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Quixel Kayln Kajar

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The Era of Aequalitas and The Disappearance of Quixie Kajar. (WiP more to come)

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Quixel Kayln Kajar

Quixel Kayln Kajar
Giantess Matriarch
The Era of Aequalitas and The Disappearance of Quixie Kajar.


So much has changed since i first began my adventure in this world, but nothing would ever prepare me for the events that culminate to my life..

My earliest memories were not happy ones, growing up imprisoned with my mother seeing her beaten, tormented and clinging to life. Try as she did to protect me it was untimely fruitless it was heartbreaking seeing her struggle from the torment and pain the mortals hurled at her, just for being a goddess.

I couldn't stand it any longer and something... snapped within me giving unparalleled strength to fight back only to fail and have their efforts turned to me and forced to endure harsh trials in order to test these hidden abilities.

This went on for countless years with the main instigator being a man called Damus, an extremely smug and arrogant man with a vicious streak to find answers to his questions. He become obsessed by finding out how i could have been born as there was no sign it should have happened and pressured my mother to reveal who my father was, but she never gave it up.

Little did i know there was a grander scheme to their plans outside of my walled prison, but one day.... Falin... managed to break into their base in an effort to free Freyja, my mother. He had no idea i existed and the shock hit him pretty hard, was this man my father? i always assumed that he was.

Falin was only able to free one of us and my mother insisted he take me away from this place over her. I didn't want to leave her alone here, i couldn't help but cry at being separated from her. It became apparent that Falin's break in had been noticed and forced us to leave as he dragged me away under his arm.

And so... that was the start of my somewhat normal childhood growing up in a snowy village in the mountains. Over time i began honing my skills and started to learn more about my kind and family history.

We were Valkyries, who help the warriors who've shown great battle prowess and honour to ascend to the great halls of Valhalla upon their death overseen by my mother Freyja the goddess of battle and the last of her kind.

The bloodline of the gods died out many thousands of years ago due to the mortals who grew tired of appeasing them believing themselves to be better than them. A conflict emerged once Freyja's sister was killed by mortals seeding her hatred of them growing worse over the mistreatment she suffered.

The gods had the upper hand over the mortals who easily had time on their side. However one sorcerer enacted a curse upon the gods making the males become infertile and thus would eventually ending them.

Sometime after my mother was taken by the mortals who no longer respected her and began to mistreat her. I later found out that eventually Falin freed her and brought that whole place down severely injuring Damus in the process, but she never showed her face in the world of atrea again.

In this day and age people were seemingly more accepting about who you were and with Falin's permission i went out to explore the world taking my mothers title as my own. A great warrior who could protect and destroy those who would do harm to our world.

I've met so many wonderful friends, foiling the destruction of poeta from my evil half, saving the world from destruction on a near weekly basis, marrying the love of my life, having three wonderful children, losing... my husband.... losing... my... husband... losing... my......

i couldn't think clearly at this point... i know Jake was killed by my evil half, i know it.... I'll confront her and rid this world of her once and for all. But... in my own foolishness and grief history is doomed to repeat itself. It appears Quixi had a deal with that same group going by Aequalitas who held me and my mother prisoner and using Jake as bait to lure me in to their trap.

How long have i been here, why isn't anyone coming to save me. I just don't have the energy anymore... my motivation for living has gone...

Current Story

Quixie was last seen outside Haramel the location of Jake's death and has not been seen afterwards. The world has since gone through a drastic change where normal women are growing taller and men are becoming stronger.

The cause seems to be a mysterious liquid that has been appearing around the world as of late and no one seems to know where it comes from. Upon investigating further a group know only as Aequalitas seem to be supplying the cities with a limited supply.

Those with vast money and influence grew to monopolise it even though it was never the intention. The dynamic of what was considered to be normal was changing as time went on. However this was only a minor issue in comparison to the whole thing.

It came to light several high profile members of the group were influencing the elyos and asmodian races with their actions to further their own goals and plans. How far is their reach? what is their ultimate goal? who are they?

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