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Ingos (Carric's backstory)

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1 Ingos (Carric's backstory) on Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:47 pm

Hey all, this is my work in progress for the land Carric came to Atreia from. Excuse me for just copy pasting it from google docs, the language is going to be broken as I'm still bouncing around ideas

Notes on Ingos (working title)

Island nation, roughly the size of France. Mix between medieval martiality, renaissance wonder and age of exploration esque gadgets, like jetpacks. Also mages. Meritocratic. Too a point anyway

Portals sometimes open up erratically around the capital, the more adventurous or clumsy may enter them. Usually they’re seen again sometime in the next ten years. The mage guild is still researching what the portals even really are.

They like their metal, mining isn't seen as drudgery.

System of eight(?) guilds, each using a metal as their sigil. Children are inducted to the guilds at 10 after four years of schooling, then train with the guild for 8 then getting a second colour for their trade.

Anyway, guilds:
    Copper - explorers guild. Patrols are blue, surveyors green, adventurers pink
    Silver - research guild - may fall into tinkerers and be replaced with performers/artists
    Brass - tinkerers guild
    Gold - mages guild, elemental colours, research/non magic are grey
    Iron - production guild - miners black, builders brown/red, farmers green, fishers blue -probably largest
    Steel - war guild - don't have easy access to mages, more focused on defense - beastmasters brown
    White metal - healers/priests guild - clergy yellow or white, medics red
    Black metal - political guild

Trademaster - high ups in a certain trade - intimidating/scary to handle depending on your intentions, they are highly versed in their trade i.e explorer’s won’t just know where you were/are, they’ll know where you will be, possibly why. Mages will make the area surrounding you into an element, not just hit you with it. Musicians will destroy your reputation through song. Tinkerers are more prepared than anyone should be. Producers may have prepared their base of operations, and they’re important to all of the other guilds so good luck. Warriors are obvious. White can smite. Black you probably won't see the morning. Or you’ll wake up overseas.

It is difficult for foreigners to integrate, commoners generally thrown in a lower production trade. Skilled people may be able to join the explorers or tinkerers.

The explorers and tinkerers are amicable. The gears make gadgets the explorers need, and the sparrows actually field test their inventions

Education system involves classes in creativity, mechanics, the world and history, as well as testing on physicality, problem solving and others. Students are also periodically tested for latent magic ability; students who test positive are almost certain to enter the Mages guild.

Carric himself is a member of the explorers guild, with the adventurers trade. When a portal opened up while debriefing from a scouting mission, he knew the opportunity would not come later, both to regret it and be reprimanded. Grabbing his pack and some supplies he jumped through into the unknown.

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