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Azure's Chronicles

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1 Azure's Chronicles on Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:21 pm

(Very important note before reading: So, a couple of days ago a friend of mine, who rp as Azure contacted me. He told me to check this piece of brilliant writing out. I enjoyed it, so I suggested him to put it on the forums, however he disagreed with me, because he did not have time to really bother with the forums and he was kinda lazy to even post something overall. So, I just want to share with people around here a glimpse of this awesome roleplayer's writing. Let's say that it is his own blog, as he gave me all the rights to use his writing and I kind of felt that his character Azure needs to be known by people a little more. So if you ever run up to this guy at the server, don't miss a chance to rp with him.. if he's not busy. All in all, enjoy reading the first chapter of Azure's chronicles.)

Chapter 1: Tempt me with the purest fire...


"Fear the blood, Fear the beast, For the hunt... They will feast."- A man scarcely clad in tattered robes, leaning onto the Tavern's wall in Baltasar hill village repeated those lines.. Over and over again, each passing day. Word spread that he lost his family to the undead, the curse that had befallen our land, the poison that infected the roots of our holy tree was overtaking, overwhelming. With my fleeting fate since the loss at the hands of Triniel being tied to it, I passed by and wandered between the gathering of huts and men that stood guard. None of them were phased by my striking appearance, towering over most common men at almost twice their height, a great sword with various indents, scratches and other deformations strapped to my back.. And why would they? I was the shadow among them, the defender of this gathering of outlaws with no other place to call him and times, and times again tragedies struck us a new.

We were many and yet I was alone, these people didn't have what it took to last in combat.. The friend who stood with me in all these years, through better and worse - the only person I even considered using that word for, despite possessing no emotion whatsoever: Simon. He had gone missing but I didn't blame him for that he must've had his reasons to leave in such dire times but one thing was certain to me even at this point - He must've believed in me holding down the line of defense. The barrier provided by the holy tree was gradually weakening, every few hours a fraction of it broke down temporarily which the undead used to get into the settlement, going out to gather new resources for the village had almost become impossible and whenever they invaded? We fought, a trifling matter at best if I had my full strength available but with the tree starting to wither my existence bound in this realm was fleeting, like a distant memory in itself.

Warrior with a long forgotten face.

-"The night is long - and Fire won't scare the monsters sober, Promise me you will wake me when it's over.."-The man behind me continued to chant, to mumble.. And whilst he did not believe, I was indeed intending to purge them with fire and cinders. The day prior we received word from our scouts, or rather the one that made it back to us that there was a rumored Priest in Sanctum, an expert when it came to lifting curses apparently, but our numbers were little inferior against the increasing opposition and so.. I took it upon myself to occupy the enemies forces on my own, displacing the blackened robes I wore with my combat armor I stepped to the edge of the barrier when the morning sun rose.. The girl that lectured and humiliated me near the tree of life was already waiting for me there:
-"Ghost.. Your last encounter on the other side of the barrier left you wounded, as you’ve  are now you will not last against amassing force of enemies."

Azure's face was as always hidden beneath that thick layered steel mask of his, just the red glow of his eyes made it past. He wordlessly averted his gaze and was about to just pass by, with his greatsword swung over his shoulder. But she spoke up again:
-"But if you were to.. Make these creatures essence your own, you might last long enough - eventually."

He was the last defender...

The warrior considered her words, but eventually his eyes lit up coming to a conclusion to her explanation on his own, nodding he proceeded past the barrier where as wide as he could gaze there were undead, some advanced more deformed creatures in the back, some monsters have been affected by the curse too. Pulling his sword to his side he ran right in, the blade ignited with flames which acted like a beacon to his enemies and conveniently enough he soon had their undivided attention. On the other end of the village the group meant to fetch the Priest or scholar, whatever he called himself departed having a relatively easy time considering that Azure was already cutting through those things.. The remaining inhabitants of Baltasar Hill watched as their remaining defender stood his ground for them, a boy pulled lose from his mother's grip with a wooden stick in hand and wanted to run past the barrier, but the same woman whom had given Azure advice earlier stepped in and reached for his arm said:
-"You would endanger him more then you'd aid him, child."

The boy looked back up at her, but dropped his arms and his 'weapon' watching from the safe distance, meanwhile Azure was cleaving through a Zombie that assaulted him from the front, easily severing the creature into two. As it's intestines spread over his armor and mask he saw it there lingering for a moment.. It's essence barely be able to be felt as he reached out with his free clawed hand, touching it and pulling it into his own chest. Seemingly recovering ever so slightly from his exhaustion, an infested wolf jumped up behind him and bit into his shoulder, it's strong jaws denting the metal plate that provided said with protection as the Ghost of Baltasar Hill wasn't having any of that, reaching for the creatures head he crushed it in his palm and pulled it off, throwing it away like a toy losing his left pauldron in the process.

The fight continued, hours turned into days.. And at the fifth there he still stood surrounded by the corpses of these creatures, black liquid like substance was oozing from his wounds, his upper body revealed completely only a fraction of his armor to protect his neithers even remaining on his body as he pulled his blade from a giant Ghoul's corpse, watching it burn on the ground after writhing in purest agony. The priest had already returned and commenced with his ritual..

Night fell and there were always new attackers, with each new enemy he was seen pulling out their dark, cursed essence to infuse it with himself. The damage he took, annulled and almost instantly replaced with yet another wound. His own thoughts trailed off, off to when he and Simon were talking.. About what other people might think of them, their deeds - Never have they acted out to protect others, never committed anything heroic and yet for the people within their little haven they both had gone to an extend that's unnatural for the likes of them.. Azure didn't understand it himself, why he acted out his body almost moved on it's own was it truly just because of the faith he assumed a friend to have..? Or did he care about everyone here deep down as well..?

The answer would never become so painfully obvious unfortunately, distracted by his thoughts briefly he had not taken note of an approaching undead monster that swung it's axe at him, the weapon connected and struck his mask the metallic object cracking in the middle as one half descended from his face, his blackened mane hung deep and from beneath there was his now fully exposed eye staring at the being ahead with utter hatred, blood oozing from the resulting wound on his forehead as he lunged forwards with his claw - digging it into the monsters chest only to pull out it's still beating, bloody heart and crushing it in his palm to rejuvenate himself. The cleansing ritual was meeting it's peak meanwhile as the ground ahead of him started to crack open, the earth shook violently as a green illuminating light was seen.. From beneath a deformed gigantic hand was clawing into the surface, followed by a massive attached body as Azure took his blade into both hands, at this point it seemed like his body was held together by his will more so then his newfound essence absorption.. The old man that kept on mumbling earlier stood at the barrier watching too, and once more spoke:
- "Want for the weary And death for the sane Cursed yet we listen For bells left to toll To fight back the depths of Humanity's soul..."

The emerged titan came at Azure now, who swiped a bunch of approaching enemies away with his blade, which ignited again as his second hand had met the hilt. The 'Boss' swung it's massive arm at the shadow from the left and sent him flying back into a little hill in front of the barrier, the blackened liquid that was his blood spreading where he impacted, and as the dust settled there was his clawed hand coming forth from the little hole his body had dent into the solid frame. Stepping forth as the considerable larger enemy was upon him yet again, lifting it's rotting foot to stomp on him..

A fierce battle that lived through out the memories of others.

Memories of the past, he was taken back again to their fight with Triniel. Simon was on the ground behind him as she dropped down, aiming to sorely crush him under her weight, but briefly before she impacted Azure had charged in pushing her off with the last remainder of his strength instead of saving it to strike, to use this opening he prioritized his partners life. And as the foot came closer he... put down his blade and rose up both of his arms, more of his 'blood' oozing from the wounds as the impact came and yet it wouldn't be able to lower it down completely like .. something was preventing it? With a grunt of effort Azure threw the behemoth back, almost flipping it over in the process as it landed harshly.. Already his sword in hand again he followed up, leaping onto it's knee - over it's stomach and at last with his blade held overhead he brought it down in a cleaving motion, the sound of flames lingering a disgusting crack and then silence..

The Priest had finished his ritual in just that moment and the tree would be on it's way to recover.. But Azure who fought so vigilantly was nowhere to be seen, the people waited and waited but he didn't come back through the barrier.. The tree was saved, but where was he..? The next morning the little boy that wanted to come to his aid passed the holy tree and unto the gem leaned something.. Azure's greatsword with some edges broken out, looking heavily damaged.. Up till this day people leave offerings at it, no one dares to move it for it's a memory .. A memory to a tale that time has lost...

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