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The Reckless Boar (Dramor)

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1The Reckless Boar (Dramor) Empty The Reckless Boar (Dramor) on Mon Jun 05, 2017 7:14 am

Dramor Stoutlager, or as some refer to him 'The Reckless Boar', is the Forge-master of the Forgeheart Brigade—an elite task-force of the Forgeheart Clan led by Rognar Steeltoe. Upholding a strong warrior code, Dramor is never one to flee from a battle, always facing his foe as shown by his armor—having no scratches on the back. Like a boar which he is nicknamed after, he is reckless and cares not for the wounds inflicted upon him as he charges into the fray.

Fueled by the power of fury, Dramor relentlessly overpowers his foes in bursts of rage until he either collapses from his wounds or demolishes his foe with overwhelming brute force. Some say he has a death wish; while others say he simply has no fear and is the avatar of rage itself.

Surprising to most due to his temper and brash nature, Dramor is a loving husband to the Dwarven Battle-Maiden, Olga Keghips, and father to his daughter Mýra. Disappointed in not having a son to pass his legacy unto, and despite Mýra's desires to become a warrior, Dramor forbids his daughter from holding a weapon and is very overprotective of her—never letting her stray from their home in the town of Thunderdale located in the Forgeheart Mountains.

Finding himself lost in a new world, this dwarven warrior will stop at nothing to find his way home to his kin, and none is going to get in his way.

Dramor Stoutlager is a foul-mouthed Dwarf with a strong prejudice and distrust for strangers. He is quick to anger and will hold a grudge until he deems it settled. He lives by the code of 'an eye for an eye' and deems lies, deceit, trickery, and any style of combat outside of direct melee confrontation to be cowardly.

Despite his negative traits, Dramor has heart and always speaks true to himself. He is not afraid to share his thoughts on a matter, and cares not for whoms feelings it may hurt. His loyalty to those he dubs friend is like no other; a willingness to follow them into the depths of battle regardless of the risk, and the first to defend their honor should it be insulted. Dramor, despite his crude mannerisms, is a true friend more loyal than any could ever ask for. Someone you know you can always count on to have your back, even if he holds a grudge against you.

In Combat
Dramor is best classified as a berserker; charging into the fray with no plan nor tactic to his blows. Dramor comes out on top with nothing but an relentless onslaught of attacks and overwhelming brute force. This style of combat is what dubbed him the title "The Reckless Boar" and his inability to resist the urge to charge into battle during stratagem.

Dramor gives little pause between attacks and his blows are often unpredictable, giving his opponent little time to identify a combat pattern and disrupting the ever so cowardly spell-casting. Due to this nature of attacks he has to occasionally pause to regain his stamina— However he is extremely durable, often taking on many blows instead of blocking as he charges wildly and will continue to fight until he collapses from his wounds. Fleeing is not an option for this proud dwarf warrior.

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