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Ernst's Logs

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1 Ernst's Logs on Sun Nov 25, 2018 2:29 am

<A pile of disorganised documents, with handwriting that isn't exactly neat. The writer not been keeping good security regarding these, so they could easily be picked up by others or lost.>

Log 01

So this is the start of the new logs that Telemachus had requested I write. They wanted me to right these as a summary of what I had discovered out on the field.

I was briefed in Eltnen about my new role, investigating the giants of Atreia. I was dispatched to investigate the sighting of a giant in Poeta of all places, in spite of my protest.
I thought Poeta was a calm place.

Literally the moment I teleported to Poeta, I was met with the leg of someone who towered over all of Akarios Village. It was a terrifying sight to behold and in that moment I panicked really badly, nearly loosing some of the equipment I had. I ended up at the top of Akarios plains, where I had a moment to come to my senses.

Not long afterwards another daeva, a horned woman teleported in next to me, which caught me off guard a little. She seemed quite interested in why I was here, but I couldn't afford to explain that I was not following my duties. after I 'explained' my plight about getting errands forced apon me by the guardians higher up the chain of command, or even regular people, she left saying that she had errands to do in quite the jolly tone. I'm not sure if this was meant to be reassuring or mocking.

I made my way back to Akarios Village, to check if the coast was clear. Conveniently no giant! There was a lone Gladiator present who clearly had witnessed my earlier encounter. He asked if I was alright. Knowing that he had seen what happened I asked him to not tell everyone about this. I hope he doesn't. I then left the village and teleported out of Poeta.

Not that long afterwards Amelia had found me and asked about my work. I told her that I had done some preliminary investigations into the matter, but she saw right through it. She eventually got the truth out of me that my encounter with the giant had gone poorly and the sighting of it drove me to panic. After she heard this she tried to comfort me and suggested that I wait for more sighting of giants, and talk with the locals to get more information. She also reassured me that "Surely not all of the giants are that massive."


End of log

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