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Subject: Unknown

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1 Subject: Unknown on Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:07 am

Substory; Chapter 1 - Beyond the reach of Light

(This is a Substory blog for 'A meaningless Tale' you can find it in this section of the forum too should it interest you!)


Years ago; Brusthonin the wasteland infected by the dead.. A hooded man sat next to a half way crumbled hut and sharpened his axe with a wedgestone carefully and precisely moving it along the sharpened edge. The being seemed devoid of light, purple hues glowing beyond the cowl, piercing through the darkness with naught but their gaze and after sharpening the egde once more he dropped the stone he held in hand, rising back to his feet as he swung the axe over his shoulder. As if he expected it a metal-clad boot stomped down just infront of him the hut he used as refuge crumbeling pathetically. Looking up he took note of firey red hair, and a mask covering this new enemies face. Words were spoken, a battle begun dragging along the abandoned fields...

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The outcome is history, not seen by many but so impactful. Days later this hooded beings existence would seize to be, born from a dark ritual that stripped a rather hot headed Hero of his own powers, leaving only shadows lingering in his frame. Jake, both were him but at the same time so inherently different as the curse was broken his being was restored, this side of his conciousness seemed to have vanished becoming a part of the whole again.. But life, life would always find a way.


A fleeting meeting, the bar high above the skies in the Elysen capital Sanctum. A bit past the outskirts floating on it's own little island often used for trades and the likes a fateful meeting occured. Inhabitants of Atreia came together, some well known faces from all over the split world and new ones however it took but a moment to initiate something greater as a once well known hero stepped into the establishment in tow with someone he apparently met outside - a robed woman with white-ish hair and purple hues both came to stand on one side of the bar and ordered their respective drinks chatting whilst doing so casually. The blonde male had almost piercing, bright blue eyes strands of his ashblonde hair hung into his face, his gaze was soft and friendly but couldn't quite mask the general look of concern and sadness that lingered in his every gaze.

But this old man wasn't so ordinary indeed, every fiber of his being radiated with power -- Or atleast one would've expected that going by the tales of the offworlder that faced cruel Gods, dark spirits, demons.. And even returned from beyond the veil, the Afterlife. But that just wasn't the case he seemed almost ordinary. Had these just been tales, or was there more to it indeed..? A delicate hand reached out to pluck a single hair that had descended upon his left shoulder, quickly dropped into a little vial that was promptly corked up. The day passed.. without anyone noticing or giving it as much as a thought.

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Later the robed witch formerly mentioned analyzed the sample, to her surprise the potential of this DNA, of a so-called Lyrian male was a perfect match to the assumedly exaggerated stories revolving around the elder male. Whilst showing a certain resiliance to a few common sicknesses, being much more dense then anything comparable by humanoid standards there was another factor, the cells seemed to die off much quicker then any others. Almost implying that it was just a natural occurance, like generations of premature death had lead to this point in evolution the world it stemmed from must be a rather peculiar place. The quickened decline was one factor but incline seemed affected aswell those who beared Lyrian blood seemed to mature much, much faster in general. But for the most the various resistances and behavior under pressure and the likes, mayhaps even the attunement to a single element. Those were the traits our witch seemed most interested in for reasons, reasons that remained pretty much unknown.. A shade and an angel's heart were brought into the laboratory and again we skip some time forwards.

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Pressure.. The inability to breath.. These feelings accompanied my dream, the first I'd memorize but most certainly not the last. In the scene that played out infront of me I looked down upon the double-edged axe I held in hand, breathing.. My vision is clouded, and I turn to face what's directly ahead a woman - levitating clad in a dark attire and a scythe so ominously hovering by her side. My grip on my weapon tightened I drew my arm back, lead my second hand to the hilt and swung it vertically the weapon seemed instantly coated in a thin purple shade.. I've put everything I had into this swing, the edge approached my enemy but --.. It just bounced off before it even hit her. Being thrown back by the recoil I rolled over the grass and ended up on my back gazing skywards.. Clouds, pain sinking in the inability to even sit up straightly.

"You should've obeyed my command; as you are now there is no way you can even ever hope to damage me anymore.. Give it up and embrace your new place in life, your new place under -my- command."

Her laughter echoed all around me resonating from all sides like it would haunt me in the nights to come, eternally.. Again and again. But even though it seemed utterly pointless to carry on I still hadn't let go of my axe, using it to pull myself back up - first on my knees then after catching a short breather back to my full height, panting heavily. It seemed that the aura that coated my weapon prevented me from hitting, a neglection of the element I drew use of.. No, a complete anullation was more accurate I examined my free hand and clenched it into a tight fist but as soon as I did the darkness shrouded it a new this wasn't something I could just turn off. Would her threats come true, was this my fate..? But then there were new voices.. Voices that sounded familiar..!

"J-... tak-.. thi-..!"

"Yo-.. -an't.. gi-.. up-.. now!"


But why were they so quite, why couldn't I hear them clearly..? So distorted and torn unrecognizable and yet clearly something I knew..! Something approached, landed directly infront of me. A blade that radiated a bright light and a gentle coldness at the same time. It felt like an old friend, and thus instinctivly I discarded my axe and reached out for it, forwards inching closer and closer.. The very tips of my fingers made contact, and then. Everything simply faded away my limbs, my vision my hand - the scene that played out just now it all dissappeared! The darkness of the void overtaking, the pressure around me increasing further. And suddenly I realized that I couldn't breath to begin with.. My mind was wandering, thoughts going wild what happened what was this scene. Have I.. died? I tried to move bringing forth my hand it felt clunky to move like a goo-ish substance was holding me in place, it was difficult but I tried to open my eyes.. And I could make out but a few things I seemed to be in a container of sorts or a tube? Made of glass, there indeed was liquid all around me and just beyond the cover I could make out a shiluette a form belonging to something or someone watching me. I tried to tap against the glass, a dull noise resonating through the interior and the liquid as I still imagined to suffocate due to the lack of air but it never actually seemed to get that far somehow. The hatch emitted some steam as it opened up, the fluid around me leaking out, my body feeling incredibly limb as I merely fell down upon the stairs, attempting to support myself with my arms.

Shaking my muscles not yet fully awake and yet I felt this inner will to keep on pushing the refusal, flat out denial even to fall.. And as I watched my shaking limbs straining to do so it occured to me.. Who am I? Where was I? .. What happened..? The initial dream suddenly didn't seem as clear as before anymore, but I did remember the figurine I spotted through the glass, looking up I gazed into a pair of eyes towering above. And everything around me faded, I collapsed on the ground, unconciously.

Rays of sunlight shined through the window as I came to again.. I was lying in a bed, and sat up straightly to look around the place seemed to have seen better days the decor, fireplace and furniture looked a bit withered, the red carpet on the floor a bit tattered. About to inspect more my gaze shifted over to the door, footsteps were approaching and it opened promptly a woman walking in, horns adorning her scalp, her hair bright in color she carried a tablet filled with breakfast ranging from toast to eggs, over some oranges. Not feeling particularly hungry I started off with one of the oranges, peeling off the skin to dig my teeth into the juicy, fruity flesh. The female and I conserved her general tone when adressing me seemed to entail some sort of concern or worry, and even though she gave out no real details asking me to not push my recovery.. She assured me it'd all come back in time and invited me to join her on a walk through the castle.. manor? Whatever it was.

Getting out of bed I noticed that my reflexes still weren't fully active yet I could stand, evidently as I just got up the lady gestured towards a blackened garb and asked me to get dressed.. I did and noticed that two weapons were leaning unto the wall next to the fireplace a massive greatsword adorned with a radiantly shining gem just above the hilt.. And.. My eyes widened a little, it was the very same axe from the dream I had..! Hesitating at first I picked up both pieces of equipment, attatching the axe to my belt and strapping the blade over my back.. Before heading out I gazed into a mirror nearby.

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"Who am I.. What am I.. I suppose so far..? The answers to that remain Unknown."

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