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Kyro's Kharacter Konvention: The Skelians

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1 Kyro's Kharacter Konvention: The Skelians on Thu May 31, 2018 12:56 pm


Figured I'd go ahead and put my character profiles in a centralized place, than get blue in the face explaining them to each new person I meet -- or each time my memory shits the bed and I think I neglected to tell someone who already knew.

Several of my characters can be grouped into a subset listed above as THE SKELIANS, for their homeland. Individualized, story-based profiles will be created for each at a later date. For now, this post explains what SKELIA once was, along with a brief summary of the characters who hail from it and their relationship to it.

PART ONE: The land of SKELIA:

Another place, far away across the stars, Skelia was a younger world than most, rife with magic. The planet was dominated geographically by a single, contiguous continent, bearing the same name of the world it was situated on. To its people, Skelia was the continent and the world: the everything.

A wide variety of sentient races came to inhabit Skelia, though they all shared a common ancestor through the WOOD ELF. The elves, who came to inhabit the southern jungles in prehistoric times, evolved and adapted to better suit their environments: The MOLOKI of the east grew burlier and taller than their elven ancestors, gaining a great deal of stamina and fleetness of foot to traverse the harsh high deserts and plateau-plains. The arrogant, self-proclaiming SKELICS developed in the north, as the shorter, scrappier and obligatorily human race. Their abilities to survive came not from their physical attributes, but their ingenuity and intelligence, and the Skelics would end up being the most technologically astute of the three major races, as they spread out to inhabit all three major corners of Skelia.

Though having occurred within recorded Skelian history, a few offshoot races were formed as well. The UTGHAR, raised from the parentage of the wood elves and the reclusive, tribal yeti of the north. The DARK ELVES, borne from the wood elves and the MOLOKI. The HALF-ELVES, from the union of wood elves and skelics. And finally, the DWARVES, who claimed no blood ties to the others, but instead hailed from parts unknown across the great ocean.

These races formed a triumvirate of powerful nations that would vie for supremacy. The ALSIRIAN COMPANY, headed by the Dwarves and populated by Skelics and Utghar, was a trade-based oligarchic superpower with ties to the dwarven homeland spoken of in hushed whispers. The kingdom of SYRTIS, for the Wood Elves, their half-bred brethren and the Skelics, was a dynastic monarchy. And the IGNEAN SULTANATE, for the Dark Elves, the Moloki and yet more Skelics.

PART TWO: The Kharacters, Kurzgesagt

Since the background is dealt with now, onto the characters. This portion will be updated should more Skelians join my RP roster.

KYROTTIMUS (shortened to Kyro in server):
Age: 49          Height: 5'10 / 178cm          Race/Gender: Skelic Male          Nationality: Alsius (formerly)
Profession: Adventurer, Spelunker, Bounty Hunter (formerly), Grumpy Middle-Aged Man (currently)
Abilities: Master of bladed weapons and firearms, proficient acrobat and close-quarters combatant.

AKASHA (or Aka):
Age: 47          Height: 15' / 457cm (currently)          Race/Gender: Half-Elf Female          Nationality: Syrtis (formerly)
Profession: Adventurer, Spelunker, Bounty Hunter, Empress of the One-Night Stand
Abilities: Master necromancer, possessor of Eyfura's Gem of Supremacy, which grants a host of extreme powers, including magical empowerment, increased stature and demigod physical conditioning.

MITSARAS (deceased):
Age: 62 (at death)          Height: 6'7 / 200cm          Race/Gender: Moloki Male          Nationality: Ignis
Profession: Grand General, Vizier's Attendant, Gladiator (formerly)
Abilities: Master of melee combat and battlefield leadership, supreme tactical know-how.

Age: 143          Height: 8'4 / 254cm          Race/Gender: Utghar Male          Nationality: Alsius
Profession: Guard Captain of the Grand Wall (formerly), Seasoned Soldier, Gladiator, Berserker
Abilities: Magically augmented longevity and physique, master of combat, superhuman physical conditioning and functional immortality.

Age: 118 Height: 8'0 / 244cm Race/Gender: Utghar Female Nationality: Alsius
Profession: Abjurator, Alchemist, Field Doctor and Thaumaturge
Abilities: Magically augmented longevity and physique, well-versed in medicines and remedies of herbal, manufactured and magical nature, superhuman physical conditioning, adept arcanist and functional immortality.

Age: ???          Height: Variable          Race/Gender: Elder Drake Female          Nationality: None
Profession: Golden Goddess of Supremacy, Inciter of Conflicts and Draconic Aspect of Conflagration
Abilities: Vast deific magic, humanoid form shapeshifting, godly physical conditioning, immortality and belief empowerment.

Age: ???          Height: Variable          Race/Gender: Skelic (formerly), Cosmic Entity Male          Nationality: Alsius (formerly)
Profession: Cosmic Aspect of Balance
Abilities: Vast deific magic, godly physical conditioning and immortality.

NOTE: I might add more sections as time passes.

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