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The Size Casino

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1The Size Casino Empty The Size Casino on Sat Sep 22, 2018 5:26 pm

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Use: //goto Casino to warp right to the location!
(Custom goto added  by Kate)


This is a basic Idea I've had for a while now and aim to pursue as of late I don't know how it'll be received, or if it'll be liked but it could bring some fresh wind or give people something to do. Atleast that's the motivation behind any of this nothing more, nothing less.

Playing in the Casino:

Upon entering the Casino [Located in the backroom of the Pandaemonium Bar] every participant/player is given a total of 100 Tokens. These represent 100% of your characters size (Losing 1 equals = size 0.99 etc)

Casino Rules:

1. Everyone is forced size 1.00 upon entering the Casino.

2. Should you drop below 100 Tokens the change in your base size only kicks in upon leaving the Casino, to prevent characters that can grow freely and at will from just growing back they'll be forced to stay at their new reduced size for 24 OOC Hours. After which they can grow back.

3. Tokens can be 'consumed' or rather cracked to gain a percentual increase in height even after leaving the Casino, they can not be traded or given to another player but 'used on one' if that makes any sense.

4. Even if your character is immune to size-changing taking the bet and losing will affect them for 24 hours aswell, after which they pop back into what they used to be.

Additional Information:

There are only a few game modes so far I could think of off scratch. One of them being a High/Low bet upon which a d100 dice is rolled 1-50 equals 'Low' and 51-100 'High' a win will cash out twice of the Tokens you betted. Upon winning a player may cash out or try 'double or nothing' which is a second round that can either result in doubling their won Tokens [This can stack] or losing everything including their initial bet.

The second game mode also features the 'double or nothing' function but is a Quiz. Due to questions simply being able to be googled the Quiz mode is limited to three times a day per Character.

Update / New Game Mode: "Duel" yet another dice rolling game. Two players bet the same amount of token then roll the dices (Max 100) whoever rolls higher wins, whoever first accumulates three 'victories' in the round will win and gain all token placed on the table.

(Sample) Round 1: X - 45; Y - 56; Round 2: X - 22; Y - 89; Round Three: X - 1; Y - 32

Three wins ahead of your enemy equals winning.


Initially you can only play in the Casino through interactions with 'Gold' but if it's popular etc I might appoint additional Showrunners to take over in my place should I not be available.

"Using" Tokens Explained: Tokens can be 'cracked' outside of the Casino resulting in a 1% increase to your natural size per token consumed. This does -not- work on yourself if you only have the basic 100 in your posession for these represent 100% of your own base height. You can still 'use' them on someone else but it'll be at the cost of your own height, if you have above the freebie 100 you can use the excess without a debuff to your own size.

Update: A percentual increase was a nice thought but the new token conversion will be that 100 T are equal to 1 Size as in the numerical input on //appearance size X <- Easier to do and calculate this way!


So yea that's all for now, Feel free to suggest additional game modes, I was also thinking about adding prices as in IC objects one can earn with enough tokens but it's all a rough draft so far and pretty barebones. If you like this and all feel free to either write below or PM me directly so that we can shape this into something entertaining as a community together.

IC Background:

You're feeling weak, smoll and simply not appreciated? You have this void in your life you need filled..? You simply can't afford the mysterious Growth potions spread on the market as of late; and can't just alter yours at will..? You seek to achieve greatness, and don't mind taking a risk..?

...Or maybe win a few inches for your beloved? ..Maybe it's just the thrill that draws you in..? No matter what, you'll find all of that and more in the backarea of the Pandaemonium Bar!

-Free Drinks for Players -- A cooperation with the local establishment.

*You put down the flyer you just came across by chance or luck, or just glanced over in someone elses hands.. What you make of this information is all up to you..*


Thank you for your time!


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Current Token list:

Zodick - 100
Gwyndolin - 10
Fuuka - 788
Janus - 10
Chester - 190

Ellen - 350

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2The Size Casino Empty Re: The Size Casino on Sat Sep 22, 2018 6:10 pm

This idea is superb! In my opinion, it's a good way for adding variety to the gameplay. The rules look simple and could create interesting and fun interactions, both inside and outside this casino. This way storytelling can become more interesting! I can imagine some of my characters are preparing for a tough fight IC and news about this casino reaches their ears. "I need that size advantage! Why shouldn't I stake everything on the line for that size buff?"

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3The Size Casino Empty Re: The Size Casino on Wed Sep 26, 2018 12:24 am

i need try it one day Razz

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