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Morgan O. Carpenter

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1 Morgan O. Carpenter on Sun Dec 31, 2017 2:22 pm

The video turned on, showing an extreme close up of a dark skinned and freckled face. A moment later, one of the green eyes filled up the screen.

"Is this thing on? Testing, one two-"

The scene now moved to her mouth as she breathed on it, fogging up the lens. Not much could be seen until a hand moved in to polish the fog away.

The face from before gave something of a cute grin of satisfaction. Ready for what she was doing, she ran back several feet, revealing a very small girl, the size of a child in fact.

The dark skin, freckles, and green eyes were obvious, but the distance allowed for the video to show the rest of her, from her auburn red hair to the silly looking, frog themed rain clothing she had on.

"Ahem," she said, putting on as serious a demeanor as she could. It only looked silly and playful. "Citizens of Earth! No wait, this is Atreia. Citizens of Atreia! My name... is Morgan Carpenter! I hail from the planet of Earth! Please disregard me if you see me, for I am of no consequential importance!" She thought for a minute, placing a finger on her chin as she did so.

"As you can see... I am short! Very short for my age! For you giant ones out there, please do not take this as incentive to just pick me up and do as you please!" She turned away as she muttered, "Though I am quite parcial to hugs and cuddles..."

She looked up with a paranoid look in her eyes. "Wait, is this Aether Camera thingy able to pick up muttering?!" She rushes the screen, only for the screen to suddenly fizzle out to black.

The screen fizzles back on, showing the same extreme close up from before. She runs back so the camera can get a full view of her again. "Okay, that part got deleted, I hope. Don't want people to know that about me. Last thing I need is getting picked up a lot for the whims of the bigger ones. Oh, right, starting over. U-um.... My name is Corbin Markiber... GRAH!" She rushed the screen again, and again it fizzles out.

The screen fizzles on again, as before, and as before the girl walked back to be in full view.

"Okay... third time... My name is Morgan Carpenter! As you can see, I am very short. Very short for my age! Um... j-just disregard me. I promise I mean you no trouble. I'm... uh... ju-just trying... to... get... by... in this... world- oh gosh, stage fright!" She started hyperventilating in a vain attempt to calm down. It was marginally helping.

"Ho-hokay. Um... I... cu-currently live on my own. It's okay, I-I'm fine. I can get by, I promise. U-um... you... probably can guess that I have anxiety issues... u-um... I'm kind of anti... social? I'm the kind of introvert that shys away from a lot of people.... um... what else is there... T-things that I like... um... I like Anime... I don't know if any of you know what Anime is, so forget I said that. I like video games, wait, same problem. U-um... I like books. Everyone knows books, right? I... um... wanna learn magic... I'm not... very good... I mean... I learned one spell but I don't know if I can get it work again... Um... I... prefer to be left alone if possible, bu-but if you have to approach me... then, please, please, please, please, PLEASE be one of the friendly types. I've... kind of had a lot of bad experiences in this world and I would love to minimize those now if at all possible, heheheheheheheh, that's not funny...

"Um... I guess that's it... no wait... um... I'm.... perfectly okay around the big ones? I mean, a lot of them can be friendly... I hope... so um... ju-just be friendly and nice and... I hope that's okay to ask for? I mean, I know I'm the small one so I probably shouldn't ask for anything, but if it is okay to ask for something, just be nice. That-that's all I ask. Um... I'll end the video here...."

She reaches for the video screen with the intent to end it. Then she reached back.

"There... video over.... yeah, I know, Inner me. I don't know why I'm doing it either. I guess I need something to help tell me that I'm here? ... Hey! Inner me, that's not nice! Why would you say something like-" She suddenly blushed, seemingly for no reason. Her blush, unlike most, actually seemed to have a glowing light to it, red in color.

"W-well that's not very nice! I mean, of course I love giant sized hugs and cuddles and what not! And I love being given affection, especially if it's giant sized! It's not nice to say mean things about me just because I secretly like the giants here! And it's especially not nice to say mean things about the giants either inner me! W-what do you mean it's still recording?" She looked at the screen and looked panicked.

"SHOOT, IT'S STILL RECORDING!!!" Without hesitation, she rushed the camera, the video feed finally fizzling out for the final time.

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