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Gwyn Minolis

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1 Gwyn Minolis on Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:17 am

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Gwyn Minolis

Age: 214
Size/Height: 108'2ft / 33m (Size 20)
Personality: Chaotic Prideful
Birthplace: Holy Mount, Atgraz [Terra Famda]
Occupation: 'Smashing things'


For aslong as she can remember her life was structured with order day for day the same routine consisting of listening to the Priestesses voice, to how their efforts served a greater purpose how their way of life had to preserved in order to prepare for a greater darkness. Naturally fanatism can be a strong drive but amongst the three other warriors one could say that Gwyn had always been a little different, the only chance she saw in escaping the boring drag life up here had become were the sparring matches, or even ceremonial matches. Her weapon of choice being a two-handed mace, it's tip adorned with spikes. While fighting her 'sisters' in the order she felt alive, ironically her passion actually elevated her above the others and once she outclassed them? The immense feeling to prove herself and boredom returned; eventually at such intensity that after over two-hundred years she decides to leave Atgraz in seek of a challenge.

Originating from 'Terra Famda' Gwyn had journeyed outside of the comfort of her former home, met people made allies.. And experienced a good chunk of the adventures she so desired it all came down to her being taken into Queen Amura's services for her deeds. As they both were having a conversation in the throne room they were sucked into a portal ending up in the world of Atreia mysteriously. Stranded, bankrupt and without any kind of back-up they were literally thrown into cold water.

(Excluding Abilities and Inventory for now.)

Design inspired by following piece of Art:

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