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The Man Immortal

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1The Man Immortal Empty The Man Immortal on Sun Apr 07, 2013 4:57 pm

Name: Selig Mann
Age: Unknown
Height: 6'4"

Selig has wandered this world for a long time. Longer than most would suspect due to his features. When asked how old he is, Selig knows no correct answer. 100? 500? 1,000,00? Through the ages, it seems to have blurred. Selig knows but one answer when it comes to his condition. He was an error...a mistake....A young Goddess, in an attempt to create life, made a mistake....And made him. In her all-knowingness, she seemed to have forgotten to crank his internal clock. Selig cannot die from age nor physical causes. Thankfully for others, he has known this for quite some time and has turned to pacifism in his changed state.
He opposes violence.

This being said, Selig is an old mind in a young body. His knowledge of life and death has increased greatly over the years of his existence. Selig will not end another life, and his only goal in combat is to come out of it with no damage.

When it comes to Giantesses and Goddesses, Selig is hesitant to trust them, as he was created by one long ago, and was abandoned. Abandoned quickly.
This abandonment by his true goddess has caused him to go searching for her for a majority of his life, but after about three-hundred years of searching, he reluctantly gave up on finding her. Perhaps he can find another Goddess...

In character traits, Selig tends to be rather quick and to the point. He doesn't appreciate sentimental things like he did when he was younger, and a majority of relationships he's had end poorly. He is slow to trust, and even slower to enjoy being in anothers company. A difficult past has scarred his personality, therefor he is rather pessimistic. This is a product of having many significant individuals die, not of some traumatic event, but of old age. He's slow to attach to mortals, as he is afraid of eventually losing them. Underneath the cold and negative shell is a rather caring and loving man. Friends of his have enjoyed his kindness as it seems to flow from him when he gets to know an individual.

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