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The Life of Mikey

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1 The Life of Mikey on Sat Apr 06, 2013 9:25 pm

(Well I have been around long enough and never did one of these back stories so here we go)

My name is Mikey, and I have lived here in Atreia all my life. I grew up in a small home in Oriel with my older sister and mother. My father was killed when I was young at the hands of my mother, after he was caught having an affair with another woman. She had shrunk him down and squeezed the life out of him, she then reported him missing to the police. To make sure I never told anyone the truth, my mother shrunk me to the size of her big toe and forces me to worship her and my sister. I am nothing but a slave to them, forced into doing mindless tasks for them as they laugh and humiliate me. I have been abused by them for so long, I look forward to pleasing them so I don’t get punished. Punishments range anywhere from painting toenails and being sat on, to spending the day in my sisters shoe. This is the life I live, pleasing my family.

All that changed one day when I had enough of being their little boy toy. I told them that enough was enough, and I wasn’t doing it anymore. Both my mother and sister laughed at me, telling me that they were keeping me safe. I had not left home in over 10 years, I was strong enough to protect myself. They continued to laugh at me when my mother said with a sly smile, “Son, you want to be a BIG man, go out into the world, see what we have been protecting you from. But when you realize the world is to big for you, you come back to mommy, they are always chores to do.” After hearing those words I knew it was time to go, and show them I was no longer a slave, but a man. With a long sigh, my mother grew me back to my normal size. My mother gave me a big hug and a kiss, while my sister glared at me. On my way out the door my sister called out, “Cant wait for you to come back home, my feet will be waiting.” I did my best to ignore her and opened the door to a new world I had never experienced.

(yeah i know its kinda stupid, but hey it works...kinda. This is my story i made in like 10 minutes, i may edit it at some point, cause the more i read it..the dumber it gets)

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2 Re: The Life of Mikey on Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:55 pm

Eheh it's great to see finally another "normal man" instead. No superpowers, no super weapons etc, just a normal tiny out in the big world. Nice job mikey! cheers

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