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Ellice's Journal

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1Ellice's Journal Empty Ellice's Journal on Sat Feb 17, 2018 7:53 pm

Log Entry: 1
Author: Ellice

Okay so where do I start with this one? Then again I'm not sure who will read this. Well I can tell you about Frostine. How we first met is that she actually believe it or not came from a rock that fell from the sky and hit my head while I was asleep. For when I picked up the rock that hit me it started glowing so bright it was blinding then she appeared while the rock disappeared. Now for what she is she says she is a magic minion and that now I'm her master slowly getting used to calling that although it feels kind of weird for me.

However thanks to her I have access to a very powerful but very limiting ability. What happens is that she merges with me which not only causes me to grow but change from. While in this form I can cast very powerful water and ice magic. Yet the downside is that once it wears off which the form does not last long both me and Frostine are in a extremely weaken state.

Anyways I will rap up this journal log. Now that found Iona I wonder what she is going to write in here. Although Alida is still missing but I sure she will be found.

:End of log:

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2Ellice's Journal Empty Re: Ellice's Journal on Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:25 pm

Log Entry: 2
Author: Ellice

Well I have finally accepted my position as a Tolbas Guard. I was offered this position quite a awhile ago. Yet I was not sure if I was capable of doing the job. Well after some encouragement while I was at the Steel Rake bar I decided to the take the job, which a few people wanted me to take. While I confident in my abilities more than ever before, I still have  a sense of doubt that lingers in me. Only thing I can do train hard and believe in myself as time moves forward even thing don't go well.

:End of Log:

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