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Tale of the Iron Fish

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1Tale of the Iron Fish Empty Tale of the Iron Fish on Mon Dec 04, 2017 12:31 pm

Name: Zygasas
Sex: Male
Age: Unknown for now. (He was 19 years old, when he appeared in Atreia for the first time.)
Race: Human, probably?
Size: 197cm (6ft 4inch) (In Atreia standards it is really unknown, but definitely taller than most of the normal sized humans.)
Hometown: Not of interest.  
Family: Wife: None. Children: None. Parents: Father: Landrasas. Mother: Unknown. Siblings: Matrasas is the only known sibling of Zygasas.
Occupation: Prince.(Former) General of the army.(Former) Cleaner at the Rake. (Former) (More occupations are to be added as the story progresses.)
Powers and abilities: None of interest for now. (In progress. Note: In the past role-playing sessions he was aligned with water and light elements.)  

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Tale of the Iron Fish.


Once upon a time, a man,so grand and mighty, existed in the divine realm of Atreia. He was the best of the best and no one could compete with his strength, intelligence and beauty, not to mention his kind and valiant heart, which was a key to every women’s heart... A God’s gift to women the man was... And his name was, - KING ZYGASAS OF THE BLUE TORNADO!!! With the HOLY IRON FISH on his back he was sailing across the most dangerous waters of our known universe, searching for ancient treasures, encountering in mortal skirmishes with the evil forces and stealing every women’s heart. A perfect and complete person he was. His manliness was unmatched and every puny SHEboy hid behind his back, seeking for salvation of the HOLY IRON FISH’S holiness. ZYGASAS was the assdasfgsdghjgfdsafghj

Wait... WHAT? I’m not writing this stupid... oh f*ck I did it already.

Or should I?

Anyway, this is the story of the mighty and gallant Zygasas, take away the friggin’ Iron Fish and ‘POOF’ Zygasas is not the same person anymore. I was living in this place for a whole eternity... Oh... I see.. what? No way... God Damn it! I should scrap this already, though I only have a pen and I’m short on paper at the moment. Well, I might as well go with the trend for now. So let’s cut the bullsh*t and get the stuff done.

From now on I’m gonna be a little more “honest”.

The real prologue.


As you can guess by now my name is Zygasas, oh come on... do I even need to introduce myself? Where did you even see another tall, masculine, handsome, blue haired guy, who is armed with the giant metallic fish? If my counterquestion answers your foolish question then skip the following paragraph.

Long story short, uh... hello, I guess? My name is Zygasas, I am your everyday guy that you can depend on. I am polite, well mannered and a kindhearted person. If you need a favor just ask me, okay~? It is nice to meet you and all, but if you are some crybaby or a weak-hearted person, then stay away from me for your own good, because I’m not taking such guys or ladies with me on my courageous adventures. What about the Iron Fish? Well, you will find out sooner or later, so let’s continue with the origins.

For starters, I am not planning to meddle deep inside my past, because when I appeared in Atreia I felt like I was born anew, but the first time when I really felt alive was when I received the Holy Iron Fish as a gift from a certain person. I’m not gonna mention that person just yet though, every WORTHY(in a way) name needs it’s chronological order to appear. So, uh... let’s begin really begin for the whoknowswhatime...

My origin story would be something like that:

I hail from yet another world just as a bunch of you there. Really, there is nothing special about me, I’m just one of the many, probably even my own life was not so special. A past full of cliches and coincidental redundancies. So, that’s about it... Oh you wanna know more?

Once again I will repeat myself, I am not meddling deep into my unoriginal past. It’s not worth a read, actually none of this nonsense is worth a good reading, though I may be perfect, but my Achilles heel is writing about how brilliant and cool I am. Kay’ actually I was lying back then.. No... not about how I feel about my past, but about that I am perfect. I’m just a man, just a fool. I’m ruthless and act according to the whispers of my guts. Nothing really good came from me, but there is a whole ocean of time to redeem myself in this world. By the way, a perfect being wouldn’t be writing about how perfect he already is, there would be no reason whatsoever. A perfect being would most likely see a forest of flaws inside itself. At least, this is my own philosophy.

A prince born in the cinders of countless conflicts...

My world was torn apart by countless of wars and other large scale conflicts... and yes that was very original. I was born in a royal family alongside my brothers and sisters. I wasn’t the only one child in my family, but I was the eldest son and a rightful heir to my father’s throne. Yes... indeed... my father was a king of the many realms there, he had the highest wealth, number of lands, army, people’s respect. On top of that he himself possessed great and magical power, the key to his power was the Garden of Creation. Basically it contained a single tree, which nurtured a magical fruit every ten years or so, my father, who’s name was Landrasas, by the way, just happened to stumble upon that tree and eat the fruit for himself, thus... somehow he became a fearless ruler. Whoever were to eat the magical fruit would be granted with unimaginable power. Landrasas’ greed to preserve all this power only to himself made everyone to keep their distance away.

Meanwhile I was my father’s favorite child and the rightful successor of his throne. Basically I was born to become a king, so where was the real problem? Did I hate my father? In a way yes, but in a way no, because I always loved him, he was always kind to me. Although I was one of those blockheads, I was a good-for-nothing... I only enjoyed one thing, the thing was, - fighting and fighting and more fighting. I was a brute, who enjoyed to involve into weirdest conflicts and kick some serious butt. My father overseen my only and probably useful quality and took matter to his own hands. He trained me by himself and surprisingly at the age of only eighteen I was appointed as the general of his army. It was a great honor for me to lead my army to victories in the wars that took place. My men did not believe in me at first, because of my lacking experience, but they believed in our King Landrasas, because it was his judgment to turn me into a general. In a way he was right, I was a war genius, after all it was the only thing that I knew back then. Perhaps it was the only thing that I could do best back then. Not to mention my inhuman strength that I pretty much inherited from my father, although I was nowhere close to his level, but still I was stronger than your average Joe. However my only complaint was this, - “Was I really born to fight?”

To become a true king I had to prove myself worthy, so I tried to conquer every enemy outpost and defeat every opposing force’s high-ranking officer as quickly as possible. I was trying to end the war and my progress was going well, but I knew one more truth inside my heart, - to impress my father I needed to be even better and stronger than that. After a whole year and a couple of months spent on the frontlines, I overheard that the next fruit in the garden of creation was about to become edible, it gave me a twisted idea, but it was the only solution to my problem. Since I was always greedy and arrogant I decided to steal and consume that fruit for myself.

A treason.

It was a fateful day, I was driven by the mad, blinding desire to rule. I gathered only the best men I could count on, they were my faithful followers. To put it short we committed a treason against the throne, we invaded the Garden of Creation and beaten the crap of everyone there without any effort. I was close, the fruit was within my hand’s reach, but to my misfortune my father emerged from the skies, wielding his golden scepter, standing on his feet all high and mighty. Single-handedly he obliterated all of my comrades and approached me. To my questionable luck I was already holding the magical fruit in my palm, but just before the time I was about to take a bite on the fruit, father struck my chest like bolt of lightning. I was blasted several meters away and let go of the fruit, he caught the fruit midair and consumed it whole. Suddenly the air around him heated up and the white aura bursted out of his body, like balloons his muscles suddenly inflated. A burst of unimaginable power laid siege to my eyes, I had no other option, but to face him head on.

Luckily I brought all of my arsenal with me: The legendary soul scythe, which is able to take away anyone’s soul just by touch. My royal ice armor, which was all white in color but it was enhanced with the most powerful known barrier magic, to sum it up it was an ultimate defense almost against anything. Steel armor inside the royal ice armor, Yeah... I wore another armor underneath just in case if the royal ice armor was to be penetrated. Lastly I also brought the legendary greatsword of manly will, basically it was just a regular greatsword made of the strongest metal in my world and blessed by the deities. Who’s will was strong enough, - thy could cut through anything, or so the legend said. Did I name this junk myself? Kinda. Where did I acquire everything? That was a story of yet another time. War trinkets perhaps?

Both weapons were strapped to my back by simple leather ropes, I decided to end the family feud quickly and drew out the legendary soul scythe in hopes to seal my father’s soul inside it. I rushed right ahead and jumped just a couple of meters before him and unleashed the power of the legendary soul scythe in a cleaving motion. However, Landrasas merely deflected my scythe with his golden scepter, I lost the grip of the pole as it sled upwards, scraping through my palms. Such unimaginable energy, so this was the power of the mighty fruit? I thought to myself as I safely landed on my feet, just a meter before my father. I gulped as a smug expression popped up on his face, but he did not wait any longer, he spun the golden scepter between his two fingers and stabbed it right at my chest area with it’s sharp, as a needle, tip. Clanging noise of metal collision and then “BOOM” my royal ice armor shattered into dust, exposing the steel armor underneath. Everything happened so fast that only after all the following actions my soul scythe hit the dirt.

I reached for the hilt of legendary greatsword of manly will and drew it out full force, my resolve was firm... firmer than everything. I knew that this tool was my ticket to victory, my soul was on fire and my heart was pounding like crazy from all these emotions. At last, a worthy warrior to defeat! Hell I was wrong. Father’s nonchalant expression made it clear that the other half of my legendary... you know... whatever.. greatsword would fly out of horizon. Yup... with just a mere swing of his offhand it was severed in half and the top half flew across the sky like a bird. It was a shameful defeat, I did not even land a single hit on my dad, he was just out of my league. I was ready to accept my ultimate fate, I fell on my knees and lowered my head.

“My reckless, idiotic son... Your manly will was struggling deep inside your heart. This greatsword can be the weakest and the strongest weapon at the same time, it’s power runs on willpower after all. However you lost your will, when I consumed the holy fruit. Fear entered your soul at that very moment.”
Those were my father’s words. In the end I failed miserably, a treason was a treason and I couldn’t do anything about it. I betrayed my father and my future, the throne was no longer mine to claim. I was an inexperienced and reckless fool till the end also a general, who got his comrades killed for nothing. On the bright side my story was semi-cliche, because at least I failed to consume the fruit and usurp the throne and become mad king or something even worse, but on the other hand everything else was as common as everyone’s, who entered the world of Atreia. Of course.. what other’s been trough was not meaningless, I just wanted to point it out that I was not special in any way. Even by stating that I am not special, I became self aware that my existence was even less special... whatever.. that’s why I did not tell anyone about my past up until this moment. Everything that followed was a bunch of lame excuses.


Soon after I was strapped off all my ranks and powers and sentenced to execute my sentence. Get it? Yeah, I know... lame joke. Just as my writing is...

“Zygasas, you like to be high and mighty. From this day you are nothing more but a mere commoner.You no longer possess the claim to my throne, instead your younger brother Matrasas will take your place. As a punishment I will expel you to a place, where you won’t be feeling all high and mighty, you will be a puny and insignificant being there and probably trampled over by someone’s feet, at best you will become someone’s slave there. I will give you one hour to grab all of your belongings. Your presence is no longer wanted in this world.”

After hearing the king’s judgment I decided to grab all the necessary stuff for survival. So I pretty much equipped my steel armor, retrieved my soul scythe, broken greatsword of manly will and the snowflake shaped jewel of the ice armor. Just by tapping the jewel, the snowflake was able to automatically collect the broken pieces of the armor and create a brand new one. I also stuffed some food and water inside a leather backpack. After then, I was ready to face my punishment and met my father again. He opened a portal to another world with a snap of his fingers, was the old man omnipotent? Opening portals now... He kicked me inside the portal, which led to this magnificent world of Atreia.

And this is how I appeared in this world. Happy now? This is the tale of how I appeared here in the first place. Why I don’t want to return to my homeworld and take my revenge against my father? You must be mad, right? I love Atreia, this is the best thing that ever happened to me, or is it? In the end I accepted my fate, I was worthy of a punishment. An expelled general I was... a man with a royal blood flowing in his veins... I was. I couldn’t careless, because I found something greater here than being a general or even a king.

Indeed, I missed out a lot of crucial information about my past and about myself... but I never said that I liked my story... just like I said in the beginning, I will repeat it again, - I was born anew in Atreia. This is where my existence started and I will write it all about it here soon. Maybe I will mention something more about my past, but I don’t really see a good reason why should I. But what does it have anything to do with the Holy Iron Fish? Haha, such a good question. Next time you will find out, probably.... But first I have to acquire some more damn paper! Because this is only the beginning, you can call it as my backstory, but I will say it’s just a prologue or just some random origin story of your everyday legend and wielder of the Holy Iron Fish Zygasas the mad tornado boy... This makes me cringe a lot. By the way, I am a serious guy and not insane or anything. One more note: I am definitely not talking to myself while writing this stuff down!!! See ya, for now.

To be continued...

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2Tale of the Iron Fish Empty Re: Tale of the Iron Fish on Fri Jan 12, 2018 4:44 pm

Backstory Part I.

Chapter I: Hardships of a broke and homeless man.


Alright! I’m covered. I managed to acquire some more paper, by tearing some amazing posters, of my face, from the wooden walls that surround my quarters. Although my heart is in pain from losing these amazing and well painted posters of my face. By now, I get it... I was not supposed to write this stuff down, but I couldn’t let this noble sacrifice to be a waste. So after a moment of silence, I will pick up from where I left off.  

This will be a story of your average everyday hero, who faced countless of trials, however one day he was betrayed by his own blood and banished from his home, only to appear in some screwed up reality of Atreia. This hero was about to realize the meaning behind his journey and the grim destiny that he was about to face. After all, every great man faced downfalls and uplifts in life. As of for me, well it was not an exception, so as of today I will write one of those dark chapters of my past. Grab some beer, snacks and behooooold...! I did it again, didn’t I? Well it is my own secret diary, so I hope that no one will find out that I kind of like to talk to myself over the things I write. Definitely not insane... right? Right..? If I manage to lose this diary one day, please burn it down and don’t say anything about me, deal? Or else... all of you will have a taste of my delicious Iron Fish! So let’s get started.

Brand new world.

After getting kicked inside the mysterious portal I found myself flying through time and space, trying to grasp on the reality with my bare hands. However everything seemed just as empty as my life’s purpose, the light before my eyes was fading away and the pull of the gravity was getting stronger and stronger, until my body became paralyzed from the pulling force. Only then I realized that there was no way out, no matter how powerful or weak I was back then, I just couldn’t break through the barrier of time and space. Only one word escaped from my lungs, - Pathetic. After just a couple of seconds a mysterious light illuminated from behind my back and finally my surroundings received a completely new reality, - it was somewhere high in the sky, diving through the clouds my body was accelerating down. Oh shit! I was about to fall down on my back, I firmly clenched my fists and squinted my eyes as a preparation for the impact. Only a minute passed and then the sound of impact rumbled throughout the area, my eyes flashed as the hay humps flew across my eyes and then a piercing pain in my spine followed. I instantly lost my consciousness...  

Once I opened my eyelids I realized that I’ve been lying in the large stack of hay, I was lucky to crash down onto soft surface, well in all honesty I ruined someone’s haystack, it was completely messed up and straws of hay managed to undergo in the various areas of my steel armor, due to this my body was all scratchy and itchy. One thing was clear, - I had to get out from there before the owner of the haystack would notice this kind of ridiculous and overused scene. Since I was lying on my back, the contents inside my back were completely wrecked, all the tasty sandwiches that I placed inside were completely squished and the plastic bottles of water were full of miniature holes, from where all the water was leaking. Without any further waiting, I silently crawled out from the destroyed haystack and made my way forward.

I realized that I was somewhere in the plains, inside this new world. Most of the area was covered with grass and farms, in the distance there were mountains with large waterfalls, a river of water was descending from there. Such a nice place it seemed, was it supposed to be that good? Or was it an illusion in my eyes, created by none other, but my father? Well at least it appeared to be better than expected, at least better than most of the places in my world. On my way I found a flat rock, almost buried itself underneath the ground, I decided to take a small rest, by placing my butt on the top.

I removed my backpack from my now itchy back and brought it in front of me, after then I pulled out my squished sandwiches and the holey bottles of water to the light. Even if it wasn’t much and the quality of my supplies was bad, I was damn hungry and to my eyes it looked like a meal of the Gods. Once I finished eating, I dived inside my backpack in search for some more useful stuff for survival. Hairbrush, soap, extra underwear, swimsuit, snowflake of my royal ice armor, mirror, extra pair of socks, bottle of perfume, knife, fork, spoon, shattered plate, cracked bowl, etc... I managed to include all this extra junk, but the most important thing was missing, - a fucking bag of gold! I slammed my right palm against my face as hard as I could and sighed, and then I took a glance at the new sky above me. It was a completely new start, everything that I was, prior that day, was completely erased. I had to start from scratch all over again, however I had my hopes up high, because I felt it inside my heart that these new changes will bring me to glory... or at least fill my heart with never ending happiness.

There was no time for grief as I had to move on or go completely hobo. I stood all tall and mighty once again, the warm breeze was stroking my spiky blue hair and the sunlight illuminated my eyes as I raised my right arm up, pointing my finger up at the sky of new tomorrow. My destination was the sunny path of DESTINY! Which led to the village of faces that were yet to be seen! MUHAHAHAHAH! A dumb narration of my story it was! However I had positive energy outbursts, rushing through my blood and soul, erecting every single hair on my skin as a result. In the end I began to take my first steps towards the new beginning.

Things were getting out of my mind....? Wait what?

After a couple of minutes I finally arrived at the village, it was pretty small, or maybe my expectations were too high. It was a little empty, not that it was completely empty, but it wasn’t crowded either. Literally it contained two buildings, one of them was the armory and another one was the church. The small village also had some tents, placed with tables and benches inside, a well of water and some training dummies. Although it had a fair amount of villagers roaming around and some weird chicken-like creatures, which were picking worms from the dirt. The details were unnecessary, because I received explanations about this new world at my very first encounter and the others already knew about this world... so meh... Should of scrapped this paragraph already. DAMN IT!

My attention was suddenly caught by a small and weird creature, which was running around the village or rather the little creature was jumping around like a frog, but was it a frog? It had white hair and was dressed in a clothing, which been never seen before to me, I think there was a sheathed sword strapped to his waist... or was it a stick? That thing surely resembled a human to me, but was it a human... or was it a frog? I took a deep breath and rubbed the back of my head as I wondered about it. In the leap of a moment I slammed my right fist to my left palm, -”It must be a small kid playing with a stick!”- But hell I was wrong... it turned out to be some kind of dwarf named as Hsk. Was that even a name? I thought that my name was weird, but hell I was horribly wrong. The frog-dwarf-creature was just of different race, he was a newcomer just like me and a hyperactive one as well, but funny as hell... he could be a great domestic animal to keep... Ahem... I didn’t write anything to really insult him... sometimes first impressions can be bad, because that Hsk was yet to realize his important role in this world. For the mean time we had a little chatter, and thanks to him I learned where in the holy fuck I was exiled, trying not to swear. Of course the name of the world was Atreia and I just happened to stumble upon the village of Akarios or Ikarios, or maybe Antarios... whatever.

Not too long after we talked to each other, a piercing sound of thunder flooded my ears as the earth itself began to shake, I plugged my ears with fingers and looked at the Hsk’s face, which expressed passion and excitement. I tried to shout the noise away, but it was only getting stronger and stronger and then a giant shadow loomed over us as the ginormous face of a beauty emerged from below the hill. Her hair was white and short as well, at first I thought that this world was messed up, filled with white haired people.... males are dwarf sized and females are just beyond comparison... but I was wrong actually, but in a way Atreia is a messed up place indeed. The gigantic girl was maybe fifty meters in height... I was amazed, she made me feel puny and insecure. The slavery thing that my father mentioned... did he mean giant women? I literally almost pissed inside my steel armor, struggling for another breath to take, but Hsk was excited and acted pretty normally. It appeared that the giantess was his friend and her name was Emilia, if my memory is correct.

At first I thought that she would squash us underneath her foot, but she seemed friendly enough. She even took us to the beach, located in Verteron or Westeron... gah... I was always bad with names. I was lucky to include a swimsuit in my backpack, it was a chance to remove my steel armor for once and show my magnificent, hard as a steel abs and my well-toned muscles to the world of Atreia. Thus we had our fun in the beach, running around the giantess’ feet and playing in the water. Back then I was only nineteen years old, so a fun of that caliber was like a whole new experience for me, even though it may sound like a childish activity, but where else can you play with a giant woman? Although Hsk was kind of a letdown, he seemed like a boot licking suckup, but he was one of my first acquaintances that I made in Atreia and he is one of those fateful encounters that keeps me alive right to this very day. Just as I mentioned previously, every name has it’s own place here, not that I remember a lot of names and some of them are even taboo to mention. He was no exception, he saved my life, well he had to save my life yet... anyway just as I mentioned earlier, - everything needs a chronological order. Oops, I shouldn’t of written this... now everything will turn out anticlimactic, nor is it my aim to make things interesting, but I have to kill this boredom, before I arrive to Atreia again. The day flew by fast, I learned almost everything about the world of Atreia and I was pretty satisfied with it, the world was marvelous, full of surprises, full of new encounters. I was not so special in this world either, Atreia served as some kind of attractor field, because it contained wayyyy too many people, which came from different worlds. But just for some unexplained reason almost every woman here was giant or very tall. There was one more truth to this whole situation... I had to find a job as quickly as I could.

In the streets of Sanctum.

Another day, a new dawn, interesting adventure... in a fresh world... Aimlessly I was wandering around the world of Atreia, gazing at exotic places, meeting new interesting people, everyone seemed getting along just fine, but it was not so easy for me. I had no place, no friends, practically I was nothing to begin with, but yet I tried to earn my name in Atreia. I met lots of new faces and heard lots of new names... most of my encounters were warm and full of respect, it was easy to talk with people around the parts, not that it should of been hard... I was almost always well mannered and friendly with strangers, I was greeting everyone, being polite to everyone and of course lying about my ancient past. For some I appeared dangerous, because I was always traveling with my armor and I was always armed as well... but it was just my assumption the real problem was lying somewhere else. It was written on my face, you heard me correctly. My own face was the real problem, I was almost perfect, my body was perfect, my heart and soul were perfect as well, but my face was just obnoxious. Almost every single time I looked like I wanted to pick a fight with someone, on top of that women just ran away from me, calling me a freak or ugly animal. It was no wonder why it was hard to find a solid job, not only that I was bad at everything, except at fighting, my face was just untrustworthy... This is where I learned that through the mysterious power of aether I could alter my face, but for that I needed a special ticket. Thus I became a beggar.

I was wandering around the streets of Sanctum, which was a capital or at least one of the largest cities of Elysea, with my arms extended, begging for a coin... but most of the people were cold to me or afraid to approach me. To my luck there were some nice folks, that spared me one kinah or two, which was the currency in the world, but it was not enough for survival. To save up the money, I was forced to scavenge trash piles for food and other useful stuff... Days were replaced by nights and the shadows were extinguished by the bright lights until I finally managed to save up the right amount of kinah and bought that stupid ticket, I visited the Daeva of appearance and my face was redone. Finally I looked like a handsome young man and my new appearance was ready for a test.

First love.

Was it a heartbeat? Was it that thing they call butterflies in your stomach? Such an emotion, what was it? The passion and the burning heat of strong feelings inside my soul, formed into a never ending pillar of fire out of my blazing soul, which was shooting up to the stars. It was the time, when I truly changed for the better. Infinity, chained in the endless strings of love, it truly was something. When those feelings clashed within me time has lost it’s meaning, nothing else mattered, a man, who was drunk from love I was. Or was I made to be a lover? For the first time I felt emotion greater than the heat of a fiercest battle. It was the day, when I lost something inside myself and gained something else.

Take a note that I don’t want to mention the girl’s name here, it is something that will remain as a secret inside of my heart, so let’s just call her as “the girl.” A personal diary, but I don’t want to get all emotional if someone takes it away from me and learns about her name. So this one is a taboo.

It all started after I departed from the Sanctum, to show off my new face to the world and of course.. I was noticed right away, but not as a horrible mess of a monster, but as one of the most handsome one’s in the whole world of Atreia or so I thought. Maybe it was only my impression, but I felt that I became thousands of times more attractive. I ventured to the Akarios plains or however it was called and there I met her. The woman of my dreams! Well actually it turned out another way...

I was just trying to apply for a job at the local farm, since I was broke as fuck. However the local farmer rejected me, because he could not stand my handsomeness, he stated that my face was way too handsome for a dirty job and that my hands were too clean. I tried to persuade him by showing off my insane strength, I lifted the cart full of cabbages with my bare hands and began to spin it in the air. The farmer was amazed at first, but then a piercing shock soared across my spine and I lost my balance, crashing with the cart on top of me, which upon impact with my body broke in half and all the cabbages rained down on the ground. The farmer’s eyes lit up like fire as he grabbed his dung-fork, he took some time to scream like an outraged barbarian and then he just began to pursue me. Barely, but without breaking a sweat I managed to escape from the madman and thus I blew my only chance to get a proper job! DAMN IT!!!

I decided to rest for a bit and laid on the grass with my back first, looking at the vast ceiling that was the sky... the lights and circles in the center, was it abyss? It looked so amazing from down there, but in reality it was only a war zone and many souls had fallen there. I extended my right arm up at the sky and took a glance at my palm before clenching it into a firm fist, thinking that one day I will conquer everything in this world... and not just everything, but I will become someone else, someone that will have a meaning to this world and my old man will be proved wrong one day. It was only a matter of minutes before I drifted off to the world of dreams.

After some amount of time I was awoken from my slumber as the sound of the clanging metal reached my ears. I felt something funny on my stomach, it felt like someone was knocking with a fist on my plated armor. Hell... I was wrong once again... it was just a tip of the finger of someone huge... A giant shadow was casted down upon me as I opened my eyes and noticed a finger, which was poking my armor. I slapped the finger with my right hand as manly as I could, but the slap barely moved the gigantic finger, which was probably, almost as tall as my body. I gasped and backed away like a bolt of lightning. It was yet another encounter with a giantess, she was kneeling just before me and looking at my reaction with her curious hazelnut-colored eyes. Seeing that I moved she sighed and cracked up from laughter, she actually thought that I was dead and was relieved to see me move.

However, I was lost for words, what was it about her that made me fall for her? Was it her straight and long brown hair or was it her amazingly well shaped body? Talking about her appearance she had long claws and her skin was purple and a gray mane was growing across her back, she wore yellow clothing,- a miniskirt and a corset. Also she was in yellow colored long heels, indeed... she looked inhuman, but I found beauty in that, she was an Asmodian anyway. Her sweet voice charmed me and her warm breath melted me, not literally of course. Her feminine smell was something else, I never thought that an attractive woman would smell so good.

She extended her right arm and gently wrapped her fingers around my body, compared to her I was like a toy, probably like a toy soldier carved from a wood, which I used to play with when I was a child. She easily lifted me up and brought my body to her eye level, back then I could only remember her joyful sparkling eyes, a miracle for me it was indeed. For a man like me to fall for something out of my proportions was not acceptable, but my heart was racing from attraction. She comforted me, that I shouldn’t be afraid and that she would not hurt me in any way, but I was not afraid in any way, I was excited instead. Maybe it was the same case for Hsk as well? I judged him way too soon.

It was so comfortable in her warm and soft palm, I felt like I was laying on a cloud, indeed it was something else. An instant crush to my heart, a feeling of being the king of the world! She brought me closer to her face and softly pressed my body against her nose and began to sniff me, she squinted out of disgust and pushed me away from her nose, stating that I smelled like a mix of sweat and garbage. It was true, I spent a lot of time running around from one spot to another, scavenging the trash. I never had the time to have a proper bath. She suddenly bursted out from laughter and said that she will bathe me properly, thus she brought me to lake.

After having a bath in the waterfall together we spent a quality time until the evening. Mostly we talked, laughed, shared great stories, cuddled... err... or rather she was cuddling me in her palm, but the feelings of both were there. She properly introduced me to the world of Atreia, talked a lot about the great things and opportunities here. She also warned me that this world is dangerous and full of bad people, most of them were men, who resorted to violence and also here and there an evil giantess was torturing little people. She asked me whether I resorted to violence or not, I became nervous and stated that  I did not anymore. Although I did not mention her about my past, I didn’t want to lie to her, however I wanted to change myself. She was happy to hear it from me, because she was a girl of peace, she despised conflicts. After then she confessed to me... yes... it was not me, who confessed but it was she, who confessed her attraction to me first. It was strange and unusual, because it was only our first date, if it even was supposed to be a date...! It was awkward at first, but I accepted her feelings, because I took a liking to her as well, it was a love from first sight.

Those were the true emotions that I felt for the first time, they were even greater than my lust for battle and adventures, I was always a daredevil, a man that was up for a challenge, but the emotion of love and passion changed me. Was it even love? As far as my own philosophy went, - love was something that only was able to bloom with time, but in this situation it bloomed instantly, well... life was always full of surprises to me, I never was bored of living... or was it that I was blinded in feelings? Thus the girl became my actual girlfriend, it was my first love... a late one indeed, because kids nowadays have their first loves and girlfriends at the age of thirteen or fourteen. We decided to sleep in the woods together for the night, I chopped some trees with my broken, but still sharp sword of manly will and created a huge bonfire to keep us both warm, thus we went to sleep together. For the first time ever I was truly happy and felt completed, but my story did not end just yet, a bunch of stuff happened next...

What does it take to be a hero?

The following day I woke up all alone, my love was nowhere to be seen. Wait was I dreaming!? Actually I found a giant piece of yellow cloth lying beside me, there was something written on it, -”My sweet Zyg, sorry that I had to leave so early, I will be away for quite some time, but I promise you that I will return to you.” I was disappointed that she left me so suddenly, but within my heart I strongly knew that she would return to my side and that I found a new purpose in life, - I had to try harder for the sake of her and my own. It wasn’t a hole carved inside my heart, instead the hole was already there, but it was filled with strong feelings of love. I had to advance further and my survival was crucial, I had to acquire kinah! So, I headed to Akarios village.

I slowly climbed the path that was leading to a hill, where the Akarios village was located. Once I set my foot onto the village ground, I noticed two men sitting by the tree, which was located between the church and the armory. They were discussing about something, however one of them was about to leave the place and headed towards the teleporter. The guy that was heading away was pretty tall and was wearing glasses, probably some four-eyed nerd he was, but his hairstyle was pretty cool. Oh... and the other one... the other one was something else though. His physique was masculine, he was pretty tall and muscular, his hair was blond, just like of the heroes’ of which I heard in the stories as a child. He wore crimson clothing and on his back a white and shining greatsword was resting, such an iconic person... The aura of manliness was overflowing from him. But the best thing of all was that he turned his face at me and exposed his manly scar on one of his eyes. He spoke to me in a deep and manly tone, I instantly felt an urge to get his autograph!

The name was Jake, a grand and mighty hero, who lived to tell the tale of his fiercest battle... Well, kinda... Uh.. Ok, I was just overexcited, but he seemed tough and cool. I introduced to him as well and as we spoke I learned about of the dangers of this world and actually I realized that he was a true hero indeed, unrivaled in power, probably the only tiny, who was able to kick some giant butts. He warned me about the dangers of this world as well, but comforted me that he will protect me, because it was his duty... If no one else, then who? He gave out an impression of a mentor and a man that I always wanted to look up to, of course I was just a young lad back then, but right to this very day I remember him as one of the greatest heroes of Atreia. Oh... if only my stupid old man met Jake... maybe things would be different right now.

Although the man was a fighter just like I was, he was way more experienced... actually he was superior to me in every aspect, strength, intelligence, technique.... everything about him seemed out of my league. He gave me inspiration for me to become just like him and protect the world from all these dangers... protect the weak from the strong and save the slaves from the tyranny of the evil giantesses. I thought to myself that my girlfriend would probably be happy to see me protect the weak and innocent ones... and this is how I broken my vows and returned to the path of violence, but this time it was way different, my intention was not to pick fights randomly, my main aim was to become a hero just like Jake and save the weak ones. A childish fantasy it was, but it was kind and had high expectations. After our little, but inspiring chat we parted our ways. Still I needed to accumulate kinah first, but I had to become a hero as well.... Was I not right?

Deadly encounter.

After my fateful encounter with Jake I spent my days trying to get a job, but as always my luck was bad. For food I had to resort to fishing, when I got bored of eating fish I gathered mushrooms and berries in the forests. As of for water supplies, well it was not so hard... Usually I visited various villages and cities, and drank from the wells or the fountains. On my travels I dreamed of her, because I was eager to see her beautiful face again, but my girl was nowhere to be found. I had a vast ocean of free time, since I was unemployed. I used that time to train myself with the sword and the scythe and to help random strangers. However I did not earn a name, but I became well known for the everyday folks for my kindness and good looks. From time to time women tried to approach me, but I rejected them all, because my heart belonged only to my girlfriend. There was a time when I encountered two giantesses... or should I say Goddesses? One was the Goddess of nature Rose and the other one was Goddess of war Quixie, they seemed to get along well. Rose demanded me to become her pet, however I refused, not only that it was a mad thing, but my manhood would of been ruined! I stated that I belong to only one girl and thus a lot of women around began to think that I am into men, because they never even seen or heard about my girlfriend, it was strange, but maybe she did not socialize a lot.

The days went on, I was still struggling to get a proper job, but I was not the type to give up so easily, I was stubborn like a ram. I decided to visit Poeta once again, there I met a couple of old faces and some new. One of the new faces was some  old brown and long bearded man Silas, he was cleaning shoes for the girls... Such a weird activity for a man, but at least he had a job, it was his own ran business. There was this guy Daente as well... but I will talk about him later in detail... and Hsk, who seemed more mature this time, but still clinging to his old habits of running around the giantesses’ feet. It was peaceful at first, but the peace was disturbed by an unusual duo as they crashed down from the air just before the church, the dust lifted from the earth and the pavement shattered around their feet as they left a crater below.

The dust in the air was so dense that I could only see their shadows, one of them was really tall and masculine and the other one seemed feminine and fairly short. At last! A normal-sized woman! The dust scattered and their forms were revealed. The woman looked very manipulative, she was armed with a rapier in her right hand and she was dressed in a red leather armor... and the guy... oh boy... he was huge and enraged! He was probably twice my height, all of his body was covered in black metallic armor with spikes on the sides, even his gauntlets had two sharp spikes from the sides, which could crush my head in between. His face was covered by a black mask, only the holes for red, glowing eyes were carved in the mask. He was also armed with a greatsword, which was probably as big as my body, with glowing symbols carved in the blade. The blade was emitting dark aura, it almost looked like the darkness was oozing from the blade.

The monster was just swinging his blade back and forth, he was enraged... shouting and swearing at his every sentence, everyone around suddenly went silent and not a single being dared to oppose the dangerous duo. “They must be the villains!” - I thought as I stood before them while holding the hilt of my broken blade, just in case if the things would suddenly turn wild. He bragged something about turning the church before him to dust, just with the mere swing of his blade, the woman beside him called him as Azure. Another weird name, but I was not impressed anymore, I merely held my position and was ready to defend the church.

He threatened to kill me if I do not stay out of his way, but I was not afraid... I was ready and fired up. But as soon as he turned to the girl and said something that he just defeated Jake my legs suddenly started to shake, my stance stiffened as I was unable to move a single finger, I became afraid. To think that this monster brought down the man that I looked up to, defeated the strongest hero in combat, it looked almost unreal, but that Azure guy was a real deal. Still I had to protect the church with all my might and I did not run away, it was not my style to run away in the beginning. However, I was lucky that time... something came up for them and they decided to retreat from the area, but just before retreating the giant approached me and placed his claws on my left shoulders, stating that I was lucky, but next time he said that he would totally destroy me if I were to oppose him. I gulped and said that I will be ready to defeat him. Somehow, probably with the help of some weird magic he disappeared in a thin air and I fell on my knees. Only cold sweat was dropping from my face, the atmosphere in the village suddenly turned to a peaceful one, everyone acted as if nothing happened. Well that was true, nothing actually happened, but my mind became poisoned from the thought that someone defeated a father-like figure Jake in combat, however it was only one more reason to become a hero and the villain in the black armor just gave me an idea. “Just wait, Azure. I will rise as a white knight one day!” - I smirked as I shouted at the top of my lungs, everyone just took me for a complete idiot and decided not to interfere.    

Despite the fact that I was scared, somehow I managed to hold my ground without bailing out first, a sheer luck it was, I decided to get out from the village and to travel somewhere far away, where I was able to train my body and mind. I realized that I will be facing that douchebag Azure again in the future and for that I had to remove my fears and break my limits. Power of darkness was nothing compared to the power of my soul and some edgy asshole like Azure was nothing more, but another pebble in my path, that I had to remove. However with time I realized that Azure was not the real villain...

Steel Rake.

Days went by fast, I was walking around Poeta as usual, questing and doing some minor tasks for a coin to keep my stomach full... and this is where I heard a grand announcement of something big, rumors said that up in the sky existed a giant, flying, wooden, battleship that contained a bar inside. Suddenly I became interested in the rumors and decided to check the place out, for that to happen I had to learn to fly... most of the beings in this world had wings, but I.... well... I had none, but I had my manly soul! I stood straight and clenched my fists as hard as I could, channeling great energy of my own soul... or rather it was the energy of the souls that I reaped with my soul scythe, it contained a large amount of various souls inside the blade, which I could use it to create something out of sheer energy by infusing my soul with the tool of destruction. With it’s power I managed to manifest something new on my back, the shining energy bursted out of my back as it quickly shaped itself into the form of two blue spectacular wings. The wings gained a proper physical appearance and the bursting energy vanished in the thin air... And this is the story how I managed to acquire my own pair of wings. I loosened the grip of my fists, bent down a little and shot up in the sky, leaving blue-colored pillar-shaped traces of energy behind.

I ascended above the clouds rather quickly, my wings felt like they were growing out of my back since the day I was born. Before me there was this huge flying battleship, in the corner I noticed the entrance and quickly dived inside. Once I found myself inside I entered the bar... it was called as “Steel Rake”, a warm and cozy place that bar was, behind the counter I was able to see two familiar faces one of them was Jake, who was in one piece and looked surprisingly unscratched from his last showdown. The other face belonged to Daente, it appeared that they ran the place, I was amazed once again. The bar was quite crowded, at the corner a long legged and blue haired beauty named as Fade was standing and enjoying her wine, on the opposite corner a small red haired girl was dancing and before the counter there were many, who enjoyed their drinks. To my own surprise even Azure was in the bar, meditating on a floating carpet, but he did not seem enraged like previously and since he was in Jake’s and Daente's bar.... it gave me an idea that they might be friends or at least acquaintances.

Finally it was my time to shine, I decided to challenge Azure in combat. To show him his place, though I was still afraid, but I had to teach that guy a lesson or two. I tried to taunt him, but he just ignored me, I lowered my hands and approached the counter, I ordered some beer to give me courage to stand up against Azure once again. I chugged the beer down my throat as if it was mere water and approached that annoying guy again, I mocked him that he is too afraid to show his ugly face, I tried to punch him in the stomach... but he just remained stationary... Just before I was about to give up, He woken up and his floating carpet descended as he rose at full height, towering above me, he clenched his fist and threw a heavy punch at my cheek. I was blasted several meters away from him, I felt like I got hit by a cannonball or something... my mouth began to bleed. I barely stood up on my feet and wiped the blood from my lips with my fist and then reached for the hilt of my blade and brought it between my both arms.

Every nerve, every muscle in my body began to tingle from adrenaline as the emotion of a battle erupted like a volcano in my heart. It took only a split second as I smiled at that loser and rushed in front of him and stroke him in a cleaving motion, even if only the half of my sword was left I still could cut him down, because it was all about my willpower! However it did not have any effect, he simply caught my blade between his two fingers and  delivered an uppercut with his free arm, I launched into the air like a feather and as soon as the gravity got me I landed on my back. The unendurable man sighed and merely walked towards the exit, his footsteps were followed by the laughter of the bar’s people. I was defeated in one hit.... such strength, I was nowhere close to his power. I was not even a worthy rival, for him to defeat me was like to steal a candy from a child, but even that thing seemed harder to accomplish. I spat out remaining blood from my mouth and picked myself up from the ground, removing the dust from my armor. I made a promise to defeat him next time, such a despicable douche...

Birth of the Holy Iron Fish.

However, after tasting a shameful defeat, at last a shinning star descended before my eyes. Jake saved me.... from my misery... it was something important for me... I was not sure why or how... maybe he noticed a hidden potential within me... or maybe he looked inside the fire that I had in myself while facing his arch nemesis Azure, well maybe he was not his arch nemesis... I never knew, even right to this very own day. But one thing was clear... he hired me! Hooray! The end...

Okay, just kidding.

That day I became a cleaner of the “Steel Rake”, yes... an actual job... and a well paid one... well kinda... but at least it was a job right? I was mopping the floor with a swob, dressed in the official sailor’s uniform... Not the best kind of activity it was, but I was working only for the best. I was working for the greatest known hero, oh and that Daente guy was alright too, he was nice and well mannered. While working I seen a lot of new faces, heard many rumors, lived throughout all of the drama that happened, even formed a lot of strong bonds. I became pretty well known, although I acted like a barbarian, spitting on the floor and then cleaning... rubbing the dirt away from the counter, rearranging chairs and tables, but most importantly I was earning money! I could afford a place to live in, I could buy drinks and food easily. I was living the dream as the cleaner! I was like the mascot of the bar, although it was a bit short lived, because my life did not end in the bar, it was just a new beginning and my escape from the life as a poor person that I had.

I was working there for quite some time actually, I even became an employee of the month.... there was only one thing missing in my life, - it was the love of my life... after that day I never met her, nor heard about her, but there was no time to get depressed I had to work hard to see another day or even her face. In the process I grew quite some hair on my head, it was not spiky anymore, instead it was long and straight. At one point I even had a beard, but that was a different story. My master, Jake finally acknowledged my hard work and motioned with his finger to come closer, I slowly approached him and he bent down in search for something and then from the far reaches of the counter he brought something great and placed it on the table.

The thing was huge and long, it was as tall as me, packed in cloth, which was strapped by ropes.. Jake cut the ropes with a knife and with the manliest swing of his arm he dismissed the cloth, a radiant light blinded my eyes as something shiny, fresh and new carved it’s way to my eyes’ pupils. It was a giant fish... yes it was the legendary Iron Fish! But not just some Iron Fish, I called it as the HOLY IRON FISH! The well-cut edgy curves of the fins, white and shiny deadly eyes and the sharp teeth in the thing's mouth was just awesome... and my fanboy levels rose to the top! Alright, let’s be honest here... it looked ridiculous, but it was not the item that made it’s looks so special, it was whom it was from. And yes, it was a gift for me, he told me that this trinket would suit me just fine, he also added that it would fit to my sailor uniform and the man was damn right! It was a gift from the heavens! A divine tool that finally made me special in some way... all the hard work... everything... finally paid off... I almost wanted to hug Jake, but I was way too shy for that matter. Finally I felt like I truly was alive, after so long... I snatched the fish from the counter, it weighted like a ton, no... it weighted like the hard work that I placed to get that marvelous gift from the Gods.

I was holding the Iron Fish in my arms with my jaw dropped, drooling from amazement... Jake and Daente... and almost everyone present at the bar just laughed, but I did not care. It meant a lot for me, I brought the gift behind my back and strapped it to me with a leather belt. Thus the tale of the Iron Fish was born... It seemed like an exotic trinket, but to me it was something more than a trinket, the fish became my soul! This concluded my hardships and a new chapter was about to bloom.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is not the end yet. Next time you will see a lot of Iron Fish’s action, new struggles, new arrivals and much, much more. At last I came to the part where my beautiful Holy Iron Fish met it’s true wielder... a mere trinket it was, but throughout my journey I realized that it was a greater tool than just a trinket, but you will have to find out next... I need to solve my paper problem first, because I’m almost at the end. So, see you next time!

To be continued...

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'Yup, I know. Not the best image of the Iron Fish, who cares? Going with the trend now. It was fun to recap those times back in 2012. Very Happy Well my memory is not the brightest either.'

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