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Ariel's Chronicles

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1 Ariel's Chronicles on Wed Jun 07, 2017 10:59 am

Man says God works in mysterious ways, they do not understand us. Some fear us or hate us, some revere us and worship us, but most simply do not understand us.

Our appearance in Poeta was, as always, a surprise to the little mortals. Little Shaena spilled vials on herself in surprise, little Zodick was surprised and less than thrilled to see us, while little Vlad was still complaining about a lost tree. What trivial matters.

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Naturally our appearance captivated their interest. Such is the way of mortals, even when some detest you. Little Vlad was as always, eager to see and please his Goddess, even as we made him much smaller. It was just a simple display, little Zodick was so curious, oh how does a God grant happiness. Some are pleased easily, some are not, but little Vlad was unquestionably pleased beneath our feet, pressed against our skin even as our weight came bearing down on him.

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The blue-haired little Zodick is an interesting mortal, she questions everything, she even tried to manipulate a Deity. How fascinating, how bold. However, it was the little Shaena who was most enthusiastic. Eager to follow in our footsteps, eager to grow and drink the power. She will be a very iconic giantess one day, gallant in her use of her power and stature. She was so thrilled even as we gave her a very small Vlad to toy with. Is it not what such a small man is to a much superior woman? Nothing but a toy?

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2 A Good boy on Thu Jun 22, 2017 5:41 pm

It is amusing what little things these mortals concern themselves with. A husband, a secret mistress, or even a tree. Perhaps one of the most trivial things we have encountered during our travels, and yet little Vlad has been distressed over his little tree for weeks. We find him sitting next to where it used to be everyday, as if waiting for it to return. Silly little Vlad. Trees won't come back on their own, either look for it or plant a new one. But no matter, your Goddess is here to help you.

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The solution is really simple, after all there is an infinite number of universes that are easily accessible if you had the means to travel between them. It was not difficult to find one where little Vlad had just recently fought Lilitu and was subsequently defeated and killed. Leaving a tree that he won't miss. Of course there was the small matter of taking a Vlad that is alive to a place where he was killed. Well, the solution was rather barking at us in the face.

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What a good boy he is. Of course this was no ordinary dog, it was forged in Heaven to hunt Demons. That however, is a topic for another time. We don't want the hunted to learn about the hunter so soon, do we? Little Vlad meanwhile proved to be obedient and adaptable, and very eager to run after his Goddess. A short trip outside of town proved to be a good walking exercise for the new 'pupper', as he kept referring to himself. Perhaps it should be his new name. We made our way out of town and into a secluded spot where we made the transition. Of course it looks perfectly similar, almost as if we didn't go anywhere. We made our way back to town where there was a little Daente. He greeted us politely as always. Of course he was confused as little Vlad attacked and uprooted the tree to drag it back with us.

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We took the trick back outside of town and little Vlad confessed exactly how he'd like his Goddess to take him out on walks. How you say? Well that would be telling now wouldn't it Smile. It did not take us long to return to town, in Vlad's original universe. Of course there was another little Daente waiting there. He greeted us the exact same way as his multiverse counterpart did, is that not adorable? Meanwhile little Vlad had been a puppy too long, because he was carrying the tree in his mouth, in his human form.

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