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Morgan Carpenter (Old and outdated, ignore please)

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"... hmmm.... huh?  Wha... I... uugh..."

See that sleepy girl in the bed, just a t-shirt and really bad bed head?

"Uuuggh... super-mario brothers... Yoshie's island..."

The one quoting video games in her sleep?

"Time to wake up!!!"

The one being woken up forcibly by a certain wind spirit, blowing an immense amount of air tossing her for a loop?


"You need help waking up, right?  C'mon, get to it!!!"

The girl looking indignant as she gets out of bed?  That's me, Morgan, Morgan Carpenter, age 14!  I've been here for a while already, but I guess for you meta-watchers (aka people watching this through a TV or a Movie or even a computer) it couldn't hurt to bring you up to speed.

I was once an inhabitant from a place called Earth!  Some of you may have heard of it, right?  Possibly through... erm... me... rambling off some kind of... nonsense like Power Rangers or video games or stuff like that... aheheheh... yeah... th-that's stuff from my home world, erm...

A little bit about my family:  I have a dad who is a police officer (does his best to be there for the family, doesn't always succeed), a Mom who is the main bread winner (Does her best to be supportive no matter how much she disapproves of something), a prankster brother (The less said about him the better), a granpa and granma who are polor opposites of each other (laid back and carefree/strict and uptight respectively), and a step sister who is older than me (I tend to fan girl over her a lot since I think the world of her.  I haven't mentioned her before, but trust me... she's awesome!)

At one point, during my time, I was exploring this cave, looking for a new place to hide and be by myself.  Imagine my surprise when I found myself on the other side in a place full of magic and wonder?!  Imagine my greater surprise when I found the cave I went through disappeared suddenly!  And the surprises didn't end there...

I've found a world full of magic, wonder, mystery, and most of all, giantesses... that's right, giantesses!  Giant girls, giant women, all over the place!  Needless to say... I was terrified...

Every chance I could, I took to hiding as best as I could, trying not to be found.  Can you blame me?!  I thought I was gonna get stepped on or something unimaginably worst?

So how does a girl with virtually nothing special to her survive in a place like this?  Oddly enough, I survived by the most unlikely way possible.  Somehow... some of the people knew me... Hsk, Miciah, Lumina, Jake, just to name a few that recognize me!  Apparently I shared the same face as that of a wind elemental named Skye!

Since then, I've had a number of people watch over me and keep me safe, from goddesses from long ago (I hope they're still okay) to alchemists to Templar and angels, to even powerful solders and warriors from other worlds, some as surprisingly shy as I am... maybe more so!  (I'm beginning to think that shyness is a trend here... if it is it's one I'm glad for.)  I've even obtained the spiffy ability to alter the size of anyone, myself included!  A really nice self defense measure, but I don't think it'll do much for me...

So, that's how a girl like myself can stay safe, but what about financial means, and a place to call home?  I have a house in Pernon, oddly, thanks to Skye, and with help from a close friend named Araluv, I have the supplies I need to start my own business!  Apparently... I'm really good at baking... I can bake any kind of baked good at any size needed!  With Ara's help and Skye's initial finances (to buy the best equipment a baker could need) I was able to start a kind of delivery service for those that want baked goods.  That brownie or cup cake or muffin you had at a restaurant or shop could very well be one of mine!  I only hope it tastes good.  I generally get satisfied customers, but I'm always looking to improve.

Goals in life?  Well... since I'm here, I figured maybe I could fulfill one of my deepest fantasies!  Become a hero, or a magical girl!  Will I succeed?  Well... I'll let you decide on that one.

Oh, I bet everyone is wondering about this one.  My stand point on the giantess... erm... well... they're great friends when you can make them!  And they offer the best warmt- er, protection!  Y-yeah, that's it, protection... and... lotsa cuddl- kindness!  Lots of Kindness!  So-so yeah... as-as long as they're sweet and friendly I tend to like them... a lot... no, I'm not blushing madly, what makes you say that?!

Oh... one last thing I should probably mention... three last things I should probably mention...

1) I talk to myself... I call her Inner Me!  She... tends to mention things if only to embarrass me... it usually works... at least she has my best interest at heart... strangely, I didn't have an inner me until I came to Atreia.

2) I'm a weirdness magnet.  Weird things happen to me... ALL THE TIME!!!  Some of it not good... especially if it involves squirrels... yes I am shuddering right now.

3)  I'm very interested in learning new things!  Magic, combat, anything that can help me to defend myself!  I know I have size manipulation to me, but I'd like to add to my survivability if I can!

If anyone has any questions... erm... hang a sec... phew... I'll... answer... as many... as I can... geez, I can't believe I'm allowing public access to me... Here's hoping all goes safely...

Either way, hope that was informative!  If we bump into each other, I hope we can be friends!

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She sounds absolutely adorable, and beyond that, seems a reasonable enough reason to reconsider my very mean giantess's name. With a cute little Morgan and a giantess named Morgany, another Morgan would just be baffling. I haven't made a character in-game yet, so I'll come up with something else and look forward to meeting your Morgan before too long.

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Three Morgans ^_^ Yes!!!!!!!!!!!! Three of em, Morgan, Morgan Carpenter, and Morgany Cooke, we all make good trios ^~^

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And by the way, I love the story, It's very interesting, I really love your character Dandanni, ^^ and besides, Morgany loves you btw Wink

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I'm going to make little miss Morgan Carpenter here my personal hobby. She's going to get cuddles. All the cuddles.

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To Kaneda- Your call if you want to! I have no qualms putting "Carpenter" at the end of mine to differentiate. Though it would be kind of confusing (and possibly fun) if there were three Morgan's running around!

Morgan: ^^; It's up to you, of course... I won't get in the way of anything...

To Kali- ^^ Thanks! Makes me glad to hear! And makes me glad to know that Morgany approves!

Morgan: ^^; Though... I'm not really anything special. Just lucky to get by, I s'pose. But I'm always happy to be friends! (after getting past my social anxieties...)

To Fujiko- ^^ Iffin you want, by all means! I support the "Giantess cuddles a Morgan" campaign all the way!

Morgan: WH-wha?!? O///////O; ^///^; Erm, I- you see, Um, I have deliveries to make! *rushes off as fast as she can*

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