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Mother Goddess Kali's awakening

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1Mother Goddess Kali's awakening Empty Mother Goddess Kali's awakening on Wed Feb 20, 2013 8:03 pm

In 0 Kalli year, I was born, born into this dark, gloomy place where I can't be able to sleep, think, or even cry, I was like an cell, was given birth to a Daemon Goddess, named Xina, that is when chaos begins, with other kins. I was like an atom, until I got touched by Xina's blood, and then.... My growth begin to start up really fast, and my age processed to where I was like a young adult aged. And my intellects were developing, as I grew, after when I reached to Xina's height, a princess of the New Dawns, who is named Lyci, that told me, to defeat Xina, my very own biological mother, in that process, I was able to shrink Xina down and that princess told me to devour her soul, so I can be full, mother goddess, which I am, though, but then again....... I don't know if the war of Kalli even exist. After I devoured Xina's soul, I grew to the most largest sizes, over cosmetic size, of the universe of Kalli, even my tip of my nipple is a size of the capital world of Kalli, so I was able to not shrink until few hours later, Princess Lyci, told me to shrink, and I nodded "No" and I started to shrink by Princess Lyci telling me descriptions, and she was going to exe cute me, but she sent me off with a tribe full of minotaurs, that are very very cute....

18 Kalli years later,
I was playing, devouring, and tormenting the minotaurs while I was not on my goth form, yet, then a war begun, the most dreadful war, of Xina's husband named Heinrich, the darkest king, of the scourge. He has more power than me, but I am way bigger than him, though I can take him down, I can't because the minotaur seer, told me to go on to Ateria to journey my life as it begins. So I went to a portal as a human sized, and then I got teleported to Poeta, which is a decent place, but I can handle it.


After I visited Poeta, I was able to grow more taller, and more shyer, as though I am not used to the place called Poeta, so I met Aria, in the way, she is a very nice person, and most epic Princess (Now as known as UltimaGoddess Aira) she is the most beautiful soul in the world, but wait, there is more to find, me and Aria we're like almost into connection, like sisters, and then I find out that many people that are tinies, that can be played and toyed, I love to play with tinies, so, I became more energetic, with people. And Aira came along, after the wedding of (I forget about the names of the husband and wife) but has a daughter named Aira, I hang out with Aira and then many giantess came along gave me good times, and some of them made me feel worse, I met some very good tinies, and giantesses, And Kali is a very kind, and playful goddess, but no one knows the secret of Kali, no one knows, who I am Razz. But anyways thats all I can think of T_T

((I hope its good, enough, And you are the best Aira ^_^, and I will update my backstory, if I remember every little thing about Kali Razz, thanks for reading my post, and will update, see ya))

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