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Journal of Amelia Stalph

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1Journal of Amelia Stalph Empty Journal of Amelia Stalph on Wed Jan 30, 2019 8:59 am

<This appears to be the journal of a cleric known as Amelia. Notably there are some earlier pages that have been torn out.>


On a visit to Akarios Village, I noticed that it was more occupied than I was used to. Probably due to my normal visits being earlier in the day.

There was a mix of Giantess and Men waiting in the village, where I definitely didn't get to know everyone, there were a few whom introduced themselves.

First of all there was a Giantess, though not as large as many I've seen she was still about double my size. She was known a Ray, seemingly a warrior clad in armour with a heavy sword.
She wasn't hostile to me, though a bit mouthy to others. We conversed about various matters. Turns out she'd seemingly lost her way at some point, well at least that's what she said. she also pointed out a more sobering detail about herself. She's capable of absorbing dark energy into her being and use it to grow larger and if over used may cause her to lose control of herself.
I also shared some details myself, that I am a cleric devoted to Ariel and we also discussed Ernst, who she met earlier. She knows about his fear of giants and from my word, that he's rather difficult to get to working. We suggested that she could potentially act as acclimatisation for Ernst towards Giants, though I am a little worried about what her methods might be. She might not hold him in a perfect light.

Secondly there was a worn looking man, definitely a veteran, though there was also a sombre air to him as well.
His name was Jake and through his own word and those of others that he's been through a lot and from the looks of things he has quite a few regrets. I probably shouldn't trouble him about this, but if he needs assistance maybe it would be a good idea to help him out.

Finally there was a second giantess, who's attention was caught when I was discussing Ernst to Jake, who didn't seem know about him.
This one was an utter behemoth, going by the name of Sammy. She seems to have a distaste for gods, for reasons I couldn't comprehend, but she seemed interested, so I gave her a description of Ernst. She was eager to seek Ernst out, but knowing his fears such a thing would be counterproductive. Alas I don't think I was able to suppress her desires to hunt him down which may prove to be an issue.

After My conversations, I left to seek Ernst out, A task I've grown used to. When we met, I immediately tested him on his combat ability. I'm glad to say it was an improvement after last time. I then told him of Ray, the one he met a few hours ago, to fill him in on the details.

I'm definitely still worried about Ernst. His period of leave will expire soon so lets hope this helps.

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2Journal of Amelia Stalph Empty Re: Journal of Amelia Stalph on Sat Feb 02, 2019 7:17 pm


This was an interesting day. On a momentary trip to Poeta, to pray, I witnessed three ladies, two of a rather odd appearance. However, by the time I had reached the temple a daemon appeared, one that I had witnessed before.

I had caught attention and she followed me into the temple, a worrying sight indeed. Strangely enough she wasn't immediately aggressive to me. She tried to ease me into conversation, introducing herself as Nilvaxi, prompting me to respond in turn. soon afterwards she materialised some tea for the two of us, stating that it was 'Egyptian', whatever that means. It was alright, however while I was drinking she intentionally knocked me to my feet several times, insisting it was clumsiness, inching ever closer as she did so accentuating her overbearing presence and status.

She already knew that I was a priest devoted to Ariel, questioning my devotion. I remained steadfast. She did have a point that they can't necessary protect us from everything, considering she waltzed right into the temple, making sure to let it be know that she could level the place on a whim.
One would question why I didn't attempt to engage her. the matter is simple. I could feel that she was a daemon of great power through the sense of dread filling the air. To attempt to hold her off would be suicidal.
Strangely enough I feel rather gravitated towards her for reasons I can't fathom. There is the possibility that I'm being influenced but, it doesn't quite add up, I still remain my usual self.
Nilvaxi eventually left the temple and on parting mentioned that If I ever seeked out a new path in life, I meet with her.
This meeting is likely going to be hard to explain. but I'll cover for myself by suggesting this is for intel purposes. Though making contact with such a powerful daemon could have some benefits to it.
I mean if I ever need to it's me who will have to protect the ones I care about and if that means making some questionable alliances so be it.

When I left the temple myself, I witnessed quite the scene; two of the ladies from before one in strange garb with seemingly rabbit ears, carrying a strange device. and one who had a rather fox like feel to her. The two of them were towering above the village, the third missing.
Curiously Nilvaxi was there looking down at something on the ground, but then disappeared. I then went to investigate, just barely noticing the third lady. She had been shrunk down to about the size of my foot, which was concerning. The rabbit eared lady used the device to shrink herself down to normal size and started to get a little worried meanwhile the third lady tried to get their attention to try and restore her to her normal size but she was in vain.
In the shrunken ladies attempts, she walked back up against my foot, witnessing my presence. After the initial shock she requested that I try to take the device to her so that she could be returned to normal. Although I was not alright with the idea of theft, I couldn't help but try to help her in her time of need. We discussed how we were going to do this, with me pointing out that I'd not have time to hand it to her so I'd have to use the device on her.

When I made my move the rabbit eared lady was under the cover of the fox like woman's towering clothing. however the attempt was in vain, as the fox like woman had shifted back, showing me in broad daylight. Thinking I had been spotted I fell back, which was when I noticed that the shrunken lady had disappeared and just afterwards the fox lady kidnaped the other lady and left.

Cutting my losses I headed out of Akarios Village, preparing rendezvous with Ernst. But the shrunken lady returned, to my surprise. She asked if I had successfully accquired the device, but sadly I had to report my failings. She was quite distraught and bitter about this, but who can blame her, still stuck at such a perilous scale. She reprimanded me for my failing and my lack, of a remedy she referred to as a growth potion a sign that I was unprepared for such a happening.

I have failed to save someone again... this just serves to remind my of that event.
The one that shook me to my very core.

If I ever see her again I should make it up to her.

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3Journal of Amelia Stalph Empty Re: Journal of Amelia Stalph on Wed Feb 20, 2019 4:46 pm


A strange thing happened today. On a routine visit to Akarios to pray, I came across that young lady who got kidnapped a few weeks ago. Turns out she was aware at my earlier attempts to seize the device she was using to rescale people and questioned me about it. I explained to her that it was to try and return the girl who was shrunk when I met her to normal size. She also questioned why I did this, where I responded it was out of goodwill.

She eventually talked her way into assisting me, suggesting that it would make us friends, introducing herself as 'Z'. Her means of assisting, were unique to say the least. She shrunk me down, so that I could search at a more level perspective, but I think her intent was a little different. We got past Cliona Lake, before I was returned to normal size due to complaints about maintaining grip while I was being transported by her.
I searched the banks of the river and the lake itself, conversing with my companion. About Ernst, about our ages, about ascension. But the conversation soon shifted to the Asmodians. I don't really like to discuss this but eventually she convinced me to tell her why I despise the Asmodians. It was very much painful to relive. She told me that I couldn't possibly destroy the Asmodians and I fear she is right. In my depressive mood she somehow managed to pacify and calm me down a bit.
I'm not sure that she was taking my plight entirely seriously but eventually the conversation turned to the idea of enlarging me, as a possible way to deal with them. However I really don't like the idea of me becoming enlarged... It doesn't sound or feel right. Plus it's embarrassing.
Ultimately due to the fact that she seems likely to get into trouble a lot I decided to vow to protect this 'Z'. I don't know what it is but there's something oddly endearing about her.

I had to leave eventually, Ernst has his first day back at working on the census, so I visited him to see if he was ok.

He doesn't seem too confident.

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