive and surprisingly brave for someone so easily embarassed. I found myself... kinda smitten with her. I considered my options as I looked down at her from above, as she made her deliveries.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

As Morgan made the last of her deliveries, she asked why I was so affectionate with her. I struggled to admit it - I told her that I found her cute, and that she just brought out the soft side in me. She explained how shy and easily-excitable she can be... though oddly enough, she sounded strangely analytical about it. Almost as though a different Morgan was speaking. I kinda put it out of my head, because it seemed so silly at the time, but... turns out I was closer to the truth than I thought. Since she'd been so honest with me, I was honest with her - I told her that I felt she was precious, and that I wanted to protect her, care for her, and grow closer to her, if she'd let me.

Morgan grew quiet with me for a bit following that strange exchange of confessions. She often went quiet, thinking to herself. Up until now, I thought she was just a thoughtful, introspective person. I was shocked to learn the truth. Morgan began yelling - at first I thought she was yelling at me, violently rejecting my advances. I panicked - yeah, that's right, I panicked. A hundred other gladiators of my own size all fighting each other and me, and I'm perfectly calm, but you get someone I'm romantically interested in yelling at me and I quickly turn into a blubbering wreck. Matters of the heart are a lot scarier than matters of the sword to me, alright?

I realized that Morgan wasn't yelling at me when she referred to me as "Alexis" - in the third-person, as though she was talking to someone else about me, rather than talking to me. I was confused. My head wanted to say "you blew it, run away, and never look at her again," but Morgan's strange behavior earlier, plus the way she was acting now, made my instincts itch. Something wasn't right about this, and my heart wanted to believe there was still a chance. I went with my heart on this one, and asked who she was talking to.

Talk about a shock! Apparently, Morgan has multiple personalities! And not only that, her personalities have internal dialogue with one another! Apparently, that's what was happening here - here words were meant to just be thoughts, directed at the other person in her head, but my little confession of my feelings had panicked her so bad that she just blurted them out openly. Awkwaaaard, but... oh, you can imagine my relief when Morgan apologized for scaring me like that, and told me that she was actually rather interested in getting closer to me, or at least trying to!

I was so giddy, that I scooped Morgan up, hugged her against my chest, and then broke into a dead run, crossing all of Pandaemonium in about fifteen seconds, little Morgan squeaking "G-FORCE! G-FORCE! G-FORCE!" against my chest the whole way. I'm glad that I didn't step on anyone in my rush, although there were a few close calls where people had to dive out of the way of my feet! Approaching the teleporter at the gate to Pandaemonium, I demanded that he take me to Pernon, which is where Morgan lived. Poor guy completed the spell just as I ran onto the teleporter platform. I'm going to have to apologize to him later.

As Morgan and I arrived in Pernon, I cuddled her softly, and apologized for the sudden behavior. I... sometimes get a bit feisty when I'm happy, and sometimes forget my own strength! Morgan, thankfully, seemed to be none the worse for wear - a bit shaken, but unharmed. She did, however, fall asleep in my hands. Poor little thing must've been exhausted.

I carried Morgan back to her house, and using one of my claws, gently pried open her bedroom window. Just as before, I reached inside and gently set Morgan down upon her bed, tugging the covers over her.

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8 Re: Alexis's Ongoing Adventures on Mon Apr 22, 2013 9:14 pm

Love's a tricky thing, you know? All my life I've been a little afraid of it. Sure, I flirted with it. I played with hearts and minds. But y'know, I always stayed detached, never let myself get too emotionally committed to a person. I felt that it made a person weak - love, or the desire for love, had laid many a mighty warrior low, made them do things they later regretted, or destroyed them as fighters. I'd kinda swore I'd never let myself fall to that.

Today... well I made a liar of myself.

It all began, as these things so often do, with a chance meeting. A chance meeting, in this case, with the lovely little gal I'd last seen in Pandaemonium, Morgan. Since our last meeting, I'd convinced myself that she'd be fun to play with for a bit... nothing more. Oh how wrong I was. When that adorable little face looked up at me at the entrance of the Temple of Artisans... well my heart just melted like iron in a forge.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

I found myself wanting to be alone with her, and surprisingly, she agreed. We decided to go back to her place, in Pernon, again. I decided to carry her in my cleavage the whole way. She's just so soft and gentle, I wanted to keep her close to my heart. I think it embarassed her greatly, because she turned as red and warm as a steamed Lobnite and said not a single word the whole way. She didn't object or seem to be uncomfortable though - if I had to guess, I'd say she enjoyed it.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

When we arrived at her place, I set her down, and asked her to go in first. She had such a cute little house - it reminded me a lot of my old home, back in Adelle village before it was summarily annihilated. I don't know what came over me, but I did something, after she went inside, that I never do. I stripped down, slipped into a lovely outfit that had no armoring enchantments whatsoever, and... stowed all of my weapons in my cube.

Now... I'm comfortable with my body, and I'm comfortable showing it off. I've fought naked before. That's not a problem for me. But... being without my weaponry makes me feel even more naked than actually stripping nude. However, I felt that I needed to. That the only way I could earn little Morgan's trust would be to demonstrate some trust of my own. Plus, well... dragging in a molten greatsword, a bow, and a full suit of armor, even if it's technically leather, doesn't exactly a polite guest make.

Feeling very vulnerable, I shrank myself down to about fifteen feet tall, then went inside Morgan't home. As it turns out, the little one had developed a taste for Ringa Juice since the last time we met. Ringa's mildly addictive, and I think poor little Morgan got herself hooked. Fortunately, Ringa doesn't have any nasty withdrawal symptoms, and it's an easy habit to kick. Anyway, the place was a bit of a mess, but that was okay - I'd seen worse. Hell, I'm used to sleeping out under the open sky or in crappy backwater inns across Atreia. Morgan's place was practically first-rate accomodations compared to some of the places I've seen.

It was about now that I suspected that I myself might be on something. That lovestruck feeling that I'd had the last time I encountered Morgan was coming back, stronger than ever. Before I'd even realized what I was doing, I'd scooped up Morgan in my arms and carried her off to her bed. Laying down on it, I let Morgan stand up, so that we could still be face-to-face... well sorta.

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Morgan and I cuddled for a bit as we talked about our feelings. I really embarassed myself. Fighting I'm good at, flirting I'm good at... honest confessions of emotion... I'm awe-inspiringly terrible at. So, lemme rephrase that, I thoroughly embarassed myself with my awkwardness. I don't want to commit to this document the exact words, because even now I'm trying to forget the fantastically lame things I said. I always was a woman of action more than words.

Fortunately for me... Morgan gave me the opportunity. She didn't seem to be bothered by how clumsy I was about speaking my feelings openly. If anything, it only seemed to reassure her. She told me that if there was anything she could do, to not hesitate to ask, and to not be ashamed of expressing my emotions. So, with my heart overflowing at this point, I kissed her. I kissed her like I've never kissed anyone before.

Now, I've kissed people before. But it's always had a tinge of falsehood to it. It was for their benefit, not mine. I did it to make them happy, and in some cases I might've enjoyed it a bit too, but nothing like this. This kiss was special, about us. It was mine and hers - as deep and passionate as I could manage, but gentle, and it went no further than she would allow. Fortunately for me, she savored it. I savored it. In that brief moment I felt a connection to her more strong than any I'd ever experienced. If this is love, well, I was in love.

Our kiss lasted a couple passionate minutes - surprisingly, Morgan hardly blushed and didn't resist at all; if anything she wanted more. I happily gave it to her, until I realized that, due to our size difference, my tongue might be keeping her from breathing. Reluctantly, I withdrew... almost as a sign, a strand of our mutual saliva stretched between our lips as they parted, refusing to snap until it had been drawn too taut to do anything else.

After we'd kissed, I tugged Morgan tightly against me, and curled up around her in her bed. I just wanted to protect her, to keep the cold, cruel world away from my precious little one. She fell asleep against me, listening to my heart, and I, myself found myself drifting off to sleep soon after. I never fall asleep so easily... but there's just something about Morgan that just puts me at ease.

If this is love, I don't want to ever avoid it again.

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