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Someone's Chapter

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1Someone's Chapter Empty Someone's Chapter on Tue Jul 24, 2018 12:13 pm


Name: ?
Age: 543.
Appeared age: Middle twenties.
Home world: ?
Race/species: ?
Family: ?
Height: Around 183cm.
Weight: Around 80kg.
Eyes: Cyan.
Hair: White, medium length.
Skin: Pale white.
Gender: Male.
Occupation: Wanderer.
Goals: ?
Allegiance: ?
Other names: Someone.

At this point of time little is known about him, where did he come from? What does he seek? How he came to be like this? Only his age, appearance are known and the fact that all authority, harmony, and order in society are not existent in his world of view.

Powers and abilities:
With that being said practically nothing is known about him, this also addresses his own powers. He claims to be a powerless, ordinary human with no special merits in his strengths or anything. But those, who witnessed him in combat before trembled in fear and were left mentally unstable, but most of them never lived to tell the tale. They say that when he fights he goes for the kill in the most extraordinary ways. He never takes a chance in being honorable, he has forsaken mercy long time ago. Is being armed with the rusty blade enough to do the job? How can a mere human be this deadly? Or is he human to even begin with? The only hints to his abilities were recorded in the sources of Baltasar hill village. A charred letter was torn from the book, which said the following: “Several years ago a mysterious creature emerged from the grace of the shiny gem, this creature killed upon sight and puked darkness out of it’s mouth. As soon as it appeared this creature vanished and a white haired man was left standing in the bath of blood, grasping the darkness with his own hands he devoured shadows and enjoyed the feast thoroughly..” The description matched the intelligence on Someone, but there was also an underlined text below the letter: “Devil has more than one body.” But everything might just be a myth, because never again did he show a similar display.

Most of the things are unknown about him except for the facts that he is several centuries old and he’s an outsider to Atreia. Many claims that he’s in fact immortal, because how can a mere human live for this long? But what was the cause for his immortality, how did he ascend to this? Is it immortality to begin with?

Log entry 1: Life is my hobby.

I slept for far too long in this glacier and my shoulders, and joints feels way too stiff. Although I’m satisfied with the fact that this body is still operating, my senses remained intact as I can see. Think I’ll need some clothes for this, as it would be a horrible idea to scare away weak minded and flesh driven humans in public by showing off myself the way I was created. Oh well, I’ll figure this out somehow... No one can see me in this night anyway. The napping took longer than I expected.. I do wonder how this world has changed though.

Just the look of this ginormous glacier reminds me how shitty I performed last time, but the mistakes are expected and I can’t change this about myself. Most of the things that happened so far were only mistakes that I committed, but since I am here and now... ah.. I can even smell the air of this place.. feels nostalgic... I can redo my life once again. The block of ice is thawing around my knee, it’s hard to move with that bitch clinging to me. I considered about cutting the lower half of my leg first, but I decided to remain patient in the end.

Writing entries is unnatural for me, my fingers are shivering and on top of that I’m out of meaningful ideas. However, every record is necessary to count the time, it’s all a part of this prolonged process in making history. After quite a while I can start with the introduction at least, no one knows if I will be succeeding my task in retrieving my past recordings or not, so a short one should do for now.

Good evening, good morning, good whatever... Politeness is not my biggest strength, it tends to be meaningless, because as a matter of fact I never usually meet people twice, it takes more than that. People are boring, they are just self-centered addicts of foolishness and instruments for chaos and destruction. But where am I even going with this? One day all of them will see for themselves, when heavens will rain down upon them. When their flesh will be torn open and their hearts will be exposed to each other. I’ve seen many things, as a matter of fact nothing really surprises me anymore after these five long and boring centuries. Atreia? It sure sounds like home, like a comfort zone of mine. Giant women? Gods and Goddesses? Monsters? DRAGONS? After witnessing almost everything I have nothing else to see.. I’ve been here and I’ve been there.. I’ve been doing this and I’ve been doing that.. I’ve been in hell, but I’ve also been in heaven, yes those places do exist if you think about it. Demons? In my opinion each and everyone of us can become a demon, it’s not a strange idea. Did I mention that most of the Goddesses are fake in Atreia? Like they do pretend to be divine judges, but in the end they only meet their end.. What irritates me the most is the fact that everyone likes to play with power, but do they even know what power is? For example I like flowers, I enjoy their grace and beauty, but then some ill mannered uneducated power creep barges in and tramples them. It only means one thing, they disgraced me and they must learn how to behave. If you are thinking that I am full of myself, remember this, - not at all! I’ve been disgraced for far too long and right now I only feel pity for these creatures, because my awakening is here and now.

Was that a good introduction? I think not, but do I even care? Not at all. My name has been forgotten long time ago, in fact I don’t need a name, I’m just some person, just a someone... A person, who erased his own existence, because I don’t need one to lead a successful life. I’m just an observer of this world, a natural law to it’s order. A wanderer, who hardly even interferes with the flow of things, but sometimes I have my own agendas, sometimes I live for something. But it doesn’t matter for now, I need to lick my wounds and look for a certain person. With my return things will go busy and surely entertaining.

How did I end up in this glacier though? It’s an insanely strange situation. I think I died twice or thrice? Maybe I didn’t die? But some memories feels muzzled... Allow me to recreate the scenery. It’s a fragment of a long tale, which shaped the history anew, a period of time when I felt like a hero, but for who’s sake really?

In the gloom the gathering storm abated, in the endless lines of  approaching chaos fragile souls ready for consumption awaited. Men of steel and blood were gazing at Armageddon’s reach with their very own dead eyes they did not see light, nor darkness in the carnage that was about to unfold. Songs of courage and mourning were about to be screamed on the upcoming day, oh if it ever was to come for some... No one was certain, whose side was right, no one wanted to give in to this demise of endless slaughter. Operation Red Tomorrow was their savior, no... It was their Overlord... Raging thunder and rising waves of ideals were about to clash in the hearts of the bravery and selflessness. Melody of the wild dance echoed within their souls as they were about to get themselves in the claws of fiery death.

We were gazing at the fury of the approaching storm, we were many, they were more. We had friends, family, bonds, ambitions, ideals and dreams, - they possessed the same. Some of us were shaking in the puking, merciless fear, some of us were ready to offer everything, in the end everyone was about to face the same fate. No escape, no tomorrow, only laments and murderous intent... What was it to us? To die as a hero? What was a hero in the first place? We were no better, just a bunch of blood lusty murderers, a gathering of outlaws and simple commoners alike, only one thing united us, - Peaceful times, to end the conflict, to see next generation lead a better life. We hoped for the light of mercy to shine on us once again.

He was a man, who had nothing, - no family, no love or compassion, no sense of fear or bravery, he was just standing in the frontlines awaiting for the signal of deadly battle. He craved for peace, to rebuild this world from ashes and to realize his newfound goals. She was a woman, she had everything, - family by her side, a lover and a sense of duty to protect the love, even if she had to pay the ultimate price. These people were standing beside me, nothing else mattered to us... We were united by the same end goal... We were an army of rebels, we betrayed our ideals and our people just to end this madness once and for all.

And here I was standing tall before them all, I was no one, but a mere outsider, but yet I was their savior, a leader with an agenda of my own, - a power hungry and vengeful spirit, but at the same time I wanted to end this war myself. An ultimate test of my power it was, with a mark of death on my flesh I was gazing at them with my darkened eyes, there was no hope, no savior in me, however they saw me as a different person and my prideful ego could not let these people down. My raised sword reflected the sun on their faces, I looked over my own shoulder and signaled the beginning of the end with my free arm. A shout of courage pierced through millions of ears and then nothing, but trails of crimson blood and darkness followed in this deafening silence of chaos..

Thus my memory diminished, not that it diminished completely... but I remember doing something entirely different at that very same time, but everything led me to this one fateful point and then I was put to sleep for years to come. I also know, who did this kind of trick, because I am well aware with all the ice users around, it’s not a big challenge to my mind to figure it out really. And as always... this ice will melt before my eyes. I’m glad to be alive again, so glad in fact that I must continue with this hobby of mine. However, I leave it like this for the time to come. Retrieving my infamous sword comes first, dressing comes second and then my mission will take it’s priority.

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