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Ernst's Toil

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1Ernst's Toil Empty Ernst's Toil on Sat Dec 01, 2018 6:28 pm

"After a short break, Ernst is to get back to work with giant investigation work. The Elyos need more intel on the giants present in Elysia and Ernst has been dispatched to collect data on various giant sightings, with the goal of producing a sort of census."

Basically Ernst is going to meet a few giants.

To start off with Ernst will be briefed in Eltnen Fortress by Telemachus, where he will be given the locations of 1-3 sightings of giants.
One Regular Sized actor (Act as an aid to brigade general, making sure that Ernst is going to get to work, rather limited and optional)

For each giant sighting (depends on a few factors.) Ernst will attempt to approach your location and on sighting he will introduce himself and try to learn some information about the giant to add to his report.
The location is down to the giant's choice, as long as I am made aware of it. (Good locations: Eltnen, Herion, Verteron, Oriel)
One to Three Giantesses, Giants or Mixed Size actors (result will depend on a physical characteristic of the actor, this interaction has the pontential to go horribly wrong, and I have no problem if it does.)

Between Giant sightings Ernst may be given work by other people, usually in villages. This is optional but it will help ingrain Ernst's lore as a long suffering errand boy.
Example tasks:
Kill mobs
Deliver bread to Agairon village
Optionally these people may be able to join Ernst while he's investigating.
1-2 Actors (Preferably not Giant characters)

Once Ernst has done his investigations and the other tasks he's been delegated, he will report back to Eltnen Fortress and free himself of work for a time.

He will then go to Dionysia Tavern (if it's available) or Akarios village (if not) to spend the rest of his day. This will mark the end of the session.
Anyone can be present including prior actors. (Though Giants may have an impact on his behaviour.)

This will likely involve a fair bit of improv, just a warning.

So what do you all think? Worth a shot?

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2Ernst's Toil Empty Re: Ernst's Toil on Fri Jan 25, 2019 5:04 pm

It seems unlikely this suggestion would be reasonably doable. Not enough people and a little too vague as well.

If I were to do this it would have to be reworked, mostly cutting down on the number of people necessary for the scenario. (Preferably around 2-4 excluding myself.) Think I'd need to elaborate a little more on the roles as well.

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