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Vlad's Preperations (feel free to ooc comment whatya think)

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Village Idiot

And so..The story of how the oaf..became oafier.

The man known as vlad has always been known to be strong yet this is the story of how he even went on to surpass his own limits. The man whom fought the biggest of women, Readying himself to fight one of the strongest of them.

Always start with a good warming up ... This is importart.

Entry 1

The moment the oaf started his training he would have made sure he'd have consumed more then enough calories to burn and likely far too many proteins due to the amount of steak he's been eating the days beforehand. Starting off with a warming up the oaf streches his arms, the right one... then the left one..
Followed by slightly spreading his legs and leaning to one side while fully streching his leg on the other side of the side he'd lean toward, Followed by the oposide side. Afterwards he'd start to do some jumping jacks,
Around 500 of them to get everything nice and loosend up.  Then he started his jog, The oaf never really cared of where he went as while he was jogging he past several landmarks , yet no mather where he started he always ending up at the same area it was a particulair area wich has several waterfalls near each other. Climbing up against the the stone wall while the water rushes over him he'd climb to the top.

Taking several large boulders that would have been laying around he'd start to block off most of the waterfall's water creating one strong and thin stream of water that forced it's way down on a single point.
Only then he jumps down the waterfall landing with a rough landing. The ground beneath his feet scattering slightly due to the impact leaving two small crators at the locations his feet would have been. walking toward the waterfall he'd take a deep breath at first before stepping right beneath, the water's force strong enough to crush any mortal that would have been stupid enough to stand beneath it, yet the oaf goes on. His strenght withstanding the constant pressure of the water crashing down on his head,shoulders and back. His clothing tearing off of his chest as the water crashes into it. His breathing slow and controlled as he'd stand there, taking the immense water's pressure and force straight onto his body. Patienly waiting he'd remain there standing, The first half hour past..Only to be followed by three others untill he'd finally open his eyes.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

His eyes coverd in a dark red ( couldn't find better representation in aion) aura,as then the aura spreads from his eyes and covers his head, moving onto his shoulders and down the rest of his body. The aura now around his body like it's a 2nd skin that would protect it, For as the water touches the aura the water itself turns into favor instantly, not because of  heat,but because the aura would be one of pure raw force fused with the oaf's natural instinct for combat, an instinct easily misread as one of being of pure murderous intentions. The water would once it comes in contact with the aura get thorn to shreds compleetly down to a point the force is strong enough to break the water's very moluculair structure breaking the very hydrogen bridges between the molecules as for some of he the molecules the force was even so concentrated and powerfull it ripped the atoms appart creating pure oxygen and hydrogen gas.
The aura then would evolve into a later state of control as the aura starts to shape to vlad's will , molding the very aura into an armor, the aura would slowly take on the shape of armor , still dark and slightly transparent for it was raw power at it's finest.
leaning down the oaf slams his hand into the ground shattering the ground into large boulders with ease as he'd reach for one of the pieces, tossing it skywards so it'd land right with the others ontop of the waterfall..Thinning the stream once more as the force get's even greater. The force strong enough to force the oaf to focus even more as the aura starts to become violent beneath the force it's put beneath.  Due to the force and the concentration needed some area of the aura loose control as they'd violently have pulses shooting out ..almost like flames, yet not only upwards, but also downwards toward his body as the moment his own aura comes in contact with his skin the skin simply turns to dust as blood quickly rushes down his back as the skin is touched several times creating rather deeps wounds even as the blood flow would contineu to go down his back and legs. Still he'd focus more and more ....Forced to becuase otherwise his own power would devour him he'd gain control once more.    

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Withstanding and keeping this control for just a mere 15 minutes he'd step forward , kneeling down and catching his breath, Tired bend and broken as blood still flows down from his back and the water behind him crashes down, Using the energy he  stumbles out of the water he'd sit at the shore..Resting...Tired..So tired 

Falling asleep it on the shore ...

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Village Idiot

Entry 2

Waking up on the shore a few hours later he'd grumble as his back was still aching due to the wounds, yet they would seem to have already started closing..Would it be the oaf's luck or the acts of someone helping him..He could not know .

Walking back towards the waterfall he'd stand beneath it once more, The aura serounding his body within seconds again, as while training he heard some odd noices, as if one dared to come near the oaf while he was training his body once again....But it was true.  This man was noone other then daente whoms tumbled onto the oaf, even assisting him by redirecting the water even more using platforms made of blood wich he'd use to concentrate the flow of water even more. The aura barely capable of keeping in control as he did just that as the aura went out of control again, yet the oaf was able to redirect it outwards... For the most of the spranks that is.
This scene would take just several moments before the oaf could no longer withstand it, walking forward once, exhausted as he'd explain to daente what he was on about and why he was going through this hellish training once again as meanwhile daente was already fixing the oaf's wounds on his back using his own blood. As their conversation went on they started to walk toward a cliff onto to meet Asha there aswell. Speaking to her aswell as the oaf would bombard her with questions about the devine realms and her grandmother.  [You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Gaining several hints as to what he wishes to find out he'd set out his next trail..

Training his physical body to it's very limits once more.

The oaf then would travel to an area known to have a gravity so strong only crystals and the strongest of stones could withstand it the oaf went there, already once entering the area he felt the pressure on every single inch of his body increase by merely being there. walking ferther and ferther..Deeper and deeper in he finaly arrived at the core where the gravity was the strongest. At this point even just lifting a foot to set a step would feel like he was carrying one of the bigger women like it was a piggyback-ride..yet there was noone..Luckily..

The oaf once more starts to train his body, Doing several stretches and warming up move...yet alot less repetitions for the gravity around him tired him out quickly already. DOing the most basics of training would already tire out the oaf, sweating like a pig he'd work his ass off, making sure to take each and every possible mouscle into the routine and strenghten them by forcing them to their very limits. It was only after one single hour he couldn't even push himself off of the floor, being tired to a point he wonderd how he was even able to spare the energy to breathe.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

It was only then he'd start to take off his armor and rest for a moment, while still under the immense pressure his body started to slowly get used to it, as his breathing became a lot more stable wich allowed him to rest...or rather fall asleep.

Waking up only the next day , Laying on the groun still, still tired for each breath he took required so much energy his body could barely suply it with enough energies..Wich lead to the oaf having to crawl his way back, feeling the pressure and gravity decrease , becoming less and less as he leaves the area behind allowing him to slowly stand up  and contineu his path while walking .  As upon finaly reaching the exit of the area it was the portal mage that already came looking for him being worried as he spend so long in there , it was this mage that brought the oaf home, where he took his sweet time to eat his stomach full and rest propperly, having the town's healers meanwhile check his body for any damages ,infections or worse...Finding noone beside the many of scars aleady making a map on the oaf's skin all around his body.

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Village Idiot

Entry 3

The oaf once more went on to better himself, yet this time he went to improve his skills as smithing, knowing that for the task at hand he'd need the best armor and weaponary possible. DOing so he went to his workshop in danaria and starting to melt large amounts of steel and mix them with several other ores and minerals, In attempt to find the ultimate combination to create the strongests of metal possible...Yet all failed. All of the products he'd made were far too weak to even stands a chance against his own strenght, let aside that of his target .

Giving up on making a new material he'd just contineu smithing weapons to sell , in order to pay his debts.
Smithing several basic daggers it wouldn't take much more then two hours before it got boring and he'd move on to making shields instead, Making one shield he was thinking about for a while already, A shield big enough coverd nearly all of the body yet meanwhile strong enough to withstand the blows needed of it to take, and light enough for it to be used. The material he wishes to use not yet in his storage for he couldn't create it he'd just start on the shape, spending hours hammering down on the metal to create the perfect shape needed for such a shield, As he'd then spend the next several hours sweating near the furnace the keep the metal heated each time he'd hammer the edge, Creating a sharp edge all around the shield to use it for offende and defence.

It was only at the end of this day he went back to town.. Wich lead to several new ideas within his creative mind. Of wich one being he crafted a massive wooden cage...or was it almost even a building, while the inside of it would have been showing several metal bars made of the strongest metal he was able to craft so far, Creating a cage able to fit in even those that'd would be over tenfold of his own size.
Enjoying the rest of his night off looking over the craftmen's town while drinking some of his whiskey.[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

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Village Idiot

Entry 4

The oaf went on about thinking how it was best to prepare himself, Getting ready for his goal it was magic he lacked. physical training..Checked , Aura control..Check , Armor and weapons upgraded...almost check ....So remembering what he heard Daente say is that his opponent uses magic...magic that one thing the oaf sucks at.. Then thinking who could possibly help him...Who knows his opponent and knows magic...


[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Off to kira..lucky for me her her lab's door was "open"... Not that hard to crack...
Walking it it took me a while to find her , or rather get her attention..he spoke to her..Nothing.
Spoke again..nothing
Stood beside her for over 15 mins...nothing!
The oaf just stood there as she worked with her vials making some potion..  Took him a while before He had enough of it, timing it so that she wasn't -too- focused..and wouldn't drop her vials causing any ..Difficulties... The oaf had to wave my hand infront of her face to -FINALY- get her attention.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
(clearly she didn't listen to that song...but it's a nice representation .)

As when he had her attention she wasn't happy at first, and it didn't take long before her old man popped up aswel to pass some vials for her to check ..seemingly it had to do with Big-red and her disapearance.. Jake was quite fed up with kira for acting so..Uncaring..or so it seemed .. As he left not long afterwards.. Meanwhile I got to convince kira to teach me magic...wich she deemed nearly impossible..Her words "It'd be like teaching a kid a hard equasion"...   Like the oaf's some mindless being.... Okay I get why she thinks that....
Anyhow I convinced her.. She said that defencive magic may be possible. So we went with that, Asking what magic my opponent uses..It seems she doesn't that often..But just in case I asked what this other women uses..Asha said she'd likely be the one I had to fight, this Kori...  And she tends to use ice magic... So protection agaist ice magic is what i was set to learn.. She had me clear my mind and say this sentence..Nothing happend yet... Then I had to think of something really cold and say it...Nothing.. She then had me undress ( No you pervs I kept my underwear on) , and jump into a barrel of icy cold water...
Well I can tell you... There was no magic needed to know something of me shrunk there...She had me then think of something warm and clear my mind only focus on that warm feeling..She then froze the water I stood in... It was cold! ..But then I had to say that sentance again and think of the warmth..Suddenly the cold botherd me less..So i figured the stronger the thought of the heat..the stronger the cold resistance ..So I asked her for a good impuls to remind me of great heat... she moved a bunfire near me as I asked her to empower it..She did... I asked for it myself but damn was that hot! ... The heat even bruned part of my hair off and scortch the oaf's beloved beard...but it did spark a memory..A memory of when he was fighting quixie and ended up extra "crispy"... The memory of that heat he felt then was used as he said the sentence agian...the ice not even bothering him at all. Nothing...So the oaf could learn magic!...  Now it was for him to practice to get this battle ready...
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Although I learned magic now..Ice resistance He pushed himself a bit too far as his chest,face and neck...Or rather his entire frontal body except his legs got coverd in some rather painfull burnwounds..It's thanks to one of kira's potions it's healing super quickly..yet in the meanwhile i'll be keeping my armor on, it has some extra space making sure the wounds arn't getting prodded or worse...

[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
Kori..if I really have to kick your ass to get what I want... I'm getting ready.. Just you wait!...

The oaf may be sacreficing his soul or his warrior's pride or both... But if he gets what he wants it should all be worth the bet, and if not..it seems someone else wants their hands on his soul..but that is for an other time..

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Village Idiot

Entry 5

The oaf got himself in quite the trouble... It was a normal day yet he soon got himself in trouble, It was when
ariel arrived ...she wanted to help him with his tree...she did so...but in quite the ucommon way .. (see here [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] )

Entry 6 ..and last?

Just a few days after his Pupper transformation he woke up in town only to be met by Triniel ... It didn't take her long before he had some odd dark cloth like stuff around his neck..She pulled me toward her and nearly broke his neck or so it felt, getting him close to boots, it wasn't after he struggled she tossed him into the mountain deep through the stones due to the force ..followed by two odd orbs, orbs so heavy and dense even the oaf wasn't able to withstand them, He used his aura to protect his head and chest..yet only able to guard his head propperly his chest got the full hit, breaking 4 ribs as his body was able to disperse most of the force around his chest..still taking this much damage...  

Azure to the rescue...Right? Azure had enterd the town and went to attack triniel, Vlad in turn as he get out of the moutain prepared himself with an armor made of his aura, Armor made of his pure raw power, Allong with a polearm.. His aura then expended aswell creating a sphere around the town ...a sphere one could call "En". This allowed him to know what happend within this sphere as if it was his very own little realm, every movement would be felt.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]

Azure send forth his assault and set out to cut triniel, causing her to shoot up in hight as all azure could cut was her lower leg / foot  ... Vlad following in with a fortal assault, Triniel in turn sending the orbs she first shot at his front now coming out of the mountain and toward his back..Due to vlad's "en" he felt them coming and got ready, thinking he'd use their speed to propel him..Nope
Yes he was able to move so that he could stand on them to use them..but they stopped suddenly and molded themselfs around his lowerlegs covering his feet all the way up to his knee. He was still able to slam into the wound azure caused already. deeping the wound yet not getting the result he wanted. Azure was meanwhile send flying through the church's walls causing the church to collaps ontop of him.  Followed by that triniel raised her axe and aimed to slam it down onto him and sever the oaf into two.. If it wasnt for his quick reaction of using my arms to pull myself forward he'd have his upper and lower body appart...Still thinking of using her own orb around his legs against her he'd move in a way her axe would hit the orbs instead...They did..But they turned into some sort of liquid the moment the axe started to make contact. Oh course the oaf was supriced and pissed off, his brain not even thinking as all worked on reflexes he dismissed his arua around his legs to remove the armor, getting only a litte bit of spare space..just enough to pull his legs out..with the sacrefice of his feet..wich indeed did happen, as the axe went down the orb they cleanly cut off his feet...Using this to his advantage he kept pulling self forward to get out of the orb's graps]  . The force of her axe slamming down send the rest of his body underground and forward into the town's underground soil.
[You must be registered and logged in to see this image.]
the oaf knew nothing of it.. He was far to busy molding his aura around his wounds..or rather his stumps that used to be his feet, the aura creating an armor once more yet thightly pressing into the would to leasen the bloodloss and trying to close the wound for now .. his teeth grinding as to bite away the immance pain, 4 broken ribs, a bruised up chest and now his feet cut off...Caught my surprise the rope that used to be around his neck then started to pull him it Only snaping once he was above ground and near azure , laying on the ground as blood seeped from his wound through the armor as the bloodloss was leasend but couldn't be stopped.

Thinking Azure would help him and contineu their assault on triniel even while vlad was already wounded badly ... He was sorely mistaken. Azure even slung his sword toward the oaf .. Barely able to dodge the blade by spinning his body around using his hands on the ground as an ankorpoint it was just when he send his knees toward azure's side , It was this moment triniel guarded azure and helped him.. It became a 2v1 once agian..only againt vlad this time.  

As Azure suddenly seemed to go into a rage , the dark eyes behind the bloodied mask turning red he send his sword toward vlad once more, The aura that ones guarded his entire body now forced to guard just his chest, getting denser then ever and thicker then ever to protect his chest to not get cut into two..again.. the force alone broke two more of his ribs and send him skywards ...

Far above the sky, between the clouds, Blood coming out of his mouth like a small waterfall of crimson water he looked around the world beneath him, Six broken ribs..his entire chest bruised and beaten... His feet cut off, organs that had starting to rupture due to the heavy hits from not just a goddes of aion..but a Beast of shadow knows as azure he started to smile knowing death may be near . For the first time he thought of a way to turn the tables. Seeing noone he looks up toward the sky for a last glance as that very moment he hit the top of his flight being weightless for a second he'd smile as he'd started to descend one more, a smile staying on his face as he went down , Likely meeting his doom but trying to go out with a bang.

NOPE... Tendrils of shadows suddenly grasped around his body and pulled him down at full speed, slamming into the ground, breaking even more ribs ...8 ribs broken now ...Blood forced out of his mouth and bones rupturing his skin , the shadows then wrap all around him like a coccoon. Unable to move at all the shadows start to enter his body through all of his wounds, aggonizing pain as they start to drain in all of his aura and his energy , Even eating up all of his flesh and organs. It didn't take long before all that was left was large stain of blood on the ground as the shadows has eaten all of his body and his aura.. His cut off feet inside of a deep crater behind the famous tree that somehow survived the impact..although it's out of leaves now.. All that was left of the might oaf are a pair of cut off feet in a deep hole and stains of blood around the town.

His soul now without a body the Human may just find his rest... Oh fuck no , as if he'd rest now . His mind always set to enter valhalla his soul would move toward it's gates...But will he be allowed inside... This would still be unknown..

The death of the anti-hero Vlad...RIB(rest in battle) Vladimir 26-6-2017  01:16 AM, Poeta, Akarious village..Or atleast what's left of it.  

The end ...        ?

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