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Wanderer of the Snowdrifts

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1 Wanderer of the Snowdrifts on Sun Apr 07, 2013 6:12 pm

Bastus wasn't one to have the most remarkable life. He was born to a middle-class family on a lonely ice planet somewhere in a nearby star system. Even for a snow planet, the conditions were harsh. The inhabitants faced year long winters, blizzards that lasted weeks and the lack of civilization made travel between settlements difficult.
He grew up in a small village, the only child to parents that studied the magical arts.
Their dream was to raise a child to pass their knowledge on to, but unfortunately they were given something different. Bastus didnt share his parents love for books and scrolls, choosing instead to explore any place he came across. Prone to wandering out of the village, he soon became rather adept at navigating the icy slopes. He was quickly shunned and rejected by his parents, who wanted nothing to do with this "mistake" of a child.

When he became of age, Bastus put the life of rejection behind him and left the village. Taking only a small pouch of food and survival supplies with him, he set out into the snowdrifts. He was able to survive for months, before a discovery of a small cave presented itself. Inside was a pentagram, along with multiple runss and a note scratched into the rock. It was instructions on how to activate the pentagram, which would apparently transport the user to a "Land of Varied Height". Not wanting to miss an opportunity, Bastus unknowingly found his gateway into Atreia.

What he's like now
Bastus is fairly shy, preferring to sit at the edge of town and listen to the people around him. He does have his moments where he's a bit more social, and actually will strike up conversations. If you do get through his shyness, Bastus is a friendly, loyal and helpful person.
He tends to see Giantesses as the dominant side of the spectrum, showing respect and humility upon first meeting one. As a friendship or rivalry arises, he regards Giantesses and Tinies as equals. Except, of course, if one posesses godlike or fantastic abilities.
A few months after his arrival into Atreia, he gained control over his aura, using it to preform various types of magical abilities.
Recently, however, he's dissapeared. Not many know what caused it, but one person claims they saw him vanish after a teleportation spell went awry.

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