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The Imp of the Forest (Maki)

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1 The Imp of the Forest (Maki) on Sat Jun 03, 2017 6:43 pm

((Copy pastaed this for now, Will reformat later when I have time.))

The Goddess Aiti created the sprites to guard the elements of Teradel and maintain balance between them. Feared for their power, the ancient races of Teradel betrayed these guardians and shackled their essences - a binding ritual used to imprison them within Masks.

By sealing these guardians away, the elements remained unchecked. Their imbalance birthing the natural disasters Teradel endures today: earthquakes, tornadoes, typhoons, blizzards. Eventually freeing themselves from their confines over time, the sprites now wake to a world much changed. Their essence forever tied to the masks which once held them; For without them, they lose a large portion of their power.

Standing at the pathetic height of 1'8" that he so desperately hates, this mischievous little imp is the youngest of the Sprites. In the days of old this once kind forest spirit healed the sick with his magic and aided in the growth of the farmers crops. His only payment being the friendship of the village children. As they grew old and ages passed on, Maki was eventually forgotten and nothing more than a fairy tale to the people of Maybelle Village.

Outraged and lonely he has begun to use his magic to terrorize the citizens of Maybelle by pulling cruel 'pranks' on them: Giving them nightmares, swapping their genders and altering their age. He ambushes any travelers he comes across along the roads of his woods to steal their trinkets—taunting them until they chase him into his domain. Should one wander into his forests they will find themselves lost and at the mercy of the almighty God of the Forests! Or so he claims...

Though times have changed, and the sprite has found himself in a new world, unable to call upon the elements of his realm. Making his 'home' in the forests of Poeta, the sprite seeks absolute power to lord over the people of Atreia.

Maki is a mischief maker, he loves nothing more than to cause annoyance and misery unto others with his pranks, taking pleasure in causing fear as he believes it will keep him from harm. Nobody attacks something they are scared of right? At his core though, he is no different than a child crying for attention due to feeling abandoned. Should one ask to play with him they will be met with kindness; however he is a sore loser and often bullies others when he doesn't get his way, though never causing them true harm. He is also extremely hostile to adults as he blames them for his loneliness by not letting their children wander near the forests to play. Though he generally hates adults, he shows less anger towards females and sometimes even shyness if they have a motherly figure. The reason for this is because it is less common for women to enter his forests to hunt and attempt to slay him as opposed to men.

Maki, unlike the other sprites is the only one to act childish like his appearance aside from his brother Meri, the Ocean Sprite; being shy around girls, stammering his words when nervous, having tantrums, chronic lying, and talking big despite being incredibly weak due to his naive nature. He is also extremely clumsy, often tripping over his own two feet. However, Maki possesses the abilities to easily defeat almost any mortal, but his childish mind and size prevents him from using his demigod powers to such potential; having even been defeated by children outside of the forests he calls home—though within his element he has been able to take down simple-minded adults with ease. Should someone claim his mask and harness his powers as their own they would wield a most deadly weapon capable of conjuring the most vile of poisons, or become a miracle worker capable of curing the most fatal of illnesses or wounds.

Combat Details
Maki is a ranged spell-caster despite all of his powerful abilities requiring him to be in melee range. He is a coward, spending most of battles running away and using traps or cheap trickery to turn things in his favor. Agile and quick on his feet he will still often stumble over himself to allure his foe into a false sense of security. That or he really did just stumble over. It is a mystery whether or not he does these clumsy things on purpose as they seem to mostly work out in his favor by saving him from projectiles that could prove fatal for him.

He has a strong resistance to curse and hex based magics and full immunity to most poisons; however he is very fragile and weak so it doesn't take much to bring him down. Due to his childishness he lacks the imagination to use his abilities to their full extent, for this reason he often loses any battles he finds himself in. Should you encounter him it is best to avoid entering nearby forests as this is where he becomes a real annoyance to deal with.

Resistances: Shadow/Dark Magic, Nature Magic, Hexes, Curses, Poison
Weaknesses: Fire, Cold, Cutting, Weed-Shrinker, Harsh Weather

Viscous Shot: Maki spits a projectile glob of swamp tar that acts like glue; once dried it hardens and crumbles away with ease.

Nature's Point: Maki turns his arm into a plant-like needle which he uses to inject his own various mixtures of poisons and chemicals that create various biological effects ranging from healing wounds, causing illness, or even the alteration of age and gender; some effects require his mask.

Fae Adaptation: Maki has the ability to alter his body to take on various plant-like aspects such as bark, thorns, vines, and leaves. However due to his small size these transformations often have little strength or effect.

Nature's Guise: This ability grants Maki the use of camouflage—blending him entirely with nature to the point of invisibility—save for a slight distortion. However he often appears as a floating head as he forgets to conceal it; requires his mask

Hypno Spores: Emits a sleep inducing toxin into the air that effects those who inhale it—though it is not that potent and takes an hour to kick in; requires his mask

Lucid Dreamer: Using voodoo magic Maki is able to enter and alter the reality of another's dream. While there are no physical effects in the waking world; psychological effects can be lasting. If the dreamer becomes aware they are in a dream state they assume control of their reality—Maki is then rendered powerless against them and trapped in the dream until they decide to awake; requires his mask

Nature's Call: Allows Maki command over plant-life; requires his mask.

Nature's Resolve: A passive trait that grants rapid regeneration, resistance to nature magic, and immunity to all poisons—except those that effect plants.

Voodoo Child: Grants resistance to shadow/dark magic, curses, and hexes, as well as the ability to eat those inflicted upon his allies—taking on the effects himself; requires his mask.

Fertile Overgrowth: Injecting himself with a powerful steroid causes the Sprite to turn into a bulking 10ft tall tree monster—boosting his physical strength and becoming an unstoppable colossus for 5 mins. Once the effect fades Maki is unable to move and becomes defenseless for a few hours; 3 day cool-down, requires his mask

Dance Magic Dance: The sprite does a mystical dance which has randomized effects and is mostly useless or even self inflicting; 1 day cool-down, requires his mask.

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