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Clan Leaders

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1 Clan Leaders on Wed Apr 04, 2018 11:05 pm

Clan I: Iron Knights
Nicknames: One Eye Sword-master, Lady of Crescent Moon, Keeper of the Moon Blade
Hair: Blue
Eye Color: Green real eye, Black, fake eye
Traits: Disciplined, Elegant, High-Minded, Romantic, Conservative, Asocial, Prim

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Dimia is a master of the sword having been trained ever since she was little. She tends to treats her sword as if were a real person saying that a sword that is well taken care of will never fail you. She is  also extremely critical to anyone that mishandles a sword to point of lecturing them on what she think they are doing wrong with their sword. Both she Ellice have been friendly rivals since they were kids often counting how many sparing matches they each one. The sword in which she caries is the Moon Blade which is said to be forged from the piece of the Moon which struck the Earth. This blade is said to be as light as feather, stronger than steel, and sharp enough to cut though armor like butter. When it comes to romance she has a takes great interest often taking notes for her next novel.She is the hardest to befriend as she normally keeps her emotions only showing her true emotions to those she consider her friend or ally. Though when someone does befriend her she being staunch ally to that person and can be counted to fight along side them. Yet she can quickly become their enemy as she has very strong moral principles and those that break them can easily anger her. When it comes to warning sighs of her turning on you those are hard do to her normally keeping her emotions to herself.

Clan II: The Red Heart
Nicknames: The Great Gambler.
Age: 37
Hair: Sliver
Eye Color: Purple
Traits: Calculating, Adaptable, Flexible Devious Frivolous
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Camilla a bit of a odd person as she see not only her life but the entire world as nothing more than one giant game that being played. While this makes her a adaptive person able to figure out ways to get out of most situations it almost makes her one the least liked Clan Leaders. This mainly due to how responds to events that can cause extreme emotion to many people but to her they barely change her emotions. Most of times she responds as if was already going to happen and she knew it. While this makes her a cold person in reality she just considers everyone including herself a piece of game that being played and that person controlling that piece had either a good or bad roll on their turn. When she comes to her powers it bit of double edge sword. This is mainly due to the randomness of her powers both on what they are or how strong they can be. This can cause her to cast the wrong spells at the wrong targets or spells that are not powerful enough to get the job done. One flip-side she can do the exact opposite then again she doesn't really care life is nothing more than a game to her.

Powers First Roll
1 = Fire
2 = Water/Ice
3 = Earth
4 = Wind
5 = Shrink
6 = Growth

Powers Second Roll
The number for the second roll will determine how powerful the spell with 1 being the weakest and 6 being the most powerful.

Growth or Shrink Results of Second Roll:
1= 2-10 time the current target's size
2 = 11-20 times the current target's size
3 = 21-30 times the current target's size
4 = 31-40 times the current target's size
5 = 41-50 times the current target's size
6 = 51-60 times the current target's size

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