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Kenan Von Kaiser

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1Kenan Von Kaiser Empty Kenan Von Kaiser on Thu Jul 04, 2019 2:50 am

A long time ago their was a female goddess of war and destruction named Bellona before she got the destruction part she was just a newby goddess who became a goddess after slayed and led a assault to slay a galactic beast! She loved to fight and kick ass but being a goddess she had responsibility now and had mature up. She made friends with Athena who helped her become a pr
oper goddess of virtue but every time she spar and fight her lust for battle grew inside her before snapping out of it.

Later she was invited to the Norse mythology for a party and amazing rough time! Against Athena wishes she went anyway and when she came back she became back to her old self a badass girl who wants to fight anyone and everyone! Her lust for fighting and power grew until she overpowered all the gods and slayed a celestial of might gaining infinite strength! Thanks to Athena massive wisdom she led a entire army of every God in every pantheon to stop her and as soon as she was bested she transmuted her soul into the sword before being obliterated!

Later she would be reincarnated to me but as Joke from the celestial they made me super super tiny so that I will not be a threat to no one and the blade was lost to time however if they were to reunite her power will be mine. Her sword was far from my reach and unfortunately I am not aware of my reincarnation with her I was born in a tiniest land hidden from everyone the incredible tiny race called specktite called gardenia. I wanted to see the world beyond but my father the mayor forbid as its a race full of massive creatures beyond our understanding. None of us believed in any goddess our purpose was to survive and build a future for next generation in secret! My curiosity overwhelmed me and I decided to venture out into the world and as I ran up the trees I saw the beautiful landscape from the top of a tree and it was amazing! I set out to explore the new world and find what is in store for me the land was much bigger than my land!

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