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Alexis, ex-Gladiator turned Daeva Giantess

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1Alexis, ex-Gladiator turned Daeva Giantess Empty Alexis, ex-Gladiator turned Daeva Giantess on Sun Apr 14, 2013 2:42 am


Height: Variable, usually around 120-180 feet, minimum of 12 feet, maximum unknown
Weight: Varies with height
Hair: Black
Eyes: Green
Skin: Blue-violet
Race: Asmodiar
Divinity Status: Daeva
Profession(s): Ex-Gladiator, Adventurer, Armsmith, Alchemist
Hit: Fair Challenges, Being Respected, Reminiscing of her Gladiator days, New Experiences
Miss: Unnecessary Killing, Unnecessary Cruelty, Rudeness, Chauvinism, Haughty People
Weapons of Choice:
  • Molten, Semi-Sentient Greatsword
  • Paired Razor-Edged Broadswords
  • Paired Daggers, hidden in boots
  • Compound Longbow
  • Poisons of various kinds, mostly nonlethal
Known Abilities:
  • Gladiator Training
  • Ambidexterity
  • Size-shifting Giantess
  • Supernatural Strength
  • Immunity to Poison
Other Possessions:
  • Enchanted Armor
  • Medicine, including antidotes for her poisons
IMPORTANT OOC NOTE: On Alexis, I do not play with ubercharacters. If you're regularly size 60+, have abilities that can either instantly-kill or hopelessly immobilize a giantess of Alexis's usual size, are a deity of any description, utilize mind-control, are invulnerable, or if you are unchallengeable by Alexis in any other way, I will NOT RP with that character, nor will I accept any attempt for you to interact with Alexis on that character. I will take drastic measures, up to and including deleting and retconning previous RPs from her history, to ensure that an encounter between Alexis and an ubercharacter does not happen. You've been warned.

Chapter 1: Girl
Alexis's beginnings are, comparatively to some, quite humble. She was born an Asmodiar girl in Adelle Village in Ishalgen. At a young age, she grew tired of her two-bit burg of a hometown, and fled to the biggest city in Asmodae; Pandaemonium. Unfortunately, like a lot of small-town runaways, she had little to her name, and the big city is no place for a naive young waif. Alexis soon found herself broke, out on the streets, and faced with a difficult choice.

Of the decisions available to Alexis, she wasn't going to go back home, she certainly wasn't going to do anything unsavory, and suicide just seemed like a waste. That left her with one option - becoming a gladiator in the Triniel Arena. She had everything to win and nothing to lose but her life, and that wasn't worth much to anyone else anyway.

Chapter 2: Gladiator
Taking the chance, however, paid off. The training was grueling, but Alexis discovered that she had a natural talent for fighting. Physical training gave her the strength to pull it off, and a year later, it was almost a different person who walked into her first gladiatorial match. Gone was the gangliness and awkwardness of youth, replaced by sleek, powerful muscle and a curvaceous, stunning figure that excited the crowds at least as much as her skills did. Unfortunately, she lost that match, overwhelmed by numbers and brought down after a surprisingly good showing.

Fortunately for Alexis, killing between gladiators is quite rare. The blows and wounds are real, as are the weapons and armor. Gladiators are there to put on a show - a bloody, vicious show, but a show nonetheless. Gladiators are at their most valuable when they've developed rivalries and alliances, and have given the crowds many chances to appreciate (or jeer) their skills or lack thereof. A gladiator can't do that if they die the first time they lose. In addition, when a member of one gladiatorial stable kills a member of another, the stable-master of the killer's stable owes compensation to the stable of the victim. It's generally a good idea not to force your boss to pay more than he has to.

Losing, yet surviving, her first match taught Alexis something. She needed something special to be a good gladiator. Something that would give her an edge, and let the crowds remember her. She remembered a moment from the fight - she'd surprised an opponent by sidestepping one of his swings and then stepping in to plant a kiss on his lips as she shoved her sword into his thigh. The crowd had roared in approval at it. Alexis formed a plan.

Convincing her stablemaster to hire the services of a retired assassin, Alexis tutored under him to learn the secrets of poison usage. This training, if anything, was even more grueling than her basic gladiatorial training. She spent days feeling sicker than death-warmed-over, due to mishaps in poison training and deliberately poisoning herself to teach her body to endure and tolerate it, while still forced to endure her normal training routine. For several years she kept her slowly-growing skills in poison usage a secret from anyone outside her stable, and lived life as a fair-to-middling gladiator, until her master and mentor declared her ready.

The next match was a free-for-all battle royale much like her first, but Alexis found herself much better prepared. Having endured years of other matches, and the pain of dozens, if not hundreds of varieties of poison, Alexis found herself cutting a swath through her opponents. Enemies her blade alone couldn't fell succumbed to stealthily-applied venom on her claws, or poison spat into their faces. It came down to Alexis and one last gladiator, a hulking brute of an Asmodiar that she had no hope of overpowering in a physical fight. Remembering her first match, she struck at his weapon, her greatsword against his broadsword and shield. Raining blow after blow on his blade until his hand was too numb to hold it, she then clambered onto him, over his shield, and placed a kiss laced with one of the most insidious poisons she'd ever used upon his lips. The heavily-armored hulk of a man fell over almost instantly, seemingly dead, and the crowd went wild.

From that day on, Alexis earned the stage-name of "Kiss-of-Death" and wowed the crowds with her ability to seemingly fell an opponent with a mere touch, or kiss, if her blade wouldn't do the job. She rose quickly to stardom in the arena, and the matches she recieved just got wilder and wilder. Less and less often, she found herself pit against ordinary Elyos or Asmodiar competitors, and instead faced beasts or monsters, often ones her usual poisons simply wouldn't harm. Realizing this, she befriended her stable's blacksmith, who taught her many of the tricks of his trade, and she secretly made use of these to improve her gear, to make hopeless matches winnable.

At one point, her opponent was a spiritmaster, who summoned a monster of a magma spirit. Unfortunately, it broke free from his control, and smashed its way out of the Triniel Arena into Pandaemonium proper, chasing Alexis onto Prosperity Road. Luring the creature towards the waterfall, Alexis sacrificed her greatsword to cut off one of the its legs. This caused it to topple into the water, where it hardened and apparently perished. She ripped the hilt of her blade out of the rocky remains of her creature's body, taking a chunk (and unbeknownst to her, much more) of the creature with it.

Alexis used some of her winnings and her own weaponsmithing skills to reforge the sword, and discovered to her surprise and delight, that somehow the magma elemental's spirit had fused with the blade, transforming it into a semi-sentient greatsword of a fiery disposition; both literally and figuratively. To this day, the blade is encrusted in molten lava, and flares and burns in expectation of battle, though will never harm Alexis by doing so. It refuses to allow itself to be touched by anyone else, attempting to burn them to ash if they so much as try.

Between her strength, beauty, molten-hot weapon and venomous skills in combat, Alexis's success as a gladiator only grew. At the height of her career, she found herself faced with the greatest opponent imaginable, in both senses. A giantess. In truth, the match wasn't scheduled - the giantess simply stomped her way into the arena, killed every combatant in the ring, and then demanded a challenger. Alexis was the only one brave enough to accept. Fortunate for the arena, too - she was the only one present who'd have a chance.

Unfortunately, it seemed neither her fiery blade nor poison could do much to her opponent, and it was all she could do to avoid being grabbed or crushed underfoot. Finding herself wrapped in the hands of her attacker, Alexis was swallowed, alive and whole, by the giantess, who crowed as she claimed victory over the best the arena had to offer. Unfortunately for her, Alexis wasn't done. Not by a long shot. From within the gut of her devourer, she had one last desperate plan. Mixing every last poison on her person together with the swallowed saliva within the giantess, she created a toxic concoction so potent that, had she not been extensively trained to tolerate poison, she would've been dead in moments. Desperate, Alexis plunged her greatsword into the stomach wall of her captor, the half-molten weapon creating an ulcer of biblical proportions - and an avenue for the poisonous slurry to enter the giantess's bloodstream.

Within minutes, the giantess keeled over, dead as her lungs began to shrivel, her liver failed, and heart ceased to beat under paralysis. Alexis cut her way out of the giantess's gut, standing victorious over her opponent, but not unscathed. For she'd been poisoned too, and despite the tolerance she'd built up, it was slowly killing her.

Chapter 3: Daeva
For a week Alexis suffered as her own poisons slowly claimed her body. The "Kiss-of-Death", it seemed, would soon be meeting Death. Just when she was at her most critical, ready to give up the ghost, however, fate intervened. It, apparently, had other plans.

To this day Alexis still doesn't know what happened in that moment, but she was filled with a power she'd never dreamed of. It poured into her body, giving her life and strength anew. Her senses seemed sharper, her body stronger and lighter, and though she could feel the poison still raging in her veins and flesh, it no longer could seem to harm her. Laughing euphorically, she unfurled a pair of magnificently-fiery wings, whose tips faded to a midnight blue-black - and was shocked to find those wings plowing through the the roof and walls of the infirmary.

Her Ascension had made more than just a Daeva out of her - it had seemingly turned her into a giantess, one even larger and mightier than the one she'd slain. Unfortunately, this spelled the end of her career. A giantess is impressive, but there was no way they could schedule matches that would be compelling for her at her newfound size. With regret, Alexis had to retire from the gladiator life. She recieved her rudis, and was let go to a cheering crowd.

Chapter 4: Adventurer
Alexis, however, didn't leave with merely a wooden sword. She'd earned considerable winnings over her gladiatorial career. Not one to simply cool her heels, Alexis used some of her wealth to fund a proper set of enchanted armor, the design based on the far-less-practical suit she frequently wore in her gladiatorial days, and set off looking for adventure. She soon discovered that she could, with concentration, alter her own size, going as small as double her original, human size. She found she could grow larger, as well... though she's rather reluctant to explore the upper-limits of that. She's seen the kind of damage that other giantesses of that size can do, and if there's one thing she loathes, it's killing unnecessarily.

Now she roams the length and breadth of Atreia, seeking new and interesting people, places, and possibly challenges for her newfound prowess. She often likes to present people with a challenge of some kind, offering them a reward of their choice should they succeed. She is, however, a fan of fair challenges - she'll never give someone a challenge she doesn't think they have a chance to win.

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5Alexis, ex-Gladiator turned Daeva Giantess Empty Re: Alexis, ex-Gladiator turned Daeva Giantess on Sun Apr 14, 2013 10:06 pm

Only when I need to be, love. Only when I need to be.

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