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Sala, the Fallen Daughter

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1Sala, the Fallen Daughter Empty Sala, the Fallen Daughter on Mon Sep 25, 2017 2:34 pm

                                                                                                                                              Salamandinay, The Fallen Daughter of a Goddess

First in Succession line on Mother.

Age: Easily over 753,364,633 years old.
Height: Varies, growing. Blessed by the Goddess of Growth.
Weight: Over +500 tons, growing.

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Salamandinay was living an "semi" ordinary life in a heavenly looking palace "up in the skies" but unknownst to her, life is about to change drastically.

As she was trying out of her fire magic, her competitive sister (as the their Mother had alot of daughters) wanted to get rid of first in line of succession if should Mother die.

So the Sister, started to work on her master plan to get rid of Salamandinay to be The First Daughter to be successor onto Holy Throne.

Days passed as Sister behind of Salamandinay crafted her spell, and when She got it ready she had Sala invited to a dinner

Salamandinay was pretty confident on Herself being The Daughter of Succession, she did not worry about things like these.

As the dinner went on, Sister chattered to Salamandinay while trying to find perfect moment to cast her spell to make me fade out of picture of Succession line.

As Salamandinay was finishing her meal, and had nice time chattering, she was suprised of a angry look on Her Sister, who was starting to get frusfrated by Salamandinay existance.
"Huh?" Asked Salamandinay from the frusfrated Sister.

"Leave THIS PLACE" shouted the Sister to her.

As Salamandinay started to realise Sister plan, it was too late, as Sister said the words and pointed to her big sister with a finger

And the blinding whiteness captured the Salamandinay into it, Sister had planned it to kill her, but Salamandinay magical defenses was too great for Sister magics. Salamandinay, trapped on the eternal whiteness, wondered how She could get away from here and have revenge on Sister.

What feels like eternity passes, she finally managed to overpower the white infinity, but she failed to get back to her dimension and She fell to a wierd, new world to Her.

But one plan was certain as She fell from the skies, revenge will be Hers.

And Hers only. No matter the cost.

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2Sala, the Fallen Daughter Empty Re: Sala, the Fallen Daughter on Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:58 am

Part II

Personality: Gentle, shy, lazy

Traits: Growth, Fire Magic, Goddesshood

Character likes and dislikes:

Eating food, watching tinies doing their things, sleeping, meditating

Being annoyed by tiny people, watching argues between people.

More of story:

As She fell from the skies, to the new world, She wondered what is this world?
She felt big in this world, it must been some other dimension for sure, she thought to herself.
But as she landed, she fell on her back on strange area, causing earthquakes in whole region.
She could feel magical connection to her Mana even in this new world, so it must be a linked to her world somehow. As She slowly sat up, she saw a wierd purple landscape as she can see and some buildings, it didn't look anything as She has seen anything in her lifetime.

Just what was this world? She thought to herself, and took a small personal quest to get information of this world.


Character Full Name: Salamandinay Edelfelt Von En-Liche

Was 4th Heir of the Goddess

Salamandinay was always held in very high regard on her Succession line to Goddess-Throne, thus many of the Daughters felt she was strongest contender.
She was well liked by Her Mother as well.
And she was born with a special orb, residue in Her body, sealed, but She can take it out of there if ever needed, but not for long.
Orb is highly dangerous to anyone except of Her. Mysterious Orb has strong powers that Salamandinay uses if ever needed. And She hopes not to use it, as it has price to use.
A such price that even Mother wouldn't use it if she had it.

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3Sala, the Fallen Daughter Empty Re: Sala, the Fallen Daughter on Fri Sep 29, 2017 1:32 pm

Part III                  

Abilities and stuff.

After a while of exploring new world, Salamandinay has decided to make her stay in this world for little while longer.
Salamandinay has gotten curious of the customs of these lands, and these wierd, opposing gender humanoids called "males". She though seems to not care much, thinks them as same level as bugs. As she has never seen them in her own world.
But after making contacts with few males, she seems to be confident that there is none of them in her world because they seem be pretty dumb and stubborn.

Her clothes still remain the durability and the empowered enchantments from Her homeworld, creating powerful magical layer which is very difficult to break, that is if you would even get through her natural magical barrier.
But her clothes work as a seal of sort for her Magical Orb inside of her, She may undress by magic but she may never get rid of the clothes as they are magically bound to Her soul, only way to destroy them completely would be destroying Her Soul, in a Soul World

Her secret super ability, The Twelve Clocks of Fire is an ability where she turns whole surrounding area into hellish landscape, making any victim in 15 kilometer getting stabbed by hell stakes 12 times.
Every time Clock of Hell and Suffer bell bongs, a hell stake strikes through of the victim, piercing body and melting anything it passes through. May hit more than once same target.

She may learn new abilities, but She focuses on fire.
Likes to cast Fiery Lighting Bolt on those who annoy her, may pierce body and make it stuck on ground.

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4Sala, the Fallen Daughter Empty Re: Sala, the Fallen Daughter on Sat Sep 30, 2017 7:16 am


Part IV

Homeland and culture.

Culture: Upper-Hime

Upper-Hime people hails from the floating islands (One island size of a United States roughly, varies by the island.) of Aridi-Helvenia. Upper-Hime people are super proud of their time immemorial traditions, history and does absolutely not want to be classed same group of culture / people as Lower-Hime or "berserkers" of the surface of the planet.

Each royal noble household has to offer one of their princess to the Queen of Goddess-Throne, since Queen Gwynder the First made decision to calm the noble unrest that threatened to remove her from the Throne. Those girls form current Queen harem which she is has to marry all of the royal noble princesses offered to her. All 165 of them. Current Goddess of the Throne is firmly under control of family En-Liche.

Aridi-Helvenia is very, very old and heavily populated, roughly around 150 trillion people, cluster of floating islands up in the sky, approx 15 kilometers into the sky from the face of the planet.
Upper-Hime people rarely lets anyone visit their islands as they claim them to be Holy and Pure.
Upper-Hime people are different from the Lower-Hime people as Upper-Hime people has long, pointy ears, well stacked bodies (though it varies between person) and they are taller than the Lower-Hime or the "barbarians" from the below.

Upper-Hime people follows the traditions and religion called Yuri-Ja-Li. It promotes heavy seclusion from the rest of the world, having lots of daughters and following Goddesses and Goddess of the Throne without flail of faith, or they will be punished or worse.

They are friendly for other worldly visitors though, or if they visit other worlds they are usually calm and friendly, unless annoyed.

Their writing scripture is one of those which they are proud of and dislikes everyone else because it is super complex and difficult to learn for the "barbarians" and Lower-Hime alike. Writing is angled at the 35* to the the left and written in long strikes (Imagine something like Mongolian scripture and Chinese combined)

(I think that is all that is needed to know about my character backstory)

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5Sala, the Fallen Daughter Empty Re: Sala, the Fallen Daughter on Sat Sep 30, 2017 8:14 am


Part V


Yuri-Ja-Li is the old, multi Goddess religion based on the 12 stars in the Magical World of Yuri-Hime, an old running legend how the first Upper-Hime people got to Floating Islands assisted by the 12 Goddesses.
First Goddess is Gama-JiXi, Goddess of Love and Pleasure.
Second Goddess is Gwyji, Goddess of Obedience.    
Third Goddess is Edelf, Goddess of War and Destruction.
Fourth Goddess is Fina, Goddess of Protection.
Fifth Goddess is Kinaji, Goddess of Daughters.
Sixth Goddess is Levenia, Goddess of Production and Technology.
Seventh Goddess is Kijiwy, Goddess of Magic.
Eighth Goddess is Loman, Goddess of Water and Fertility.
Ninth Goddess is Shur, Goddess of Arts.
Tenth Goddess is Hert, Goddess of Purity.
Eleventh Goddess is Popja, Goddess of Authority.
Twelveth Goddess is Hanak, Archgoddess of Goddesses.

They all represent branches in a holy Cherry Tree located in middle of the Floating Islands, surrounded by ancient shrine.
Girls can go there to pray from any of the Goddesses for their service, but only the Priestesses and Holy Persons can go deeper to visit the Cherry Tree, Sirius itself. They may try and ask which Daughter of the Goddess-Throne is best candinate in sense of Holiness, which they may use to suggest current Goddess of the Throne to select Her as the candinate and not the through Senior-Lineage.
But, sometimes Holy Cherry Tree Sirius, might violently shatter It's outer layer of bark and bleed blood-ish liquid if it senses some Daughter which might threaten it's existance and might want to get rid of Her.
Sirius has a other side to it, and it definedly does not want a world to mend, which would ruin the Holy system of the Yuri-Ja-Li.
If the Yuri-Ja-Li would collapse, it's effects would be felt in other worlds, but depending the mana usage of each world, it might be serious magical vortex storms to nothing.
Only rare has seen the other side of the Sirius tree, and even fewer has ever returned and to be exiled or killed for preaching heresies.

Lower-Hime people does not strictly follow the guidance of the 12 Goddesses, just rather be advised by them.


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6Sala, the Fallen Daughter Empty Re: Sala, the Fallen Daughter on Sun Oct 15, 2017 9:37 am


Part VI  

In the White Nothingness... Visitor

As Salamandinay kept being in the white nothingness, She tried unconsciously fight Sister magic, but no real avail. Unknownst to Her unconscious self help was somewhat coming.

Mysterious Visitor

Well well... who we have here? says the mysterious visitor as she looks the Salamandinay sleeping body, strongly encased in magic which she was trying to break.

Daughter of the Goddess-Throne, was truly front of Her eyes, she started to wonder how did she get into that situation as she was currently in, thought Visitor as she slowly walked around the encased Salamandinay

I could take your... gift, but I am not really interested in that. Said the Visitor
But i suppose i should not interfere with your path that much, we shall be allies for a short while, as she whispered to Salamandinay ear.

Visitor slips her hand through the magic encase, and pulls out Salamandinay.
Oh my, aren't you a big child? Said the visitor as Salamandinay body weight was more than she thought, but she succesfully pulled her out of case.
Visitor whispers to Her ear again
Try not get yourself trapped again, and i shall help your path to vengeance, for a price~
And remember my name, Daughter.

Salamandinay was still in deep sleep, but her words were planted into her unconsciousness, but she was still in coma due to magic.

Now, shall you go ahead and get yourself a breather, in a new world for a while. It might be good for you to calm your mind, and maybe get some life lessons, Said Youmu to her.

As they walked in a White Nothingness, Youmu controlled her Soul to move her around, since dragging her would be too much work, Youmu noticed that Salamandinay soul, had two personalities, sort of balancing eachother out.

Interesting, thought Youmu as she examined the souls.

After a while of walk, Youmu thought it could be interesting if souls, could inhabit the Salamandinay body same time, but then she ran issue of the Orb.
She still wanted that Orb, she could feel it calling to her as her thought suddenly ran to it.

N-no! Thought Youmu to herself as Orb called to her, but she did not want to break Salamandinay body, and the Promise Of Nero, Pact that says to not break the seals in her body, called by Arch-Goddesses, but then she thought she ~never~ really signed it first place.
Getting frusfrated to self, she suddenly prematurely send Salamandinay to the new world.

We will meet again, in different conditions shouted Youmu to Salamandinay, and made her to slowly wake up from her coma.

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