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Fae, reckless spitfire

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1Fae, reckless spitfire Empty Fae, reckless spitfire on Wed Apr 03, 2013 5:35 pm

... What?

... What?!

You wanna start something, huh? I noticed you, looking at me like I'm some kinda trouble... well I am! I, most, definitely, am!

Oh, you're just curious about me... Alright, I'm feeling generous. Sure, I'll bite!

What's with that look, weirdo?! Hahaha, I didn't mean literally! Though I am tempted...

HAHA, the look on your face when I said that! Wooooo, toughen up buddy, or you'll never survive a day with me!

So, you one of them there Meta-watchers, huh? You know, seeing this through a TV or a Computer Screen or something? Okay, I can tell you this kinda thing! Just don't have your characters know about it unless I somehow told them or they somehow managed to get it out of Zevek or Suzzy!!! As of right now, those two are the only ones that know my big secrets, okay?

Right, now, where was I? Ooooh yeah!

Name's Fae. No last name, just... Fae. I can't think of a cool enough last name yet, so this is what you get.

I'm that big pink and slightly lilac girl who likes to cause trouble and mayhem! That's right, I'm a destructive kinda girl! I'll smash buildings, bridges... people...

Heheh... yeah, I said people... What? You think I do it on purpose?

Well... sometimes yeah, but most of the time no! I mean, after all, people die then that means I can't mess with them anymore! Oh sure, I ate a few once, and it was kinda tasty, but I only do that around the right company. Otherwise it's just kinda boring to do by myself.

Oh, you probably think you can get away from me, right? Maybe if I'm in the mood... but likely not...

After all, I have Earth based powers, impressive strength, amazing durability, a pair of nice shape-shifty tendrils, some wicked aim, and most of all my most favorite of prizes... The wind... ha ha! That's right! I have the wind tamed! I can do pretty much whatever I want with the wind! Oh, but wasn't there someone who had that kinda power? Now how do you suppose I could have done that?

Oh, that's not including my over-kill technique, which is to make someone's blood boil to the point that they explored from the inside out. Whoa, whoa, whoa, don't go looking at me like that! I'm not gonna use it, alright? Hell, I'm tempted to find a way to seal it if I can. Exploding people... not cool... not cool at all...

Wanna know how I do it? Blood. I just need to consume some and BAM, I have my own set of whatever powers or abilities that came with it!

Though, it's kinda weird how it works... Like... if it's powers or certain physical traits like physical strength, endurance, or speed, then my genetic code just copies it just like that! But what if it's magic or things that requires active study on the subject? That's like... in the realm of memories, right? Oddly, I get those memories... but only the memories pertaining to anything that can be useful for combat. I... won't pretend to know why my unique ability does that, because I don't know why it does that... at all!

All I know is that I was made this way in a lab and- Oh wait, you don't know about that, do ya? Should I share? That's kinda a big part of my past... Heh, I'll tell ya that another time. Not in the mood right now. Let's just say I'm a test-tube baby and leave it at that. And I'm only the first one, but I think what made me broke since the others like me haven't come out.

... and hopefully never will! This is my turf and that's how it's gonna be!

What, you wanna fight? You wanna fight for this turf? Bring it! I love a good fight! Not just being part of it, but watching it too! I looove the bloodshed... hehehe, I guess you can guess why I love a good bloody brawl, huh?

Oh, one last thing in case you guys care or not. I... hate... Morgan... Carpenter... Why do I hate her? I'll tell you why I hate her. SHE REPRESENTS EVERYTHING I GREW TO HATE ABOUT MYSELF IN THE PAST!!! And I mean EVERYTHING!!! Yeah, that's right, I was just as shy and timid as she was, and I hated it! So I sought power to get rid of that stupid weakness!

Well there's one other reason... I wonder if I should tell you... meh, maybe I'll edit this later.

And I succeeded the moment I learned how my weird ability works!

But whenever I see that scared... timid... shy... stupid... weak... frail... obnoxious... stupid stupid stupid stupid STUPID... UGHGH!!! I need a drink!

(Aaaah, alcohol... is there anything you can't fix?)

Okay, where was I? Right, so yeah, I hate her guts, and I like to cause destruction! Wanna know how to survive? Just stay out of my way, okay? That's all you need to do!

Unless you happen to be one of those guys who can easily tough it out... you know, you're at an inch of your life left, you're not ready to die, so you pull yourself forward until you can survive somehow? Yeah, that's my kind of fella right there. The survivors, the ones that can survive even the WORST of conditions, no matter how dire things get. What's the word for you guys? Um... um... Determinators! Yeah, that's the one! Those are the ones worth liking! Here's to you survivors! Here's to you!

... what? You wanted to hear more? I'll tell you more later, now scram, I'm busy here! I'm busy scheming my next target...

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