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The Neviwind

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1The Neviwind Empty The Neviwind on Wed Oct 31, 2018 12:40 pm


An aged man sits on the same desk he's sat on for over 70 years. His body is withered by age, but his mind is sharp as ever, committing to memory almost anything he reads. His posture is hunched forward as he slowly reads whichever document is placed on his table and places it in the filing category deemed fit. It's been his task for as long as he could remember, and he was good at it. Once he tried to retire, but doing nothing simply did not sit with him and he was back on the task in no time.

"Erosion report for the beach in Verteron" Boring as ever. Who reads these anyway?

"Training exercise in the Fortress of Eltnen" A little bit more interesting, details of the exercise are sometimes repetitive however.

"Minor clashes between trigger happy Elyos and Asmodian patrols in Akaron" Those guys really need to stop fighting each other and focus on the Balaur.

"Repairs required in Poeta to rebuild a church, casualties reported in a recent battle" This church again.

"Patrol in Balaur liberatd Inggison uncovers a cave that was previously buried" Wait.. What?

The man scanned this report judiciously, he had seen this before. He was sure, it was the same location, but this was so long ago. Almost 70 years ago, the same cave. The report lists a military patrol in the area which stumbled on what appears to have been an entrance to a cave. Some digging revealed a passage within but they did not venture inside. Instead they had called for back up.

Heaving himself up, the man decided to find that old report. Perhaps he could save them some trouble. Ascending to the Sanctum Library he would spend a few hours looking through ancient records, he could not find the report. In fact, there was nothing recorded on that day, at all. This was impossible, there were hundreds of documents in any given day. For a whole day to be devoid of any paperwork? It meant only one thing.

This is a cover up, someone wanted this cave to disappear 70 years ago.

Maybe there was something else he could look for. Expenses! He looked at expenses, now that he knew the exact date it was not hard to get accounting to at least allow him to take a look. There was so much data to sift through, but the relevant ones were eventually easy to sort out. Date and location known, it was just a matter of isolating relevant information. A timeline began to take place.

9:13 AM: Excavation equipment Clearly digging and clearing the opening, no surprise there

2:22 PM: Various power sources and connection mechanisms What on earth were they trying to activate?

3:43 PM: 20 Man held beacons. Common for explorers

4:17 PM: Emergency teleportation for a healer from Sanctum. One beacon to be sent back for analysis. Only one? what happened to the other 19?

8:32 PM: Backfilling equipment this time. So they wanted to bury it?

A picture was begging to form, but there was one more avenue of investigation to be explored. 19 explorers would not simply disappear so easily. The man went to the one place where such events were focused on; the newspaper. Once more he found himself haggling and running through bureaucratic hoops until he was allowed into the archives.

20 explorers killed in a cave-in 20? but there was a survivor, and it sure as hell wasn't a cave-in

Well this was a suspicious series of events and Jerandill would want to hear of this! The aged man gathered the collection of contradicting papers and set off for the higher levels of Sanctum again. He was so excited and eager, he did not think that whoever covered this event 70 years ago, might still want to keep it buried. It was so he did not notice the hooded figure that crept up behind him, he never felt the blade.

The man collapsed to the floor, his last sights were of a man picking up his papers and disappearing into the night.

This event will be of the plot to explore Neviwind and uncover what killed all those people, as well as who and why they are trying to cover it up. It will run on a few sessions I expect, it will be possible to join it at any time but the Neviwinter is a secluded area where character abilities are greatly inhibited and teleportation in or out is not possible.

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