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The boy who would be King (Lanaris)

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1 The boy who would be King (Lanaris) on Wed Jun 07, 2017 8:36 pm

This young novice spell-sword is the son of the renowned Sir Rayleigh Silversworn, High Paragon of the Crusaders of Alagaard. Feeling a strong desire to prove himself to the world, Lanaris studies hard to learn various types of magic and swordplay. A master of none, this new upcoming adventurer searches for a quest that will have his name sung throughout the lands of Teradel as a great hero.

Arranged to be wed to the Queen of Alagaard, Lanaris fled the kingdom during the chaos of an uprising dressed in hand-maidens garb to seek a life of adventure instead of that of politics. Encountering the forest sprite along his journey he chased the imp into the forest to retrieve his stolen belongings, and instead found himself in a world unfamiliar.

Lanaris was born prematurely, which has caused him development issues—most notably his height of 4'5" and gentle features. Due to this, he is often mistaken for a young girl and mocked or denied service or access to certain areas for being a child. This both angers and embarrasses him as it undermines his bravado hero persona.

Lanaris is a big dreamer and is often overconfident in his own abilities which can sometimes get him into trouble—however even in the most dire situations he is never one to give up. He possesses courage, a strong will, and great resistance to temptation. However this doesn't mean he can't be broken with enough effort. His dedication to complete tasks and his compassion towards others is often the first thing people will notice about him.

His fathers reputation and his pretty-boy appearance has caused many women of his homeland to fawn over him, something he finds somewhat irritating as he wishes to impress them with his own talents and not that of his fathers. He is normally confident when speaking with women but is incredibly shy when it comes to intimate relations with them—shying away from any such conversations or situations.

Lanaris is more skilled in the art of fencing than magic—though this doesn't stop him from trying. His magic is weak and often backfires or fails but he tries his best to practice in order to better wield it. Most often he is forced to fight with his rapier without the use of spells as he needs to read a spell-book in order to cite any incantations—his only known spell without one being a weak fire-ball. While he is not that experienced in actual combat he has the will and spirit to keep standing up until he collapses—which is a great skill of its own.

Ignite: Can be cast as a very weak fire-blast but is better used lighting torches or campfires. Causes minor burn marks on impact.

Minor Heal: A very weak heal using holy magic. Only useful for mending small cuts and bruises.

Heroism: Lanaris is filled with determination and gains a second-wind upon sustaining massive injury—though he eventually collapses after a short while.

Run-through: Lanaris takes his rapier in both hands and charges with all his might to pierce his foe; not really anything special and ineffective as a fencing technique, but he calls it his special move anyway.

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