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A Heroes Quest Log (Lanaris)

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1A Heroes Quest Log (Lanaris) Empty A Heroes Quest Log (Lanaris) on Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:50 pm

I've found myself lost in a world most unfamiliar to me. Normally one would find panic at such a situation, but I did wish for a life of adventure. Who would of thought chasing that imp into the woods would result in such a thing? He stole a few items from me that I wish to see returned, and from what I hear from a man named Hsk the imp is also in this realm.

I woke up in a tavern, of all things. I'm not one for drinking but I imagine most men find themselves in a similar situation, I know the dwarven variety do. I was of course talked down to by the bartender Daente for being a youth, but after speaking to him he understood my position and while I'm not permitted to drink, he offered me a job and shared some information about this world.

He and Hsk both have given me warnings of deities and giant beings, though I have yet to encounter such things during my time here. I do not fear them, but I think it would be wise to avoid much interaction with such powerful entities. Quite frankly I feel doing so and surviving would at least prove I am no simple child to these people. Young as I may be, I am well versed in politics and royal affairs. I understand a thing or two about those who exploit such positions, and how to survive in such a world. For now I will continue to learn what I can about this deity Aion, and pray for his guidance in my adventures, as I fear Alagaard is unable to do so while I remain here.

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