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Lord Trarius the Ambitious

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1 Lord Trarius the Ambitious on Wed Dec 27, 2017 11:58 pm

Size: Average
Race: Chaos Warrior/ Immortal human

Age: Unknown, (lifespan believed to be prolonged through Chaos magic.)

Full Name: Trarius Willem Saxton

Personality: Ruthless, blunt, cocky, stubborn, relentless, ambitious, scheming, brave, honorable, narrow-minded, passionate, obsessive, introverted.

Family: All Deceased due to age.
Hometown: Unknown, presumed to be somewhere around an Anglo-Saxon like town.


Melee proficiency
Magic adeptness
Sword mastery
Armor gives extra defense.
The Mark of Tzeentch has turned him into a psychic.
Regeneration (through magic)

Little is known of Trarius's past for it has been decades before the Chaos Knight has been in his youth. With his original family gone yet his sense of vengeance and to pay back the House that has slain his former master as a squire, Trarius has sought to gain favor with the twisted and dark powers of Chaos in order to enact revenge on those who have conspired to and assassinated his mentor all those years ago. It is believed that he has descended to Atreia from the very Realm of Chaos itself, along with his faithful sorceress companion Alex. Trarius seeks not only vengeance eternal, but power as well. He has ventured from his own world and even from the maw of the Warp in search of relics and weapons of unimaginable force. He shall slaughter a thousand mortal warriors and burn entire kingdoms to ash to do so as well.

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