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Fujiko, aspiring Goddess of Love!

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1 Fujiko, aspiring Goddess of Love! on Wed Apr 03, 2013 2:18 pm

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In the vastness of the multiverse, there are many separate universes, each with their own peculiarities. The war-wracked and strife-divided Atreia inhabits one of these. Another holds our own Earth. And out there, among the myriad other universes in existence, are other Earths, some of them similar and some of them radically different from our own.

One such Earth produced a goddess. A goddess with a very, very big dream; a dream of bringing love to every living, sentient being in the entire multiverse, one world at a time. Gazing out into the multiverse, there were many worlds that were paradises of love... and others that were devoid of love, whose inhabitants were so bleak and hateful that it would be a miracle if they'd comprehend love if given the chance. In between these extremes were worlds of every possible description.

The goddess thought, and separated several small pieces of herself from the rest, shaping them into avatars - each carrying a tiny fraction of her own divinity. Choosing several worlds that knew love, but were in danger of losing it due to strife and hatred, she sent one avatar to each, with instructions to cultivate love upon their destined world. One of these avatars landed upon Atreia. And thus Fujiko was born.

Fujiko typically takes the form of a strikingly curvaceous, dark-haired, green-eyed, lightly-tanned Elyos daeva of extraordinary size, usually appearing to be about 20-24 years old. Her exact size varies with her whims - she's been seen as small as 18 feet, and tall enough to use a mountain as footrest at one point. She's almost universally clad in attire that's risque in some fashion, often offering spectacular views when seen from below.

In personality, Fujiko is among the most softhearted and caring individuals you could think of. Conscientious of smaller people to a fault, she frequently uses terms of endearment even with people she's never met, particularly if she finds them cute. Around other people of unusual size, she's slightly more guarded (and typically ensures that she's on equal-footing with them in terms of height), but still very friendly, and prone to cuddling if allowed to. She strives to be fantastically approachable, and will happily spend time pleasantly chatting with anyone, even if she's so large, or they're so tiny, that they can't see past her toes while standing at her feet.

While her overwhelming friendliness may lead people to believe that she's absolutely harmless, Fujiko is capable of startling violence under the right situations. She despises watching smaller people get hurt or killed by larger folks, and can sometimes prove quite... creative in punishing offenders. She's no pushover, although her powers tend towards the restorative and recuperative in nature.

Unlike a lot of other deities, Fujiko doesn't demand outright worship. Love, of any kind; whether it be storge, eros, or agape; mortal or divine; mutual or unrequited; sweet, soft, sensuous or twisted, is her meat and drink. Love sustains and empowers her, and as a result, she will do a lot to cultivate love, even if that love isn't directed at her. She'll happily mediate troubled relationships or offer advice to those who need it. She can benefit from direct faith (worship is an expression of love, after all, directed at her), and she appreciates it, but it's not strictly necessary for her. As a result, she tends to be very easygoing as goddesses go, happy to cuddle or talk to those who need it and ask nothing in return.

Fujiko's biggest weakness is her focus on love as a solution to problems. For instance, she would likely invent a love-powered motor engine sooner than a steam-powered one. She will sometimes attempt to cuddle someone openly-hostile to her in hopes of calming them down and finding a less-violent solution, instead of reacting immediately with combat. She's also currently somewhat limited in what she can do, as she's not widely-known or worshipped.

Fun Fujiko Facts
  • Risque for a reason: Eros is a very real form of love, and arguably the most common. This is why she tends to dress enticingly, and isn't afraid of going nude if she feels like it.
  • Empathic, borderline Telepathic: The emotions of those nearby are an open book to her. In addition, she can telepathically pick up on the surface thoughts of mortals, particularly when they're strongly charged with emotion, or directed specifically at her.
  • Immortal: She can't die by ordinary means. So long as love exists somewhere, she cannot permanently perish - though it may take her a while to coalesce back into existence, if love or faith is in short supply.
  • Sensuous: Her touch, and especially her embrace or kiss, has the unusual property of taking on the properties of a person's deepest desires. Someone who is in pain and desires relief and comfort will find her touch soft and soothing. Someone who desires to be subjugated and tortured will find her touch to have an unnatural, exquisitely-painful pressure to it. A person with no desires will experience her touch as being perfectly ordinary in every way. Fujiko can suppress or resume this ability at will, and with a bit of effort, can control the exact sensation she produces in any given person.
  • Impressive Biological Control: Fujiko's internal dexterity is incredible. Within her body, her will is absolute. She can safely swallow someone whole and pass them intact and unharmed through her entire digestive tract if she so wishes. She has a similar level of control with more intimate places within her, though that tends to be reserved for those who she particularly cherishes.
  • If You Believe In Miracles: Direct faith can let Fujiko temporarily exceed her current limitations. If you firmly believe she can do something, and you're close by, then she might just be able to! Particularly large or impressive miracles may require the direct faith of more than a single person, however; possibly much more.
  • Dislikes Resizing Others: Although she'll happily change her own size on a whim, she doesn't like altering the size of others, especially on a permanent basis. She won't do so unless strictly necessary, or if asked to do so by someone that is very much in her favor.
  • Cannot Force Love: Love that is forced is not love - it's a vile, unnatural compulsion. Not only is Fujiko incapable of inducing 'love' on someone, she breaks any such compulsory infatuation upon a person (like, say, being under the influence of a 'love potion' or charm magic) simply by speaking to them or touching them. Only a free heart can truly love, after all. This does mean, however, that aside from her limited empathy and telepathy, she's not much better at cultivating love than any other kind-hearted intelligent being. She just tries harder!

The Current State of Her Faith

Leadership of the Faith
High Priest/ess: None, currently

Patron Saints
Patron Saint of Gentle Affection: None, currently
Patron Saint of Selfless Generosity: None, currently
Patron Saint of Sensous Romance: None, currently
Patron Saint of Twisted Adoration: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

Champions of the Faith
Protector of Love's Heart: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Sage of Love's Mind: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
Warrior of Love's Might: None, currently

Priests, Priestesses and Lay-followers

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2 Re: Fujiko, aspiring Goddess of Love! on Thu Apr 04, 2013 9:53 am

I'm so delightfully amused to see that I've achieved a sacred title so quickly. Perhaps such twisted admiration runs both ways, hmm?

As is thoroughly appropriate, I quite love the woman Fujiko is. Wishing many lovely adventures for her in the coming months.

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3 Re: Fujiko, aspiring Goddess of Love! on Thu Apr 04, 2013 10:11 am

Kaneda wrote:I'm so delightfully amused to see that I've achieved a sacred title so quickly.
Well, you were such a devoted and wholehearted little plaything for your goddess, and such a perfect fit for the title, it seemed only natural to give it to you. But don't get your hopes up, little one - you're still just a foot-slave and toy for my amusement, if you keep defying my will.

*blinks a bit, shocked*

Oh my - did I actually say that? *Giggles sheepishly* My, I don't know what came over me...

Don't worry - I'm not turning evil. I'm just communicating in the language of dominance and submission; the language that lovely Erika understands best. It's important that she understands who the goddess is in this relationship, after all.

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4 Re: Fujiko, aspiring Goddess of Love! on Mon Apr 15, 2013 9:52 pm

*She bows and presses her right hand to her left wrist, then to her forehead*

I a-am honored to a-accept my role, F-Fujiko... I-I'll try and u-uphold my role t-to the best o-of my abilities.

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5 Re: Fujiko, aspiring Goddess of Love! on Mon Apr 15, 2013 10:21 pm

Aeraekar wrote:I a-am honored to a-accept my role, F-Fujiko... I-I'll try and u-uphold my role t-to the best o-of my abilities.
*Huggles Aeraekar*

You'll do fine, hun. It's simple, really - just protect people that need it from those who would see love and kindness trampled underfoot. Those who would foster paranoia and distrust among their fellows, those who would abuse the kindness of others, those that delight in ruining relationships and lives, those would see their fellow men cast into endless, abject despair... those are your enemies.

Don't kill 'em if you don't have to. Everyone killed is some mother's son or daughter; don't cause unnecessary grief. But if you just absolutely don't have any other option, well, the world as a whole probably isn't going to miss them much.

Whatever you do, hun, try to keep a smile on your face and hope in your heart. And remember; if you need me for anything, even if it's just advice, someone to talk to, or a cuddle to stave off loneliness, I'm only a prayer away.

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