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Kaleb: Daeva of Poeta.

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1Kaleb: Daeva of Poeta.  Empty Kaleb: Daeva of Poeta. on Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:41 pm

Name: Kaleb Hammershire
Gender: Female
Race: Elyos
Racial rank: Daeva
Age: 17 Springs
Proportional: 5'4
Height-multiplication: x20
True-Height: 106'8
Weight: 400 tons

Can lift: 12,000 tons

Quick Overview
Kaleb is a cute, peppy, youthful fledgling daeva, fresh of wings that is just starting her reign in almost goddess-hood. She is a kind and warm soul, friendly and often times playful to the point of bordering mischievous, but never bases into the realm of seeming cruel, nor one to use her size as a means to get what she wishes from those weaker, or smaller than she. That, however, doesn't mean she doesn't throw her weight around on occasion, and it is important to note she can be rather overeager to touch and handle those smaller than she, especially if she finds them cute. Though, being as she was born a a normal sized farm girl in the realm of Poeta, she rarely is so inconsiderate as to make others too terribly uncomfortable. She has set herself as a protector of the people of Poeta, as well as anyone she happens to meet. And, while inexperienced, is strong of spirit and capable in the wielding of both her sword, and aether.

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Unlike the multitudes of goddesses, dimensional travelers, and other similarly lofty beings that now reside in Atreia; Kaleb's story begins with a rather humble origin. That being, a small farm within the elyos region called Poeta. And, rather still unlike all the giant, astounding giantesses she would now call her peers, she was born not so towering, nor even overly large; but quite the opposite, a simple, average baby of average weight, that, in not so long a time, would grow into a simple, small farm girl. Well, that is, if you feel comfortable calling the rambunctious, peppy spit fire of a tom-girl 'simple'. But, compared to gods of the abyss, and travels from outside dimensions, and the multitude of others that have found their way into the world she was born into, perhaps she might be called such a thing with a straight face, if only because of the diminished importance of her in comparison of her personality compared to such grand beings.

Growing up near the village of Akarios, and being the only child of a hard working pair of farmers, Kaleb was quick to fall into the role of 'son' more then 'daughter'. Though, this was not entirely forced upon her. Sure, she had to do a multitude of chores on her homestead that would normally be reserved for a young man. However, she naturally seemed to gravitate toward more masculine things. She was never one to shy away from chasing frogs with the local boys her age. Often she could be found in tow of a troop of boys, changeling them to fits of strength or endurance. Spitting, swearing, or going on adventures. And, from a young age, she had secured her niche amongst the local children as 'one of the guys', quick to challenge any boy that might think she was weaker, or less capable of doing anything they could do, just because she was a girl.

With these boyish mannerisms, came a rather boyish dream early in her life. Her father often would weave her tales of great warriors who over came great challenges before bed at night. These grand protectors of Elyos kind. These champions of all that was noble and righteous. They stood so tall in the young girl's mind. So, one might not be so surprised that even before she ascended into the daeva she is now, Kaleb wished to be such a champion. Kaleb, wished to be a knight.

This dream, became all the more reasonable for her when she hit puberty at the tender age of 14. Before this, Kaleb was a rather petite creature. And while she would often insist she could do anything her male counterparts could do, her small stature and limited strength did hinder her greatly in the proving of such things. But that was about to change. Though, it would come with something of a price. The night before the sun festival dance, the youth would experience a rather sizable and sudden growth spurt. But, unlike many of her friends who too were experiencing similar physical changes, hers was far, far more pronounced, and far, far more baffling. Kaleb's short proportions did not increase very much, however, her body itself seemed to expand and jolt up like a weed. She grew not to 5 feet, nor 6, nor even 7, but an astounding 10 feet in height over the coarse of a few nights.

Now, it is important to note, their are giantesses in Atreia, in fact, Kaleb, as well as many of her friends, had had some rather close encounters with the massive, towering beauties through out the coarse of her life. The first time she had seen one of the larger ones it was a rather breath taking site. Her towering frame striding across the horizon, so powerful, so divine. Still, Kaleb had never, ever imagined that she would soon become one of them! Nor could she fathom how many problems that would arise. People stopped looking at her the same way, and such things only increased as she steadily grew, 15 feet.. 20 feet.. 25. Unlike many who could control their sizes at will, Kaleb, was simply stuck. A towering, awkward creature that had to crawl on her hands and knees and ball up in the fetal position even to sleep within her own home.

Still, her charming and friendly demeanor did ensure that, sooner then later, those fearful looks did not linger to long on peoples faces. She had always been something of a rough and tumble child, quick to defend those smaller, or often times bigger but simply meeker than she. Even when she was short she was not afraid to tangle with bullies bigger than she, and now that she was big, she certainly wasn't afraid to put an odd bandit group or raiding monsters in their place. Yet, still be her warm self to those who did no wrong to her or others.

No, Kaleb would get little to no fearful looks despite her size. Though, she would often time get annoyed ones, or even angry ones. This, you understand, was mostly due to her natural clumsiness. Yes, Kaleb is many things. But graceful is not one of them. She never actually harmed anyone directly as a result of having two left feet. At least, not physically. However, she has caused multitudes of finical heartache and property damage. There was one particular time when she tripped and landed on a caravan of rare goods a merchant in Akarios had just purchased, reducing the almost fortune of valuable wears into little more then rubble in a fraction of a second. This had not been the first time she had broken things for this particular merchant, either. Many times in her youth, when she was of normal size, she had accidentally shattered this, or dented that. So, the merchant, as one might imagine, was hopping mad and what resulted was rather comical as he chased her out of town tossing bits of broken goods, and even one of his shoes, at the titanic, thirty foot girl as she fled. Though, in a way, this too shows just how comfortable the town folk had become with her. Foe, new size or no, she was still merely who she had always been. It is doubtful the merchant would have even considered preforming such an action on a giantess he did not know and could easily crush him underfoot with the simplest of gestures, after all.

• Unnatural strength
• Hardened form
• Increased Aether manipulation
• Wings/flight

• Clumsiness
• Unnatural luck

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2Kaleb: Daeva of Poeta.  Empty Re: Kaleb: Daeva of Poeta. on Mon Apr 08, 2013 9:32 pm

Gentle, sprightly, snuggly, cute and sexy. It's a shame that her size kinda separated her from her family and friends so much, but well... there's a certain goddess that's always willing to give her a cuddle and a kind word, and let her know that she's beautiful, and shouldn't be ashamed of what she's become.

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3Kaleb: Daeva of Poeta.  Empty Re: Kaleb: Daeva of Poeta. on Tue Apr 09, 2013 7:13 pm

Profile updated. Still a work in progress. Added a quick overview, as well as added more to her history.

Kaleb would certainly enjoy snuggling the love goddess.

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