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Queen Xanna's *New* Regally Royal Announcements

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Queen Xanna's *New* Regally Royal Announcements

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As you all know I am the MIGHTY Queen Xanna! The magnificent ruler of all! Well at least I was. Now a days I am a changed girl! Well... a little bit. I'm still the fearsome ruler that you've all known to come and obey and adore, but I have different standards for myself. You see, when I was merely a young and naive little girl (about three months ago) I was set on ruling the entire universe! I wanted to hold everything in the palm of my hand and make everyone do whatever I desired. However, as hard as it is to admit, I can DENY it no longer! ...I am small. Well at least compared to those other self-proclaimed goddesses and royalty! Making all of existence my own is way out of my scope. I just cannot do. I've tried and tried but every time I come close to touching the sky, there's some terrible woman looming down on me from it, ready to knock me back down to the ground!

So now I have a personal rule... a motto of sorts. "The biggest one around makes the calls, that's the rules!" If I'm heads above you and your friends, I'll be deciding your fates! But I won't go marching up to something 100 times my size and demand them to do my bidding! That always ends in pain anyways, and misery, and then more pain. So specks and roaches, when you see your superior Queen, I don't want any fooling around! You'll be doing what I say! Or you'll be crushed under my royal superiority!

That's all I've gotta say to you worms today! So you have a lovely rest of the day... while I still let you.


(PS: How's my evil laugh coming along? I've been working on it and I think it's starting to sound pretty intimidating! <3)

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Today was a most unpleasant day! It all started when I walked into Poeta. I sat myself down to enjoy the gentle breeze when suddenly a little speck came out of nowhere and... grasped my neck! Yes! That is what happened! The little bug was so strong I couldn't rip free! She called herself "Dark!" I tried to fight back but her strength and magic overcame me and I fell on the ground. She called in more roaches to scoff and laugh at me as I lay helplessly on the ground. Why does this always happen to me? I just wanted to *sniff* enjoy the weather! Eventually I gathered the strength to stand up and fight back! I turned towards the fiends and raised my fist to STRIKE! But then... that unbeatable behemoth came onto the scene...

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When SHE arrived the sky blacked and the sound of thunder rolled across the sky! She came here to finish the job. She called herself Alexis and she was easily a hundred... no... a MILE tall! She crouched down and plucked me, the innocent queen, and forced me to dance in front of everyone, as if I were her little puppet! I couldn't do anything... except cry. Eventually after enough torture she dumped my limp body into the lake and scoffed at me. She thinks she can get away with such things just because she's bigger than everyone! Bigger than me! I... I wish I could get revenge on that horrible beast but I must respect my new motto and let my superiors be. *sigh*

Perhaps I can find someone who would avenge me! I'll have to make sure to be subtle about finding a willing hitman though... and not, heh, ANNOUNCE it publicly so that everyone knows what I'm planning. Now that would be BEYOND stupid of me! Haha.... yeah.

Until next time specks! Farewell!

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Behold my royal balcony! From here I have a lofty place where I can be perched above all others, where none can escape my gaze! I have claimed it as my own and you shall all respect my new throne without question.

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Sadly SOME annoying behemoths cannot appreciate my new royal balcony. This fiend who went by the name Yvonne approached me just the other day while I was seated up on my balcony and scoffed at how meager it was, how small it seemed to her, how BENEATH her she thought it was! I was tempted to let her taste my royal power right there and then! But I knew that I must show restraint when facing a monster like her or I'll just *sigh* end up face first in the dirt under an oversized heel.

The only downside to my perch is all of these gargoyles and strangers that walk around here. I'll have to dispose of them when I get the chance... I tried earlier but they bite back! And the royal nerve endings do not enjoy pain!

Until next time worms!

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As you all know, since i have warned you in the past to mark your calendars, it was Queen Xanna's Birthday today!!! Yay! ^_^ And what a MEDIOCRE day it was! I am disappointed in you all! Where was the parade? The feast? All I got was some rain and two stupid presents!

Today I learned that those disgusting and revolting little dwarves of some sort are sadly one of the only things on the planet that will pay their respects to their queen! The little girl one (I mean... I think it was a girl) Olga had given me two presents for my birthday! Best part of it all is that they were actually not rigged to explode! Oh what a lovely change of pace! I eagerly await next Xanna-year when my next birthday occurs! I hope to break even more record and maybe even receive THREE presents!

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Little Olga handing over my rightfully deserved birthday presents.

In other news I met an annoying little frosty gecko that said "welp!" a lot. I hate indifference.... Don't "Welp whatever" me! The gecko also hurt the royal feet when I tried to punt her into the stratosphere! Talk about RUDE! just because I tried to destroy you, doesn't mean you have the right to defend yourself and HARM me in the process!!!! And the other annoying speck I met was this strange tin lady that tried to SHOOT her queen with a little ball of light. I want all of my loyal followers to dispose of these two fools! When you see them? Destroy them! Opposing the massive and unstoppable goddess Queen Xanna shall not be tolerated!!!

Okie doke that is all. Get ready for my next birthday next year, and remember to bring plenty of presents! Buh bye!

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