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Body Slider Mod

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1Body Slider Mod Empty Body Slider Mod on Mon Dec 04, 2017 1:25 am

Well, some of you might've always wanted a different body type then what is available, funny thing is there is a slider mod .pak file that actually works out there and is fairly easy to edit for by default it only comes with increased breast size. As every other mod it's just client sided but hey, take a look if you wish. lol

Link: https://www.undertow.club/threads/aion-slider-mod.3059/


Edit: I‘ll try to fiddle with the file later to get all sliders needed beyond max if we share that file then -everyone- can be as thicc or thin or w/e they wanna be, and have it seen by everyone. Atleast that‘s the idea.

Edit 2 (Copied from Discord): If anyone wants the THICCness mod here's the download, it's a beta if at all cause I didn't fully polish it but hey it might entertain some of you.


Installation: Go to your Aion Main Folder > Data > custompreset > And replace the existing file there

I would however hold onto the normal one incase you wish to revert these changes again which you do through simply dumping the old file in there again, enjoy.

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